I am as human as you are!


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Beloved children of My Father! Why do you feel abandoned? With you, I was in the matter, in a physical body.

I am as human as you are. I conquered the current position after hard struggles, as you do at this time. I faced trials and pains in a physical world, as you do now. It was not for privileges that I reached high levels.

Beloved brothers of mine,

In order to purify the guilty spirit, to reduce the shadows of the soul, and to erase the wounds of the soul that keep lower vibrations, you must face pain, suffering and gnashing of teeth.

You made this choice during your stay on Earth and before it, on planets that have already evolved and destined to return one day when you achieve the full spiritual victory.

Come to Me! I am the way, truth and life always driving you forward.

You must thread on my path of light by yourself in order to deserve the Earth of regeneration, which is approaching.

My father and I are one!

The Planetary Christ blesses you in this time of transition!

I leave you My Love. I continue with you in your harsh struggles for transformation.

I bless you, humanity!

I am at your side, today and always!


Master Jesus

GESH – 06/12/2021 – Vitoria, ES – Brasil.

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