It is time to free the conscience


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Peace is with you!

Brothers, while the events take place on the Earth of "End of Times", from the Higher Planes, lights and blessings penetrate the dense earthly psychosphere to assist the brothers in transit of selection.

Rays of hatred, roars of revolt and revenge echo into space and collectivities, as well cries of pain and misery penetrate sensitive hearts. Human beings following their materialistic instincts do not stop looking at themselves, in search of peace and love in their hearts, neglecting the development of the inner light, which could reduce them in their suffering.

Thousands of spaceships cross the earthy space, picking up the sick souls unable to remain on the planet of transition. Billions of extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial brothers work directly in human communities that suffer with tragedies.

The enlightened intraterrestrial cities gather embodied and disembodied spirits that will stay there and have their minds reprogrammed to inhabit the New Land.

Beings of Light leave from their heavenly abodes and come to you, humans, in order to give you comfort, to guide and give insights to you, as to the best way reach the renewed plans of the regenerated Land. The efforts of superior beings are continuous and we come to reduce, in your hearts, the heavy fluids of negativity. However, you, consciously, reject heavenly help, only seeking opportunities for enjoyment of brutish passions and on obtaining material goods.

The shortened days and nights are the sign of the acceleration of the Apocalypse's purifying process, which foresees the selection of humanity and evolution of the planet.

Instigated by the invisible degenerate humanity, the incarnated beings allow themselves to be humbly led by the beasts that pour out their instincts and passions, vices and cruelties on them.

It is time to free the consciousness, expanding the mind for the serious hour the Earth is living in its transformation.

The warnings emitted by your scientists do not reflect the current reality. The commitment of the terrestrial globe is much greater than that diagnosed by earthly Science unable to stop the human actions that destroy the environment and life on Earth. Only in the moral transformation, under the aegis of the Gospel of Christ, you can to reduce the painful impacts foreseen for the Planetary Transition.

You still think that the cult to the divinity should only be exercised in cold temples, on a specific day of the week. You did not understand yet that God is life pulsating full time intensely and that the entire Earth is a temple of Light and reverence to the Creator. Jesus, the planetary governor, is among you, without the need for a pre-established time and place.

Love of the Father and the Son Jesus drive uninterruptedly Life of all beings and things on Earth. Moreover, the Planetary Christ sends His Hosts of light that, insistently callings of alert to you.

Come on, brothers on Earth! The “signs” multiply around you to modify your actions, thoughts and attitudes before life and others. Positive actions of peace, goodwill, kindness and love must sound on Earth able to alleviate your sufferings.

The planet strives to abandon the dimension of “atonement and pain”, to finally cross the frontier of regeneration, where peace, harmony and goodwill may permeate human coexistence.

Our presence among you is real!

We extend our hands to you, in aiding at this time of planetary imbalance so that you achieve progress.

May Jesus bless you all!

I am Brother Yuri with you.

Hail the Light that guides us!

Blessed is Lord Jesus!


Commander Yuri

GESH - 08/07/2021 - Vitoria, ES – Brasil.

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