My Love permeates your souls!


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I have not come to undo the human laws. I come, bringing peace!

Children of My Heart, brothers, children of the Most Beloved Father, you have your hearts full by hatred, revolt, sadness, and so on. Lack of love makes you easy prey for the ignorant brothers.

The Cross representing suffering that sets free, has become, for you, a sterile symbol, as you let yourselves be led by vile souls that deny the Laws of God and instigate prejudice, separation and discord among you.

The blessed planet, divine genesis, represents a small particle of Creation and you are souls that still travel the creation signs since your consciences have only rudimentary knowledge of life.

Come to me, all you who suffer! Come to me, all of you, inhabitants of this little sphere, Earth, and I will lead you to My Father's Kingdom.

Sufferings, imbalances and the supreme hour of pain reflect the transformation-taking place on the planet and the selection of your humanity.

Only in pure and unconditional Love, you reach the path of liberation!

Come to me! I am with you today and always!

My Love permeates your souls.

I am Jesus, Brother of yours!

Come with Me to the Father's Kingdom.



GESH – 08/27/2021 – Vitoria, ES – Brazil.

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