You live Key Incarnation


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Hail the Force!   

Hail the Light!

Blessed is Divine Master Jesus!

From space, we send you vibrations of peace and love.         

Nothing of that we have said in these years of communication with you is devoid of reality!

The earthly population is experiencing important moments of definition and direction for their immortal souls.

The Earth, a living being pulsating with life increases its vibrations, accelerating its transformation to evolve in the stages of the worlds. The cells that make up your body, altered by disease and threatens your life, it seeks to restore itself, to break the dimensional portals and vibrate strongly in a new dimension.

Humanity in its transforming process, suffers with the discharge of own feelings, thoughts and emotions out of order with the harmony of God. The humanity did not learn how to know and transform itself seeking spiritual ascent. Humans remained, over the millennia, disbelieving in spiritual life, and, despite religions that had taught them about the eternity of the spirit, they did not connect with the material world, but deeply attached to the transitory world.

However, earthly brothers, the time has come to fulfill the prediction of the prophets and the apocalypse manifests itself with pain, suffering and gnashing of teeth.

The choices you have made, they placed you in your current position within society and the future that awaits you will be a reflection of your choices now.

All suffering and chaos instituted, which may increase, will be a blessed opportunity for you make new choices able to bring transformation and enlightenment to your backward spirits. Each choice, each step towards progress or towards new falls will have quintuple  result,  as you live the "key incarnation" that defines the destiny of souls, in separating the wheat from the tares,  wolf from the sheep, and  Light from Darkness .

The invisible plane around you is full of backward souls yearning for progress. Tormented, they cling to the incarnated ones seeking to satiate their passions and vices. Thence, incarnated and disincarnated of physical and spiritual plane walk together, sharing ideals that are not always good for one and the other.

The planet advances in search for liberation and the humanity, which in general, remains rooted in passions and materialism will succumb to planetary exile.

Those who judge the warnings of "End of Times", "Planetary Exile", "Verticalization of the Earth's Axis" fictitious and follow their lives out of evangelization,  surely they  will no longer  find, in the  planetary house Earth, a comfortable shelter for their spirits to follow the reincarnation opportunities. They will wake up, surprised, on different planets, spread across the universe where will repeat the hard lessons in primitive bodies so that in other battles, as primates, recognize their smallness and praise, contritely to the Creator Father.

Wake up earthly brothers! Awake!

Open your minds to the Infinite Universe of Creation and recognize your spirits as divine sparks in a cleansing process. Dive you into love of Divine Master Jesus to drive you forward along with the Earth, the blessed planet that has led you for millennia.

Nothing occurs in your life that is not planned by the Creator Mind, God.

Free will grants you the right to choose the path you wish to take until the inevitable encounter with the Divine Light.

In this end of the “planetary cycle”, you still sow war, fear, and pain. The degradation of your soul is still intense.

Wake up, brothers, to the urgent progress!

May Jesus bless you!

I am Ish-Wan with you.

We are present across the globe, helping those who desire peace and love and who do not rebel against the ultimate tests. We use our advanced technology in favor of the planet, in cleaning and sanitizing the invisible corners.

We are present wherever the Most Loving Father directs us to safeguard life on Earth.

Pay attention to the information!

You are with Christ or against Him!

Do not postpone, once again, the progress and evolution of your souls.

May Jesus bless you!

We leave you on love and our peace.



GESH – 06/25/2021 – Vitoria, ES – Brazil.

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