The information we bring you is not fiction


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Peace among men!

We are beings different from you, but with our moral and spiritual progress also acquired on this planet.

We live inside the earth, not in the physical dimension of incarnated human beings, but in a subtler dimension. Many of us have already lived the third dimension, and as we made spiritual progress, our bodies became subtler, but we remain on earth, in another dimension, interacting with the ascending planet.

Our technology has evolved concomitantly with our mind. We interact with extraterrestrial spirits that help us in our technological and scientific development.

Beings of Light that answer for development of the planet and humanity brought us revelations and, through studies in Sidereal Universities, we expanded our intellectual and scientific knowledge in order to contribute to the Earth, improving and subtlying its cells, sustaining its body and continue working with God.

For millennia, we remained hidden from earthly humanity, but superior hierarchies that lead the planet's destinies sought and informed us about the Planetary Transition, triggered by human actions devoid of love, reaching disastrous levels for living on earth. They invited us to extend our hands to our brothers who remain behind on the path of progress.

We mobilize most of the intraterrestrial cities on the planet, forming study and work groups, visiting the terrestrial surface, sharing  human communities seeking to know to the customs, intentions, thoughts and emotions of ours terrestrial brothers  and better to assist them.

In intraterrestrial cities, we build lodgings in conditions similar with those of the surface,  since we knew of the planetary rescue and that we would help the brothers of the terrestrial surface,  whose vibration is raised to a point that allow them to penetrate the intraterrestrial cities.

Nowadays, the terrestrial beings in physical and spirit already live in many of the hostels. They receive treatment that allow them to live in high frequency environments, so that they can live with us, study and learn, preparing to inhabit the new Earth of Regeneration.

It is not fictional the information we bring you. It is the real on Earth, but our incarnated brothers ignore, since they have chosen to vibrate in matter and remain rooted with it.

Brothers, open your mind to what is hidden from your eyes, as life pulses intensely and vibrantly on the invisible side of the material plane.

The Mind of God is inaccessible to His backward children, but our Father offers us infinite opportunities to reach high degrees and, as we advance in progress, the vision of colors, feelings, knowledge, ever higher, expands.

We extend our hands, like older brothers who walk with you, side by side, in the path of the planet's progress.

Come, brothers, without fear, to meet us, as our guests, keeping you protected until the conclusion of the expiatory cycle and the birth of the New Age.

Onsan, with you!

We salute you, in the name of the Light of the Divine Master that guides us!

Blessed is Lord Jesus!



GESH – 06/25/2021 – Vitória, ES – Brasil.

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