I am here on behalf of God to give you my testimony


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Brothers, your blood stains the fertile soil, the fresh water and the perfect air that Divine Mercy grants you.

You have transformed the joy of resting and the precious gift of renewal presented lovingly by God into unhappy nights.

You have hurt your hearts by mundane pleasures, stealing them the emblem of redemption through the effort at disciplined and free work in favor of yours neighbor.

Where are your actions on My Father's Kingdom among you? Who does stop the thorns hurting you on the road, hindering the fast access to the object of desire and ambition?

Where are the sweet words of comfort, courage and harmonization that should be uttered in my name?

Where are the healthy examples of Christian Life I left to you?

Dear children of my Father!

Blessed is the life that allows you the correction.

Dear brothers! It is too late.

Being separated from Shepherd's flock that drives you, you are as lambs lost among of wolves.

Change the safety of my presence to actions, words and thoughts.

Avoid the strange beings that only want your meat and blood.

Stop the immolations! Stand up and come.

Renounce your frivolous wealth and follow the footprints of barefoot feet pointing you up the road of light.

Bear in mind that everything you spend on matter is just illusion. You did not glimpse the real life was yet. You have to overcome the instinctive force of physical bodies, exalting each inferior emotion in the soft fragrances of superior and angelic nature.

My children join us. We are waiting you through the prayer, gathered with your tutors that help and drive you.

Much Peace to you!

Sananda, 03/12/04

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