Kiliafini and Her Precious Gift


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It arrived one being like a ten years old child . She approaches to each one of us and gives us one "white flower". I Ask our Instructor who was and what she was doing. He answers:

- Her name is Kiliafini. In Planet Venus that sound means "white flower". When that girl was embodied in the Earth, she was expert in flowers. Her love to them recalls old times.

She is a researcher in Venus, bound for production of equipments, which mechanisms serve to the Father´s wheat field and benefit Teams and Armies of the Light.

The flower, simple accessory put in your clothes, it´s made of material developed by that girl´s mind and serves as food for malnutrition or deep thirsty that provokes dehydration (at astral plan).

When it removes one petal for ingestion, other appears. When operated by mental power, the petals can move like helix, at speed able to raise its bearer above the ground, during an emergency escape before some pitfall. Also by mind , when necessary, it opens up, as a parachute, softening the arrival on the ground. Adjusted in the chest, it can be projected forward as protection shield against undesirable projectiles and also to get dimensions of invisible distance before attacks so violent.

The useful life of that workmanship is limitless. By appearance, they are little flowers, forming a brooch. Flowers seemingly alive and fragile, but actually, they have high advanced technology quite ignored for you, terrestrial men.

Sister Kiliafini desires that you accept her gift on behalf of Jesus for a New Land, that again, have many flowers as before, and exhale a fragance better than today.

- Brother, Is she a girl or adult?

- Yes, she is still a child of only 300 years old.

GESH - 06/05/06 - Vigil ASJ - Vila Velha/ES - Brazil

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