The Darkness can´t eclipse the Light


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Greetings, dear friends!

Our arrival was easier than before, allowing the projection and answering some of the requests, besides the individual interest of faithless people. Thus, we address an answer to workers of last hour touched faithfully by fraternal work in the name of Light.

All without exception, having the least conditions, they are recruited and led by teamwork according with individual conditions.

The contact with hard spiritual realities of Planet Earth has marked deeply those souls unprepared for fraternal help. They are empty hands offering for helping, but without the hard skin protecting their hands yet.

We can notice some of the dear workers of last hour bringing strong marks of events and scenes lived in olden times, having nothing to offer them besides suffering, despair and poverty that later provokes physical symptoms.

He, who wants serving faithfully for Christ, never is alone, and led to service that his imperfect soul can perform. After each astral trip, the supervisors have to clean the workers´ astral bodies, so that the residues don´t reach the physical body. All the steps happen in order to protect the physical morphology of embodied spirits and thence, don´t hinder the redeeming work. It is a hard learning for imperfect spirits believe in the light crossing by darkness, sound and safe, lights up the other side. The darkness can´t eclipse neither the Light nor the mud can´t dirty the honest worker. Trust and work.

Instructors of high spirituality always follow you. There is overwork and suffering demanding fraternal hands. Not all workers renounce the comfort, happiness, rest, and see pain, cry, lament, but all have to face courageously their own tasks as way of progress and spiritual ascese.

It´s time for pain and suffering, but of redemption and interior renewal too.

Jesus always blesses us.

Ramatis, GESJ - 12/07/06 - Vitoria/ES - Brazil

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