The End of the Time


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Dear brothers,

Peace of God for you.

At "End of the Time", the most important tasks are those based on re-establishment of peace and harmony in the Planet.

They are hard tasks, which we can classify them in two parts. The first one based on rescue the human beings as rightists of Christ; the other one is the restoration of Planet´s astral integrity. Those tasks only can be done by means of collective integration, never individual. Those tasks are offered so that render concrete the miracle.

We received important aid from our extraterrestrial brothers to recover the original planetary. It is indispensable the astral and vibratory cleaning of the Planet.

We also answer for our brothers, embodied and disembodied spirits.

The messages are legible for terrestrial people. Major of those people are alienated, but each is free to understand about the "signs of the times"

As regard the disembodied spirits, a large number is half-dead. They need to awake and redeemed. There is place for everybody. God always shelters his children. Our task aims at collecting the lost, abandoned and enslaved brothers from spiritual world and protects them faithfully.

All the spirits that arrive at this House receive protection and can be renewed, and God receives them, since they want such change indeed,

Believe faithfully in spiritual aid and love the neighbor as Christ has taught us.

Akenaton, GESJ - 18/11/1996 - Psychograph Message - Vitoria, ES/ Brazil.

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