Divulgation 42


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Dear readers and brothers!

God blesses us.

Here is Divulgation 42, simple contribution of GESJ in that hard Planetary Transition to whom still has sensibility.

We wish that sweet Jesus involves and strengthens us, as well as, all the humanity so that we understand and accept peacefully his purposes in those turbulent days in which we live.

The year of 2006 draws on, but that so dreamed peace and social justice didn´t come yet.

As regard to Peace, major of the people usually say: "I am well with my family and doesn´t matter anything else!"

About the social justice, they say "That isn´t my problem; it is task of the Government!"

All they ignore that Peace and Justice have to blossom from ourselves.

Help the neighbor as you wished he did for you! Love him, as were you! For each one accords to his own merit. Usually, use different weights and measures to judge each other. While many rich people, full of arrogance and pride that steal millions from public administration are free, police punished the hungry man stole a package of cookies.

Someone asked to Master Ramatis=Kuthumi:

Q: Which are the worst sufferer people at astral plan, after the death?

A: The suicides, professionals of abortion and corrupt politicians.

Note: They escape from terrestrial by Justice paid, but never from Divine Justice.

The time determined by God, by means of Sidereal Engineers, so that the Planet Earth changes from World of Suffering and Learning to Regeneration, draws on.

Ashtar Sheram, Commander of all Stellar Fleets in his terrestrial mission says as follows:

"The Planet Earth no more sings in its movements. Now, it sings a funeral song! Injured, it dies at 3rd Dimension and later reborn dressing new garment".

The "End of the Time" draws on.

Hereafter, let us talk about the present divulgation describing about our short trips in Sao Paulo and Rio of Janeiro by request of brothers of elevated graduation.

It is Divine Grace for Christmas.


Preparatory Meeting of GESH for trip, 06/10/06, Vitoria/ES

I saw the audience ready for our lecture. They dress in old Egypt fashion. The atmosphere exhales from that historical period and maybe we will meet old compatriots and dear ones.

I think our present work should have done in that time, maybe as priests or priestesses. It is strong emotion to me. In that time, we were embodied and already knew one another.

During the trip, I saw two spaceships flying over our bus spreading light and upheld our transport like power cables. Inside the vehicle, some doctors of our Spiritualistic House monitored our physical health and of other passengers, individually.

Later, I saw us walking by road of light, followed by several toads devouring quickly the insects that approached us.

October 11, 2006.


Already in Sao Paulo.

I left my physical body aided by an unknown instructor; maybe he was a local worker who offered us transport, like a double skateboard.

He guided us as far as Sao Paulo´s astral which dense atmosphere impressed me too much. To cross by those thick clouds required ability and knowledge of that place. The short itineraries had several stops in Islands of Light.

As far as I could understand, the displacement in Sao Paulo´s astral was very difficult, thus, the spirituality prepared strategically a point of reference and provisioning of energy to workers.

Several disembodied spirits walked like robots, ignoring completely the spiritual reality. That dense and cold atmosphere let us frightened.

Soon afterwards, I received the following message:

Peace and Light.

Friends, the daily terrestrial routine transform the people to robots, stony and undertake them to compensatory mechanisms that increase the automatic answers physically.

The results of that automatic process are spirits destitute of creative power, due energy channels obstructed. For instance, the coronary chakra without spiritual energy connects the beings just to the matter, and from basic chakra that due bad usage, it extinguishes the forces that, at any price stored over there.

Spatial pirates arrest the human beings transformed to "robots" easily.

He, who wants be free, avoid at once, his material disorders, seek the spiritual life and know the meaning of his own life.

Joanna of Angelis, SP, 12/10/06


Go and offer knowledge to who awakes

Closer of Mrs. Margarida, I see father Joaquin of Angola, Zambi with his beautiful felines that work with him at astral. There is also apparel that emits strong energy protecting us of external interferences.

I received the next message:

Save us Jesus! Force driving us!

Our work-team answers for divulging clear and courageously on "End of the Time" in which you live.

The other ones didn´t execute the deal made with GFBU, maybe due unable leaders of those Groups, or even infidelity to confront the unprepared creatures involved in materialism, criticizing and mocking of Jesus´ Warriors that courageously divulge the fantastic revelations.

Your intermediaries, spiritualistic mediums, that should be with you now to strengthen the credibility of such revelations, they abandoned the task and will lament bitterly the future life, when the reality point them out the great responsibility ignored, for convenience, rebelliousness and selfishness.

The remainders work hard and even so besieged by Beast.

Your task did not finish yet; you shall face several battles hereafter. Your strong intuition notices the lowest vibratory oscillations of those minds following you. (Margarida, leader of GESJ).

Await and trust. Go and supply knowledge for fewer one awoke looking for appropriate road. Go! We are always with you.

Master Ramatis, SP, 12/10/06.


A new meeting

By my spiritual sight, I saw the living room full of spirits dressing Ancient Egypt fashion. It was strong the presence of Nefertiti and Akenaton over there. It seemed that Divine Love linked the old chain. That was a new meeting of spiritual family forming eternal ties of kindness and mutual love.

Soon afterwards, by physichophony, Commander Ashtar Sheram communicated as follows:


Until the end of Planetary Transition

Peace on all the planetary quadrants and in your hearts!

We bring the orientations necessary to guide your steps in the redemption course, foreseen even before your last reincarnation.

It isn´t by chance we are here this afternoon, from several places of this Planet to meet you again, by request of All Mighty God.

Listen! Go and spread the Good New to whom you meet; supply them with hope, faith and courage for facing the next hard probations planned for this terrestrial humanity.

It is our task to advise them until ends this planetary transition, and you shall execute the Superior Planning, spreading the Good New of Redemption to believers or faithless ones.

It is time for renewal, and each one of you is messengers at service for Creator. We wish that the negligence of olden times did not stop your course, because we shall work hard now, and who executes courageously his task, goes progressively toward the New Land.

We hope that Jesus guides our steps until ends the Planetary Transition.

Here speaks your Commander, Boss of Stellar Troops at service for this terrestrial humanity.

Ashtar Sheram,

Transcendental Group Dr. Goldenberg/SP, 12/10/06.


Time for hard work

Greetings, we bring you again!

Briefly, we finish this communication telling you that our work-teams comprise extra planetary brothers of different Planets like Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. Astra Orion, Antares, Alpha and Omega, and the others ones that touched by terrestrial suffering, the Earth screams they joined in favor of this Humanity´s progress.

Usually, we approach of those groups already programmed for salutary exchange, we face hard realities among you inhabiting the same Planet, but unable to saving work.

Here is our message for you: Join each other, because what isn´t united, individually, is impossible.

It´s hour for hard work, collectively, above of all the human disputes. Work faithfully as Jesus of Nazareth taught you; without sophisticated workmanship, threw his message into the human hearts. Now you have to make public all learning gotten. Work on behalf of Jesus, with simplicity, union and love. Many people need you.

We, disembodied spirits can help much more if you allow us.

We hope that Master Jesus, also Extraterrestrial Spirit, guides and allows us in his name.


Ashtar Sheram,

Transcendental Group Dr. Goldenberg/SP, 12/10/06


Neither angels nor demons; we are like you.

I see teams of old Negroes, Indians and mestizos of our Spiritualistic House (GESJ), fraternizing with the other pairs in Sao Paulo.

Sooner, I received the message:

Dear brothers!

Brothers, do not treat us like sick spirits.

We are also God´s children looking for work. God authorizes us, but not all Spiritualistic Groups accept our presence. Please, don´t close us the doors!

We have to work and redeem our mistakes, as well as you too. How would you feel, if the scientists locked your Houses of Religion taken them as late and inferior? Thus, we feel too.

We are Indians, mestizos, old black men, devils and many other brothers aware of our past mistakes, out of line. However, if you don´t let us work, which future life we have?

God has authorized us work with you. However, we need your help; only with healthy and disciplined exchange, we can go ahead and make progress.

Many spirits need us, but from here, little we can aid them. The mediumship requires deeper knowledge, which mechanism is little known by major of people; it is necessary many in debt spirits present in the matter so that we can give our contribution.

That is our appeal. Neither angels nor demons; we are like you like you, workers of last hour, seeking work.

Peace for you.

Nha Benta, Transcendental Group Dr. Goldenberg/SP, 12/10/06


Note: Nha Benta was slave and Mistress in Brazil. She refers to discrimination of several Spiritualistic Houses with different brothers. GESJ receives them lovingly, since they follow the rules here.

Margarida, November of 2006.


You can see the Planetary Transition.

Fraternal Greetings!

Brothers, when I was embodied, I refused the spiritual reality offered to me as divine work. In that time, Science took me and my mind trained to believe only on concrete things, hindered much my understanding about the invisible world.

Thenceforth, I decided to apply all my background so that I could understand the phenomena happened abundantly in that time. Even with little spiritualistic knowledge, but helped by Messengers of elevated light, together with co-authors, I translated on invisible thoughts like new doctrine.

In spite of all care, the faithless men ignored the great content of subjects which we began publishing in that time. However, being sovereign will of God, the Doctrine of the Spirits germinated, grew up and produced many good fruits, taken throughout the Planet, as the Promised Consoler by Christ. Being great the Eastern Arborvitae, the leaves spread on the soil of human reason has spread the seeds on the soil of the human reason that fertilized the land for seeds spread out by the whole Planet Earth.

Again, the Superior Planning convoked several in debtor workers, presenting them the divine work of popularization, but not all accepted the task. Poor fellows! Their consciences will collect them such negative answer.

The other ones, even frightened of mediumship, they are working up to now and can move countless incredulous souls.

Brothers, become messenger of love and commit yourself to Providence so that he becomes you tool of self-renewal and of other brothers too.

The time draws on, but the Master´s words stay forever, and before that can rest your sufferer spirits, you can see the Planetary Transition.

Yours brother and friend,

Allan Kardec

Transcendental Group Dr. Goldenberg/SP, 12/10/06


Become Servants of Jesus

Brothers, Peace of Christ for you.

The astral cleaning goes on in this Planet. Hard battles take place among the wild and invisible creatures daring to destroy your homes.

While you sleep, give your contribution to cleaning of this Planetary House that you own have stored too.

Avoid the illusory matter; only the eternal spirit can make progress or stagnate by suffering.

Avoid ill feelings and bad habits. Practice Master Jesus´ Lessons and serve for his army, while you sleep.

Only Jesus is the Road, Truth and Life.

Come with us to get free the Planet from the Beast´s yoke.

Become disciples, Servants of Jesus.

Bezerra of Menezes

Transcendental Group Dr. Goldenberg/SP, 12/10/06


Unmask your upset minds

"Go and spread The Good New, because who receives too much, shall equally reward."

The know-how acquired can´t stagnate, but published, practiced and multiplied, so that the other souls, equally can access it.

Brothers, the time draws on and you can´t postpone, once again, the improvement of your Spirits only reached by self-renewal, always helping the sufferer brothers.

Unmask your upset minds. You receive new and last opportunity of progress; the main incarnation, don´t let it slip.

So that you deserve to stay here, work on and on, chancing your nuptial garment and have the "celestial dinner"

Go ahead and practice the most beautiful lesson of our Master: "Make to the neighbor what you would like he did you, and don´t forget God above everything else."

Go, time draws on and we welcome you peacefully.

Dr. Goldenberg

Spiritualistic Mentor of the Transcendental Group/SP, 12/10/06


The next messages arrived at Rio de Janeiro

Note: Great and happy our surprise with this message of Helena Blavatsky, who created the Theosophical Society and wrote the following works: The Silent Voice, Isis Without Veil, The Secret Doctrine, and so on. The both latter ones uttered by Masters of GFBU – Great White Universal Fraternity. She was as important to Theosophy as Allan Kardec was to Spiritualism.

Far away from matter

The bodily life is illusory, numbs the weak spirit, avoiding the spiritualistic horizon.

Far away from matter, we retake the full condition to see and feel the essence of life: Love.

To love, while is embodied means to do ones good, cornerstone for happiness.

Now I know that work also means to share strength with other plans, hearing and reproducing through the corporal organs, the voices and messages of disembodied spirits.

Life means a continuous action, only interrupted shortly by inter-dimensional passage called death.

Taken as alive being as you are, I need of your eyes, hands and minds so that I can communicate and to correct the gap created in my work.

Thankful for that opportunity I hope that, occasionally, I can communicate with you, as God wishes.

I wish that Peace of Jesus involved us.

Madam Blavatsky, RJ, 13/10/06

Note: GESJ has been executing the task free either of prejudice or of discrimination. Along of 36 years, we have received spirits of every category: Indians, mestizos, devils, Africans, white, Jews, Mussulmen, Masters, spirits of high graduation and also spirits completely deformed, Extra and Intraterrestrial ones, and so on.

Clairvoyance: I see Mrs. America Paolielo Marques, disciple of Ramatis, Servant of Jesus either as embodied or disembodied spirit. She stares Mrs. Margarida and tells her: How tired are you! The both friends sat down on the sand beach to breath pure air.

America speaks: Our Rio de Janeiro´s astral is so dense and our brothers do not contribute the least to change its landscape.

I was finishing my meditation when America followed Margarida to her bedroom.

Rio de Janeiro, 13/10/06


About the hard terrestrial events

Fraternal greetings we address to all embodied and disembodied friends.

Thankful the Creator for this meeting with you.

Thankful the Master and friend present here offering lovingly this place for our messages.

As you know, we are divulging and preparing the spirits about the hard terrestrial events. This planetary globe, School Planet, Hospital Planet bound for welcome the humanity, passes by cleaning and renewal of ethereal-magnetic condition.

All events happened in terrestrial surface now; Sidereal Engineers already planned them. Do not be afraid, God is always present as well as his Messengers. However, many faithless people ignore his Existence and that a "Larger Plan" drives the future life.

The extraterrestrial brothers of elevated graduation, touched by terrestrial suffering, they offer their hands to all creatures. We wish that your hearts touched by Christian sparkle can be opened and allow the flow of sublime energies that supply the astral brain, the only one able to reach the divine vibrations spread over you.

It is time for renewal and work, and no one ready to help the neighbor escapes of such responsibility of choice. At that time, have your minds and hearts committed to Providence.

Put an end to rebelliousness! Can´t you imagine your future life? Look at you Planet and think about that!

God has created you lovingly. If pains reach your physical and astral bodies, you have ignored the main purpose of your existence.

The progress render concrete eventually. Doesn´t matter the road chosen, the Law of Progress acts, adjusting the wrong steps, returning the son under the Divine Energy.

It´s time to think deeply about the Earth, with all knowledge you have as regard the events happened and that announce future pains, hereafter.

I´am at you disposal to answer your questions.

Q: I wonder if there is an a specific hour to offer prayers for prisoners?

Ramatis: Sister the best hour comes when healthy energies touch the heart and reduce the negative ones surrounding the Planet. Those healthy energies move abundantly around of the Earth, offered by intras and extraterrestrial brothers at work in terrestrial surface, and stored by incessant Stellar Fleets disposed by space strengthening the Earth with Divine Light.

Each one of you who wants to attach your thoughts with work of Evolved Mentors, you have to emit sincere and fraternal thought and are welcome to Light that tries to recover the order in that chaos, postponing, as Father´s will, the last moment of planetary transition in which you live.

Q: How our Group of Studies Ramatis in Rio de Janeiro can join all literature about the "End of the time" with that one published lately stating that, not all those events foreseen by prophecies will happen besides those ones already happened up to now?

Ramatis: Where you live, the conciliation of your minds happens by means of reason that God granted you, different of other species in your Planet. We wish that the logical allowed by reason help you to enlarge your sight about the world.

Everything around affirm those events. Look and discover the future for this terrestrial humanity.

By chance, there is Peacetime for Earth?


By chance, would have only one privileged and receiver of love of God in the Earth?

All you are brothers linked by Father´s Love and thus you should go on.

If there are brothers, mothers crying and suffering physical and spiritually; hallucinating screams of people tortured, injustice of every order, thus you live the chaos of transition; you weren´t created to pain nor suffering either. Your own actions placed the chaos. It only depends on you to exterminate them, redeeming the old mistakes through the fraternal work, supplying knowledge, food and peace to whom has too little.

Q: Another spiritualistic medium informed that, from November of 2006 to April of 2007 might arrive several spaceships. As far as I understood, the Extraterrestrial brothers may appear in our Planet. It if right?

Ramatis: As far as we know, the Stellar Troops at work for Earth soon are introduced for your humanity. The day and hour depend on popularization of works and preparation of this humanity. They won´t come to spread neither fear nor extermination here. Firstly, the terrestrial inhabitants have to recognize and welcome them like brothers.

There is hard collision of forces on the Earth and the Darkness work full time to demoralize the honest workers. They seek, at all costs, to spread fear, distrust and vanity. Thus are necessary lucid minds to discern them. We affirm again: the extraterrestrial brothers only come to help the largest number of terrestrial inhabitants possible.

We ask you, while are awaiting that hour, join with work-teams, publishing about the extraterrestrial presence, stimulating the study, practicing charity and mainly, allowing those brothers presence in your places of worship, aided by instructors of elevated graduation so that all population, little by little, accept them peacefully among you.

Q: I wonder if in this audience here, attending this lecture, there was at least one able to renounce all joys, comfortable house, work, friends and family to popularization about the planetary transition, was he acting hastily? What could happen with him?

Ramatis: Each one embodied person brings his own plan of life. There is a hard preparation before his arrival in this Planet, where he fall under proofs and atonements, to retake or conclude old tasks, ties of sincere affection to be firmed and also to get free from other strong ties. The Sidereal Engineers don´t ask more than you can execute. Depends on each one do his best so that pay his debts in this present incarnation.

All you present in this audience can offer more than you imagine. However, we affirm you that renouncements and sacrifices will increase, necessary to whom seek the road of Christ. All who seek fraternity love and to do one´s good are welcome.

Q: Master, what will happen with terrestrial animals?

Ramatis – All the beings relative to the matter may perish. Lots of them taken by Science as non-existent in the surface today, they are alive inhabiting intraterrestrial cities. All species have registrations in those cities, and all spirits bound for inhabiting in those cities will be with physical body. However, at that meantime, when the sun disappears, that in your homes just has human beings. We wish that the detachment allows to execute the Divine Plan, fearless and strong so that you cross by shadows, reaching the "light" behind of the hill.

Q: Master, during the last lecture held in Ramatis´group, Rio de Janeiro, I have seen the translucent Earth by my mental screen. Below of Ecuador line, by right side there was little light. I understood that would be rescue over there, because they had spoken too much on destruction during the lecture. However, I was wrong, because there was much tumult there. I wonder if in that place, Indonesia, have already began the hecatombs.

Ramatis: Dear daughter, in that turbulent hour, the forces of Good and of Evil face one another, and is necessary to supply your own spirit with messages of evolved spirits. The terrestrial astral is dense and hinder your minds reaching us. Thence we seek those Groups devoted and prepared to divulge our messages necessary in that hour.

To spiritualistic mediums that transmit our ideas and thoughts, we address messages of larger efforts, sacrifice and renouncement. You, more than the other ones, shall avoid vanity and selfishness, so that receive the divine messages addressed to you.

The seriousness that Aid Groups in the Earth execute works determines the reach of our irradiations. Major of them close us the doors ignoring our messages or spiritualistic mediums, hindering the performance.

Thus, we ask you perseverance and work. The spiritualistic mediums working here are dear brothers, but not perfect instruments at your disposal, and often the rebelliousness hinder our communication.

Even knowing well your souls, we await the appropriate moment so that you present us lovingly to fraternal work, and even little mistakes can´t hinder the final work. Again, we ask you much perseverance. Usually, the brothers are with you, you have to open your spiritual eyes and to submit the messages to reason, not precipitating the divulgation of such contents, but analyzing them deeply. Thence, at new meeting, the divine messages addressed to you become easier and legible.

Many spiritualistic mediums, for fear of public judgment, they refuse to elevate the voices in favor of other brothers. We wish that fear does not find place in your hearts, and Faith strengthens the steps in direction the work.

Q: We realize that there are several cultures and traditions throughout the world, not all Christians nor spiritualists. How is divulged them the messages, in order to avoid or reduce the catastrophes?

Ramatis: All without exception receive our communications fearless or imposition of ours side. It is only necessary receptive brothers to knowledge, explanation and help.

Wherever there are opened minds praying at any language, we are over there with our messages of preparation and renewal necessary. Many people are collected from their bodies while are sleeping and addressed to places with similar characteristics of their temples and receive instructions of "old guardians" with appropriate vocabulary, transmitting the essence of our thoughts and preparation necessary.

The universal language of Love transcends the barriers of understanding, crossing by space, bringing messages of extraterrestrial brothers. It is difficult; among you speaking different languages, practicing different religions, join forces to work, as make our extra and intraterrestrial brothers.

This is our message for you, because all the events may bring revolutions over the physical and astral of Planet Earth.

All you are brothers and may suffer the impacts of catastrophes and wars during the end of planetary cycle. Only the human moral improvement can reduce such troubles. The Divine Planning doesn´t offer miracles. The Divine Law only offers work more and more like tool of transformation.

Q: I have heard that people reincarnated in decade of 80, would be spirits able to survive during the catastrophes. Does it makes sense and how should the people face those catastrophes and disasters?

Ramatis: Major of the extra and intraterrestrial brothers comes to assume incarnations and help the terrestrial people during the planetary transition, and some of them are already with you. The other ones, involved in the matter, in spite of several callings of alert so that executed purpose of this incarnation, they let the chance slip and chose the harmful roads.

Thus is comprehensible, according with Divine Laws, that extra and intraterrestrial spirits are among you, but it doesn´t mean prosperous incarnations, being necessary the spirit overcomes the inferiority of the matter.

Q: By means of Astral, we knew that a star might approach and attract inferior spirits. We wished that could be the traffickers, corrupt politicians. However, as regard us, ordinary spirits, how will we stay during the new evolutionary phase of Planet? Especially considering major of those mistakes unconscious. Many people attend churches, spiritualistic house, hospitals, and so on working daily and ignore that some mistakes can eclipse their souls. Are those serious mistakes necessary so that Intruder Star captures those people or not?

Ramatis: We can´t judge the neighbor. Master Jesus´ Lessons says that firstly, we shall love God and our brothers as if were ourselves. Do like this and find the appropriate answer. As you know, the evolution does not give jumps and comes by means of personal effort to transform the own soul. To correct such mistakes, it needs to recognize them at once, what isn´t easy for embodied spirits. Easier you find mistakes in the others.

Sister, this is the road. All that work for Light, voluntarily, they have to pay attention on themselves, and permanent evaluation of values that govern the material world, taught by Master Jesus. See that isn´t difficult to distinguish among values of this material world and those ones shared by evolved spirits. The more you learn that, clearer and stronger are your choices. We ask you again to identify and correct your own mistakes and ask the Father, force and courage so that you don´t transfer your own mistakes to the other one.

Margarida: Brother, could we finish now or do you have other questions?

Ramatis: If terrestrial time is over, we finish now. I am at your disposal.

Margarida: We are worried exactly about the energy projected. Take your decision.

Ramatis: So it is! We only wish that Light from your hearts calmed the terrestrial pains. We are always with you. You have to elevate the thoughts by prayers and strength of purpose so that we approach. You are honest workers of Jesus Christ´s Armies. To accept such invitation only depends on you; you are welcome.

We spread Light and Peace over all you, mainly those upset ones.

We hope that Divine Jesus drives us.

Ramatis, IEVE/RJ, 14/11/06.

Note: Just as explanation to whom thought that, the spiritualistic medium felt ill at the end of communication. He was stand up long time and worn out: Pay attention to Master Ramatis´s words on that moment; "I ask a chair to channel (spiritualistic medium) sit down. Longer is the permanence among you, more difficult to uphold the presence of embodied spirit (spiritualistic medium), anxious to be free from matter. Thank you, and let us answer the sister´s question.


Yesterday ruler, today dominated.

Brothers, the work strengths our spirit, worshipping God on behalf of Jesus.

Many consciences didn´t awake by our collective efforts of bringing revelations by means of our humble work offered them. "Supplicant Hands for Mercy – Beyond visible backstages of Prisons". Otherwise, thousands of sufferer spirits, proslavery of souls are redeemed.

Lots of those brothers redeemed are dear ones since Ancient Rome, cruel conquerors that devastated completely the cities.

Our task was tiny in that Grandiose Work, but sincere.

We wish that God allowed us go on redeeming our still debtor souls.

Save us Jesus, Divine Master of Peace.

Count Rochester, RJ, 13/10/06

Clairvoyance: I see Ancient Rome of Conquerors and the Roman Army invading cities and villages with strong violence of sanguinary inhuman.

After our daily prayer, much energy from our minds and hearts formed a protecting shield allowing the descent from the High.


Faith shall comes firstly

Peace on all of the planetary quadrants and in your hearts!

Dear Sisters, we are with you here for new healthy and happy meeting.

Thanks God allowing us to meet our terrestrial brothers, so that we transform the old Planet by renewed and free from retrograde spirits.

By this happy meeting, we want to help many beings reincarnated now. Major of them avoid our presence and other brothers. They ignore and judge us as enemies and throw over us all bellicosity of theirs. Usually, we offer them aid and they refused us, because can´t reach our love.

For that reason, we ask all you, intermediaries of invisible worlds: Divulge on our presence and explain let the other people know what is happening in the Planet, now.

We are many workers bringing explanations and aid for this Planet Earth.

Viva Force, Light and Divine Master Jesus!

Ashtar Sheram, Rio de Janeiro, 13/10/06.


It´s enough to emit a fraternal thought!

We greet all friends and brothers!

Peace in the Earth!

The human beings ignore the reason of pains and sufferings. Daily, the Happiness comes firstly; every man wants to be happy.

How could the illiterate people achieve happiness by reading of great and beautiful work?

How could the blind men obtain a result of glimpsing in front of themselves a painting under inspiration from the High?

How could the deaf ones achieve happiness of feeling the beautiful symphonies?

And you? How could you achieve subtle vibrations of supreme happiness, ignoring the spiritual life?

Lots of people recognize the spiritualistic knowledge like trail for elevated thoughts of Masters.

But how can understand such teachings, without going down as far as the deepest abysses and recognize the reason of his fall like: to sink down into inferior puddles and breath their putrid odors, to cross by strong pollution of your planetary astral?

The envy, revenge, selfishness, avarice, sensuality, hate and terror have smell, color and texture in dense matter that materialize pains and sufferings which major of the people avoid the confront don´t want confront, but contribute to build them with their unbalanced minds and emotions. Thus are the infernal puddles in inferior astral of the Earth.

The prisons and buildings to achieve the same results are real representations of abysses materialized in the terrestrial surface, where your brothers and dear ones of different times purge their mistakes painfully.

Practice charity. Avoid the inertia and endeavor to calm down the tears and screams from there deafening the unaware and upset spirits. It´s enough to emit a fraternal thought or prayer to activate the transformative dynamo of love.

Greetings from

Count Rochester, IEVE/RJ, 14/10/06


The next and last messages received in GESH, Vitoria:

All along.

All along, the Humanity received Illustrious Beings working voluntarily for explanation of crowds as regard the road that liberates the soul from millenarian sufferings.

By other hand, few ones accept the transformer knowledge while the major of them still fall under old wild instincts.

Up to now, the sublime verb of all evolved embodied who have visited the Earth go on for some terrestrial ones that, more than never, avoids the callings of alert coming from High.

The appeals of Servants of Jesus increase more and more, while the "Planetary Cycle" draws on and the pains increase over the whole Earth, while the humanity still ignore the highest moral codes able to transform them definitively to rightists of Christ.

When the doors are broken by uncontrolled and furious torrent of geophysical transformations, will find major of the people unprepared and vulnerable to fall.

Without helping the neighbor, the people keep at practicing instinctively bad habits; brother against brother, Nation against Nation, while the Beast spreads its poison over the people. While the wars are exploding hardly, many people are worshipping the Beast.

Poor fellows! They don´t recognize Christ as "Only Road" for Peacetime.

From outside, we can see well the collective madness among the creatures.

Poor fellow that ignore Love.

Zeus, GESH, 17/11/06


All may hear and feel his presence

Dear friends,

I have been here and you ignored me among you.

Before my presence here, Loving Brothers came and you didn´t take advantage of their messages of love and peace.

After my stay as embodied spirit in the Earth, the other brothers were ignored too.

Now, "new presence" and all the terrestrial people can hear, feel and understand it closer or farer, but all without exception will think deeply on his own life and road trodden since millennia, without the appropriate Christian care.

Lots of foreign people didn´t receive me, but the other famous messengers. Thus isn´t privilege of yours, they also become hurt at imposed presence.

Cries and screams may come and, knelt down; crowds will ask to put an end to torments of theirs.

The last message is sure fulfill its objective for faithless minds, we have postponed it at most, but once you keep at practicing mistakes, now it is indispensable. At the end of this stage of terrestrial the Pain comes, followed with geographical convulsions, climatic changes and ruins leaving marks on the surface and human hearts.

Only after that, poor children, you have to think deeply about the countless warnings, alerts and news addressed you by brave brothers of elevated graduation.

Thus, overstrained, free from ties of arrogance, lots of you can understand and execute the Divine Law.

We wished that everything could be different, but won´t be.

Sananda (cosmic Name of Jesus)

Vigil/ASJ, 11/11/06

Note: GESH, ex-GER celebrates 25 years old.

New Year

Dear readers and friends, our best wishes of Peace, Love, Harmony, Health and Happiness. Our best wishes that New Year made sure Master Jesus´ Loving Presence, bringing us health, courage and good will, so that we go on working with Christ. In addition, that our minds and hearts stay tender and lovingly at service for God.

Happy New Year!

From visible and "invisible" GESH

Note: We will be always publishing, through the available ways within our reach, more explanations regarding our Intra and Extraterrestrial Brothers. This information is of public domain and can be copied by, either in the whole or partly without previous authorization, for free distribution, since the sense is not altered. It is also authorized translation for any language, for what we just request send us a copy for our files and subsequent popularization. It is prohibited the commercialization of these information.

A willingness sister, who put her basic knowledge at our disposal, so that we could divulge this work, made the translation. Then we apologize for any found mistake and please let we know them for due change.

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GESH - Shame Hare Spiritualistic Group


Our works: Petals of Light; The Extraterrestrial and Us, Vols. I and II; Intraterrestrial Cities: Awakening the Humanity, together with second edition Intraterrestrial of Stelta and Extraterrestrial Underwater Mission, The Declined people and their Terrestrial Trajectory, Vol. I and II and the last one: Supplicant Hands for Mercy – Beyond visible backstages of Prisons"

Read our works. New knowledge overflows. Stop, think and change.

GESH - Shame Hare Spiritualistic Group

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