Divulgation 49


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Dear readers,

We greet you on behalf of God through the Loving Master Jesus, the Government of the Planet Earth as well as the humanity.

This number contains messages received in our recent trip to Pico Bandeira placed in Caparao Hill delimited by Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo State, from May 22 to 24/2008.

We accomplished successfully our objectives of have opened a Dimensional Portal of superior energies and visited the intraterrestrial city Lemur, by invitation of our new friends over there.

Obviously, only the Mediums have registered in their mental screen everything seen and later described to people other than our team of workers.

As usual, we brought the fruits of that trip to those that accompany this "extraordinary work."


On February 16, 2008 we received in our Spiritist Center GESH, one habitant of Lemur gave us the following message:

Studies and researches about the Human Soul

Brothers and Sisters,

Glad to meet you!

We only have heard of terrestrial beings through the local Counselors that told us stories registered in our files. When most of the inhabitants of Lemur ignored or even imagined the existence of those beings, we just lived in harmony and peace.

Nevertheless, since those faithless brothers practiced many cunning traps, we have met several terrestrial and intraterrestrial fellow beings as we are. Thenceforth, we knew that was the time so that all Workers of Jesus devoted themselves to God for the welfare of the Planet Earth.

After common consent with wise Counselors, we joined to the Christs Army throughout the dimensions and sub-dimensions planetary. It is sure that we cannot devote ourselves full time on the work at the "End of Times", but lovingly, we will give our best contribution for that purpose.

Others members of our group of workers will research and study the human psyche that interest us very much, and later, we will compose the Medical Team in your Spiritist Center.

We are thankful to our God Father for awakening our people and, even too late, allowed us the friendship with other people so that we contributed for the welfare of our planet. Blessed be the Superior Force that protects us.

Aquimed (Intra of Lemur) 02/16/008.

On May 22, 2008

Zambi and his followers

Clairvoyance: I see our friend Zambi with his followers and lions.

The medical doctors Cruz and Lucas are with us. The nurses assist us during the trip. I received the following message:

Dear Sisters, we greet you in the name of the Light.

It is hard the work in the astral world due to countless attacks from Darkness to the workers of Jesus.

The Armies of the Evil always associated to the "exploiters of the space" prepare new attacks against the unprepared beings.

The workers of Christ have overwork; however the Good Spirits always assisting and guiding their steps through the Gospel of Jesus.

We are thankful to you for opportunity of speaking here tonight.

We will follow up your trip.

We will be victorious overcoming all obstacles on behalf of Jesus. We will address this message of fraternity and love to our friends of Lemur.

We hope you have Peace and kindness in your hearts!

Zambi (meditation at 10:00 am).

Regiane´s words about the Medical Center Ranieri Matias.

We greet you on behalf of Jesus!

Brothers and Sisters, the Medical Center Ranieri Matias works successfully overcrowded with disoriented spirits in the astral plan.

Soon after received the First Aid, we take them to Colony Servants of Jesus. There is a new "bridge-portal" so that we transfer the patients aided in the Medical Center Servants of Jesus due to crescent number of suffering brothers. Our Superior Mentors said that the Workers of Jesus are very busy because of the large number of "collective "deaths at this apocalyptic hour".

We have been receiving additional support from the workers of the Cologne through the Master Shama Hare.

We leave you on the Peace of Jesus.

Regiane (meditation at 10:00 am).

We met Arcot, Priest of Lemur

Sisters, you are welcome!

We greet you in the name of the Light, thankful for your presence here. We invite you to visit our city tonight, when we will guide you as far as the hall of our House that is also yours.

Some time passed by since we met you for the first time, and, the Reptilians, as were you, they precipitated the events that allowed this happy encounter.

We hope the Master Jesus that is Our Dear Brother and Friend bless this fraternal encounter so that we exchange knowledge and friendship, mainly, introducing our world to terrestrial fellow beings.

Since long time ago, our Superior Mentors have been preparing us for this moment.

Now, we understand the Purposes of God and thankful to Him for this blessed opportunity he gave us for helping the other people on earth.

We are brothers on behalf of Jesus Christ and we put our simple house at your service hereafter.

We know that the current troubles announce a host of difficulties on earth.

We hope that you in peace, harmony and kindness lead other brothers for rescue.

May the Peace and kindness be with us!

Arcot (meditation at 6:00 pm).

Serving and loving as Jesus taught us.

Dear Friends, the Master Jesus invite us to work, when he announces through His messages, the crescent suffering among His little children.

We can hear the disincarnate children’s screams throughout the astral world. It is planned the extermination of little beings giving flow to human wild instincts.

Madness grows ever more alarming among human beings.

Men stimulated by mechanisms of faith must be alert in order to find out the ways of work without waste positive energies necessary to peacetime among workers of Jesus Christ.

Look at the current events and continue loving and helping the other people as Jesus taught us.

Master Jesus protects us!

Paulo of Tarso (meditation at 6:00 pm)

People of Lemur and the Planetary Transition

On behalf of God, The Divine Mercy joined us with a view to open a portal of light in this area of the important intraterrestrial city of Lemur introduced to you. The atmosphere is still favorable for arrival of positive energy. Despite of the large number of tourists, it is not easy to arrive at that relaxing environment.

Lemur is bound to take shelter for many terrestrial beings during the cataclysms and floods at seaside area.

The meek and loving people of Lemur as well as those of Okay and Stelta have identical spiritual graduation. Despite of just now meet the people of the surface and know about "End of the Times" by Superior Command of GFBU, they immediately offered their city for rescue of the humanity.

Tonight, they will be with you in Lemur getting information of public domain, because Lemur will have an intraterrestrial First Aid Center for human beings that deserve to be there.

Our God Father commands everything.

I am Nefertiti very happy to see you again.

Margarida: Glad to see you again!

Nefertiti: We have been working in the inferior astral.

Margarida: How is our brother Akenaton?

Nefertiti: He is also works for the welfare of the humanity. Unhappily, most of our old fellow beings continue serving the Beast. Of course, a host of difficulties contributed to keep many ignorant beings, spiritually speaking.

Margarida: You are right, Sister. We also sorry that many brothers worked in our Spiritist House for many years and learned anything. I imagine how unhappy feel who sees the both plans of life.

Nefertiti: Larger responsibility has who received teachings by Hosts of Light, but applies them for own benefit, putting other people aside the road and delaying their progress.

Unhappily, they will pay their debts through the exile in other globes and regret the opportunity lost. They are hundreds, thousands of beings in the Darkness in hate, revenge and luxury.

Margarida: Your presence here makes us happy; but we know that you are always with us.

Nefertiti: Our little Army will follow you here in Lemur informing these fellow beings about the first arrangements for receiving the terrestrial beings during the rescue.

We will stay here until the city has concluded all arrangements.

We greet you in the name of the Light and we leave you on the Peace of Jesus.

Nefertite (meditation at 6:00 pm).

Cleaning the astral area reserved for new Portal

Brothers and Sisters,

Christs Army is very busy because the Darkness continues attacking the souls in search of energy. We shall lift up the Sword of Light to stop the Darkness.

This humanity is still unprepared spiritually for facing the serious events taking place in the surface. The disincarnated in the astral world completely disorientated and frightened as well as terrestrial and, the Rescue Parties are always very busy during the planetary transition.

You came here for opening an "Important portal". It means that you have to clean the area surrounding the place and to implant the Christ Planetariums Flag over there. Tonight we may face the backward Spirits that want to subdue that place reserved for the new Portal of Light.

There will not be truces for Warriors sincerely devoted for that purpose, because the planet hurt and unhappy struggles for life.

Let us continue on the work so that we rescue the largest number of souls in advance the "End of the Times".

Margarida: Thank you.

Asthar Sheran: Tonight, prepare yourselves for long and dangerous battle.

Margarida: Will it be here?

Asthar Sheran: Yes, we shall prepare the area for opening the portal next night.

Margarida: will it be after midnight?

Asthar Sheran: Yes and I wish Peace in your hearts.

Commander Ashtar Sheram (meditation at 6:00 pm).

Men live the worst moment on Earth

Dear disciples and sisters that I am very happy accompanying all of you.

You are living the worst moment for definition of this humanity. The events grow ever more alarming while the collective deaths show the panorama that this humanity will face, starting from the movements of the planet in search of its own equilibrium.

Brothers and Sisters, naturally you have chose this time to disincarnate because in the past incarnations you had buried the Lessons of Jesus in pride, vanity, ambition, ignorance and spiritual blindness, of which had contributed to put aside the road many Spirits in search of understanding the messages of Jesus.

You and other Spirits pledged yourselves to the Superior Spirituality refused the divulgation of the messages of Jesus and had taken the wrong road through the "Religious Institutions" that have been defaming the essence of His loving messages for centuries. Thenceforth, you have larger responsibility for divulgation of the messages of Jesus.

As exiled Spirits of other planets and aware of your own countless debts, but candidates to the spiritual ascension, you have accepted to divulge those messages through the anonymous arduous work for awakening the human consciences. For sure, most of them do not listen to you; others disfigure the ideas published, even though, they are fruits of the ignorance that you planted in the past incarnations.

Go ahead, despite of those unhappy, uncontrolled and masked beings, because much depends on you to publish the messages necessary to open the humanitys eyes for imponderable realities of Life so that even few ones work in the Christs Army.

The result of the work is not yours nor will show all your efforts, but will grant your conscience of the accomplished task on behalf of Jesus for the collective welfare.

The Darkness’s attacks against you continue until the end. As you know, the Forces of the Evil had threatened Jesus to abandon His "Principles" and, it should not be different to your still infantile souls. Groups of Good Spirits contribute to the Divine Plan protecting, aiding, guiding and alerting you about the lunges of the evil, since you attach to the Power of the Light.

Combats and battles grow ever more alarming than we can see now. The more the Forces of Light threaten the Beast, more she incites her followers to attach the Workers of Jesus.

Faith, trust, love to the neighbor and material detachment are the weapons that you have in the hands for facing the Invisible Evil near of you incarnate beings.

We will open another portal of Light so that the Superior Spirits and the people of Lemur will watch it pointing out the presence of Jesus in one more astral territory, because this is God’s will.

Margarida: Who are you?

Ramatis: I am your Master and friend.

Margarida: Are you Master Ramatis or Shama Hare?

Ramatis: I am Kuthumi (i.e. Ramatis in another incarnation).

Margarida: Glad to meet you here! Brother, we have you in our hearts. If we shall open others portals of light here, we are at your disposal!

Ramatis: Sister, we know your Spirit’s goodwill. We know that the portals of accessing with superior energies are very important for the welfare of the humanity. Nevertheless, there are countless tasks to through the groups of hard workers aware of the current events. We have selected the most urgent tasks as opportunity of work for those groups that we follow during the planetary transition.

Thank you for all your efforts, of which we will make good use for other tasks in the proper moment. As you know, many mediums refused the divulgation of the messages different of those preached through the other Spiritist Houses in the terrestrial world. Thus, this important task of divulgation of the messages has only been possible through the group of yours, as workers of the last hour, despite a host of difficulties every day. We are delivering Energies so that you put at disposal of the most number possible of incarnate beings, the truths still ignored, forgotten or even unknown on earth.

The events regarding the "Popularization" of the truths that we bring to you will touch the consciences of many exiled beings even ignoring the source of the memories emerged; they will know the current events dominating the planet now pointing out to self-renovation, wakening, changes and progress.

To open the humanity’s eyes demands a complex mechanism and, for the time being, we only have your team of workers to accomplish it.

Margarida: Your words mean rewards for our accomplished duty and become larger our responsibility. I am not sure if we have or not open other portals here.

Ramatis: The energies involving you provoke such feelings, as we were only one being or only one body of Light.

Margarida: His words of wisdom touched deeply our Souls.

Ramatis: I explain again. There is overwork and obviously, we shall open other portals, however, we have few workers prepared to do the job, as we are. Now, is very important the divulgation of the messages that is not an easy task. Among few ones, you and this team of workers have successfully divulging our messages to humanity.

We shall open other Portals of Light, because the acceleration of the events shows groups of workers ignoring completely the current reality.

For sure, the popularization of this current work has been creating fruits and connecting many minds to the Superior Spheres that, for its turn, immediately prepare them for other tasks, including the opening of Portals. Obviously, we will invite you to accomplish other works necessary.

Margarida: We are at your disposal to divulgation of all messages received.

Thank you, brother for your words of wisdom and explanation. While I have this physical body, this work does not stop.

Ramatis: Tonight, you may visit the city of Lemur and later face the combat. Be ready so that everything runs us according to the program.

The Master Jesus protects and watches our steps, illuminating our minds and loving us with His infinite love.

Blessed be Jesus Sananda!

Ramatis or Master Kuthumi of GFBU (meditation at 9:00 pm).

On May 23, 2008

Other Battles

Clairvoyance: I see the previous battle and the Reptilian Leader was in dwelling with Lady Margarida. He shaped himself as Horus of the Ancient Egypt with human body and animal face.

There was an invisible barrier separating the Light and the Darkness. The bad Spirits tried to move forward in advance of the battle, without success, because had the "protecting shield" separating the opponents. Other negative beings also tried to abandon the battlefield, but had another invisible barrier over there.

One Good Spirit said some words before the beginning of battle but I did not get them.

While the Reptilian and Mrs. Margarida were in dwelling, at times, they had big size; other times had their original features. She asked him to abandon the battle and his negative answer became more dangerous the battle. Stimulated by Reptilian, the "winged dragons" came near to battlefield and joined to the combat. When they were near to battlefield, the people of Lemur immediately came defeated the opponents.

(Meditation at 9:00 pm).

We get love, knowledge and work, if we also donate

Sisters and brothers,

How grandiose is the Divine Work!

At the Creators touch, many specimens of living beings and other races appeared. There would be planetary harmony if all were united in favor of the collective progress.

At that time that we did know you yet (it obviously refers to GESJ) we lived at peacetime in our world according to the Creative Laws of Life, because we ignored the brothers existence so disturbed, unbalanced and without love.

Since that time we met you, our feelings of Love and Mercy sincerely wanted to help the humanity.

The Superior Spirits informed us about the very important transition of the planet, of the multiple unbalances in the material and astral worlds and, of needing more workers on behalf of Jesus.

Immediately joined with the local Council we offered ourselves for helping the planet and all people of the surface.

Other intraterrestrial brothers joined and with a great joy, we knew other worlds.

To meet you that the Superior Spirits denominate as Group of Warriors of the Light became us aware of presence of many disturbed souls, but also of many Good Spirits working with Jesus, the Planetary Christ, and Regent of this Universe. With great joy, we share with you our life and work.

Hereafter we put our city at service of the planetary rescue of terrestrial fellow beings. Our House is also yours; after all, indirectly, you contributed for important changes in our city.

We hope you have Peace, Love, Happiness and the Superior Forces with you.

With you, we get friendship, love, knowledge and work, since we donate them.

Armed, Intraterrestrial of Lemur (concentration at 9:00 am).

Clairvoyance: Soon after the message, I have seen our team of workers near to Lemur, the intraterrestrial city that loving received us with many flowers decorating the place and overhead of the local people.

Make your own choices.

I have seen the battlefield with Army of Light and the Army of Darkness ready for staring in dwelling.

Zambi, the great African warrior was the commandant who had his army and many lions with him. Before the beginning of the battle, Zambi elevated his thought to God and uttered his last appeal to opponent Army, as follows:

Fellow beings, the planetary cleanness and, you are still backward Spirits have to decide as rightists of Christ following the Divine Laws or as leftists that refuse the Gospel of Light.

By superior orders, the leftists of Christ could not stay in the astral world that the Forces of Light must immediately clean up the place.

We shall execute our Fathers Will here and, we invite all of you to give up the Armies of the Darkness at once. Feelings of compassion and charity will be devoted to the deserters, if you understand that it is the time of renovation.

Surrender yourselves on behalf of Christ!


Soon after the words from Zambi, many screams accompanied the beats of the weapons and feet to the ground. The spirits touched through the words from Zambi put their weapons down and cried knelt down. The other companions moved forward to attack those that abandoned the battle. The Armies of the Good attracted them magnetically unhurt and immediately received medical assistance.

The fight begins and the lions of Zambi come terrifying the enemies. Some of them abandon the weapons and try to escape, but the lions immediately reach them with paws on the chest and snarling. Many enemies fainted and the lions look for other arrested spirits.

The fight continues until the end and defeats the Army of the Evil.

The trumpets announce the victory of the Good. The moon shines the battlefield.

The Rescue Parties begin removing the fallen ones, aiding the shaky ones and assisting the hurt Warriors of the Light. Our work companion had her arm hurt, but she was very happy. Zambi knelt down elevated his thoughts to God praying as follows:

Lord Jesus, King of all Universe, Governor of Superior Forces that we are, you have illuminated our Spirit, saved us from shadows, promoted our awakening and always feeds us on hopes of progress.

God Father, we are thankful to you in the name of the entire Planet Earth, therefore, in the Mother Natures arm, we have comfort and learning.

Oh, God Father! Besides all gifts of the life and learning in the terrestrial sphere, you still grant us the redeeming work.

At last, you gave our victory, strengthening other team of workers devoted for same Purpose.

Oh, God! We hope that you bless our defeated fellow beings so that they also kneel down thankful for Your Unconditional love.

In the old days, we also were defeated beings. At that time, the bad habits nourished us. Nowadays, we sincerely want to renovate ourselves.

Oh, God Creator! Blessed be your name forever! We worship you!

Blessed be the Light and our Messenger Lord Jesus!

Zambi (meditation at 9:00 pm)

Note: Zambi introduces himself as brave warrior with his followers and "cats" (i.e. lions, tigers, panthers and leopards. He spontaneously came to GESJ- our Spiritist House that always hosts black and white beings, Indians, Asians and mestizos. Zambi says that GESJ welcomes equally embodied and disembodied spirits, since they practice the Gospel of Jesus.

Clairvoyance: Another combat has finished. The words of Zambi strengthened us and we went to Lemur with our "Guardians". In that walking we have seen rivers, waterfalls, forests, rocks and others pictures and the people of Lemur awaited us.

Arcot and our group visited many places in Lemur where we celebrated the" opening of the portal". We could see fruits and flowers everywhere, and we took a bath in the waterfall of limpid water and warm temperature. Our friends of Lemur received us very well.

Note: The other messages of that trip come through the Divulgation 50.

Hard Work

We bring information for your current work.

It is very important that on behalf of Jesus work for the welfare of this planet are aware of the happenings on the occult side of this humanity.

The Reptilians declined over the past incarnations in other planets, they had countless opportunities of work and to renovate themselves, however they did get not the sufficient moral elevation.

Those beings use energy of the last civilization to feed them and to subdue the Planet. They are experts at high technology, cybernetics, atomic energy, genetic mutation and at natural science, which provide them fantastic innovations to fascinate the backward Spirits. Yet, they have not sufficient moral evolution to give up excessive ambition and desire of power.

The humanity offers those beings open wounds through which they penetrate like worms to subdue the entire planet, by common consent with many of the most important countries.

The Reptilians try to subdue the planet by incessant wars and political-financial powership.

Lately, the Reptilians beings have improved the genetic and atomic energy.

Leaders of important Nations connected with Reptilians only want earn money, power and domain. We have to stop that negative performance that grows ever more alarming. They are true monsters deprived of spiritual evolution, the creation of powerful machines that dematerialize and affect negatively the planet.

GFBU - The Universal Great White Fraternity imposed limits that even at high costs must be respected in that purpose.

GFBU also recommends his members the detachment, moral evolution and total integration on the work in order to free themselves from bad Spirits. Moreover, the members of GFBU have to vibrate positively to extracorporeal experiences during the physical sleep.

Brothers, awake your consciences to this very important work. You know that, in general, the world is not interested about the evolutionary superior work. The illusory materialism becomes blind and inert the humanity. It is really and arduous task to awaken those souls. Your goodwill and efforts are very important to readjust the embodied Spirits and make possible the arrival of spiritual energies.

Have faith and trust. Nowadays, more than never, devote yourselves on the work. I am Setun Shenar speaking by projection. Any question?

Medium: Are there other negative beings acting on the job?

SS: Naturally. We have only mentioned that specific being directly acting upon you Science and Technology. There are countless followers that just want sip even the remained energy of this suffering humanity, as if they were true insects. Unfortunately, just this strong suffering may grant redemption to these terrestrial beings.

We prepared your for action hereafter.

Brothers, watch carefully your steps.

The Earth Planet is weakened, because is very difficult the arrival of Superior Energies as well as our communication via our messages. It demands groups of workers to transmit short messages The Superior Spirituality endeavor to join the groups, however, individual effort are always necessary.

We hope the Light, Faith and Perseverance involve all of you.

Brothers and Sisters, elevate your thoughts to God so that you reach the superior energies, because many fellow beings need your help.

If you could see the current scenario, would only struggle for spiritual life.

Setun Shenar (vice-commandant), GESH, 03/12/99.

Callings of Alert

(This message was partially lost)... We asked you to pass along the information about the reptilians in the Planet so that the other people knew the current reality.

For sure, that man, represents the reptilian forces in your city, in Brazil and in the entire world.

This information is necessary, because sooner or later, you would heard of him and companions present in your City following up the preparation of this book and, in search of new members.

We shall to do the cleanness because the negative beings want slave souls to change their thoughts and deed.

Commander Ashtar Sheram recommended that we should not let the opportunity slip. Tonight, we shall struggle for defeating two negative beings present in our Spiritist House. For the time being, arrested in the ship-prison and soon taken to exile.

This battle means an attempt to weaken them as well as to change untruths of false promises of rescue affecting them.

Setum Shenar, 09/28/04.

The Battle of the Light against the Darkness

Brothers and Sisters, grandiose is the work of God that the humanity ignores.

Many are the workers devoted themselves on behalf of Jesus as well as the Planet involving this humanity in love, peace and harmony.

The Planet Earth passes by continuous transformation at this "End of Times".

In the old times, if this humanity had accepted the orientations as well as practiced the Superior Lessons directly transmitted to the material world, nowadays, they would be ready to minimize these painful mechanisms of transformation. Nevertheless, the war, hate, revenge and selfishness were the weapons used by human beings to exploit the planet and the other people favoring the dissemination of bad Spirits in the inferior astral.

Historically, the Astral Inferior has been strengthening and expanding territory on earth. Thenceforth this humanity has been spending larger energies in order to change the Darkness into the Light.

For instance, the Reptilians docked completely in hate and, the humanity that allowed them to spread their hate and strengthened themselves more and at the "End of the Times". Those beings come to deceive the human beings with illusory promises of wealth and genetic technology controlling bodies.

Nowadays, the illusory matter seduces completely the ignorant beings that do not notice the danger coming from those negative forces. It is the time to each one makes his own choices, once all immortal Spirit has equally opportunities of learning and renovation.

Even now, we notice the Forces of Evil strengthened by negative energies of the humanity, because these negligent people attached in hate, selfishness, foolish vanity and in perishable matter, they refused the love as possibility of renovation and progress.

Reptilians are present on earth.

Where have genetic experiments, suffering Spirits and advanced technology hurting and manipulating human beings, the Reptilians are always over there.

The Beast arrested at the bottoms of the Abyss, she cannot reach the less dense area, but her followers, the ferocious Reptilians attack the Nuclei of Light in search of faithless beings.

The Reptilians want to reach you, without success, once the Forces of the Light are always protecting you with shields and desire of making progress.

You have been working sincerely with Jesus.

The Reptilians hate you and continue attacking more and more, once you are strengthened through the work that depends on you to do.

Watch carefully your thoughts and deed so that those negative beings do not reach you. We are with you.

The battle between the Light and Darkness takes place in the astral world. The Darkness think they have defeated the humanity, but living at the dense astral, they cannot see the Light defeating them on Earth.

Setun Shenar: Any question, Sister?

Margarida: Yes, could you tell me about the Reptilians, Mr. X and I?

Setun Shenar: First, your current work of divulgation explains about the intense activities of the "negative Spirits" upon the humanity. Second, the Reptilians disagree to this task, watch you very closely, and want to reach you at all. Third, that brother X tells and spreads untruths about the negative beings, as if they were good Spirits always protecting the humanity. Whenever one disagree with him, he blames your group of workers, once he really means the Force of the Evil on earth.

Nevertheless, that brother’s influence gradually weakens everywhere, since he refused all opportunities of working with the Forces of Light for the welfare of the humanity. He did not get to follow the Light and declined seduced by Darkness.

Margarida: You are right. He and others members well know in the past, no more we have heard of them in our city.

SS: They should work and explain to humanity about the extra-corporal life. Nevertheless, their inferior feelings cultivated for hundreds of years supplanted desires of progress, while the Darkness kept them attached in vanity, selfishness and prepotency that declined them again.

They had commitment with Force of Light of working hard at the "End of the Times" so that largest number of fellow beings reached sufficient vibration to inhabit the New Land. Then, they have declined and avoided that thousands of creatures needing of that help could take the right way. They all went to worlds of atonement and trials to continue their interrupted evolutionary path.

Margarida: You mean that will have battle among our team of workers, Mr X and Reptilians. Is not it?

SS: You are right. In the past time, we divulged messages about those fellow beings, when we decided to face them and, thenceforth, you became their object of disastrous attacks.

Margarida: We are not afraid, Brother.

SS: We agree with you.

Margarida: If I were afraid, I should not do this job. It does not mean vanity or have them inferior than me. I believe in God as well the Superior Spirits that have been helping and following our work in the astral world. This is my commitment with Master Ramatis even before this incarnation and, probably of other companions of mine.

SS: You are courageous women. You have the same work opportunity they had of making progress, but few ones had supplanted the fear, selfishness and vanity.

We are always with you. Distance does not exist for those who love one another and the Master Jesus Love joins us.

We will continue cleaning the dense invisible plan of this beautiful planet through the divulgation of messages able to save the humanity.

Those that have eyes to see and ears to hear, they need to renovate themselves towards the regenerating world.

I greet you in the name of the Light and I leave you on the Peace of Jesus.

Commander Setum Shenar, (vice – commandant), 08/16/08.

Not all revelations awaked the humanity.

With our spiritual eyes, we see the humanity unable to love one another. Everywhere we just notice people exploiting one another in search of satisfying their animalized instincts and bad habits destroying the Souls, exploiting by temporary power that the wakening of the consciences.

We can see politicians seducing and deceiving the other people by means of illusory promises of material enrichment and deviations of public budgets. The Medical Doctors become richer by means of the suffering patients. False prophets deceive the innocent fellow beings with promises of set them free from sins or at high costs of reaching the Heavens.

Crimes and addictions grow ever more alarming among faithless Spirits believing that have all rights reserved to make of the free will at their own convenience in search of the material comfort.

The humanity still ignores the reality of the facts. The planet cries due to the immense violence practiced in name of the progress, and has deeply changed its Environment.

The collective deaths grow ever and the disrespect to life overcomes the diabolical illusions practiced by backward Spirits, as if the present reality were unreal.

Terrifying pictures take place on Earth through the satisfactions of instincts and creatures addictions by symbiosis of the spirit-matter acting negatively.

Men have forgotten the God of love and the God of pardon.

Thousands of workers on behalf of Jesus ask the humanity to give an end to the materialism invading and making them impermeable to positive energies and our calling of alerts. Few ones agree with us.

Torrents of catastrophic events invade the Planet, as natural consequence of the disrespect against it. For everything, the humanity may answer for those inhuman actions, because they spill hate in the atmosphere and enjoy emitting negative vibrations upon the suffering people.

Not all revelations received could awake the humanity, but the catastrophic events will reach them at all.

The Planet Earth and the humanity suffer.

Jesus continues on His tireless work so that good Spirits that in His name want sincerely get free the humanity from the Darkness and look for the regenerating world.

Jesus is present where the Good Spirits promote hope and aid in His name.

Blessed be Lord Jesus!

André Luis, 08/22/08.

Medium: I greet the Brother and I tell him about his strong vibration.

André Luis: Jesus provides redeeming work and the Gods Law grants evolution to who washes his tunic in the turbulent waters of the suffering and through the charity. Let us go on practicing the Lessons of Jesus. He is the Life, the Way of God and the Truth.

We have been aiding our suffering fellow beings from the Abyss, spiritually speaking. It is sad to notice, at each moment, many faithless embodied and disembodied spirits seduced and arrested as objects of insane experiments in the inferior astral.

The rebelliousness brutalizes the creatures throwing them to suffering. The balm will only be felt, if they dominate their instincts and recognize the Forces of God as the Supremacy of the Love.

All earthly creatures are susceptible of suffering as well as they impinged suffering on the neighbor in the past time.

The only difference one another is just the time of awakening of consciences toward the Light and the work accomplished to renovate and to free themselves from those inner conflicts in delay, hate, resentment, sorrow, and revenge.

Pains provoked through the events of the" End of times" equally reaches the wheat and the tares , however the future of each person much depends on their work in favor of the other people and of the quantity of love at hearts larger than the pride and rebelliousness.

Renovate yourselves and work on behalf of Jesus, because the Apocalypse comes to you.

Jesus always protects us.

Dear women warriors, we greet you on behalf of Jesus.

André Luis.

I spilled my blood on Earth

Dear daughters that are my arms, my voice and hopes so that I see rescued my Fathers Children.

I lovingly spilled my blood on Earth, while your spilled blood often provokes hate and revenge among men.

Dear daughters, go ahead, even if your spilled blood no more provokes hate, but peace and the harmony on Earth.

Get free the children of God from the Darkness and help the other fellow beings, by the urgent request coming from Superior Spheres.

Daughters, have no fear, I am with you.

I will be closer to Earth so that you feel my Presence.

Wake up the other brothers before the last hour sounds.

God involves your hearts and My Love leads all of you to victory.


Remarks: We will always be publishing, through the available ways we have in hands, more explanations regarding our evolved bothers of other planets as well as of the intraterrestrial world. This information is of public domain and can be copied in the whole or partly without previous authorization, for free distribution, since its meaning is not altered. It is also authorized its translation for any language, for what we just request to send us a copy for our files and subsequent divulgation. It is prohibited the commercialization of these information. By the way, this information has been possible, once a friend of our Spiritist House put her elementary English at our service. We beg your pardon for any of the mistakes and, please, let we know them for due correction.

Our works already published: "Petals of Light"; "The Extraterrestrials and Us" - Vols. II and I; "Intraterrestrial cities – awakening the Humanity’ attached to the second edition of the "Intraterrestrials of Stelta and Extraterrestrial Underwater Mission"; "The declined ones and their terrestrial journey", Vol. I, II; "Supplicant hands for Help - in the visible and invisible back stages of the prisons"; and Messages of the Master Jesus.

Read our works and get new knowledge. Stop, think, and change your thoughts.

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