Divulgation 71


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Dear readers and friends, we expect that Lord Jesus´ Peace and Love grant us strength and courage to overcome the obstacles from this journey to Light, Love and Peace.

No matter how difficult we live now, do not lose the faith and trust in the Merciful Father who created us to become happy servants.

We already live the separation between the wheat from the tares, as told us Beloved Lord Jesus when was among us.

I never imagined one day, the blessing of receiving words of hope, explanation, love and peace in our little Spirit Group by the Beloved Jesus of Nazareth, son of Joseph and Mary. They came and are present in our Divulgations.

Jesus was born in December, and on December 23, 1970, we created our GESJ – "Grupo Espírita Servos of Jesus".

Based on the Bible, Jesus was born in a manger, and our Group was born in one of my childrens rooms, because we did not find a small room to rent.

At that time, all day long, I was "servant" for the Welfare Department, and at night, I was servant of Jesus. Thence appeared the name "Grupo Espírita Servos of Jesus".

I still remember when I sought an appropriate place to rent to begin GESJ.

I visited a friend of mine that was sick. She was spiritual medium, but not member of Spiritualistic House. Once a week, she and some friends had a meeting at home. Thence, her mediumistic faculty was updated.

Besides the visit, I took the occasion to find a small room to rent, without success. After a pleasant conversation and snack, I said good-bye, but the visit did not finish therein. Next time, I will tell for you what happened on that unforgettable November of 1970.

May Lord Jesus and Master Ramatis beg the Merciful Father Merciful blessings of union, love and peace for all of us members of Group GESJ!



01. I am Jesus

Clairvoyance: I saw a log glass so big as the Earth. In its upper side there was little sand falling continually, emptying the log glass quickly.

It was almost concluding the operation.

I saw a volcano erupting beneath the snow erupting. I also saw fire in the forests close to the cities.

A very strong energy and numbness involved me. I saw myself floating in the Sidereal Space. Then, I heard:

Brothers, it is the time to attest your faith.

Among you, I walked with the Father in your favor.

The physical pain I felt, it is nothing compared to the pain of recognizing you so distant from the Fathers Realm.

You have forgotten me!

You do not practice the lessons I left you, relegating them to the dead letters of the Holy Books.

You forgot me, giving flow to the dissatisfactions of your spirits too late in the construction to own benefit.

I did not forget you!

I walk beside side, hopeful you see me!

Come to me, children of My Heart! Let me satiate your hunger for love, to heal your wounds, and ease your bale.

I am the Way, the Truth and Life.

Come to me toward the Eternal Fathers Realm.

I am Jesus.

Jesus, GESH – 06/28/2013

Clairvoyance: The intense energy of Lord Jesus exploded on Earth wrapping the entire Orb with His Light.

02. Jesus walks with us

Dear children of my heart,

I hear your voices and supplications, but nothing I can do against God´s Laws.

He, who denies His Laws, he is indebted, and only compensate the "universal harmony" with the vibrational adjustment of his renewed spirit.

Sow and pick the good.

Sow peace and pick peace.

Sow kindness and love among men, and you will only pick the tasty fruits of such virtues.

I can see people asking a medicine for their embittered and wounded hearts, and hands that refuse love to the neighbor.

Was not this way Jesus came to teach us?

You should accept His Lessons as safe itinerary of eternal happiness and, at once, practice them, not only with words, but also with actions.

Ask and find, knock on the door that will open to you.

Jesus walks with us.

Mary, GESH – 09/27/2013

03. Even not believing, they continue spreading "Drops of Light"

Medium: We were talking about the decision of some Spiritualistic Groups that stopped publishing messages on "Planetary Transition", because people already knew what to do with enough information acquired, when the brother, for the first time, gave us the following message:

Sisters, may Peace of Jesus be with you!

In the fraternal familiarity, study and evangelization we took part, at any time, our leader and companion of work spiritual, Allan Kardec said that his disincarnating task had ended.

From his critic mind, we acquired the knowledge that today spreads over the incredulous ones through words of encouragement and understanding about the meaning of life, destiny of the Earth and its humanity.

Admittedly, his death abated us for instants of doubts to what to do, how to continue the task without the outstanding and objective presence of the noble missionary.

We suffered attacks as well all serious Groups, some even personal, but the Earth also suffers with the poisonous darts trying to annihilate the Power of the Good, and even thus, it does not cease of progressing.

Today, as yesterday, the humanity refuses the Master. Nevertheless, the "man of good willing" that already aware of the words of Superior Beings, they cannot abandon the "path of light", under penalty of going to painful exile. It does not matter which task carries out, reception of messages, charitable work or dialoguing with sufferers of the astral.

Work always with love and honesty to obtain the strength to sustain you at times of affliction and sadness.

Continue, brothers, with the task of divulging instructions and messages of "Brothers of Light", because the slogan of the good servant is, "out of the charity, there is no salvation."

May Peace involve your hearts!

Camille Flammarion

After the mantra, she continued:

Brothers, if nor God, with all His Love reduces sending the Forces of Good to the Earth and the whole Universe, would not be us still wandering in the road leading to him, able to interrupt the flow of messages and alerts addressed to the embodied ones!

Even not believing, they continue bringing "drops of light" and inviting to you all to renewal, as well we made him in the past.

May Peace and light be with you!

Camille Flammarion, GESH – 05/31/2013

04. We are at your side

Clairvoyance: I saw a group of "Beings of Light" landing on Earth, from several parts of the Universe to countries as points of light. They were going wherever people could hear and divulge their messages.

Among them were many philosophers of the Ancient Greece. Then, one of them spoke.

Sisters, when we left the study of thought for the world, we knew our observations were the basis for formation of human habits and moral values.

We knew the difficult task of bringing to the world, the thought of Superior Hierarchies leading the terrestrial humanitys destiny.

However, the modern man is far from logic and reason, repeatedly taught by Master Jesus, guided by own concepts of right and wrong.

They abandon the profound philosophical teachings we brought them, and start absorbing the materialistic thought of "empowerment."

It shows the fragile man´s thought that does not sustain nor prepare the humanity to face the Events coming to Earth and humanity.

We see the entire population frightened always seeking the material goods to ensure that nothing lacks them at times of need.

They forget that God in His Justice is also "Love and Kindness."

At the end of "Planetary Cycle", many "Beings of Light" leave their "Celestial Homes" to aid the other brothers, where many were part of family when embodied on Earth.

We are with you until God Father allows us!

May Peace and kindness inhabit your hearts!

Tales Millet – Philosopher of Ancient Greece - GESH – 06/15/2013 – Vigil GESJ Jacaraipe/ES – Brasil.

05. We await you all in the many mansions of the Fathers House

Brothers, at this meeting today, we are wrapped with our Creators Light, and immersed in His Divine Essence, we must ask ourselves, if does it mean privilege to be here, or it due to our experiences accumulated for millennia?

Friends, we are the "prodigal sons" that after falls and ascensions, we defeated the beasts along of the way, and thence, there is no privilege.

Who are those beasts? They are pride, selfishness, hate, dislike, sensuality, slander, and avarice.

In each existence granted by God Father, we struggled and defeated monsters and, suddenly, we recognized them as "inner self", we must subdue to the Divine Light that inhabits Celestial creations.

The Creator allowed us painful proofs over the time, so that we could combat them and, finally to sublimate them.

Now, everyone on earth struggle to get rid of private tormentors; and especially the strongest one, the mind. You should not fear in the intention of getting right, not to flee of the pain for fear of weakening. See each brother, as courageous Christs Warrior. Face and combat in you, the evil that holds you attached to the ties of atonement and trials.

The mistakes do not make you inferior to the Fathers eyes; the pain arrives to the walker to mitigate fatigue. The proofs are weaknesses that you accumulated along the time and must struggle to strengthen you and no more return to the path of thorns you are treading.

When finally, you return to the hands of the One who created you in the celestial homes, you neither will recognize you as privileged nor elected. You simply took the right path, and, finally, restored and sustained by the Divine Love, you reached the sidereal spheres that belong to all creatures. The Houses of Light are always opened for those that want to be there.

This is the invitation to our terrestrial brothers to struggle to get free from the matter weighing on your shoulders. To God Father, the most precious acquisition is non-material goods acquired in your existences, but the unconditional love and pardon.

We wait you all, dear brothers in the many mansions of the Fathers House.

Petrarcus -GESH – 06/28/2013

06. Let your hearts talk to your minds

Sisters let Master Jesus light warms your hearts.

Brothers and disciples of dear Master Ramatis leave your hearts talk to your mind.

When opens this channel before the traveler opens an overview of what to follow, which choice to do, and which task to fulfill.

Worldwide, there are many lost learners feeling in the inner core, the Mentors call that formerly supplied them the lessons of wisdom and love.

This is the invitation of love of the Master who sees his pupil again going to the exile.

Therefore, those already aware as disciples of beloved Master Ramatis, they must surrender to him and embrace the task entrusted them if publishing the teachings given by beloved Teacher.

If the theme is sad and uncomfortable likewise the "Divulgation about the Extraterrestrial and Intraterrestrial Worlds", bear always in mind that from His Heart came the Light that drove you to this existence rescuing you from swamps of affliction and pain, so that today you could be here reading, learning, hearing and applying His lessons.

Disciples of Ramatis do not renounce the Master who leads us, either for convenience or for fear other people´s opinion and judgment.

Now, several of the Evolved Masters look for their disciples as last attempt to bring them to the Light, however, most renounce or simply ignore Him.

Again, very sad they will be imploring their beloved friends one more opportunity that although not denied, centuries will pass until meet again their Masters.

Brothers, you should immediately embrace the opportunity, when they are closer calling for you.

Hector, Disciple of Pythagoras - GESH – 07/272013 – Vigil in Jacaraipe-Serra/ES - Brasil

Note: Pythagoras was one of Master Ramatiss incarnations.


07. Correction renews creatures

Here I am among you.

I offer you the blessed water of God to satiate the peace begged by your spirits.

Your souls tread amidst the paths of iniquity causing pains and laments that mined your strength.

Happiness is distant, because your choices moved away from it.

Return to the way of living in simplicity reaching the ones in need and you will see a new sun of hope shine in the horizon of your lives.

Every evil can be corrected and every pain cured.

If you hurt someone, then work healing wounds, if you stole other people´s time, dedicate time to those that need. If your mistake destroyed the patrimony of somebody else, work hard so that the devolution comes.

Nothing is in vain.

Everything is as dictated by the Fathers Will.

If you do not understand yet, it does not mean the deep wisdom does not govern you.

Give thanks to God, because only His Love governs you and I am the rudder He drives, indicating the path of peace in the turbulent sea of your terrestrial fights.

Act as tame sailors and go ahead. Soon, we will dock in the calm seas of a New Earth. those who persist doing good, they will start again, leaving the mistakes back and taking with themselves His Lessons, because nobody transgresses the Law of God unpunished.

The correction renews creatures, balances life and readjusts souls.

I am the Brother who loves you.

Jesus Sananda - GESH - 08/09/2013

08. Sky is the Limit

Clairvoyance: I saw Mrs. Margaridas body in a glass urn, in Great Heart City for recovering its strength after strong battles in the Astral Plane.

Then, her son Dissú, died in 1983 approached the urn.

I could hear some of his words

Mother, little by little is turning off the "candle" that represents your life on Earth.

Sadness will leave; longings will take the hearts of those that for long or short time shared the joy of living with you.

But, in us and other brothers of this House of Love and Charity, although asking the embodied ones to forgive us, it is a great joy to have you full time with us, and not only for some stolen hours.

However, wrong are the ones who believe the Spirit´s responsibility finishes after death. Like a tree, the Group GESJ that grew so much that we no longer can see its top.

As courageous Leader, you take care of the fruits given at each instant, and likewise a good farmer, you will not stop cultivating or pruning it whenever necessary. Then, will be not only, my mother, but also our Leader, when we say, "the sky is the limit."

Edilsom (Dissú) - GESH – 08/23/2013

Medium: After the mantra in the afternoon, the message continued.

Mother, I still must tell you that so many people wait to hug you and say words of gratitude.

Among them, aunt Conceição, Mr. Horácio, Mr. Benevides, grandmother Isabel and the brother Raymundo that will have authorization of Master Shama Hare to be present, besides many doctors, work friends and students that already returned, and thousands of brothers indoctrinated by you in GESJ.

See you soon, mother.


Note: On November 2014, I am 90 years old.

As far as I know, two months after death and adapted as disembodied spirit, I will drive GESJ, substituting John the Baptist, the current Leader.

09. Act in everything as warlike of Light

May Peace be on all planetary sides and in your hearts too!

Brothers, where there is pain, you offer the balm to provide relief.

Where has despair, you spread hope.

Where there is doubt, you spread faith the afflicted hearts.

Where hate grows, appease your brothers loving the neighbor.

Where the overpowering fury destroy paths of progress, lift up spotlights of understanding, begging to the Father the safe routes to advance attentive to the Christian Guidelines.

Where the solitude and poverty oppress others, have compassion with them demonstrating that one can lose the goods without dehumanizing.

Finally, where madness spreads inviting men to abandon the current realities, be you light generating among men, the amalgam of faith and courage that everything faces until ends the storm.

In everything, be you Warlike of the Light, because your hearts and minds were prepared to serve.

May Peace be on all planetary sides and in your hearts too!

I am Commander Ashtar Sheran ready for the Operation Rescue.

Ashtar Sheran - GESH – 06/28/2013

10. You should ascend as group

Life after life, I am accompanying your terrestrial journey.

From each of you, I know even the inner thought.

Before your sleeping memoirs, I bring in my mental screen the whole profile about your needs, longings and fear, as anybody knows.

If Divine Mercy gave you the task of proceeding through the path of light, it is because so it should be, only depending on you the necessary dedication so that the inferior will gradually ripens as the fruit in the tree. Only time and hard work will grant you the celestial ascension.

Only the time and dedication will elevate the deepest fibers of your bodies to the superior spheres. While you are working in my name, I am with you.

Likewise, cheerful, devoted and pure children, you should remain serving others, as if they were you, and helping them, as if it were to me on the painful Calvary.

Dry them the tears, as if were in My Face.

While you work lovingly, I look after you and, when you at least imagine, you will be on the other side, safe and protected by Divine Force.

Avoid the infamous fight of rude words that end for chaining the souls in the terrestrial hate.

Abandon offenses, slanders and humbly forgive them.

As Group, you must ascend and, for that, you must attest courage, determination and obedience to the Masters Voice, as you have done up to now.

Now it is time to you attest humility, while working.

Bear always in mind the larger objective of rendering the charity to those who needs and brought to you for representing the Higher Planes, spotlight to irradiate life on the dense terrestrial crust.

Surrender you to the sublime emotions before my presence, because long ago, we walk side by side. Now, we shall unmask the mysteries concerning your existences, so that you advance aware of your role in the Universe created by God Father to irradiate the Celestial Light in other hearts.

All those that approach of you now, they were your loved disciples in the past, and tomorrow will be stars shining forever in the sky feeding with light the Created Uncreated Universe.

Save the Force that maintains and guides you!

Save your Master Ramatis!

Margarida: Thank you very much, beloved Master, Sweet Rabbi of Galilee for bringing us this beautiful message in this afternoon. It is Celestial gift comforting us again and giving us strength to advance in the way that one day will lead us to you.

Jesus: The denser are the clouds involving your planet, stronger is the Light of My Love guiding your steps and of all those that come to me. I am the Way, Truth and Life, and nobody goes to the Father, except through me!

Jesus Sananda – Vigil Vila Velha/ES - 03/05/2013

11. Without Discipline, there is no Progress

Clairvoyance: After the mantra in the afternoon, I saw us lifted up by "invisible force", maybe by a spaceship. We arose until the limit of our terrestrial atmosphere and a type of window opened for us to see the immense Cosmos with its stars.

It was an extraordinary vision of rare beauty beyond the eyes could see. Past and future connected to the present and, at once, the time stopped existing. We had a superior understanding of events that wrapped our soul with inexplicable "power of faith."

A vibration of indescribable peace involved us and the Creators presence was in everything.

I received the following message:

I bring you fraternal greetings.

We crossed through the space in search of people in need of fraternal help. Here, we are ready to serve you.

Question: Who are you?

Answer: We inhabit "distant Worlds" where very happy; we dedicated to sow the good in gratitude to the Creator of all things.

Question: Which is your original planet?

Answer: There is, in the Universe that you know, countless galaxies, some so distant that your thoughts cannot reach.

Our world is part of one of that group of stars and we inhabit one of them.

Our world is life source and we bring you, the sparkle of light that vibrates in love, peace and harmony in us.

Question: Could you give name to the worlds so that we could understand and mention them?

Answer: We are from Great Love Star.

Question: Great Love is to serve. Is not it?

Answer: We are here to serve you, dear brothers.

Question: We thank you, for visiting us. Is the first time here in our Group?

Answer: We are here following up your work.

Question: Did the previous clairvoyance refer to your presence?

Answer: Yes, and during the mantra, we elevated you to the borderlines between Earth and Cosmos so that you could absorb the "universal cosmic force" directly airing your souls with the divine blow, free from pollution of the Earthly psychosphere.

Question: Does that event refer to the sleep nights we are having?

Answer: Yes, we led you with astral body in our spaceships far beyond the Earth and guided by Instructors as the infinity of existent worlds in Universe. You spirits already illuminated by knowledge, they quickly assimilated the lessons through Master Ramatis.

Question: Why, we do not remember?

Answer: The profound lessons reached your subtler bodies. They slowly reach the densest bodies easily understanding the messages by insights, dreams and other mechanisms, at the level of your primary consciences.

Medium: They are precious Lessons.

Answer: They are more than the brilliant stones wanted by men, because those lessons illuminate the human ascension journey.

Question: Could we know who are you?

Answer: As you know, we inhabit the "Great Love Star."

Question: I refer to your name.

There was not immediate answer. I noticed his thought in search of name and meaning for us. His brain decoded my question looking for some word that better indicated his presence. Nor I know how I could read his thoughts, and suddenly, he spoke:

Answer: It means presence of light, strength and kindness. You can call me Lubon.

God Father offers possibility of the spiritual growth to all creatures. Men choose the road they wish to thread. To dominate their instincts in favor of the moral progress is the first step for the beings liberation.

Without high moral values, the human knowledge becomes lethal weapon that, instead of freeing, it arrests more the person to painful experiences. Thence, we must take care of lessons, without neglecting obligations.

Moral discipline is the essence, the foundation of the spiritual progress. Without discipline, there is no progress.

Without dedication and effort, there is no discipline. Each of you is responsible for taming the wild instincts that have been dominating you for centuries. You all must exert efforts to evolve.

None of you can judge the brother. You are learners and just a Master can dictate the guidelines of your acting. He is your Governor and Best Friend, the Way, Truth and Life.

His name is Jesus known as Sananda.

Medium: We thank him for bringing us wise words and lessons.

Answer: Your serious work attracted us here. We are divine emissaries. We just bring the messages of infinite love dictated by God to all his children.

We are spatial travelers and your brothers. Your pain ceases, since you learn to love as Jesus taught to "Love God above all things and the neighbor as if he were you, always forgiving and serving".

May Peace of the Lord of the Worlds be with us!

Extraterrestrial Lubon - GESH - 09/07/2013

12. Change "Darkness into Light"

Humans do not develop virtues for judging them unreachable, or very difficult to achieve.

By other hand, men easily rejoice in wrongdoing, without remorse.

Virtues are Moral Laws dictated and experienced by Jesus, which men judge that just "Saints" can develop and practice them.

Sins are bad tendencies that creatures drag in themselves, life after life, in the deepest dark regions of the soul.

The person must develop faith and desire of changing sin into virtue, in the inevitable progress that all children of God may reach.

Brothers, the "planetary cycle" announces the last opportunities in this Planet, so that you as inferior, late and ignorant spirits advance to light, without the dark armor that maintains you arrested to the Planets of Atonement and Trials.

To reach a renewed future, far from pain and darkness, abandon the darkness and walk toward the light of redemption.

Do not fear or doubt. Love and serve God always practicing His Laws to provide you the liberation.

To get rid of "sins", you must suffer as Jesus suffered and love as He loves us.

Gold cannot "buy" your ascendant progress, but just with hard work of your spiritual renewal.

Be you on Peace!

Gandhi - GESJ - 09/06/2013

13. Sun serves the Earth irradiating energy and light


The spirit that makes progress, it becomes receptacle for Light of God.

The moral elevation cleans the mind of the learner. Study supplies tools so that the intelligence grows; practice of material or moral charity grants to the candidate to the progress to reach the highest steps of the evolution.

Work favors the correction, as resource to save and purify the souls, and access to the different spiritual categories.

Even not fitting judgments to other, the person must always observe and compare behaviors that favor or not certain paths that determines the "Law of progress" assimilating everything that brings harmony.

Each person is in a physical and human atmosphere requiring him to apply the spiritual knowledge already acquired, to chisel imperfections to own development through the service for those around him.

To serve is the shortest and less painful path to evolve.

The Sun serves the Earth irradiating energy and light for its development.

The Earth serves the beings as shelter and food, from where obtain everything necessary to live.

Vegetables serve the animals as support to develop.

Each creature serves the group of the creation giving of itself everything possible.

How have you been serving the Superior plans that granted you the present life?

If you wish to evolve and abandon the condition of caterpillar to become beautiful butterfly that flies free, discover and multiply the "talent" you have through the service with Jesus. When you have to render bills to the Father of the received "talent", you may happy to observe that no longer you need to crawl, because, through the service, you conquered permission to fly.

May Peace be among men!

Emmanuel - GESH – 07/13/2013 - Vitoria/ES

14. You refused my Love

Loved children and brothers,

The bitter medicine was poured in the human cups. You are living at times of atonements and trials, pain and gnashing of teeth.

There is no peace.

There is no fraternity.

There is no union.

There is no love among men.

The borders extend erected by hate.

Bloodshed opening deep wounds in the human souls already disturbed.

The Planet agonizes ready to die in this dimension to be born glorious in high dimension.

Where are you going, my brothers, with such ignorance and foolishness?

You are going far from my heart, because I cannot keep you close to me.

You refused my love.

You refused the Lessons I left you.

You sowed pains and gnashing of teeth and pick the storms from your ignorance and moral failures.

Come to me those who want to get rid of the exile.

I am Love.

Love each other, as I love you and find peace.

God Father will destroy the borders of hate you erected and vehemently interrupt your rebelliousness.

Brothers, forgive!

I am your Brother, Jesus.

Jesus, GESH – 09/27/2013

15. The Patient´s Redemption

May the Divine Light involve the suffering children of God at this end of Atonements and Trials!

Brothers, how could the pain redeem those who refuse the Law of Cause and Effect, Action and Reaction?

Pain is not Divine punishment for the mistakes committed for centuries of crimes and wrongdoing. Pain is the balanced dose of medicine that cleans the soul and brings the patient the certainty that healing demands sacrifices and disillusions, and finally redemption.

The third millenniums humanity suffers from diseases of "end of the times" that equally attacked peoples that lived the end of a Planetary Cycle. They are disease of indifference, greed, lust and ambition for wanting more than have. Little by little, such diseases attack the bodies of a planetary population that, when weakening is taken to the current scenario with brothers succumbing fatally to their own mental constructions.

Thence, the necessary and balsamic "Three Days of Darkness" as a bitter medicine for containing the proliferation of noxious virus before the humanity destroyed until there is no stone on stone.

The time accelerates, and I invite the brothers that bravely resist, to not to be one more in the crowd. Be courageous, if not letting to deceive for the gold.

As children of God, you must surrender to the work, as hands that extra-intraterrestrial friends need to help the survivors, after the great hecatombs that may affect the Earth in dark nights.

Remember that there is no victory without fight; and there is no way to meet the Father without following the example of Master Nazarene. He was Light that incarnated on Earth to teach us that pardon eliminates centuries of hate, to love the neighbor as if he were you, and shows that we are creation of same Source of Light.

Love God above all things free us from the ties of guilt and debts.

Friends, if we learn to live this way, it is because we understand that only Love heals and free us, therefore it is God´s Love.

May Peace involve your hearts!

Isabel from Aragon - GESH – 08/30/2013

16. Brazilian People, you must love your Homeland!

Clairvoyance: During the concentration in the afternoon, at the Board meeting, I saw a very simple woman, with long old dress quietly approaching. Her face remembered somebody, whose name, I did not know.

Then, she spoke.

Brazil is the cradle of my most important lifetime.

It is beloved Earth!

Brazilian people, you must love your homeland! Do not destroy it with disdain of ingrate son. Do not steal like a thief in the silent night. Jesus prepares its soil to germinate the seed of the Good News.

Be in Peace, dear brothers.

Princess Isabel - GESH - 09/06/2013

17. They left no stone on stone

Clairvoyance: During the mantra, I saw illuminated the Cruise of Mato Grosso State spilling lights throughout Brazil. Then, I saw sunrays, as meteors penetrating the terrestrial atmosphere.

Then, I received the following message:

No stone on stone will remain. Thus chose this humanity to transform their story into ruins history, their lifetime on earth marked by fratricidal fights and immoderate violence.

Men are perpetuating the evil and sowing hate; and like growing flames, they destroy the blessed treasure of life granted them by Beloved Father that should guide their evolutionary path.

The gale of destruction is already among the imprudent and ignorant people about God´s Laws.

Rebelliousness led humans to own destruction.

No action is free from consequences, and all thoughts loaded of feelings reach their target. The creatures discharge from themselves, pestilential emotions of selfishness, cruelty, pride and prepotency.

Brothers, you do not feel alone amid the chaos of the Apocalypse, because devoted Beings of this and other dimensional spheres guide and protect you at this "end of planetary cycle."

Rightists, we wished the faith you developed were enough to face the hard proofs of the Planetary Transition.

We wish you Peace, love, charity and faith.

Jesus is with you.

Angel Gabriel -GESJ – 08/30/2013

Note: It was the first time that Angel Gabriel addressed us a message. It is simple, short message, but says everything we need to know and hear.

Thank you, on behalf of Jesus.

18. The Renewed Earth

Brothers, sooner, you will be gathered in a "Renewed Earth" formed by only one territory, only one people vibrating by only one heart, only one ideal and one thought of fraternity among men.

There will just be a Spiritual Government in the World to guide men involved by only one feeling of reverence to God and His Creation.

We wish Peace among men.

Note: Before reaching the Renewed Earth, we will still face fights, sufferings and sacrifices coming for the separation between the wheat from the tares" or, simply to separate "wolves and sheep."

Ishmael (Guardian Angel of Brazil) - GESH – 07/19/2013

19. Why so much pain, fear and insecurity?

Clairvoyance: I saw a being of uncommon size, with just an eye on the forehead. He seemed human, however very larger and deformed.

Despite his uncommon size and frightening appearance, something indefinable in his eyes inspired me an enormous mercy for him. It was a mixed of pain and tenderness.

In a second meditation about the same subject, I observed that "being" in a cold area that reminded one of the poles of the Earth.

A Spiritual Instructor showed me beneath the mountains covered with ice and a native forest, which appearance reminded me the time of dinosaurs.

He also showed me, beneath that region, the "laboratories" commanded by Reptilians that manipulate the existent primitive forces in the place, for creation of big and strong beings completely obedient to their creators.

Blessed is Lord Jesus!

We know about the desertion of many spiritual mediums of this House that, through the spiritual programming, they were destined to the redeeming work. Nowadays, they would reveal to the humanity the countless realities existent in the invisible plane. Thus, the humanity would know of the world created in their unhealthy minds, thus collaborating for better understanding about pain and merciless suffering, you live now.

Many people mentally ask why, my God, so much pain, fear, and insecurity? They address appeal to the planes where we inhabit.

As answer, God Father who everything knows and sees, because in everything is present, he programmed for this moment when the humanity faces profound transformation that would answer the questions and appeals arriving now.

However, due to desertion of many workers, we cannot translate to humans reincarnated on that hour all realities we share in the spiritual world. In the measure the Superior Spirituality allows, we reveal such realities, in the attempt of answering to the appeals, so that they understand, and embrace the truth.

The Beloved Lord Jesus guides us, and, if we bring little information or does not elucidate entirely, it is because lacks free will of our brothers.

Forgive us for often bring you sad pictures. We often try to supplement them with causes and consequences, by request of the sister Joanna of Angelis, so that the events brought you, they have the wanted effect of understanding the invisible realities of life, even without the elucidations that would be possible, if were accomplished as planned.

The presented pictures reveal the existence of areas in the Astral Inferior, as primitive as formerly was on Earth, at that time when Dinosaurs lived and dominated the atmosphere here.

Reptilians manipulate and use the energies of those areas for macabre experiences of producing beings of uncommon force seeking the creation of armies that terrifies those around them.

It means they take advantage of energies and vibrations of those areas for their evil intentions.

In the "Astral Plane" still exists the primitive past of the Earth in forces and energies manipulated to be thrown violently against the humanity.

The bestial creatures today dispersed in Earth astral of the Earth result from deformations caused by experiments and manipulation of human beings like you, whose vibrations have fallen to the point of touching the most primitive instincts.

Nevertheless, the beings whom we spoke to you through the clairvoyance, they have load of energy many times superior to these ones you live together and already heard of them for many times. Those come from "previous primitive forces", when the Earth still little modified generated in their creatures forces corresponding to their condition.

By the clairvoyance, it is unimaginable the force of those beings at service of cruel, cold and perverse minds of reptilians.

They seek terrible invasion, and for that, we received from Superior Planes the task of unmasking their bad intentions and strategies to destroy the "laboratories" and prepare the beings for what is coming.

If we had more "mediums", much more we would reveal you about the invisible realities.

May Peace of the Lord of the Words be among us!

Shama Hare - GESH – 06/14/2013

20. The Sermon on the Mount

Beloved brothers,

It is time to attest faith.

The world faces painful situations of human coexistence.

Intolerance inhabits the petrified hearts; madness grows in the unprepared minds; pain whips the afflicted souls living among wolves.

Elevating the thought to God, many people seek to understand the reason of heavy bales that, at high costs, they carry.

Through the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus, Master Nazarene grants us his comforting message that dictated us the behaviors we should adopt forever.

"Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the Earth". He also told us about the resignation that enables us to embrace the imperfect souls, in accepting "times of pain", without revolts or rebelliousness.

"Blessed are the persecuted for righteousness sake: for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven."

"Blessed are those who have occasion to prove their faith", and discover that God Father never abandons his children that today pick what yesterday they planted and tomorrow will live under the crop of peace they sow today.

May courage and perseverance are with you! Everything passes; pain that you live now will pass also and the scars will be memories of times that no more will hurt the soul under angelical ascension.

May the Presence of the beloved Rabi, Rampart of Light guide you forever!

Andre Luis - GESH - 07/05/2013

21. There is no freedom without work, renouncement, love and pardon

How wonderful and unforgettable days, we lived in the presence of Lord Jesus on Earth!

His Presence provided such grandiose welfare that we did not hesitate to follow Him.

Everything we forgot, even of ourselves for just hearing and loving him.

Our human failures to fulfill deep and necessary tasks of helping the sufferers and Divulgation of Good News happened due to our spiritual delay, weakened before the absence of His Luminous Presence.

Do not fail brothers in attesting the faith to free you from the Planet of Atonement and Trials.

We failed for soon after we worked more in favor of Master Jesus ´Good News.

There is no freedom without work, renouncement, love and pardon.

We are with you, once again, following Jesus in His pilgrimage on Earth to "fish the souls" for the evolution.

Be you in Peace!

Apostle Peter - GESJ – 06/28/2013

Clairvoyance: I saw spaceships giving low flights over Earth. They were small and seemed to be monitoring the Earth and inhabitants.

22. Difficult time is coming


Here we are among you by request of this Group´s Leader.

We know it is in name of the charity breaks the desire of your heart. The Armies of Light are ready just waiting the moment to act.

Only God knows when they must defend the Group. Bear you always in mind that Jesus looks after you and His Heart is only compassion and mercy.

Clairvoyance: I see ferocious battle with enemies ours of the past. Evolved brothers recommend us to face them without bitterness, and forgiving them.

The negative reaction to your past actions requires your efforts against the evil inhabiting you. Forgive the enemies and face them in a lovingly way, because only love will elevate you above pain, exemplifying to all creatures, the path of redemption.

Very difficult is the proof coming, but you are ready to face it toward the victory.

May Peace and kindness dwell you hearts!

Mary - GESH – 08/23/2013

23. You are our voices and our Arms

Here we are with you, my children.

The construction of worlds is sidereal event coordinated and governed by Beings of Evolved Minds that no more they have individuality. They are Supreme Fulgurations of the Creator that throw their thoughts to the Cosmos attracting the nebulae to unite melting their microscopic particles into explosions of atomic constructions generating worlds for the souls to inhabit.

Helped by Eminent Evolved Creatures, we also constructed this World, and, with Masters that you know, we planned to bring souls from various worlds linked to us by the Creators Love.

Fallen souls not adjusted to the Divine Chords, they are still crawling in the dark and sticky attics of evil.

Many of these, we knew in other globes, where we chiseled our soul under the Larger Symphony of Divine Chords. Dear souls that stayed late and rebellious. We brought them in the Larger Planning, so that awakened under the crucible of new Planet Earth.

The Masters, we equally knew in other globes. They are friends and brothers that agreed in aiding us to chisel the rustic souls.

Here you are at this time with us aiding us in the awakening of other souls that stay harnessed to the dissonant sounds of evil.

You are our voices and our arms. You emit comfort words and awakening, as formerly others had done you, and in My Name, you distribute the bread of the explanation that provides life and evolution.

We all are brothers sailing the limitless sea of evolution.

Come sisters to me. I am always with you!

Alert our dear brothers about the difficult hour, so that they feel My Love and do not give up in progressing on behalf of God.

We are brothers known in the mat of evolution and in new clothes, we will be, when your garments transformed no more present the stains of sins. Free from torments, we will be together at the dawn of the New Day.

Beloved daughters, go to distribute the bread of liberating knowledge, because the souls need to know the truths of multiples planes of life, of eternity, and opportunities of progress.

Those that, in My Name, they incite fear in the incautious hearts, they dive more and more in darkness; and the "screeching of teeth" of this Planetary Cycle will not be enough so that they wash their souls of "such guilt", arresting the creatures in the darkness of fictitious illusions, in the slavery of sins.

May God, our Creative Father, Architect of the Universe, Divine and Perennial Light bless you all!

I leave you My Love; and My Presence will never move away from you.

In the hours of "supreme proofs", raise your forehead to the limitless sky, and even if the plumbeous clouds interpose your vision, rush, in spirit, to the immensity of the Space, because we will be very close of you, guiding you and sustaining you in the final traffic of the Planet of Atonement.

I bless you, beloved daughters (there were only women at the meeting).

Jesus Sananda - GESH – 04/20/2013 – Vigil in Jacaraipe-Serra/ES


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