Divulgation 72


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Let us conclude the Presentation of the Divulgation 71 referred to the foundation of GESJ.

After the snack, as it was habitual, we were under meditation, so that I could greet my friend´s spiritual Guide. Thence, I had a very unpleasant surprise, when appeared a very angry "being of darkness" saying that he had permission to give me a warning. I replied I would listen to him, and everything happened more or less like this in that dialogue at the beginning of December of 1970.

Spirit: You will not create a "Center".

Margarida: Why not?

Spirit: We will not allow it.

Margarida: But, why?

Spirit: If you build a "Spiritualistic Center", it will undermine our activities.

Margarida: Do we have enough "spiritual force" to undermine your works?

Spirit: We are not afraid of your Guides or you; but the intervention of others in our tasks will generate disgust, and we wont allow it.

Margarida: With or without "your approval" we will become reality that dream of mine.

Spirit: We already gave a sign of our strength!

On that instant, I remembered of a fall I had on the in a ladder fracturing three vertebrae, which cost me much pain and some days without returning to my daily activities. Thence, I visited a friend of mine during the medical license, and strengthened by that revelation, I answered:

Margarida: If a future creation of a small spiritualist group disturbs you, right now, I will create it, even at home, in one of mine son’s ´rooms.

He then changed his voice saying:

Spirit: You won!

And thus has finished that long day. Of course the discussion lasted about 40 minutes, but, after so many years, impossible, I cannot remember its! "

Everything happened as I told him on December 23, 1970 was born the "Centro Espirita Servos de Jesus" at Rua Chafic Murad in Bento Ferreira, Vitoria/ES.

In that inaugural meeting were Jorgina, Germane and her husband, Carmen, Altair and Eledith.

For not remembering anything else, I finish it here.



01. Warnings will arrive!

May the Peace be with you, beloved daughters!

With you is your Master Ramatis.

Margarida: It is a great joy to meet you, Brother!

Ramatis: Your trained minds already see the calamitous signs of the "end" of this earthly civilization.

There are dramatic events throughout the Orb, excessive violence, wars, and intolerance among brothers. Humans cause destabilization in the entire Orb triggering at any time, mechanisms detonators of avalanches even larger over the earthly humanity.

More intense catastrophes will be provoked by the collision of negative forces emanating by own man, added to intense energies from the Beast of Apocalypse, which roar echoes, reaching the hearts in her tuned in, inciting them to practice even more actions deprived of love, with the savagery involving the rebellious and faithless creatures.

Beloved daughters, be you ready psychological and emotionally through the study and practice of Jesus Gospel, because the violence, having reached a high degree will culminate with fear and insecurity, arresting you in your own homes, impeding you of encounters with similar souls, where you look for harmony with the Creator.

Margarida: Brother, what shall we do now?

Ramatis: Look at home for an atmosphere where you can meditate in tune with the Hostess of good leading you.

Spaceships are already over the Planet emitting higher vibrations to guide the Rightists of Jesus keeping them on faith and on courage to face the "Beasts of Apocalypse."

They show themselves on the Earthly surface as hunger, war and violence. Without resources and food, many human beings, thirsty and desperately will face each other to steal what they need to survive.

Waters advance on the Continents and the creatures more and more distance themselves from the Creator.

Nowadays, the creatures live piled up on each other in the great cities ¹, where the poverty, disrespect and inhumanity proliferate, generating larger conflicts and crueler violence.

Get ready, dear daughters, because you already live the difficult and painful times that will culminate in the Planetary Evacuation.

Time no more exists as you know it broke up the dimensions, and the skeptic men look for explanations for such events of "acceleration of time."

In the sky will appear not only spaceships, but also the garbage thrown by humans into Space. Meteorites will reach some points of the Earth scaring even more the skeptic ones supposing the end will be the earthly destruction. We assure it will not happen.

The Planet Earth changes from third to fourth dimension amid of much turbulence.

Margarida: My Brother, does that sentence heard mentally by the medium companion and repeated in the same instant for us: "great tragedy in 26" mean the beginning of "warnings" coming?

In that moment, we all thought it referred to a past event. After the mantra at 6:00 p.m., we ended the activities and went home. It was Saturday, on January 26, 2013.

When we woke up on Sunday, we heard on television about the great tragedy in Santa Maria - RS, from 26 to 27; and then, we understood the previous alert.

I realized it was "a warning", so that, later, when we received "warnings", at once, we could take the appropriate action, because something very serious would happen.

Ramatis: Margarida, you understood fully the signal. We will let you know, and those in tune with the Forces of Good will hear us and know the time has come to take the steps already planned for the transformations, after "three days of darkness", and direction to safe places, of those people that wont perish then.

The warnings will arrive only for those who believe in our words.

Margarida: It will be a blessing! It means to take the necessary belongings and get out as fast as possible. The insight comes later. Is not it? Next Tuesday I will remind of the "disaster kits" for those situations.

Ramatis: You have been receiving training for long years in the terrestrial plane. You have recorded in the minds the planning to act, when receiving the warning, so that you look for safe place, store products to your survival during and after the "darkness"; and the moments that psychologically you must be ready to face the "World upside down" and your society completely different and more animalized due to the lack of food and of water.

Keep on faith, beloved daughters!

You must be in tune with Christs Forces serving as "guides" for the unbalanced and unprepared, faithless ones that will not know how to find the road toward the fraternal help.

You will not be alone, because from the invisible plane will be with you, all of us, the extraterrestrial and Intraterrestrial brothers, your Protecting and Guardians intensely working on the Project Earth.

Here is the message of fights and work we bring you, until the Earth transposes definitively to new superior dimension.

Margarida: When it passes, we will have beautiful messages.

Ramatis: Margarida, until the earthly humanity is again recovered, a long time will have past, and a "New Earth" free and renewed will be born.

Margarida: Wherever we are, I speak for me and for a half dozen of embodied or disembodied companions; we will work with a lot of love and affection helping the suffering ones in the matter.

Ramatis: The Spiritualistic Group Servants of Jesus as main house that you created, it must expand your faith to Leaders of other Houses linked to you, so that are also properly prepared, because they have enough knowledge to also guide the desperate ones.

Go ahead, Margarida and, with your word, solidify the message in the hearts of the Servants of Jesus linked to you, so that they also can hear the signs and serve Christ.

Here is your last task.

Margarida: Do you mean to visit those Centers, my Brother?

Ramatis: Yes.

Margarida: We will go! The Brothers word is an order for us.

Ramatis: The world recognizes our messages through the work you carry out. The small centers expanded that through the Main one must be visited to solidify the message of awakening in their hearts and also believe in our presence among everybody on those moments of larger pains and sufferings, as "final proofs for the Servants of Jesus."

We will sustain your health and balance in the last task. Accelerate the work, because sooner your spirit will be free from suffering.

Margarida: We will do our best to accomplish it well.

Ramatis: We are always with you, beloved daughters. Keep in tune with the Forces of Good.

Even if pains and sufferings reach you, bear in mind that each of you dear beings have karmic debts in course, and will suffer what the choices determine; neither more nor less.

We are with you, as always, guiding and loving you.

May Jesus bless you all!

Blessed is Jesus. ²

Master Ramatis, GESH - 02/09/2013

Note ¹: It refers to slums

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02. Den of a sorcerer

Astral trip: with astral body, we left toward a European forest, where we found a "medieval castle" with ditch and drawbridge. We intended to penetrate silently the castle.

Both of us introduced ourselves as artists that would make a presentation to the Lord of the castle. When the drawbridge was lowered, we dominated the guard and locked the bridge so that the Group penetrated there.

We were dressed on medieval clothes and taken to a central room, where everything was made of stone and had an altar in its centre.

Guards were on alert and Mrs. Margarida said she already knew that place. She went as far as the altar and touched a small stone place on its surface. Thence opened up a subterranean passage through where we crossed silently.

The grotto was the den of a Black Magician that had already worked with Margarida and others of us, in black magic, in the past.

Then there was the following dialogue:

Margarida: Hi brother! Since long ago you we do not meet you!

Black magician: Who are you and how did you get here?

Margarida: Let me introduce myself better. And she changed the appearance for the time they were partners.

The Magician was perplexed before the memories brought by Margaridas presence on that moment. And she continued:

- My brother, times have changed. You stopped in time and only accumulate more problems for yourself.

Since long ago, I have been treading new roads with Lord Jesus and I am here to offer help, so that you can also change the direction.

I have been trying not to forget anyone of the past, when were immersed in darkness of ignorance and pain. I wish peace in my heart, and I have to offer you help at this time we live.

Magician Sofy very surprised finally said:

- Nobody gets out from here. Now you are my prisoners!

After these words, all group changed the common clothes into armors and a fight started.

The stronghold was destroyed and cleaned; all brothers free and directed to receive help and shelter, and the Sorcerer sent to exile.

Clairvoyance: Margarida and the Black Magician Sofy were partners in the past and died poisoned by competitive sorcerers.

After death, they settled in that castle that became "headquarter" in the fight against their enemies.

Once, Master Ramatis was materialized in that same stone of the altar. He touched it and crossed through the same passage as we did. There, he finds Margarida and Sofy.

When Margarida recognized the Master, she surrendered him and knelt down. Sofy reluctant ran away.

So was the rescue of Margarida, and Sofy rescued now by his partner of past times!


03. God´s Laws limits your power

May Peace be with you!

Brothers, if you could glimpse the invisible planes surrounding this humanity, you would be frightened with the pictures of their total spiritual moral decadence.

In groups of vandals with deformed and deprived of human appearance, armed with rudimentary weapons, clubs and stones, spirits wander on the streets full of embodied spirits. They attack the incautious minds, stimulating the moral disorders, fetishes, addictions and violence.

They walk free among you stimulating and accelerating the bad tendencies contained in the human creatures. They feed the human vileness, which is their food.

Without the physical body, they have free traffic wherever they want, where find vibratory conditions compatible with theirs. They enter demanding quittance of debts among embodied spirits. They wander around the planet finding few barriers for their perverted and cruel actions.

The psychological moment in which this humanity lives, End of Times, Doomsday and the Planetary Transition facilitate them in large number among you.

The presence of the "Intruding Planet" already reaching the Solar system close to the Earth and its primitive breeze influences largely the Earth´s astral and its humanity.

The humanitys psychological state is perfect for the beings contrary to the Divine Laws.

Do not be frightened due to the negative events of your society.

Get ready with the weapons of faith, courage, love and pardon of offenses, because the Doomsday approaches.

It approaches more and more the hour of the "Enough", when the Supreme Forces of the Good that drive your destinies will give the signal for the end of this perverse, cruel, moral and spiritually decadent Civilization.

Get ready, my children!

The Extraterrestrial and Intraterrestrial spaceships are ready for the planetary evacuation.

The human minds in disarray let themselves guided by perverse creatures of the astral plane, and like puppets, they create pumps of high human and biological destruction; however, in case you use them will recognize yourselves awakened to repair the deep and lethal damages of their destruction.

We will not allow the destruction of the Planet!

There is a Force governing the Universe and controlling your lives. It will act at the right moment to impede that your insanity and ignorance destroy the Planet and causing destabilization of the Solar System Planetarium.

Nothing you are, my brothers! Your physical bodies are fragile and your immortal spirits are under the Creative Laws of Life. You know that God´s Laws can abruptly interrupt your power and actions.

Vibrate in the love taught by Jesus!

Give up the insane practices of destruction!

Seek progress for yourself and for your neighbor, and then, you will be collaborating with the Creative Father and reach spiritual ascension.

Proceeding in the rebelliousness, you will find exile and pain.

We greet you in name of the Light leaving you Peace of the Divine Lord Jesus.

Yours faithfully,

Master Ramatis -GESH - 11/16/2013 – ASJ - Vila Velha/ES - Brasil

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04. Be you strong *

Sisters, imagine the force and power contained in a mountain!

So must be this Group of Light and people that work in it.

Be you strong, not seeking the division of power, because just like a mountain when destroyed, first forms big stones, and after a long time, weaken, break and become gravels spread on the road. They are so small that people step, kick and despise them.

Later on, after many years, they become dust blown by the wind.

You are the "mountain" that shelters the nest of new birds.

You are the "force" that encourages those that need of refreshing pulse.

You are the "shelter" for the tired ones of fighting against own ignorance, and with you, they find the limpid water to satiate the need of knowledge they look for Therefore, each of you must be a worker of this House GESJ. Be you part of the "mountain" that represents the immense love called Ramatis. And under his Light and of Master Jesus, be you strong to face the storms that unfortunately will arrive to you, not forgetting that together you are stronger, because only love and faith keep you linked to the "Light" spread on this House.

Gandhi - GESH - 01/03/2014

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05. Love as He loves you

Clairvoyance: I saw approaching many animals such as cows, oxen, sheep and donkeys. They were calmly with their shepherds to hear the Master. I cannot explain, but the reading of Ramatis was in a "universal language" and each one understood what was said, which energy absorbed contributed for the progress of all.

Then, I felt approaching the venerable Joanna of Angelis, whose words flowed sweet and soft guiding us in the way of Lord Jesus. Her strong love made their words vibrate in all the planes and sub-planes of the earthly surface, even in regions of the inferior astral plane through the "Portal of Light" settled in the living room; and many suffering brothers felt her strong, loving vibrations saying:

Look for Him, wherever you are.

Break the barriers of fear to meet Him.

Throw you into the sea of suffering, if necessary to receive His Presence.

Surrender to the work and love, building in the soul the conditions to have Him close to you and with Him to walk, live, and love.

Love one another, as He loves us.

Jesus is our Friend who patiently waits us with open arms and joyful heart for our victories.

Joanna of Angelis - GESH – 12/03/2013

06. More Pain, Suffering, Catastrophes and Violence *

Sisters, we greet you in the name of the Planetary Christ! It is a great joy to meet our friend souls.

Sisters, your Brothers Yury is here.

Margarida: Welcome my Brother in the name of Jesus. It is a great joy, when you speak to our Group.

Yury: A lot of difficulties we found to project our thoughts to the minds in tune with the Hosts of Light, because of a black cloud almost materialized surrounding the Planet.

Hate inflames the hearts, throwing into space a ferruginous smoke that, if you could see, you would judge it a big fire.

Violence and lack of love among men generate disturbances in the invisible plane; and, as all action has reaction, they receive on themselves, the result of their bad actions, transforming life on Earth in a big arena of competitions and violence.

The psychological picture of "Ends of Times" is settled on Earth unchaining all the foreseen events, present and past, by "prophets and seers" translating into human language everything they had seen projected in the space by the Sidereal Engineers.

Not believing in prophecies, and judging as transitory the current events, the crowd follows immersed in their own instincts and insane pleasures that only the decadent human being knows how to enjoy.

We can still see present in many humans, "marks of exile" since they landed declined here. Now, at the "end of the planetary cycle", they still present the same wounds and deformations of formerly. They are marked for, again, face the planetary exile

Those who have reached high vibrations, and left the Sublime and Loving Jesus guide them, they modified themselves; and tenuous cross of suffering and renewal marks their souls. Finally, these will be free from the Ties of Atonement and Trials.

Our spaceships are placed around the Planet, because Hercolubus (Intruding Planet) already acts strongly in the "aura of the Earth", and could provoke, "before it is authorized", the end of this civilization, with the alignment of the Planetary Axis.

Everything is driven by Superior Forces, so that the Divine Planning comes true.

Sisters, vibrate heart and mind with Jesus and His Sublime Hosts, so that you identify the signs we send you, and to reach the shelter prepared to protect the souls during the planetary transformer process.

We are many people in the physical plane and in other dimensions. We act on behalf of Christ to guide you toward the Regenerating Earth. We are also those that lead the unprepared souls far away from the Earth to restart a new painful sowing distant from their dear ones.

We are Extraterrestrials; as well you were one day. We are also children of God and with Him we love all of you.

We put ourselves to your disposal, if you have doubt.

Margarida: Brother, last week, I had clairvoyance with type of smoke solidifying in some parts of the Planet hindering the passage of Light from Lord Jesus and Masters of GFBU.

Will this kind of wall formed involve the Planet? In some points, they can spray it.

Yury: There is a dense cloud surrounding the Planet Earth now. The opened paths amidst the density were allowed by works like yours providing the "opening of Portals of Light" that allow us to contact this humanity.

Certainly with our equipments, we would get to break a leaden barrier; but with so many difficulties to transpose, we would not touch your minds and hearts. We do not want just to materialize ourselves to your eyes. Firstly, we want you see us with your souls believing that we exist and, when meet us, you do not have doubts in following us, as your friends and brothers.

Margarida: I cannot see, but feel. We can feel in the heart the spirit speaking to us is not from the astral plane.

Yury: Twined souls in love feel, each other, and happiness reigns in every encounter.

We spread blessing of love and progress for you.

We are closer to you, sisters, because the human insanity leads you to product the nuclear bombs to detonate the enemies heads. They judge that with insane power, would be owners of the world.

They forget that inhabit a single Planet that can perish and kill them too. They all are connected by a thread of life, atmosphere, fluid that involves the entire Planet and humanity, at all levels and vibrations.

By ignoring the reality, each Nation wants to show itself stronger spreading wars, pains and sufferings.

We watch closely those that want to destroy the Planet. We will not allow it.

Margarida: Brother, Master Ramatis gave us a task. He said it would be the last to me. I must visit the Spiritualistic Centers we created In Jacaraipe, Vila Velha and Salvador to talk about the New Times. Could you tell us about it? We will have mediums with us.

Yury: There is a drawn plane for you. It includes our presence with you.

May God bless you all beloved daughters and sisters. Keep on faith and courage, because were detonated the last moments of the Planetary Transition.

Margarida: Do you mean, from now on, the situation of the Planet will worsen?

Yury: More pains and sufferings, catastrophes and violence.

We bring only sad news, which is picture at this time. Only those immersed in the materialism, corruption and violence cannot see the end approaching.

We greet you on behalf of the Planetary Christ leaving you on Peace and Love.

Commander Yury - GESH – 02/15/2013

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07. Let us greet the Child Jesus!

Be on Peace, Brothers!

We address this message for those who are tired of suffering and longing for peace and comfort in the soul.

When, we received at home, the message sent by the Emissaries of Light, we could not imagine how important was the spirit we would find in a simple shed, since we followed the Star that guided us.

We brought gifts, gold, myrrh and incense for celebrating the birth of the Angel who made man. But, for our surprise, guided by the "Light of the High" as far the simple scenery, we recognized ourselves had been gifted.

The lessons contained in the "humble shed" began in a manger, where was the Sublime Angel who was born without opulence, abundance or the comfort that His Greatness allowed.

The "Teachings" that would transmit us began with His birth, when still a baby, He already confirmed the message that would come later when He was adult: "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.".

We were enchanted with the child, whose wise looking invited us to the spiritual serenity.

On Christmas´, gifts are full in symbolic meaning, when we reward affections conquered in life. But Good Illuminated Friends suggest us, amid the feasts, bear in mind the lesson of simplicity transmitted from a "baby" to all creatures.

Let us greet the Child Jesus and follow the Lessons and steps of the Master Nazarene on Earth, so that, through His words, the verb to love remained forever in the human hearts.

Balthazar (Magi King) - GESH – 12/06/2013

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08. Those Who want to Believe, Believe! *

Beloved daughters and disciples!

Praised is our Lord Jesus Christ!

He is our Great Master that aids all the suffering little ones on Earth, and illuminating the path of this humanity that continues denying Him.

Difficult Days you live! All humanity will suffer the disastrous consequences from a rebellious sowing. They destroyed the Planet, even recognizing it as their home. Without mercy, they continue hurting the "Living Being" that lovingly welcomes them for endless incarnations.

The Planet reacts automatically in search of balance, provoking catastrophes that affect the structures of the earthly society.

There is no injustice of God or of any other who directs the Earth and humanity´s destiny. It is just the painful crop of a bad sowing.

The difficult apocalyptic days approach, and more painful will be. The creatures unpreparedness put them in situations more painful increasing the suffering and chaos.

Backed on superficial faith of infantile dogmas, they dont recognize the Larger Creative Force of Life directing all creatures. They just appeal to have pain ceased, to continue immersed in the materialism and in dense sensations offered by the matter.

The earthly Scientists cannot reveal yet their anguishes about the deep unbalance of the Planet bringing imminent danger for all ecosystems and fatal bankruptcy for human life on Earth.

They remain silent, fearful, because not even find an answer to minimize the panic that could provoke with revelations of the deep imbalance reaching the Planet and humanity.

It is time, daughters, to put into practice all training you have received along the years in this House. He, who believed and absorbed profound teachings, he brings a solid faith that enables him to face the painful moments of Doomsday.

Margarida, sooner we will disconnect you from Earth. You have your spirit little coupled in the fragile matter, provoking the distortions of mind, instantaneous shutdowns you are suffering and all unbalances the tired matter has been provoking on you.

Attacks exist in this planetary moment, from those that knew the truth and the path that frees, but abandoned by own greed, pride and deviation of soul, not accepting the simplicity with which you directed the works of this House, through which you achieved knowledge and freedom.

Those who refused your guidelines and GESJ, today, they mentally return to you, sorry, but unhappy. Many of them, full of arrogance and hate drive negative energies to the Group that also hit your heart. You, Margarida represent this House, and everything of positive or negative driven to it, before will reach you, when your fragile physical body suffers more easily, when receiving the shock of negative discharges.

Your insight is correct. The sister who abandoned GESJ, she emits a vigorous and insistent thought in your direction "Why? Why? Why? ", which answer she would have achieved here, deprived from her pride, vanity and super ego.

Again, she abandoned our protection and as thousands of souls will inhabit a new planet like the Earth today, to face hard battles for, finally, to surrender to the simplicity, humility, and love.

Margarida: I wanted to make sure. Indeed, it reaches me, but I can defend myself without hitting back. Who is speaking?

Answer: Here is your Master Ramatis, Kuthumi.

Margarida: Bless me? You know of my affection for you.

Ramatis: I bless you dear daughter Margarida. Sooner, you will be free, and your disciples on Earth will miss you more and more every day.

Margarida: But I will be accompanying each one.

Ramatis: But each one must correspond to the trust from you and us on them.

Daughters, we put ourselves at your disposal for questions.

(Nobody asked and the Master continued)

The Group of Jacaraipe follows its planned course and Sister Penha staying with direct connection with this House (GESJ), cell mater. She will reach the goal of rendering attendance to the suffering ones on the crucial moments, like these recently close to you; however, it is not time yet, of opening the doors of ASJ or the House of Jacaraipe to assist the homeless.

Much more difficult moments you will face, and do not have doubt that has arrived to time of helping the poor ones that their houses, and their dear beings. On those moments, they wont have where to return, therefore, all the structures of the society will be affected, as it happened in some points of this State. It will happen like this in larger proportions in Brazil and worldwide.

You will know when has arrived the hour and close will be the end.

The Spaceships will give the signal, which brief presences in the physical plane will impel the humanity to look at Space, and think about the Evolved Beings that inhabit advanced worlds, and recognize this beautiful Planet Earth as just a cell of the giant Universe.

Keep you on faith, beloved daughters, because I remain with you, until we meet each other in the firmament far away from pains and sufferings.

Margarida refers to Lord Jesus message, dictated in Jacaraipe, in which Jesus said we already knew each other from other Planet. We were exiled from Earth, and He gave us to Master Ramatis, as a mother, or a father who gives his/her son for somebody to take care while making a long trip.

And the Brother was as a dear father, taking care of us, with much love and affection.

Ramatis: Lord Jesus is revealed to whom in Him believes. But, like you, few ones in this Planet would naturally accept such revelations. However, others exist of the same planet, where the Master directed generously the humanity. But to know the truth, they still have to walk and to install the true faith in their hearts.

May God bless you all, beloved daughter. Jesus is present.

Margarida: We will publish our holly booklet, only with unpublished messages of Lord Jesus.

Those who want to believe, they believe. On the contrary, they will lose an extraordinary opportunity to get in touch, even at distance, with the Light of Lord Jesus.

Ramatis: Those that are in touch with Jesus will accept the aid in the rescue made by the Extraterrestrial and Intraterrestrial Brothers at the last moment in this Planet of Atonement and Trials.

I bless and kiss you on forehead, beloved daughters.

Blessed is Jesus! Save the Light guiding us!

Master Ramatis - GESH - 01/03/2014

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09. Be Patient with the suffering *

Brothers, let us elevate the mind to the Creator, thankful for life, be it laughter or pain.

The Sun shines in the sky illuminating the entire Planet and all living creatures of all kingdoms and dimensions.

Be patient with the suffering, have compassion with the suffering ones as preached in Jesus sermon: "Let us love the neighbor, as we love ourselves".

Brothers, if you are incarnate on Earth, which atonements and trials take place, then solidify the faith, humility, tolerance and love to the neighbor, because "Nobody will leave the Earth without before has paid the last cent" said Jesus.

And, if you are one of those longing for spiritual ascension, far from the painful reincarnations in Planets of Atonement and Trials, practice Jesus Lessons, forgiving others, aiding in the construction of the good, threading the path of progress, you must undo the inner afflictions through the work in the blessed Vineyard of Jesus.

Do not let the storms find you unprepared! Be courageous, full of faith and hope, in a future of light and peace.

Jesus is with you.

Maria Dolores - GESJ – 01/14/2014

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10. Let´s work on behalf of Lord Jesus


Peace on Earth and kindness in the mens heart.

One day, those beings immersed in shadows, will approach of the illuminated paths of progress, and ask the Lord, for evolution.

The angels today were immersed in darkness yesterday, when "luminous hands" collected them from the mud for illuminating tasks seeking the soul´s redemption.

They became angels after cleaning the "nuptial tunic", in the waters of suffering and pain, developing the precious goods of the soul that wants to free themselves.

We all sidereal walkers, spirits still replete of shadows, with effort, renouncement and humility, one day will reach the Earth of Regeneration.

To illuminate our inner core is arduous task just demanding self effort; since, there is no evolution without merit.

Only who already learned to love know how to forgive.

Let us work on behalf of Jesus, cleaning our soul, illuminating it with the colors of the spiritual renewal.

Blessed is Lord Jesus!

Chico Xavier - GESJ - 12/10/2013

11. Consequence of the transplant in the astral plane

Clairvoyance: I saw arriving various spirits with sick appearance. Some of them brought their organs in the hands. I realized they were organs used in transplants. Some were standing up, others sat down.

One brother stared me, and I made him some questions to clarify the clairvoyance.

Question: Brother, can I made a question?

Answer: Yes.

Q: Who are you arriving in such difficult situation?

A: We are peoples Spirits that had the organs transplanted and rejected.

Q: Does the rejection continue in the astral plane?

A: Yes. We cannot use them until to shape other.

Q: And those organs you carry?

A: They are of donors, and we cannot simply discard them, because we already understood its importance.

We are studying and preparing to shape our sick organs, and to give appropriate destination to the received organ. Then to seek the cure, until we are able to incarnate, facing the proof interrupted.

Soon afterwards, an instructor explained:

The brothers present themselves here for the educational contest required by their spiritual program. They compose a category of spirits still unprepared for the exchange with living organs. They disincarnated due to the effect of rejection of the received organs.

Their presence is just one of the aspects related to transplant of organs, which theme leads us to a multitude of situations we cannot define as right or wrong actions, a practice still completely unknown by the earthly medicine, due to the deep complexity involving life of body, mind and spirit.

Brothers, you must study to evolve, but without neglecting in your studies, the immaterial knowledge, because a lot of answers you look for, they are in the intangible realities of existence.

Samuel (resident Doctor of the Hospital Espiritual Servos de Jesus - GESH – October of 2013

12. The Creation

Clairvoyance: After the mantra at 3pm, I began to see a classroom with several students of both sexes preparing to reincarnate. They asked the teacher on "Creation, Reincarnation and others. My Instructor that was also their teacher told me that some of them were of "other planets" preparing for the main incarnation on Earth.

They were learning about habits of life on Earth. I could see among them, some more evolved than others. The Instructor authorized me to write down one of their questions.

Here is the question and answer:

Q: How do we develop over "kingdoms" travelled by the Divine Sparkle?

A: From the Supreme Creators mind, the Essence is extracted: the Divine Sparkle, which is part of the elements that constitutes a simple and ignorant Being.

Thence, starts the long pilgrimage over millennia in the Universe, until as a magnet, it returns to the "original point."

First, the Sparkle crosses paths under severe supervision of Beings in charge of developing each "kingdom" until this particle becomes emancipated in its free will to live experiences, be freed from karmas and debts acquired along of the path and finally it returns to the Creative Source.

Well, this sparkle is impelled to advance and made progress through the kingdoms of nature that will build its personality, shaping its mind and body.

All those stages last infinite hours, until the Evolved Spirit transiting amidst of initial kingdoms, determine the maturity to expand, conquering others in evolution and acquiring the intelligent principle.

Thence, the progress or spiritual delay is commanded by the Being´s free will that guides his way in the natural desire to evolve.

The Sparkle first appears in the "Mineral Kingdom" where is acquired and printed the hard resistance for the future proofs. It absorbs the elements in the ether to constitute the minerals that in the future help to compose the physical body. It is acquired, unconsciously, the courage to face the rigidity of nature, before its transforming strength.

Long periods later, the pulse of the flash impels it to evolve and penetrate, in an irresistible way, in next "Vegetal kingdom" that, in the same way, it acquires and absorbs the main characteristics that will incorporate in itself, the substances to compose the future man. Thence are acquired the pigmentation, the compounds circulatory systems with blood vases and ramifications, through where will travel the nutrients, primary systems of breathing, reproduction and digestion. In the personality grows the adaptation of facing the difficulties so necessary to penetrate in the subsequent kingdom, as long road to thread.

After acquired the whole source of characteristics and elements necessary, once again, the spirituality involved in that process, composed by Sidereal Engineers direct the sparkle to "Animal kingdom."

In that kingdom, long learning awaits it to develop the defense, the sexual instinct for reproducing and perpetuation as animal spirit. Flickering intelligence appears, as it advances in that kingdom, starting by leaving in community: sharing and dealing with different species defending, feeding and protecting his "group". Then, all the systems with their organs are shaped in a more advanced and compound organization.

The conviviality among men teaches at the last stage, socialization, starting to be less instinctive. The domestication prepares him to next kingdom.

The progress and need to evolve, once again surprises the being that up to now walks without parking, obeying, gently under a superior command. After all that pilgrimage, he is ready to penetrate the Elemental World in its simplest shape, throughout all categories making use of everything previously absorbed and learned.

Feelings and desires begin to have a larger complexity in the One who is learning to be man. In that period, the characteristics of other kingdoms are highlighted, and then appears the perception of what is needed to survive. When he is usurped, he riots through the fury, or surrenders until losing the energy that maintains him, when he becomes exhausted or furious.

They gradually achieve independence. When their guides notice such progress, in an effort of progressing, they gradually giving them the necessary autonomy to achieve trust and penetrate in a new world. We cannot call it Free Will yet.

We didnt count the time among kingdoms, because Eternity is not counted and individual is the desire to evolve.

After that long stay with all adjustments necessary appear the Hominal qualified in his intelligent principle and individuality.

Finally they star the experiences and construction of a path to lead him to tears, happiness, victories and defeats.

Next class, we continue about the evolutionary progress of the "Primitive Man" until become the "Angelic Being" with permission and able to absorb such complex knowledge from the Masters ´minds.

Keep on Peace in God.

Clarence, Instructor and teacher of reincarnating groups - GESH – 11/30/2013

13. Reborn in our hearts

Never on Earth, had One walked like Jesus.

Angel of Light, His Presence exalted everywhere to threw into human hearts, seeds of kindness and pardon that fertilized by experiences of life in the matter have been awaking and freeing thousands of men and women over millennia parked in the physical animalism.

His regenerating action is incessant, and like a flame burning in the terrestrial psychosphere follows purifying, in the measure of the humanitys merit, the atmosphere in which lives favoring the learning in the Planetary School, chosen by Christ, as Portal of His Regenerating Light.

We are the smallest, late and repeaters brothers He comes to help, indicating us the road of redemption illuminated by His infinite Love.

Brother and Friend, we thank you for not abandoning us, and, hand in hand, we ask His blessing for those who come behind, so that His love reach and free them like us from the ties of moral inferiority.

May He reborn in our hearts, grow in our soul and share again the Calvary of our fights, so that, with you, we are winners.

Emmanuel - GESH – 12/03/2013

14. The warnings are being materialized

Clairvoyance: I felt a strong energy from a Superior Man; however of short stature who touched our hands and hugged Mrs. Margarida.

Then, he took me until the interior of the Earth where everything was dark. We reached the bottoms of the sea with tectonic plates sliding smoothly to the movement of waters.

Suddenly, the plates stood back and the water penetrated there making the sea to retreat on the surface forming a giant column of water.

From the High, I could see the seawater returning strong and violently over the Continent. The tectonic plates became disengaged and one of them sank into ocean. The scenes were very real and alive.

Then, I started to hear the Being that conducted me.

Sisters, May Peace and Love be with you!

We are happy and thanked the Beloved Father for granting us the joy of working with you.

The Planet Earth is dark and dense as it appears to our immaterial eyes.

Gangs of "negative beings coming from the inferior abysmal areas, they march among this humanity, potentiating the bad instincts contained in the embodied ones.

Formerly, you were warned about the painful moments of Doomsday, as well as the intense work by Forces of Good in cleaning up the Earth.

The warnings are being materialized, no more as future of pains, but as present of horrors and violence.

There is no peace; there is no true faith in the hearts hardened by hate, devoid of love and compassion.

The Intraterrestrial beings anonymously have been illuminating their cities and lovingly receiving the terrestrial brothers to keep them carefully like seeds that shall germinate in a future of regeneration and progress.

But our terrestrial brothers neither accept us nor believe in our existence. They interpose almost an insurmountable barrier for us not reaching them. They reject us, with horror, postponing the rescue necessary for their spiritual growth.

Nothing we can do before the refusal and rejection that our presence causes in some creatures on the surface.

Animals lovingly accept us, because they feel our vibrations of peace and love, without paralyzing fear in their hearts.

The separation between the wheat from the tares is reality that advances quickly on Earth and in Heaven.

Veils of hypocrisy are revealed and creatures being magnetically dragged to similar dimensions with their vibrations.

Humans that are already housed in the Intraterrestrial cities, they rest the asleep body, while their minds activated receive information concerning the Intraterrestrial world where are, so that, when wake up, they have for us the same sublime fraternal feelings that move us.

The earthly tectonic plates Earth suffer pressures provoking sliding; and, at any moment, can move abruptly causing large damages in the constituted societies and human metropolises, devastating some, swallowing completely others.

Brothers, be you attentive to the obvious signals, because the Planet tries to leave from the suffering uncomfortable position, attacked without limits and continually, in search for restoring balance to heal its wounds.

Those already awaken who accept us and brothers from other planets, as collaborators of God´s Work assisting the poor ones, must avoid confrontations. Have the soul immersed in the study and knowledge of God´s Work more and more for the Good and love to others.

You should think less about yourselves and more in a future of infinite progress and ascension opened to your immaterial eyes, since you get to overcome the final proofs for your redemption.

Let your mind immersed in the Largest Light and see us offering the hands to aid you to win the ascendant proofs.

We are intraterrestrial brothers greeting you in the name of the Light, and leaving you on Peace with Lord Jesus.

I am Nathan greeting you on behalf of God.

Intraterrestrial Nathan - GESH – 01/17/2014

15. Keep you on faith and courage

Blessed is love.

Blessed is Jesus who is only Love and Light.

Brothers, the infamous rebelliousness against the Creators larger purposes grows in the hearts and minds devoid of faith and love.

The delay of the little creatures instigates others of same moral level to build diabolical plots to destroy others.

In these difficult days of Doomsday, demoniac creatures free in the invisible plane among embodied spirits sow discord, violence, suffering and pain.

The Centers of Light are surrounded and continually attacked by rebels seeking to tumble the disciples of Lord Jesus.

There is much work to be done in the physical and spiritual planes. Battles against the "members of darkness" are just stages faced by the Christs Army.

The belligerent and cruel confrontations, before restricted to the invisible plane, now they are in the physical plane, due to easiness provoked by the harmful psychosphere and maladjustment of embodied spirits with the higher spheres.

The presence of the Intruding Star increases the disorder, and those that deny the Great Creative Force of Life, disbelieve of themselves and of everything that cannot touch, to smell and to feel, they become pawns of the "retrograde forces "for the manifestation of chaos.

There is a Majeure Force above the crowd that can be reached by any being that elevate the thought above the current materiality.

The "reflectors of light and forces" are already installed, aiding as many as connected with the highest vibration of Lord Jesus ´Light.

It does not matter the suffering you will face, your faith will guide you to the liberation.

Your suffering is neither larger than you deserve, nor smaller than necessary to free you from the Planets of Atonements and Trials elevating you to Luminous Spheres where peace and love reign.

Do not lament for he committed mistakes. Work with renewed forces for the construction of a happy future.

Jesus is the strongest pillar sustaining everybody, and wherever you are, He is aiding you in the return to the Fathers House.

You have chosen the chaos as means to evolve. Keep on faith and courage to face calmly the journey, because is approaching more and more the end for this civilization and dawn of New Age, the Earth of Regeneration.

Jesus is with you.

May Peace and Love be among us!

Nefertiti - GESH - 01/03/2014

16. I will make you fisherman of souls

Brothers, we walk with you, although not always we can show ourselves.

Every period of change is difficult, which requires abandoning and changing the old lifestyles into new practices.

Indeed, he who exerts efforts to change, therefore he already sees approaching a new time, he is often pursued, mistreated or despised.

To persevere is lesson of faith. Only he, who believes in which preaches, he achieve strength to persevere with determination and courage.

Many people are against you, with proportional fury to the ignorance you have.

You are not alone, because, in the rearguard, all of us, "Apostles of Christ" we will be sustaining your work effort.

"He made us, Fisherman of souls"

We threw His "Net of Light" into the sea of the terrestrial psychosphere. We look after your souls. Nor only one soul will lose, He told us.

Yesterday, we accepted the divulgation on Christian Maxims alerting the humanity about the Planetary Christ’s message, and, equally we redeemed ourselves.

Today, you are divulging a little more about the Sublime Knowledge of life revealing to the world the "Living Presence of Jesus" preparing the creatures in agreement with their vibrations.

The charity of revealing His Message throughout the world is also for you a redeemer work.

They will rise against you, as they rose against us, but, at the end, like us, you will be victorious.

Peter - GESH - 08/11/2013

17. Defending the Light on behalf of God

Clairvoyance: I saw the Cruise lit and around it, groups of dark beings ready to attack it. In the same way, Jesus warriors were also ready for a confrontation.

A great battle was announced.

I saw a Templar´s spirit dressed on formal garments. Minutes later, he approached and gave a message.

The Chalice, cup used by Jesus represents the pure, clean heart ready to drink in the Source of Light, the fertile love that encourages all ways of life.

Each human has his Graal. Here is the one showed by Jesus in the Lord´s Supper.

To become pure heart means to tread the path of simplicity, with it making home, and staying in the lessons it lends to the traveler.

Your journey recalls times hidden in memory. You are back threading with pain the path of regeneration.

Templars retake the swords in defense of the Light that spreads life for humanity. Defend it with own life, if necessary. The task that fits is you hard, but is in accordance to your preparation, and with you good willing brothers help you.

Defend the Light, on behalf of God!

His Son, Jesus penetrates the portals of the Earth.

Q: Are you referring to the clairvoyance I had of the Cruise to be attacked?

A: Yes, the Cruise needs of guardian and you were summoned to serve.

Q: How to serve?

A: With one of your bodies. Each body corresponds to one of the planes, where is possible to act.

Have pure your hearts, and do not keep dumps in the Holy Graal of God.

It must to be clean up to fill it with the Majeure Light.

It is necessary to satiate the thirsty men of peace.

A Templar of Light - GESH - 2013

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