Divulgation 78


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09. I AM BETTER NOW – BY Elizabeth














Dear brothers,

May the Planetary Christ´s love inhabit in our hearts!

The difficult days already arrived. "Unexpected" events occur full time. Greed, vanity, eager for power and lust are obvious, without us doing nothing. Tragedies reach us always believing that nothing affect us. We shall open the eyes, minds and hearts for what is happening and see how the process of cleaning the planet Earth happens so fast, and no longer stopped.

For those brothers still far from the ideal stage of evolution programmed for this Planet Earth, they emerge from the abyss. Among them are vampires that stir up our faults and contribute so that we take the decision of becoming Rightists or Leftists of Christ.

We continue bringing messages about the subject, which is often "glamorized" by the entertainment media, however have not of glamorous. Vampires are not good beings and the messages show it in various ways. We only reveal to everyone what the Superior Spirituality transmit us, which is a tiny part of what really happens and can be shown.

Read them carefully, those who believe, indeed. The important is “Do not hide the talents under the land" (Matthew 25: 14-30). "To whom more is given, more shall be charged."

May God bless you all!

Fraternal greetings,






This unpretentious Set of Divulgations does not intend to spread panic among you.

Brothers, we want to warn you that Vampires exist, indeed.

They are human beings far from God and deformed in their human appearance, because of the criminal practice of sucking the energy of others beings.

The vampires meet through the battles, at this time of preparing the Earth for the New Age, and all those with them connected with ignoble practices against the humanity, incarnate or disincarnated, they go to the planetary exile.

Bear in mind that your choices determine the evolution or stagnation of your souls in regions of pains and suffering.

You are living the decisive moment for your immortal spirits: evolution or planetary exile and infinite inertia in regions of suffering and pain.

There is neither punishment nor vengeance on the part of the Creator. The determinism of His Laws propels the creatures within the cycle of evolution, and sends the rebels to regions of cleansing and purification until they reach high standards for the spiritual ascension.

The present vampires, one day, may reach the evolution of angel; however, they must travel a long way back to the Father's House, under the conditions they have chosen.

"The sowing is free, but the harvest is obligatory," said Jesus.

Brothers, awake for the difficult moment, you live now and watch your choices.

It is time to make progress.

It is time to evolve into the practice of doing the Good taught by Jesus.


Rochester, 05/17/2014





I greet everyone, in the name of God!

We prepare our children for the material life; we teach them to work and to earn money to survive.

We educate them to have good manners, so that look like good persons, and we correct them the faults, so that become honest men and workers.

We always worry about material life, work, challenges and obstacles, and often we forget what is essential.

Better have fewer shoes than ignore the soil where to step on; better have fewer clothes and keep clean the nuptial tunic - the spirit - for the encounter with Jesus; better to be unemployed feeling pains of penury than to sell the soul and become a slave to vices and vanity.

Brothers, we shall remember the lessons taught by the Master Nazarene that help us in preparing our sons and daughters for what really matters: Spiritual Life.

We shall consider the material survival as necessary for the body; however, we shall choose life of simplicity in favor of spiritual greatness.

If I had before, the knowledge, which I have today, I would have offered to my beloved Denis, the moral strength, so that he faced his vicissitudes and difficulties, and then would not devote himself so intensely to unworthy and treacherous practices.

To love, not always means to transform life of one that you love, but helping our dear ones to discern between right and wrong, to get rid of troubles and able to face the great difficulties.


Cynthia (Mother of Denis, ex-vampire), 10/04/2013


Question: Are you following up the treatment of your son?

Answer: At distance, yes, but I have not yet permission to be constantly by his side, as I would like.

Q: Could we know the reason?

A: Psychologists explained to me that his emotional behavior is still unstable and at times has relapses, trying to suck energy of others. I would not be able to face his crises without giving my energies, which would hurt him a lot. Then, I follow him at distance. I work as volunteer in the hospital to make me feel better.

One day, as mother and son again, we may redeem ourselves from our mistakes, thanks to God, who always gives us the gift of restarting.

Peace to all you and thanks for the opportunity granted us.

Together in the same hospital,

Separated by magnetic barriers,

Assisted by the same Mercy

Destined to different crops



Note: It refers to the fact, they are in the Hospital Servants of Jesus, but without being together, helping each other.





I was vampire.

When I was still alive, I drank people's blood in rituals of black magic.

From that time, I only remember me prisoner between two worlds, enslaved by a force stronger than I was. I no longer had my own will; however, to those who talked to me, I looked like a normal person. My thought was not of mine. My intelligence and my actions were not of mine, but consequence of my troubled mind.

Nevertheless, not always I was in that way.

Everything started when the bankruptcy and serious financial problems forced me to look for quick and easy solutions for my daily difficulties.

Someone introduced me to a witch. I looked for his services and soon I got results, which made feel amazed and grateful. I became his usual client, involving myself more than I should in a sordid and perverse plot that put me on the wrong road.

In the beginning, we just sacrificed animals, and over the time, I became insensitive to the painful death of animals, accepting it as something natural.

Then, I learned how to enjoy the warm and fresh blood of sacrificed beings, which sensations experienced, left me inebriated. I still remind of the pleasure I felt sipping the fresh sap of life, after numbed by the smell of herbs and drinks offered to the participants in that place, before each sacrifice. However, such pleasure ended quickly and soon came the prison, chains that linked me strongly to the place, where we practiced the ignoble acts.

I do not know how long I practiced such hideous actions or when I disembodied. However, the subsequent events, fights with horrendous beings in search of blood for their insatiable thirst; terror of walking through dark and dangerous places and meet frightening beings, unable to get rid of them; everything still remains in in my mind.

I begged for the Father´s Mercy. At that hour, a little human feeling involved me, when I saw my mother crying. She asked me to beg the Father´s pardon so that He corrected me from the terrible addiction.

Until that moment, I did not know how dependent I was on blood consumption, addicted and by the desire to kill and usurp the vital fluid of my victims.

Since then, I am looking for the path of redemption. I feel shame and fear.

I have moments of complete disgust at myself, followed by a strong will to kill myself, which I already tried, without success; when I discovered I was already dead.

The periodic visit of nurses and Psychologists helped so much to recover my mental health and feel human again.

At times, when relapse comes, I think to attack my benefactors, and when I regain consciousness, shame and disgust are even greater. How can I hurt those who help me? How could I reach such a point?

When I Knew of the Spirits Group gathering testimonies of ex-vampires to warn people about the consequences of the addiction, I thought that my story could be useful.

The way is accepting the suffering and gives hands to God, the only One who helps us get rid of the abyss.

Do not believe and give up everything as promise of easy solution. It can be a trap. From a simple bankrupt, in debtor like me, you can become a weak, awful and enslaved vampire.

I ask you to address a message of forgiveness and gratitude to my mother, so that she knows that I am trying, thanks to her, to give up this life. Soon, with faith, I shall be ready to begin again.

As taught me by the Psychologists, Hope is the fuel for the engaged mind; tomorrow is always another day full of opportunities for renewal.

Be you on Peace!

Denis (An ex-vampire), 10/04/2013





Sisters, let us thank God for this blessed work opportunity.

The task, which we started regard to the vampires, together with the Rescue Parties requires a singular and specialized care regarding the treatment, we are doing for recovering creatures linked to drug addiction, still of difficult understanding by the medical literature.

We needed of specific courses on the subject for a selected team bound to deal with these patients.

It is advisable to mention the help brought by intra-extraterrestrial brothers and doctors, of fundamental importance to carry out this work.  The medical staff led by Dr. Cruz and Dr. Lucas helped us to deal with the "blood addicts".

We created isolated wards in the hospital for this necessary treatment, because of the high degree of dementia and violence against us. At extreme situations, the family members cannot visit the patients, since the scenes of aggression and forgetfulness of friendship and family ties would let them could sadden them longer.

They also received special mediumistic assistance. When a being of this nature had permission to approach a medium, it is because a long medical treatment of psychiatric therapy has already taken place.

Slowly, we liberate those able to speak, even under severe surveillance, for not affect the medium.

We continue with this work until the Father wishes.

Be you all on Peace!

Joanna de Angelis, 10/05/2013





May the Lord Jesus help us in this communication!

I already knew of vampires, because my grandfather had already warned me, but I took it as something fanciful.

The events happened as follows: Juliano, my boyfriend really seemed to love me and soon, we would get married. He was a good-natured man, hardworking and friendly, I was very well by his company and we were a happy couple preparing for a new family.

However, I do not know when something happened. Juliano began to act differently: he was always in a hurry to our daily meetings and left earlier. All the time, he was restless and I could see in his eyes that something was going wrong. I asked him to tell me his troubles, without success. I was certain of his strange behavior when, during a dinner in the company of my grandfather and Julian, he rejected the well-done meat served and asked to another with much blood.

On that evening, my grandfather alerted me about that situation, and said he thought that Julian was a victim of vampires and maybe, one of them. He was worried about us. He asked me to separate myself from Julian. Of course, I did not listen to him, because I loved Juliano more than anything else I did.

I tried to talk to him, without success. Juliano refused to speak, and once, he said we should to separate ourselves.

I cried a lot, but I agreed. I thought, maybe he had fallen in love with other woman. Comforted by my grandfather, I accepted the situation. A short time later, I knew of the death of my beloved Julian. However, in dream, I always saw him, beautiful, healthy, and often, we were in a castle with a beautiful garden. It was as if we already known each other long ago.

Without realizing it, I gradually gave myself to those nocturnal encounters, which I thought were dreams, while my body was sick until I could no longer leave the bed.

Finally, when I had no strength, I longed to meet him, I received him on my bed, and I was vampirized to death. I died under his hypnotic love. I do not know how long lasted until my grandfather, now also disembodied, rescued me from the macabre trance, making me recover the memory.

As far as I knew, there was no more vampires’ fluid running in my body and thence, I am better; and again, my memory is of mine. I will fill up the mental gaps that afflict me so much, in order to understand the strange and horrible appearance of mine, far from I was.

I am like a vampire, but I do not feel like it, and if I committed errors against God´s Laws, I want to correct them.

I would also like to know where my beloved Julian is, but it is not time yet. However, when I came here to report this situation, it begins a new phase in my life that shall culminate in the reunion and plans for a happy future.

This is the reason I came to meet you.

Julia, 10/25/2013


Clairvoyance: The girl's spirit presented itself in a very sick appearance, waxy skin, eyes deeply sad with dark circles under them. She had prominent canine teeth and through them, a thin red fillet was flowing. She was wearing a white nightgown and her all messy hair.






Medium: During the mental concentration, I saw a treatment ward destined to vampires sent to Shelter Servants of Jesus (Institution that belongs to GESJ). Lots of them were in an awful situation, where we could see the blood drained by machines, and these attached to the urns that sheltered their bodies. These people worked in places where the drug traffickers killed their victims. I saw that Hercílio Maes had a special affection for a young vampire. I also heard the dialogue among workers of ASJ: they said that only three vampires could tell their stories through the mediums.


First part of the story.



May God, in His Infinite Mercy receive the unhappy beings that we rescued and helped in His Holy Name!

While reporting to the unbelievers about the controversial and terrifying subject, vampirism, I tried to understand better the patients in the treatment wards.

Happily, we count on superior experience, knowledge and help brought by extraterrestrial and Intraterrestrial Brothers that teach us the best way to deal with terrible addiction afflicting men, women and children.

Some reports, we have not superior permission to make public yet, because they are spirits linked to embodied beings that could identify them.

Now, I tell you of a seventeen-year-old boy, here called Nestor.

He was a good employee of drug trafficking. His heart, even young, brought much evil and coldness. Its function was hunting, to arrest and kill his victims by orders of the "high command of the drug traffic". How he would carry out his attempt would be his choice.

Nestor was a dedicated hunter. The victim's pain was his opium, and the bloodshed his elixir; He rejoiced to say it with laughter.

Intelligent and competent, he always arranged a way for the victim to survive, bleeding for a few days, until nothing left of that unfortunate man.

Since he was a child, he heard voices saying he was a special person, whose mission was great. As you can see, he was a medium and easily moved between the physical and spiritual worlds. However, as debtor spirit and experienced on black magic, torture and hunting, he was also vain, weak and belligerent, especially with those who sought to help him. His grandmother noticed the evil he carried with him, since he was perverse with animals, friends and enjoyed movies where there was death, violence and bloodshed.

The spirits engaged in dialogue with Nestor guided him in the best way to make the victims suffer without perishing quickly, and he should always collect the blood from the victim´s heart to "his protective gods."

However, as a rebel, one day, amidst so many deaths, he wrongly drank the blood. Thence, from persecutor, his victims pursued him, in the invisible and physical planes, until they arrested, tortured, and killed him.

After this terrible disincarnating, in the astral, tortured and enslaved, his story as vampire began.

Hercílio Maes, 11/01/2013





I am a vampire who is about to be human again.

Memories of dark days come to my mind in a fragmented way. I clearly see myself wandering throughout the continents. I longed for to meet human beings

I landed on a very beautiful island. There was a castle on the top of a mountain, to where irresistible force pushed me. A sorcerer made me prisoner in a tower. I moaned, screamed, and so on. The sorcerer visited me and said he would give me the food I needed, since I answered his wishes.

The sorcerer obliged me to suck the blood of the women attracted to his castle. He used me to disappear with his enemies. However, my tormentor did not count on the reality unknown to him: those beings from which I sucked the blood would become vampires like me, and then, when free from the material body, they would use the body and soul of the tormentor, keeping him far from my eyes.

Free, I wandered again, at random. I could see different landscapes in front of me. I wandered ignoring the time. Always alone, I wished to free myself from that insane situation of vampire. What a surprise I had while denying my condition, I felt a strong force pushing me to some place, which I had never seen. I thought I was out of the Earth, but I had not left this Planet yet. I was in a neutral region, where the Higher Forces acted vigorously, and Beings of Light that I feel, but I do not see, they restored my soul.

They said to me let the "basements of conscience" free of experiences in error and moral deviation, and then, I could return to meet humans. First, with my pairs, vampires in convalescence like me, and then living with humans.

They send me to another planet to restart the abandoned journey. This is the way to let free the soul and make progress.

Thanks for listening me. They said, it is part of my treatment.

See you later!

I am Julian struggling for becoming a normal person again.

Julian, ex-vampire, 11/01/2013.





For a long time, I wandered in the invisible plane, searching for preys to satiate my addiction on blood!

The fresh blood of the victims provoked an inexplicable ecstasy on my body. More and more, I looked for bacchanals, orgies, brutality, violence, and bloodshed to satiate me.

I do not know how long I remained absent of the normal world. Time did matter to me. My appearance was always jovial, after satiated and intoxicated with blood of my victims.

Nevertheless, for short time, we remain with human appearance, because long black wings grown on us, soon making visible the appearance of bat. We did not care, because we took the young human appearance to attract our victims.

One day, a strong Light paralyzed us. We were ten inseparable companions, strongly linked by vices. When separated, I was alone.

I became prisoner. There was an energy that dominated me without hurt me physically. I became prisoner in the place, too clear, without hurt my eyes already accustomed to the darkness.

Time and space disappeared to me. I suffered atrociously because of the addiction. I needed blood. I got mad, I wanted to tear off my own skin, I did it, but it remained as before.

Once, I did not know who was talking, but I heard a voice inside my head.

"Feliciano, think on God! Think on Jesus, our Redeemer! "

I laughed loudly, I said bad words, and shouted like a mad man.

All this lasted an eternity for me!

One day, when I already ignored my own existence, prostrate in crises of madness, I saw a projection in that place without walls, which at the same time, was my cell.

The projection was a cross on top of the hill, with a man nailed on it. I remained stood up observing, without understanding it. The image approached, I could see them descending from the cross, carried by men and women in tears. They put the man in a sepulcher and closed the door.

Everything was clean again, but that movie was in my mind, filling up a lot of space in my thinking.

The time was long to me. Later, I saw the projection where a man was smiling. He was the Crucified who looked at me and seemed to see me.

When my eyes met Him, I lost my senses.

I glimpsed in that look, my story, like a clear movie.

I was an ordinary man who had been deeply hurt, when I became vampire. Unable to forgive, I have chosen hatred and revenge and then, the tortuous paths of moral fall.

When I woke up after fainting, that sweet look still accompanied me, in a complacent and soft way that conquered me without judging me. Again, I wished, to be a normal man of human appearance!

Since then, I began the treatment so that I returned to the Father's House.

Today, I know that man was Jesus. I keep His Presence alive within me so that I go ahead, without giving up.

Soon, I shall go to exile, I am not afraid. I am only afraid of falling again into moral degradation. Nevertheless, the Teachers tell me:

"Feliciano, with Jesus in your heart, you can reach the heights"!

 Thank you, my beloved Jesus!

Feliciano, ex-vampire, 11/08/2013.



09. I am better now


(Here continues the story told in the message 14 - Divulgation nr. 77)


Clairvoyance: I see a young woman, a former vampire, Elizabeth, approaching slowly, expressing fear and sadness. She was too thin, as if she were starving, with pale skin, but not as jelly as before, and no blood flowing of her mouth and nose.

She was near the table and the instructor helped her to sit down on the chair next to me. She lowered her head, looking at Mrs. Margarida. She did not try to attack any more, seeming to regain the appearance of an 18-year-old girl.

With a low, slow, at times shaky voice, she transmitted the message:

Hi, I am here again.

The young man who brought me said that I could tell you my story, without fear, because you would not have any fear or hatred for me.

I am better now; I do not feel like a beast as before. The hatred that dominated me when I looked at Mrs. Margarida no longer dominates me, although I still feel strong fear.

It is difficult to control myself in uncontrolled search for blood. This part is difficult; I scream desperately for a drop of blood. Before, I tried to suck my own blood, but had not it. The doctors said that I undergo a detox stage, which process is normal.

When I yell, scream or cry, they give me a white milky liquid with a blood taste and it calms me, although I know it is not blood.

While reading and under Therapy, Psychologists talk to me of my past. When I talk to them I do not get angry and do not feel like attacking them.

The Psychologist Umberto encouraged me to tell my story.

My name is Elizabeth, I am 18 years old; I was born in 1700, maybe in England.

The part of my life that brought me here began when I died, murdered in a ritual of black magic in an old, abandoned hut in the middle of the forest, where my spirit became prisoner for long time. When I was free, I sought revenge. When the purpose is evil and hatred dominates the heart, similar companions appear.

While wandering at random, I was very hungry. One of these “partners” said that I should feed on blood, which was abundant and easy to get.

I was alone and thought he was my friend; I did not see malice in his eyes.

At first, I refused. How would I drink people's blood?

However, with patience and mocking me, he said, I could start with the blood of animals, because without blood, I would not have the strength for my revenge. This exploited the worst of me, and like a Beast, I killed and drank the blood of small animals.

Later, my "friend" said, I could drink the children´s blood, which was similar to small animals, but stronger and healthier blood able to grant me power and strength, better vision and hearing. I followed his words literally and looked for children under the age of seven.

Everything happened as he told me. I felt powerful, crueler and colder. Along of the time, the children´s cry and pain did not touch my heart anymore.

However, to complete my training, I needed of blood from adults, for whom I had no pity and no restriction.

The “teacher” taught me, not to kill the prey at the first bite, but I was greedy and hateful; I did the opposite, and hardly a prey escaped alive from my teeth.

In the meantime, I anxiously hunted the witch who put me into this life of blood-slave, prisoner of darkness; and my hatred increased.

I looked for pregnant women. I learned these women had the strongest blood among adults, whose energy increased the strength of vampires because of the large amount of vital fluid.

It was a full moon night; I was about to penetrate the house, which I had been watching for a long time. In that house lived a pregnant woman praying and singing full time. It irritated me. When I was about to attack her, a man appeared and prevented me from biting her. He stopped me without touching me, and I lost my senses.

Today, I know his name, but his deep look still makes me feel afraid and ashamed of my own condition. He was Shama Hare who brought me here.

Mr. Hercílio Maes told me that my old companions persecute me. When I asked him, if I was a prisoner at the hospital, he answered negatively. The choice of staying or not would always be of mine, but I should always remember of pain, hunger, loneliness and, above all, Jesus. He, Jesus would be my refuge in the difficult hours and not those that ignore the Light and Divine Laws.

After that, I stopped asking for freedom. I know, I am free, and for me, many people run risk. Hence, they keep me on the right path.

Thank you, Master Jesus, Master Shama Hare and all the staff for helping me. I hope, one day, reward such great love and solidarity, which I do not yet have in my heart.

Elizabeth, ex-vampire, 11/15/2013.





Clairvoyance: At the beginning of the meditation, I have seen awful beings. They had hairy bodies and walked like animals. They had big head and mouth like hyenas. They were half men, half animals. In the places with catastrophes, after the vampires had sucked the victims’ blood, these men-hyenas, slowly, attacked. Each one took a member of the victim to cave, where they struggled for a piece of flesh or drop of blood. Then, they remained in the corners to protect themselves.

After the clairvoyance came the following message:

Brother! Only God, our Supreme Creator teaches us Mercy, so that we understand our brothers, when looking at them with compassion and love.

He, who can feed himself on blood, he is already a reprobate among the negative beings.

Within the hierarchy among negative beings, Vampires are "slags of the Abyss". However, among them, there is also the attempt to compose an army to gain respect among the abysmal Brotherhoods. Thus, they make slaves that command and subdue through fear and cruelty, and largely use them as tools of domination.

In the Abysm, they only occupy a very inhospitable region, where the air is scarce, impelling them to breathe through the gelatinous skin; thence, they show a damp and sticky appearance. Some of them have holes where should have eyes able to reach the most advanced stage of blindness, because of the darkness in the caves, where they live.

Even in that hostile atmosphere, they have hearing and smell overdeveloped, serving as both weapon and defense.

There is no food, impelling them to compose into groups to hunt, only when are hungry and need of security.

We seldom can see these beings described in areas of accidents, catastrophes, murders or other human tragedies.

They are much animalized beings, whose atrophied brain does not allow any type of reasoning and only the instinct governs. They are declined beings from the Valley of Vampires, rejected by own group for having degenerating themselves in search for blood, not allowing the group to feed. They were mad and violent. Only vampires practicing the Black Magic can partially control these beings.

Unhappily, the Vampires, because of negative thoughts, hatred, passion, sadness and revolt, they find openings in the Black Portals. All negative energy emitted daily provides small openings through which these groups penetrated and feed on rotten bodies where there are collective deaths.

Amidst cries of pain, the spirits penetrate and remain in caves. Freedom comes through spiritual friends who, under superior permission, rescue them.

To a sensitive mind or even to unbelievers, it would shock them to see the spirit still attached to the body of rotten flesh; to feel in the astral body shaped like hyena to rip his limbs and flesh.

When these suffering brothers get rid of pride and hatred, and beg God to help and free them, we, as the star friends composed into small groups authorized by the Star Command, we look for the rescue able to be withdrawn, when the Hyenas undergo hypnotic state, by effect of the Light emitted by the rescue spaceships.

It is a dangerous and painful work in place of so much suffering. For this reason, the Star Commanders do not allow the presence of brothers still incarnated in that place.

The unhealthy region itself, with rare air and noxious vibration, would lead the volunteer to a sudden death. However, prayer is always a salutary remedy for those brothers that unfortunately, for millennia live in such situation, rejected by the old fellows.

Another succession of exiles awaits them on sterile planets, until is possible to reincarnate in another body, even deformed and able to last few minutes, but able to drain millennia of errors. Thus may be for centuries, the situation of these offenders of Divine Laws.

With God and the Planetary Christ, we continue with this work of love and help for this lost part of humanity, not seen, but felt, amidst the chaos.

May the Divine Light keep the Servants of Jesus on the right path toward the spiritual freedom!


Zinom, Extraterrestrial, 11/16/2013





My name is Giovanni.

I do not know if I can help others with my story full of disappointments, falls, so much vanity and ambition.

I am from the old and rich Province, Italy, when the highest societies valued gold and velvet, nobility and family name.

I was 18 years old at the beginning of my fall. Son of merchant who desired the nobility, I loved parties and orgies that gave me the feeling of important men, because of my noble friends and flattery before my beauty, youth and wealth, a factor relevant for the society in that time.

After the parties, I looked for much excitement and news, until a colleague suggested us to visit a witch, who for a coin, she healed or killed a person.

Then, we knew Matilda, an old woman who claimed to be able to do any “work”, since we paid her. We challenged for eternal youth.

At once, she replied positively, but the price would be high. Who knows, if in that moment I had responsibility; my story would be different now.

We prepared everything she asked, rats, frogs, cats, chickens and others. We did not know what she did with them, only that every week we should visit her to drink an elixir of horrible taste like blood, but over the time, everything went all right. After that, she invited us to take part in sacrifices and we went.

Over the time, I abandoned my friends, orgies and parties. I felt myself uncomfortable and not hungry. I slept all day; at night, I wandered in the city.

I visited the old witch and asked her to heal me, and to my surprise, she said there was no return; I should drink blood so that the health and youth returned. I naively believed; she asked me street kid that no one would notice its absence.

I picked up a girl who wandered on the streets and handed her to Matilda. At once, she laid the child on a table and nailed a dagger in her heart, ordering me to drink the still warm blood, so that I felt better.

A good feeling and a new energy seemed to involve me. The feeling was addictive, and I already longed for the next sip. This euphoria lasted three days.

Thence, I began living by myself kidnapping orphaned and poor children, and when I could not, I fed on animals.

Inevitably, one day, they discovered and sentenced me to death. They hanged in a public square and buried me in the family lands. After a while, I returned to old life, hungry, angry and eager for revenge. Then, I looked for those who persecuted and condemned me, and feeding on their children without mercy. Later, I persecuted my family; I killed my mother and my younger sister, when my father saw me, and tried to attack him.

He was a man of firm faith, and I had not strength enough to face him. Then I lost the notion of time; I only remember the day when my father met the priest and other authorities, and at night, in a celebration with prayers and songs, I woke up hungry and weak. When they opened my grave, I tried to attack them. They covered my body with lime, and the priest quickly pierced my heart with a dagger and I had my head cut off. From my heart shed the victim´s fresh blood.

After centuries, as vampire, I do not feel healed yet, because the blood still tempts me.

From the Spiritual City Servants of Jesus, where I was collected, I escaped once going to a city of vampires. There, I suffered, cried and begged for help. Again, he, who helped was the priest.

In my mind still remains his loving look and words before the attack: "Giovanni, you are a son of God."

I know, God does not have a vampire son or even with the hideous appearance of mine, but gradually I am better and sometimes I feel more human.

I need strength to improve myself; I undergo the treatment, seeking peace and rehabilitation.

May God help me!

Giovanni, ex-vampire, 01/17/2014




I was born in a small seaside village in Normandy.

Rebellious and unsatisfied with life, I delighted in vices and moral vicissitudes.

I joined the crime because of my negligent soul, empty mind and hardening of my heart that made me vampire.

 Until then, I did not know of vampires. I had an empty mind and poverty of spirit; I enjoyed life, using energies to disturb life of others.

The Vampires approached me when I slept heavily soaked with alcohol and drugs.

They seduced my soul with promises of even greater satisfactions than the unruly pleasures in which I once lived.

They induced me to drink human blood, becoming dependent on this precious lymph.

Obviously, someone who wanted revenge persecuted and murdered me, for my cruelty.

I did not die. My body, thrown into a shallow ditch, remained intact, because my spirit remained attached to the matter by forces far from my understanding.

I fed on human blood, terrorizing young women and innocent young men, stealing them the vital sap, led by those who called themselves my masters.

With my soul still attached to the physical body, I was in both planes, physical and astral, terrorizing my victims.

In this way, I lived for a long time. The physical body, abandoned in the shallow ditch, barely covered by the land, in the inaccessible forest, remained "alive" for long decades.

I terrorized other small cities, since I improved myself in reaching the highest flights. I satiated myself and those my invisible companions too.

However, nothing is eternal in our fragile life, other than the Will of God.

Today, I know that my errors and cruelties condemned me to the unspeakable suffering, of which I already have the harvest, trying to renew myself.

I remained in that complex and dubious life, feeding myself on fresh blood of innocent young women, until they discovered me.

In front of a humble hut, on a dusty road, I stopped. My spirit even being satiated, it was not comfortable and happy.

In that humble hut, lived a lonely man, in a rustic life. I watched him at distance and he felt my presence.

I did not find any young man, young woman or children in that place to satiate me in the evil vice; however, I could not move away, leaving the place.

The man stared me!

It was true. He saw me and said:

"Brother, it is enough of rebellion!

Stop insanity and madness!

Forget the past, start a new journey of balance and peace!

There is a Superior Force, God, our Father, and Creator of all things!

He, our Father sent us Jesus, sweet and Angelic Being of purity unknown to human beings.

He, Jesus, is our Savior and invites all us to love, forgive and evolve.

He sustains as many as go to Him in search of relief and protection.

In the name of Jesus, come, brother, renew your strength, clean your blackened robe for the crimes committed against the neighbor.

Come on! Jesus calls you to work and renewal! "

I do not know what happened to me!

His words touched deeply my body, made me kneel and cry. How long did not I cry! I felt very well lost my senses. Since then, I abandoned the tortuous paths of vampirism. The atrocious sufferings I have been facing, surely do not make me give up. Slowly, but firmly, I am going to retake the human form.

Soon after the dialogue with that man on the dusty road, I had my spirit disconnected of the physical body that broke down on the land.

The brother, who rescued me so lovingly and carefully from such a dreadful road, was Paul of Tarsus, and I will always remember him. In past lives, when men quarreled in bloody wars, I was his bastard brother, and he loved me. He is an angel; I am the fallen demon, in search of renewal.

Beloved Jesus, give me strength to renew myself!

Blessed is Jesus!

Roenger, ex-vampire, 01/24/2014




Who are you? How did I get here?

My boss is going to persecute me, because I am not fighting.

Is there blood to me here? I want blood and you disturbing our work.

The group I belong to stays on the road. However, a big boss who works in hospitals, hills, roads and prisons prepared his army and summoned us to attack and, if necessary, kill those who work for the Lamb.

The boy here asked me to say my name.

I am Andre and when I was embodied, I worked for the illegal drug trade. I died, murdered on the Rodovia do Sol (ES 060 - road-connecting Vitoria to the south of Espírito Santo state including the cities of Guarapari, Anchieta and Piuma) where I lived. I joined other disturbing spirits and, together, we fed on the victims that we made, through the accidents we provoked in the highway.

When we could not drink the blood of victims on the roads, we worked for the local traffic. We helped the local drug trafficking, and as reward, they fed us on blood to maintain the deal.

This woman, medium, who writes my words, she can see me, in the way I am now with black skin, big teeth, beginning of wings, feet and hands like claws.

I want to find my old partners; here, I cannot feed myself. This place makes feel bad.

If I do not get out of here, I go crazy. I have to go back. I am not a traitor.

Andre, vampire, 01/24/2014




Clairvoyance: I see a very tall vampire, whose red skin looks like blood, long nails dripping blood. His mouth reminds of a beak with teeth, yellow eyes and enormous black wings on the back.

I asked my instructor Rochester, who that being was. He answered, we would know its story, but without direct contact, due to its strong deleterious energy and aggressive behavior.

Here is the story told me by Rochester:

His name is Maurice, originally from Africa, where, he was vampire and worked as spiritual guide for a sorcerer.

The sorcerer whom he served became a slave brought to Brazil. Here, the sorcerer restarted "the works" in the slave quarters with sorceries, Black Magic and deaths.

When he saw his “medium” killed and attached to the trunk, he found himself alone and without a reliable medium. His first act of emancipation was to use other mediums to kill and drink the blood of slave masters in some farms in Minas Gerais State. Over the time, he brought to his side, his victims turning them into vampires.

Thence, he created a legion that served him. He acted in several bloody moments over the Brazil´s history. Along of the time after housing occupation in the slums, from where the government moved away, he joined the mediums that worked for the traffic. Since he granted abundant bloodshed, he would command the less-graduated vampire slaves. This group under his orders has been growing with workers in hospitals, roads, prisons and on streets.

Then, the Instructor interrupts and asks us to listen to the words of the vampire Maurice as follows:

We have to increase our army, because we need much more blood and the younger the blood, the better. Tear up, cut heads off, kill, I do not care, but bring those unfortunate ones to our side. The greater our army, the stronger we are to face the army that says superior with the Followers of the Lamb.

There is much more blood on the roads and slums; in the yards of candomble are no longer good.

Persecute all those hindering us to advance and attack without mercy, without pity, and annihilate them.

After these words, his image disappeared, when the Light shone stronger in GESJ. Around the both Spirit Houses Servant Jesus, in Vitoria and in Jacaraipe, we reinforced the doors and for the time being, we threw away the vampires.

Maurice, vampire, 01/24/2014





Note: (...we lost the beginning of the following message).


(...) the more isolation we build around the captured creatures, stronger the accumulated density, when we receive authorization to act this way for a certain period.

A Specialized Colony in assisting these creatures with vicious in usurpation of energies of others, it answers for treatment and recovery of those already in conditions to recovered. However, it is temporary, because periodically, they transfer these brothers, avoiding the strong agglomeration of waste and spirits - their victims around themselves.

Sister, as you know, the subject is complex and we can only reveal it partially. I mean, only the knowledge necessary for the enlightenment and adequate to encourage human mind for the spiritual progress.

Addiction is a very risky procedure; to connect with creatures like the ones you have seen and heard, it demands much responsibility.

The human beings should not ignore the Free Will Law. They need to study and know it well, in order to understand the goodness of the Creator, and thank Him for the right choices made toward the path of progress and Light.

Brothers, you should avoid the vicious tendencies of your souls, for not putting at risk the happiness you long for, the blessings received, the gift of life.

Think about it and seek God, loving Him above all things; connect your minds only to the "Creator Source" of all universes, from which emanates all life, all love and all goodness.

The messages you receive are not fanciful. They are only a part of the extra physical reality, which you do not know; little veil rises in favor of the human spiritual renewal. Do not despise the opportunity comes to you.

Sister, you can make your questions.

Question: Are you Brother Shama Hare?

Shama Hare: Yes, I am Shama Hare.

Q: I would like to know, if all this work of bringing messages refers to this moment on Earth with threats of war, accidents and catastrophes, as well as large amount of films, drawings, and magazines glorifying these brothers.

S. H. When a Planet penetrates the vibrational stage of “separation between the wheat from the tares", as transition necessary to the evolution, then, the harvest occurs according to the previous sowing. This humanity sowed so much violence and pain, creating in the astral plane, shortcuts for the approach and free transit of negative beings of all categories. They freely circulate through certain areas of the astral plane, in demarcated territories. The stronger the hierarchy of the Being, the more violent its action is in limiting the field, where its followers feed.

Vampires belong to a strong category; they are intelligence enough to manipulate and guarantee their repast. Do not forget, these beings can act in much more perverse way. If they are among you, were you that attracted them by your inconsequential preterit practices.

As the previous subject, we carefully show you the awful pictures of vampirism practices, in order to protect the mediums. Although widely commented on the subject, the reality is often more painful and cruel than you know. We present it partially, enough to awaken those who seek spiritual knowledge and enlightenment.

May the peace of Lord Jesus be with us! May He bless our work!


Shama Hare, 01/24/2014





This message refers to a conversation among Margarida, Diego and Penha. It brings additional information and clairvoyance about vampires. Diogo has already made previous contact. Read it, in Divulgation nr. 77, message 10)


Blessed is Jesus!

I have already learned many things. When the spirit wants, he learns faster. I really want to advance and forget about my past.

Margarida: You are right, my brother.

Diego: They told me, work is the best way to erase the facts we wish to forget. They showed me various works in hospitals, cleaning and others. I accepted the work they gave me, which is to speak and to explain why vampires are now, throughout the world. Times before, they lived hidden and could not appear.

Nevertheless, today is the time for them to present themselves. There is a kind of agreement with others also very bad beings. Thus, each one protects and defends the other; they fear nothing and are everywhere.

Margarida: My brother, it is time for them to appear, although the people will not believe it.

Diego: Many of these vampires are very intelligent. They know how to attract other beings. A vampire cannot enter a house unless he is invited, says the legend, but it is also true they cannot enter a house that is closed. When they invade the mind, they look like animal attached to the other. The most intelligent vampires discovered a way to open various minds, at the same time.

Margarida: Does it favor them?

Diego: In order, they keep opened the doors of the "mental houses" to penetrate and cling to people. I am using my own words.

Diego: I want to make progress, but I still have many difficulties. My mind is not well. Then, my great is my effort to choose words, sentences and speak it in clear way that everyone understands.

Margarida: We understand everything, because we already have many messages on the subject. By reading and comparing, we understand them perfectly.

Diego: I came and told my story; I was very afraid and cried so much. Now, I feel better, balanced, and mentally stronger here. (It refers to the communication when this vampire did not remember his own name and Mrs. Margarida called him John Francis. Read message 10, Divulgation nr. 77).

Every day, when we wake up and before going to bed, we pray thanking God for everything, as the sister did now. During the day, we watch our words for not distancing of this line of prayer. This is very good for us.

Margarida: Have you already told your story?

Diego: Yes, I did.

Margarida: Then, we can publish it.

Diego: It is a sad story.

Margarida: People believe or not, we publish these messages to all humanity.

Diego: The sister gave me a name when I was here. The sister created a name because I did not remember that of mine. My name is Diego.

These expert vampires planned to tell many stories of vampires, so that people could know of them, with their ways of thinking and living. Thence in contact with them, would open and made the minds accessible for later domination.

Those who enjoy this subject and seek, at ease, they end up inviting the vampires, who perceive the mental reception, they approach and, if allowed by the person, establish a symbiosis, a way to feed on the energy of that creature, giving in exchange a kind of food, which is not good, but keep connection among them.

They do all this, in search of food throughout the world where they live and multiply them too.

Margarida: They incorporated the vampire shape, living into troops, maybe because they already lost the human notion and form.

Diego: Yes, I am talking about vampires, because those who still have some human notion human, they do not consider themselves vampires. Vampires live into groups. The Instructors said the vampires belong to the category of completely deformed, animalized, sick, and demented spirits. They do not think anymore as human beings, and let the instinct guide them. Their senses develop much more than the human beings do. They smell, listen, and see better than humans. No human appeal gets to dissuade a vampire.

It is wrong think that simple words detain a vampire. The only way to make a vampire to retake his human condition is by draining all the negativity he own attracted, as I did.

I needed to live in a sterile planet, until I was free from memories of terrible troubles I had, and the local soil absorbed them. Then, I could think again as a human being and listen to the words, after had suffered too much.

Therefore, a vampire does not change with words, only with indoctrination.

Margarida: When we talk to a vampire, we do not want to change him, at once. We only wish he is able discern between right and wrong, pointing him out the right way. It is up to him to abandon or not the vampirism.

Diego: When a person speaks, the word seems wrapped with a kind of "smoke". This smoke surrounds the vampire; anesthetizing and preventing him of hypnotize someone. Words say nothing, and not all the instructors get to remove the smoke and achieve this effect.

It is important to speak; the word often does not reach its goal. The human word cannot penetrate the "shell" and reach the vampire´s mind, from which come many bad things able to reach the human minds too.

Do not enter, but leave. Do you understand?

After the vampire undergoes the treatment described, it is possible to talk with him. If you want to stop a vampire, do not try it with words, but with strength against strength. It requires much strength, because they are strong.

Margarida: A popular proverb says, "Where there is strength, the lesser one ceases!" Our strength is small, but we work under the strong strength of Jesus.

It is why many vampires come here to tell us their story. We are working with these stories and publishing them throughout the Planet Earth, where people can understand Portuguese, Spanish and English, since they want. This is a part, which depend on us doing it with much love.

Diego: Everyone here undergoes too tiny screen, and the first step is to take a shower of Light. No one stands up after the shower of Light. They fall without strength.

After taking the bath of Light, they go to specific wards with walls and doors made of material able to avoid them communicate or disturb other patients. Then, after individual analysis, they determine which destiny for each one.

Then, large spaceships transport many of those vampires unconscious, to force them to enter in the spaceships that lead them to places like that I was.

Margarida: They undergo good treatment.

Diego: I also received it.

Margarida: It is not like prison, it is treatment.

Diego: I do not know how long I stayed there, but it was slow the treatment.

Margarida: You will become human again.

Diego: We gradually learn and change.

Margarida: Eternity has no end.

Diego: A friend of mine said that a long walk always starts with the first step. It is going ahead that we walk.

Medium Penha: My brother, as you said, this set of books published about young vampires seeks also to prepare the humanity to receive them. Is not it?

Diego: Yes, they are not only books, but also different ways of communication. It is important the humans see vampires as bad thing. The idea is to see vampire as good being, for not cause fear, which creates barriers among people. Since they are afraid, the door of the mind stays opened to let them come in.

This way, they are doing everything they want. There are many workers engaged in movies and meetings explaining, teaching and showing them films. 

Many others try to break the work, by advising their followers about it. However, those that work with movies, television, drawings and books only think about the money they will earn.

Margarida: They ignore the consequences.

Diego: They do not think of anything. Many of their spiritual guides try to warn the producers and writers exploited by vampires, but they ignore it, thinking they have their own ideas. They only think to take advantage of something very good to grant them a lot of money. They ignore the callings of alert and explanation received.

There are many beings working in this direction, but are not heard. There is a very big financial appeal.

The vampires monitor all those beings who watch the productions, No one escapes. They cannot interfere in this or that being, but can choose those who will obsess for communication later. They accompany them at home and watch them, so that understand how their minds work.

We can see many beings astonished or banished.  The spiritual friends of those beings obsessed by vampires, they create situations to frighten them or so that the vampires do not find them again. However, others cannot help their friends that end up in the hands of vampires making them vulnerable and weak.

The obsessive beings that just think on the same subject, they are the favorite ones for the vampires. The door opens to them join and connect.   Thence a very difficult process of interruption begins, when one´s mind begins to use the other. Vampires are strong, and person needs so much mental strength to get rid of it. It happened with me due to a weakness of my soul.

Thank you for giving the opportunity of working, talking and telling to you what I have seen. I studied and learned so much. I know that somehow, I can help others. I also thank God for this opportunity. My dear mother also helps me a lot.

Margarida: Is your mother in the physical or in the spiritual plane?

Diego: She is here with me.

Margarida: I see her in the spiritual plane.

Diego: Yes, she is.

Margarida: Happy is the person who has someone to love and help him/her in this transition. I know, you, my brother wants to go out. You are working in this direction with someone who loves you very much. You are making efforts to stay and work with us. Continue with the work and treatment. Soon you are well again.

Diego: I am no more a vampire; I am a Servant of Jesus.

Blessed is Jesus!

Diego (ex-vampire), undated


Clairvoyance: I saw a thin thread stretched out to a certain region of the Lower Astral, with several vampires curled into it, and then, brought to our GESJ.

They took a bath of light and fainted.

They remained in special cameras, hermetically close, without propagation of thoughts, and without communication.

After partially assisted, they undergo sleep therapy. During this time, nurses performed countless tests until had the correct dosage to leave the mind ready to be treated.

One worker accessed a vampire's mind through a notebook. He took notes of his story and highlighted other important points.

They used apparel that measured and analyzed the vampire's energetic field and recorded this information with others.

This information undergoes a process of analysis that aims at analyzing the vampires for destination and treatment.






Clairvoyance: I can see scenes of battle between Light and vampires in front of GESJ. At the end, many vampires were lying on the ground, defeated.

In this meantime, I see a very beautiful woman, dressed in white, looking for someone among the bodies. After a while, she meets a young man, with a sword nailed into the heart, transformed into a vampire.

She kneels down crying and tenderly brings this vampire to the GESJ, where she puts him on the ground and begs Shama Hare to help him, her son.

Then the message came:


May the peace of the Master be with us!

For a long time, I sought this place of light, where I could leave my precious burden, son of my heart. He was lost in drinking blood, moral and spiritual corruption.

My beloved son had firm and honest Christian Education. However, his rebellious spirit did not follow the moral precepts, we taught him, as did his brothers.

We were of noble family in Spain, in the city of Seville. Though wealthy, gold and nobility in my home was not the absolute God. We were Catholics devoted to St. Francis, as we could and followed his teachings; but little Raul, always rebellious, was not happy with our simple way of living.

He looked for parties, orgies, and involved himself in the horrendous circle of "Bullfights," where I saw in his eyes, the satisfaction of slaughtering and see the animal´s suffering and bloodshed.

Once, a bull fatally wounded him and my son had his blood mixed with that of the poor animal.

After a few months, I saw him all bloody coming full of hatred, deformed. He blasphemed God, Saint Francis, and me who did not help him with my useless prayers.

He attacked me and nailed his teeth on my neck. I felt the numbness and cold of death invading my body.

From then on, I began my pilgrimage in search of my son and, at the same time, helping his vast group of victims such as children, old men and women.

He joined the group of prostitutes, drug addicts, thieves, and so on. Even irresponsible priests were in that dark group. They all were hungry and thirsty for the precious blood. His greatest pleasure was the war plenty of victims. On the other hand, there are many others seduced by the beautiful image projected by the vampires before the fatal bite.

In front of the women, they showed themselves seductive, confident as if they were the ideal man; sometimes maintained intimate relations with the young women. After the exchange of fluids, they seduce the young women, even pushing them into addiction. They, seldom, kill at once the victims that give them blood and body.

Referred to men, they act as counselors, protectors, good friends, whose victims are strong, young, and precious source of food. They start in the world of crime, leaving to emerge the past bad tendency, which their spiritual guides and friends tried to give up.

As far as I know, each one receives according to own merit. My authoritarian and abusive son threw himself against the Light, daring to invade and destroy this precious Nucleus of Light - GESJ, well known for its work of rescue and divulgation about the macabre purposes of the vampires, throughout the world. They declare war against the Spiritist Group Servants of Jesus.

Thanks God, my boy engaged in this fight, and I confess, ashamed, that I myself incited him to participate. He knew he would die. It happened when he faced an experienced Warrior of Light who nailed the sword in his heart.

I asked Master Shama Hare´s permission to bring my son here. To him, Shama Hare, I am always grateful for everything. His wisdom, love and firm character made me feel me confident, but without illusion of Raul’s recovery.

Nevertheless, he said to me choose my way, of progress and learning, which I could not postpone, by misuse of my son's free will. He said to me continue believing in God who looks for all his children.

Thank you, Master for loving words”.

Thank you, Servants of Jesus for receiving this vampire rebellious son against the Divine Laws.

May Jesus give us strength and Light!

Magdalena (Mother of a vampire), 01/25/2014



So that no one says, I never said of flowers.




May Peace be with us!

It was an extraordinary experience I had in the Spirits Doctrine to contain my rebellious spirit.

Today I know that many people judged me like saint, for not knowing that in my heart had also human needs.

Do not you think that I had dreams such as of going to the beach, of having a family and my beloved children? I wished I could scape when I wished, when one pressed me to receive the books, or even when the desperate clients looked for miracles at once.

I also desired to give up those moments of responsibility, which, to me, were heavier than I could bear!

However, thanks to my Guide who knew my weakness, always vigilant at my side, warning me that was better to suffer in matter than in spirit, which granted the north of my work.

He said, "Son, Jesus does not rest! He is the greatest Light in our lives, and why do you think you must rest? Work resigned with so much discipline!

His advices echoed in my head.

Sometimes, I cried for feeling weak, but I kept going ahead without regretting, because what I see today is so wonderful, far above, I deserve. The little efforts I exerted when incarnated, they seem so great; but are not, in view of guilt and spiritual delay we have. I see it much clearly now, because when incarnated I did not.

We all are Servants of Jesus, who commands our lives, actions, thoughts and will. To Him, we surrender unconditionally, sure that He only wants to see us to evolve.

This is my contribution to you, my sisters that I did not know while incarnated. It is a pity, because the communion of souls with same ideals of evolution and progress is always a joy. However, we do not incarnate only to be happy, do we?

Happiness comes later! We had the body wounded, tired, due to the e human incomprehension, and injustices suffered, but with a heart full of faith and trust, we become free, and, yes, we find happiness!

May Jesus bless you and us, traffickers of this Planet of Atonement and Trials!

If we can help the Planet Earth, like the flower kissing bird carrying only a drop of water to quench a great fire, let us do it with joy and goodwill!

Jesus is the Light to warms our life!

Blessed is Jesus!

Hail the Servants of Jesus!

Chico Xavier, 02/02/2019





Blessed is Jesus!

Brothers, the difficulties we face over the earthly existences, they are part of the tests programmed so that the Spirit evolve.

After each victory against the daily troubles, stronger and prepared is the spirit for next phase. Times of trials and atonements become more complex, as the spirit strengthens itself through the victories conquered.

Moreover, if the creature seeks inner renewal through the Gospel of Jesus, the Doctrinaire and mediumistic works in the Spiritist House, larger becomes his vision and understanding about life and reaching new evolutionary stages previously unknown. Clearings of Light open upon his soul; while the beautiful pictures of infinite beauty open to the spirit, when radiant and happy, he achieves a better level of evolution.

Brothers, you live in a world plenty of troubles, inertia, negligence, selfishness, vanity, and pride without control. There are dense layers, through which must penetrate the spirit who seeks progress, and when can see above the usual density, he delights with the Divine Goodness.

Do not be disappointed with the trials.  It is necessary to reach the goal. The last steps before the arrival are the most difficult, but without reaching them, inch by inch, there is no victory.

There is much activity in the spiritual plane, because of collective deaths of people already unaware of the reality after death increasing in the whole Planet. They are spirits of brothers still distant of God´s Laws, thus bringing much imbalance to the spiritual plane, requiring many efforts by the Rescue Parties.  Be you also workers who answering to the call, you help the Rescue Parties and the spirits get rid of the physical cocoon while resting. Be you at service to the Superior Spirituality, by means of prayer, thoughts and elevated vibrations before going to bed, thus preparing the spirit for the work.

There is a large number of Evolved Beings guiding, comforting and preparing you for the work, since you welcome them with kindness, dedication and fraternity, helping others.

Jesus is with us and His Love is always our Safe Harbor!

Blessed is Jesus!

Blesses is Love guiding us!

Joana de Angelis, 02/01/2019



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