NEW Divulgation 83


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INITIAL WORDS ......................................................................................GESJ


1. Bring the Little Boy Jesus in your hearts …........................... Amalia Rodrigues

2. Report of an encounter with the Light .................................................... Krishna

3. Gateway to superior energy....................................................................... Esdras

4. Don't stray from Lord Jesus................................................... Terezinha de Jesus

5. Understand the progress of events …………………………….Peter, the apostle

6. They need faith that removes mountains............................................ Luis Sergio

7. The Gospel as your shield....................................................... Archangel Gabriel

8. The prophecies taking place……................................................................ Ramp

9. Change your actions............................................................................ Nicodemus

10. Struggle for Peace and Harmony on Earth........................ Master Saint Germain

11. Christmas….................................................................................. Auta de Souza


MEDIUMS (or spiritual channels): Edilza and Gisele




Dear brothers and sisters,

May the lessons and energies of Master Jesus awaken, in each of us, the purest feelings of love for our earthly brothers!

We have been through a difficult year; however, we have ended it! It was a test for our spiritual development. How many of us, in these difficult days, understood and practiced the lessons of charity and goodwill of the Gospel? To whom and how many do we extend our hands? To how many do we take the material and bread?

Do we remain overwhelmed by selfishness or paralyzed by fear?

Master Jesus brought us all the lessons we need to go through the present moment  with lessons that have being reinforced, every day, by new messages sent by him and by our most evolved brothers.

May Christmas be of reflection! Are we really preparing ourselves for what is coming in our lives? Master Jesus does not abandon his sheep, even those who run away from him. The time comes to us return to our fold.

We wish Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year, for a new human being!

May Peace of Jesus be with you!





01. Bring the little boy Jesus into your hearts


The Planet Earth celebrates the birth of the child Jesus!

More than two thousand years ago, the most beautiful star in the universe was materialized on the physical plane. That little boy Jesus who was born in a humble cradle, he granted hope of a new future on Earth.

He was there, for all humanity, the promise of regeneration, hope for a better world and message of forgiveness.

The little boy Jesus became a man feared by some, loved by few and hated among the greatest ones. His message caused astonishment in the majority, because they did not understand the noble mission brought by the Angel to the Planet.

Nowadays, when everyone is celebrating the advent of his birth, we expect that his message of peace not only shine in the houses with Christmas lights and in the glittering papers of gifts.  May people share and

The coming and presence of the Baby Jesus!

Share the bread of forgiveness, welcome the sufferers in a fraternal embrace, offer sincere friendship and exert efforts so that the teachings of the Beloved Master are not lost over the time, but remain alive and pulsating in the men´s hearts.

Nevertheless, because of arriving of “end of times”; unruly human behavior, the Master’s words, little by little, falls into oblivion. Thus, after the parties to his coming to the matter, He is forgotten again.

Brothers and sisters do not leave the little boy Jesus confined to a tree in the corner of the house. Let Him be the most important presence on Christmas Eve. Whoever is in His presence, never forgets the harmony and welfare brought by his Light.

Earthly men, just now, the greatest recognition that you can make to the effort, bloodshed, tears shed in suffering for his people, is to put into practice the teachings He left on Earth: “love your neighbor as yourself, and God Father, above all things”.

Forgive those that along of the year brought to you words of hatred and resentment. Fraternally embrace each one that caused you anguish and turned his back on you in the time of need. Smile for those who did not understand your words. Have compassion with others, because they need a word of comfort.

Therefore, brothers, always forgive, because everyone, somehow, suffers from human incomprehension. Then forgiveness is the best gift you can offer to your needy brother.

May Peace be among men, and Master's Light among all of you!


Amalia Rodrigues, 12/07/2019.


02.  Reporting of an Encounter with the Light.


I am a sinner who did not deserve the help received by the Lamb´s workers, when I felt atrocious pains due to the remorse that tortured me and for my executioners who sentenced me to eternal forced labor.

In times of pain, when there is no one else to beg help, the creature remembers of the One who has always been pure love and supports everyone, even those who turn him the back.

I was a relentless worker, dedicated to erasing, from the people's mind, memories of the Angel of goodness who was on Earth. I was tenacious in destroying his work and deeds. I was a prominent religious in centuries past. As I had the confidence of the humble and ignorant people, it was easier, gradually to deconstruct and shape the Master's messages to my interests.

After disincarnating, the forces of darkness sucked me into “The hell”, which I threatened both women and men so much, if they did not satisfy my ambitions for power and lust.

Brothers, I will not let you know about the horrors I faced in the abysm. Nevertheless, there is one thing I can say able to help you. Do not delay to get out of the hard path toward the Light. Listen to the Instructors who, with love and dedication, guide you drive on the safe road.

Do not think that there will always be time to reform your souls, or that there is an exaggeration when those prophets of good news alert you to the emergence of the moment in which you live.

I am telling you that they are very soft and kind in not giving a detailed description about life in the dark inferior astral, and how it gets more terrible in each level going down. They save you from these narratives, because they work by distributing love and not misfortunes or hopelessness.

It was recommended to me, save you from what I have seen and lived, even so to disturb my mind. Today support me, those that I have always defamed and sought to destroy through my ecclesiastical authority. I am still working in the Abyss, but now as an infiltrator of the Light - as they say, a spy - passing information on the places where is able to  rescue unfortunate brothers and do to the cleaning safely.

My guilt and remorse do not allow me to leave this place and, somehow, I agreed with the superiors that I would stay here until everyone who is here in these basements of darkness, through my actions, can see the Light and remember Master Jesus.

In the Abyss, there is neither forgiveness nor hope: life is consumed by pain, remorse and humiliation. The memory of the logger makes us sink deeper into the swamps of our memories. Thence, for centuries, we have made with our sins, the iron bars of ours prisons. However, I can assure you, the humble workers who, with their white robes, come here, uninterruptedly; they invite us to change the course of our thoughts, and to remember without fear or guilt the Angel of Light. It means, we shall neither to cling to the image of the cross, nor to think about our past lives, nor those whom we have launched in these places, but rather, to free ourselves so that, in the future, we can free them too.

It may seem impossible to your mind limited by the earthly time, but it took centuries of negotiations and attempts to encourage me to change the course of my actions. I mean until a female Spirit of Light with all tenderness of a mother and the sweetest look that has ever been directed at me, came to my secular cave and told me that she had a message from her son. She told me that I finally I could consider myself free and forgiven, because He never condemned me to the “Hell” that my life had become.

Now, I share the message with you. It was difficult to me not feel too much emotion, when I remember the day, the chains fell to the ground and then, Peace, which I did not think I had a right to, invaded my guilty and "dead" soul. Here it is:

“Beloved brother of my heart, for centuries, I was by your side, just hoping the one day you would remember the time we were together.

Why do you seek comfort in the darkness for your tortured soul when I offer the light able to free you?

If you had in mind my words, you would remember that love and forgiveness are what I offer to all children of creation.

Do you believe that your pain and suffering are compensations that you seek for Divine Justice? It is not it, dear brother of My Heart! I offer you, the warmth of the sun, path of peace, peaceful rest without nightmare or fear, good friendship and true joy. I wish neither your sacrifice nor your unproductive guilt, which only serves for your staying in the basements of the mind.

I also offer you the work for the ones who suffer, support for the helpless ones, putting into practice the knowledge you already have in helping those who, like you, fear me and judge me by their own actions.

Here I am, Spirit Esdras reminding you of what I taught: with love and forgiveness, we can overcome everything and the Father who created us does not want the remorse of the guilty, but the redemption of those who are lost in the Abyss.

Believe in these words of Jesus, dear friend. Free yourself from guilt and come to work in my name, by the Light. Remember: “I am the way, truth, and life. No one will come to the Father except through me.”

So here I am, brothers, still working in the Abyss. Now, I am working humbly in the name of the Light, because of my eternal gratitude to Mother Mary and my older brother Jesus propelling me to rescue those who, as it happened to me, find themselves hopeless and prisoners in “eternal hell”.


Esdras, 07/11/2020.


03. Gateway to Superior Energy.


Earthly brothers, may peace be in your hearts!

You usually think the matter is a perfect machine. Then, I ask you if in this moment you live, do you really think that a perishable body and exposed to the earthly vicissitudes is a perfect machine?

Do not settle for life in matter! Expand your minds and studies to you leave victorious from the prison in which you find are - for ease, pride and rebellion - in backward and inferior planets.

Perfect and infinite is the spirit, which, if you allow it, will reach extraordinary and enlightened knowledge.

Everything in the universe is unique with definite and superior purposes. Chakras are gateways to absorb the higher energy that circulates abundantly in the cosmos. However, life in planets similar to your home does not allow the free absorption of that energy in your bodies because of two basic reasons.

The first one is the essence of your thoughts, which greatly influences your actions, speech and interaction with your environment. Thought works as a strong barrier preventing the circulating crystalline energy from being captured by your chakras and, finally, absorbed by your body.

The second reason is the moral level in which you are and voluntarily live. Moral ascension is so important that this higher state of soul reflects directly on your physical-spiritual health, since it grants  you to a state of high energy balance, harmony and peace, adjusting the descent of the harmful morbid, in the necessary drainage of the astral body.

Good thoughts and a high moral level are essential for the absorption of this sublime energy, which puts the spirit in intimate contact with the Light of Creation. There are no barriers for those who, despite being in the condition of atonement and trials, strive to get out of lethargy, in the various opportunities for ascension always offered by Guides and Masters of humanity. Thence, the harmful and morbid overload that obstructs and “pollutes” these centers of force is the individual total responsibility, derived from his way of acting.

From the moment, the manual of love and freedom granted to you more than two thousand years ago, by the Master is available to everyone, together with the vast literature sent by His messengers, for whatever you do, there would always be a consequence. The Gospel of Jesus is a continuous invitation to forgive offenses, to help the neighbor and to elevate thoughts to build the superior egregory in your lives. As you follow him, in incessant effort, you gradually clean your tunics and break the chains binding you to the vices of all sorts, and finally, with your mind commanded by the spirit evangelized, no longer live by instinct, which enslaves in demand satisfaction in the matter.

Become you free!

The prisons you place yourself in, whether emotional, material, social, family or professional are barriers created by your acting, resulting in a vicious cycle of absorption of lower energy that obstructs the chakras, preventing the Divine Light from dwelling within you.

The path to the Light, you already have in the Master's words; "I am the way, truth and life, and no one comes to the Father, except through me".

May you be in Peace!

Krishna, 03/10/2020.


04. Do not stray from Lord Jesus!


Mother Mary,

In prayer, I beg for the suffering ones who, in orphanhood, go through the trials without the fraternal and gentle embrace.

In the name of most loving Mother Mary, all the children of creation are little ones facing the pain of trials and atonements. As children, they fight and hurt the Father, because they judge themselves disinherited.

No, brothers, we have never been as close as now, when the cycle is closing and trials increase.

Then we pray: do not stray from the source that keeps you alive, which is the Master Jesus.

Do not stray from your religiosity, as you feel not have your appeals answered. It does not happen.

Caravans leave from the Father's houses in order to help the suffering ones. We ask you to understand the sublime moment in which you live.

Perhaps, as in the current time, you never had such a unique opportunity to rescue, to strengthen your faith or to understand the pain of others.

Be you as strong as the Christians sacrificed in the Roman arenas that in an act of faith blessed the Master of Love and prayed: “Your will be done.”

So today, as before, loving hands and soft lips touch your forehead as a gesture of love and understanding, telling you to resist, because the reward is not in the physical plane, but in the Father´s house.


Terezinha de Jesus, 07/31/2020.


05. Understand the advance of events.


I am Peter, humble servant of Jesus with you.

We ask this humanity; do not petrify your hearts!

The current moment on earth is the great opportunity for you to make your choices and live, in fullness, “loving your neighbor as yourself, and the Father, our Creator, above all things

A large number of disembodied spirits are approaching and taken into exile due to acceleration of the Planetary Transition.

It is necessary to understand that the advance of events does not mean a decision taken at the last minute due to the aberrations gradually g revealed to the unsuspecting people on earth. It occurs so that the moral, spiritual and social degradation does not expand to such an extent that earthly humanity is considered lost.

There are beings freed from prisons; chains broken, and everyone have the opportunity to change the course of life, even those already selected for exile on planets in tune with their vibration. These brothers do not ignore their present and future condition of living, but they still have an opportunity, even in the midst of the chaos and pain they will find in exile, to make an effort in choosing for the Light and inner renewal, as previously occurred with those who came to exile on Earth.

The veil has not yet been fully lifted and, the fragile, sensitive hearts will be astonished when see how far men have come in the pursuit of self-economic power and over others, due to the insane partnership they have made with Lords of Darkness.

Everything will be revealed before this phase of the Planetary Transition ends. Master Jesus told us that He would have his name denied by the majority of leftists inhabiting on Earth, as I myself did in a moment of indecision and fear of earthly judgment. Now, it is not just a man, but also his people who will turn their backs on the Master and surrender to the call of the Beast.

The black threads are subtle and, gradually, compose a large network, a trap for the undecided, indifferent, careless ones of doubtful morals. Those who put themselves, as it is said on Earth, “on top of the wall”, will be the easiest ones captured by the Beast, and end up going into exile for  to relive the trials of pain and atonement.

The words of the Light no longer echo in human hearts as before, and if everyone remembers the Master´s words, they will see that everything is being fulfilled as it was said to humanity, even in the midst of the distortion of veracity manipulated by cunning minds. The essence of these words recorded still prevails and will happen!

The apocalyptic time is being opened to human creatures and the majority does not realize the direction, which is taking. Then will be you, who hear the call of the Light, Christians who suffer at the hands of unbelievers. However, is necessary to pass the tests of faith, resignation and surrender to the Master.

True Christians may still suffer for the affirmation of their belief.

He who lives will see!

May the Light of Master Jesus be among you, strengthening your hearts against the call of the Beast, which at that moment is managing to deceive the weakest ones, who allow being seduced!

May strength, light, resignation, love, goodwill and benevolence be among you!


Peter, Apostle - 09/04/2020


06. They need faith that removes mountains.


Blessed is Peace of beloved Master Jesus!

Brothers, since millennia, souls have come and gone and have not yet understood the great opportunity of pains and atonements acting in cleaning the tunics for the great banquet.

Humanity, since its creation goes through phases in which has been accumulating karma and making painful harvests such as diseases, which are ways of without violence or bloodshed, to make a planetary cleaning and, at the same time, give an impetus to the stagnant soul - whether due to accommodation or rebellion insisting in not advancing on the evolutionary path.

You must understand that you are going through; it is one of those programs for a large number of people to give up the inertia.

Many spirits are penetrating the astral world in complete despair and unprepared for death. Moreover, under these conditions, they go to exile seeking to face rectifying tests to eliminate the wounds still attached to the spiritual body. This is how the Light works: from pain, comes a benefit.

Therefore, be you ready, because the more the earthly programming advances, the more intense the atonements become and the more troubled become the roads to peace and harmony.

Those who are remaining, they need faith that removes mountains and confidence in the higher designs, because, inevitably will witness much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Be you perseverant in the Light, brothers!


Luis Sergio, 08/22/2020


07. The Gospel as your shield


Disciples of Master Jesus,

The time has come to announce that is closer the moment to you cross the arenas, like the Christians before.

You will stand before the courts of your conscience when cannot disguise yourself as false Christians, because the various layers that covered your spirits in the varnish of the sick society, where you live, will not resist the force of the Light. Moreover, the Earth will swallow the hidden ones.

You must face the lions with the virtues you have acquired up to now.

Your armor will stand on faith; your sword will be your truth; your shield will be the Gospel. The time has come for the true rightists to confront and attest that they drank from the cup offered by the Father.

Legions of Angels come down to Earth, already prepared for the coming combat. It is true that the previous year announced the beginning of tribulations and you will see in a fast time, everything that the prophecies announced to humanity.

It means, empires collapsing, Nations against Nations, parents against children, sensuality will show undisguised those who dominate the minds of weak creatures. It will also be visible, as the time approaches, he, who will be ready for combat. The plots triggered silently in the darkness will emerge and let many people terrified on Earth.

However, I say to you all, do not be suffer by what is to come, which is the planetary cleaning taking place in the humanity and the Light revealing the true face of those who disguise themselves as followers of Christ.

Enrich your faith! Fight for your spiritual life!

We remain with you until your return to the Father's House.

Blessed is Master Jesus!

Blessed is the Planetary Christ!


Gabriel, Angel, 08/22/2020.


08. Prophecies taking place.


Blessed is Lord Jesus!

Blessed is the Light leading and sustaining us!

I am Ramp present among you, sisters.

The material eyes cannot glimpse the great battle that is taking place in the astral underworld. There are screams of victory thrown over this humanity, believing that it is at hand in the human realm.

There is a great and uncontrolled flow of fear energy thrown into the astral plane. Eminent fear of death, fear of isolation, which feed various forms of thoughts present in the astral plane.

The superior spirituality controls these thought forms for not taking on gigantic proportions, enslaving a humanity that has not prepared itself for the present hour.

We count on the collaboration and superior knowledge of extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial brothers. If the chaos has not yet taken place on the physical plane, it is because the Planetary Christ, Master Jesus and His emissaries strive daily to ensure it does not happen.

The earthly negligence allows the action of dark beings. The apparent calm does not occur in the minds and, behind the earthly homes doors, battles of hatred and revenge take place, which we are not aware of them.

Thus, the great psychologists of humanity, in the Astral, as superior beings send their workers to try to alleviate these conflicts, in this earthly moment, so that these tragedies do not take place massively in the houses.

Nothing happens that is not due to karma, neither from earthly programming nor allowed by the Father. Humanity sought, with its actions, this moment that it experiences. Several opportunities came to prevent it from happening, such as the coming of Master Jesus, Avatars, Messengers and others.

Thence, the prophecies are being fulfilled and whoever manages to remain united by thought to the superior minds, have an hour of his day in prayer, asking mercy for families, for the sick ones and for those who work in favor of the neighbor.

We invite everyone to join us at work, help and in the various battles fought on the astral plane.

Blessed is Master Jesus!

Hail the Light!


Ramp, Instructor of the Servants of Jesus City



09. Change your actions.


Brothers, the cross, which you carry only weighs when you move away from the path of love and forgiveness of offenses, and from the path of understanding  who is your neighbor and what is your pain.

If you choose the path with the Master, the burden becomes lighter for you. With faith, resignation and obedience to the Father's designs, you can see in many moments, soft hands to support you, when the weight of hard trials wears your body. However, if you choose not to follow that path, you will have darkness, pain and loneliness as faithful companions.

The Master carried the weight of the judgment of human sins on his shoulders, but he did it silently and with resignation, before the justice of men. And you, what do you do? An obstacle or denial of a desire, you pour all revolt and dissatisfaction into the Earth, reflecting on the weight of the cross that you carry.

Therefore, I suggest you to modify your actions determining the weights you carry. Moreover, you are the most responsible for the pains that weigh on the road of ascension, differently from those of the loving Master.



Note: Based on John´s Gospel, Nicodemus was a Pharisee, a member of the Sanhedrin, master of the Law, who was in favor of Jesus.



10. Struggle for Peace and Harmony on Earth


Disciples, here I am Master Saint Germaine with you!

Together with other Masters, we are aiding the suffering ones on Planet Earth. May all you join in one intention, in one voice, for peace and fraternity among peoples!

Despite all the predictions and prophecies for the Planetary Transition being fulfilled, nothing stops you from fighting for peace and harmony on Earth. Do not surrender to despair, pain and hopelessness, for when you join the desperate ones, you help a brother, wiping away a tear and supporting a mother.

Those who have already awakened must connect to the High in prayers, wherever you are. No supplication neither fails nor falls apart in the environment of pain. All prayers reach our hearts and revert to emanations of love, medicines poured into the waters of earthly homes for supporting the sick and weak bodies from battles experienced.

None of you are far from the loving shelter of Master Jesus, and we, who compose the make up the Great White Universal Fraternity invite our disciples to tread the field of the Master of Light, Love and Peace.

Blessed are Divine Master and the Planetary Christ!


Saint Germain, Master of GWUF - 05/07/2020.


11. Christmas Night!


Christmas night,

Family gathered in fraternity,

Let us offer to all humanity,

A prayer of love and friendship.


Starry Night,

That shines in the sky,

Let us make from his light,

The end of ours suffering.


Message of peace, He brought us on Earth,

So that we, still, in the struggles to live,

Under his peace, we would no longer suffer.


Love everyone indistinctly,

It is what the Master taught us,

So that in the freedom of the Universe,

We got out of prison, which our mind has become.


Then, it is Christmas,

Love was born in the manger,

To be distributed to everyone in praise,

Satiating us of peace and love,


Souza, Auta - 12/10/2019.

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