Divulgation 41


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Dear readers,

That Peace of Mister of the Worlds be always at our hearts!

To live peacetime at those turbulent days, it´s necessary that unshaken faith able to "move mountains" and trust in Divine Purposes inhabit our minds and hearts.

That don´t have doubt, doesn´t matter the pain, so that either revolt or hate don´t inhabit our hearts and, as consequence, the incredulity on existence of God, taking the last hopes of New Land.

There is no divine injustice for whom looks for truth, the reason that we are suffering so much physical, moral and spiritual pain.

"Seek and find" said Jesus.

Endeavour, research, study and think deeply about the Reincarnation, also called as "Law of Cause and Effect" or "Karmical Law". To understand better the subject, we suggest you reading an excellent work written by Atanagildo, Sowing and Picking (Boa Nova Publishing House, São Paulo). I Believe that it´s about time the people face the truth, avoiding some myths and dogmas such as: heavens and eternal Hell, Creation of Merciful Father in order that reward and punish his children and so on.

God doesn`t give prizes nor punishes; we reward ourselves, helping the other people as we´d like they helped us or we punish ourselves, while doing the opposite, challenging the Law of Cause and Effect. "who plants wind picks storm."

This divulgation has two parts. Firstly describes a real history, such as the other ones published in our newer book: Supplicant Hands for Mercy – Beyond the visible backstages of prisons.

The second part present messages to think deeply. Some of them are already published by our site. By other hand, lots of people interested on our work don´t have e-mail and asked us don´t forget them. Thus we repeat and also mail them as requested.

Have good reading!

Margarida, August, 2006

The low life of Jose and Josefa

It was afternoon. Josefa awaited Jose, her husband nearby the beach. She had finished her work, selling ice-cream. Jose was bricklayer assistant.

His husband was already three hours late and Josefa went her home in the slum. Josefa faced daily hard routine but didn´t complain it.

She had two daughters and every morning she left early, so that could fill her pushcart with best flavors of ice-cream for her customers.

Arriving at home, Josefa didn`t find Jose and surprised due his absence, she sought news among of the neighbors, that nothing knew about him.

In the next morning she falls back upon Police Station and great was the surprise when the police told her that Jose´s description checked with dangerous thief arrested a day before by policemen.

Jose arrested in police station

The police officer ordered to bring the prisoner for recognition. Josefa cried when saw his body, face and eyes of her husband covered with purple stains.

Afraid and rioted, Josefa stated to know him and his innocence.

The police officer answered her that by anonymous accusation Jose was punished for drug traffic. Thence as trafficker was submitted to torture so that could confess about the traffic net.

Stunned and crying Josefa stated that her husband was innocent and despite of being poor, he was a honest man and never had used drugs.

She asked permission to talk with her husband privately. She tried to comfort Jose and heard his version about the event. He knew that one of his companion used drugs, although never had involved with him.

Jose was preparing his personnel belongings on deposit counter where used to change clothes after the day of work and his backpack was open.

When noticed the arrival of police, there was large tumult and he believed that, at meantime, his friend put the drug inside his backpack. It was the only reasonable explanation for that sad episode.

He had already explained to police officer and nobody believed in him. I seemed they didn´t want the truth and yes a strawman.

Actually, Jose´s prison was convenient for police, presenting a criminal to be punished. For Jose´s boss, free to go on the disguised traffic in his office and also with real trafficker safe and sound. Only Jose, innocent was taken as criminal and arrested to that punishement prision.

Once time over for private visit, by order of police, Jose went in that filthy cell, even wounded.

The calvary of poor family

When no more he could support the strong pains in his chest, Jose fainted, provoking tumult in the cell.

The policemen collected the man to nursery. Two broken ribs and infection due the wounds was the result after a week at prison submitted to inhuman conditions, torture by reason of crime he hadn´t make.

In that day, Josefa left the police station stunned and at random.

Then, she remembered that had heard about public defender.

Firstly, Josefa fell back upon Jose´boss, but her efforts proved useless. With the short salary of his husband she lived from hand to mouth until restart selling ice-creams and nothing else.

The corrupt public defender

She visited Jose twice who only worsened and she walked long hours among of several institutions for helpind her husband. She sought the public defenser who answered her should pray, therefore only a miracle could liberate Jose of condemnation, who had been arrested in the act.

More and more stunned Josefa visited the Church. How would she take care of her daughters alone? Why too much suffering?

After all the efforts had proved useless to help his husband, she was worn out physicald and emotionally and went home to sleep. She dreamed about a beautiful place already known, where a beautiful woman appeared and explained her about everything had happened and she should be courageous, because worst still would come.

Actually, the next months had been too hard. Jose was condemned and collected to public prison, where already sick, he suffered a disease and every day was worse.

Dead, hate, revolt and revenge

After months of martyrdom, physical and moral suffering, humiliations and aggressions of every type, Jose died, except his spirit stood attached to that cell in which he had lived his last days and, recovering his memory partly, taken for deep revolt about everything he had suffered, he only wanted revenge. The hate seemed to renew him and thence was learning how to tame and store own emotions for appropriate moment.

Soon he began to investigate which prisioner would be subdued in order that revenged his enemies.The first one was the police officer who treated him too bad.

The opportunity soon came in a visiting day,while the police approached nearby the cell, Jose incited Demerval to catch and stabbing him, opening a hole at height of his liver.

Jose, happy sucked the energies and felt stronger. But his revenge only would be concluded when also had attacked the policemen that had tortured him. He sought one by one and provoked three deaths.

After concluded that stage of revenge, Jose felt strange and sad desire.

He reminded of Josefa and his daughters. He would like to see them again. At random, he was taken as far as the place where lived and, at distance, he saw his old family at home that seemed hungry. His daughters were very thin and his wife sick on the bed. A neighbor helped the little girls giving them something to eat. That picture increased Jose`s anger.

At once, he left towards the prision and met the old lawyer, who was searching the easiest cases of condemnation, so that could finish his task and continue his private procedures.

After had followed up the lawyer some days, Jose discovered him corrupt, unscrupulous, who died in a car accident planned by Jose.

Again renewed with vital fluids from his victim, Jose returned to prision.

From Defeated to winner

After had avenged his enimies, Jose felt alive that inclination of his temper, until then occult. He thought: never nobody worried with me. My family also have suffered much more by indifference of the world. Hereafter, I am the avenger.

Who worries with alien pain? Nobody! Then, why worry? Hereafter I spread pain among of neglectful people.

Jose returned to prision where had been arrested and knew the daily routine for his next lunge. He only wanted to balance acounts with whom had provoked his bankruptcy and those should suffer slowly.

His mother`s spirit visits him

While he prepared his revenge, a woman´s spirit of radiant appearance approached him. Mentally she projected on prisoners magnetic waves of spiritual comfort and tenderness.

Jose surprised with that, he felt nausea and his head seemed moving slowly. Afterwards, he felt as were numbed and saw in the prision the entity that had approached him before. Even stunned, he recognized that beautiful woman who had been his mother at physical life.

After involving him with loving vibrations, that Spirit of Light began the dialogue:

- Dear son, your wife and daughters need of your help. You already have clean out your hate over your executioners. Forget everything else and come with us to help whom you love and need to conclude their learning as embodied spirits.

Jose heard but didn`t understand nothing. Was that a dream or nightmare?

She stayed beside him trying to discourage him about his terrible revenge plans.Then she left him to decide which road wanted to follow thenceforth.

Jose woke up sad. In his mental screen, the impressions were strongly recorded and the hate no longer vibrated so strong. On the contray, now the prision cell seemed him filthy and he left that place at random. He remembered about his family and, at once he was in front of his house again.

Visiting his family

Taken by strong emotion he entered in and found much sadness there.

One daughter had just perished of starvation and the other one was at death´s door.

When he saw his daughter`s spirit, lied down beside the lifeless small body, he knelt down and prayed Lord´s Prayer begging for mercy. Soon he saw his mother approaching his girl`s spirit and, calling her name, helped her to stand up and put her in father´s arms saying: Jose, your daughter still lives and needs a father. Son, be as pure and simple as this little child who doesn´t hate her executioners. She executed her karmical rescue and is free to continue her journay hereafter.

Please, help her as father and leave the Largest Law to balance of accounts to whom had hurt your body and soul.

My son, there much more to understand about Life than reveal the material eyes.

Jose, worn out and deeply anxious embraced his little daughter and, hand in hand, the three spirits went to a Spiritual Shelter, leaving behind the material world. The Spiritual Medical Team in charge of affording assistance to patients of that prison helped the woman and her other daughter too. They would stay embodied a little more, so that could accomplish at plan physical, the spiritual obligations assumed before their reincarnation.

Count Rochester, 24/03/06



The presence of Beasts in prisions

Greetings, brothers!

We are with you on behalf of Master Jesus.

We follow you by invisible realities of awful terrestrial prisons.

If many of you feel sadness due the physical degradation, more desperate would feel when see large number of beasts caged together with prisoners in your terrestrial prisons.

There, live several types of spirits: commanded and commanders. The latter ones are bosses of gangs. From their little thrones settled under extreme violence, they subdue Life and Death of careless people.

The sexual degradation is the most aberrant possible and foolish pleasures are currency of accessing what should be basic needs.

Many of them, because of huge magnetic load, they have their astral bodies shaped up at mental form of animals.

Even as humans, don`t bear up such conditions, thence they shape up as physical form to survive.

At mental plan, those creatures don´t have either hope or future.

They live each minute furiously under a such inhuman condition, piled up, sharing the little space, at costs of hard confrontations and, usually, the loser is removed for not being devoured.

Your prison compound is fertile source of beasts, inadmissible to mankind.

Your society, taken as high-tech has acquired means of communication and transport highly developed, however, unable to communicate by fraternal and universal language, putting all of creatures at same landing of contact.

Even having advanced technology, you don´t help those careless people, men and women piled up who stay there even as disembodied spirits, increasing the number of beasts.

Brothers, open your eyes full of illusions and look for human feeling dispersed by empty hands for want of charity.

Your dear children are easy objects of Beasts, because of your own inertia, negligence and disaffection.

May Jesus blesses you.

Ranieri Matias, 07/12/05

They forget that also have relatives

The people are anesthetized by material goods. Gradually, they avoid the Evolved Spirituality and seek other religions for materialization of own desires. They want miracles of healing, profits and financial success.

They don´t want to face daily troubles, whereas only interested them to perpetuate the materialism as way of life and superficiality of spiritual knowledge, with rituals able to calm their consciences.

At this "climate" of each one for himself and devil for all, has increased the indebted creatures. Incited for physical needs, those people without economical and spiritual resources prefer delinquency to supply them material goods, whereas, the society imposes them behavior and garments which can´t get, unless they are stolen from whom have so much.

The criminals multiply among of adolescents who don`t find in the society nor rulers, the moral support able to face the present incarnation, without their basic needs supplied.

The rulers, in charge of public administration and warranty of organized society, they abandon the population to own luck; they only enjoy the public positions as inexhaustible source of income, deviating resources necessary for collective welfare.

The deliquent youth overfill the prisions while reduces the justice interested on balance and readjustment of helpless childhood and adolescence.

The neglectul Society and Administrative Systems spread total unbalance and chaos. The public administrators forget that they also have families exposed to current situation which the own have been building up.There is no solution for a such chaos.

The people seek automatism of liturgies kept by heart at churches and sanctuaries where fall to praying words empty of feelings and Jesus` principles don´t touch their hearts.

Their faithless prayers are good for nothing in cold temples.

Hercilio Maes, 08/04/06

Dominance runs in the Beast´s blood

The upset faces of prisioners, mainly the youngest ones, denounce how they are subdued by dark beings. The latter ones seduce the people, satiating their primary and low instincts, inciting the worst violence for performance of macabre projects.

When the poor fellows avoid a such disastrous influence, they suffer the worst physical and moral tortures, provoking them madness or death ahead of the time.

The dark beings have only one Law: dominance and don`t accept any refusal.

We don´t intend spreading either terror or fear about the prisons and prisioners; and yes alert, how your society neglet the neighbor, those brothers piled up and forgotten in punishment cell thence are creating beasts to attack you whenever possible.

Don´t forget that even one of your relatives can be one of those wild man and thence disturb your life too.

Change your attitude on those brothers caged.

As a society, you should help the weakest ones supplying them balance and work, reducing their aggressive and sanguinary contingent that usually divert them from fair road. They are your children, grandchildren, nephews, brothers, parents and so on.

Love your neighbor as were yourselves.

Everything else come for increment of Father´s Mercy.

Ranieri Matias, 03/02/06

03. The child abandoned

The reality in prisons surpass largely the headlines you knowy daily, by means of communication, due the attacks over human condition for right, fair and healthy.

The prision cells overfilled present deep roots of society, suffering terminal cancer.

Each one child abandoned to own karma, without Christian balm of pardon, love charity, affection, study and moral education, usually become deliquent, violent and lost men, ignoring that all revolt, hate and revenge lead them to abyss of pains.

They become adults empty of sublime feelings giving them the human condition for natural aptitude. They live piled up in filthy cells, when should be at school, even as debtors spirits.

What for urgent measures of punishment, transfer, construction of new deposits of men, when the society should supply them conditions for growth?

Actually is too late for additional measures. It isn´t enough to clean the stink of cancer that increase on and on, while the roots nothing suffer.

The steps should have been taken since long time.

At the present, it needs to educate the little ones, giving them the necessary conditions of health and work. You should share with your neighbor the opportunities of healthy survival; if you don`t make it at once, everything we have stored may be removed by same way. Accordingly to Divine Accounting, nothing belongs you, besides the moral patrimony you should cultivate, so that grow up and give fruits. Everything else is generous offering from Father to test you as honest man.

Keep patience with the other ones, loving them as were yourselves, sharing the inheritance of virtues offered you by our Larger Brother, thence, healing the roots of a such disease that has been distroying your environment.

Keep on mercy and compassion with whom made mistakes as you were in their place.

Go ahead, each one doing your best for construction, explanation and preparation of world better.

We hope that your voices don`t remain silent when invited to give testimony of your experience as servants of Jesus, never neglecting a request for explanation, helping and protection for little children of Jesus.

Your friend,

Simao Peter, 24/02/06

The Bankruptcy of Penitentiary Compound


The bankruptcy of penitentiary compound is consequence of immoral and effective political system in your country.

There is much negligence as regard the infantile education, builder of future society.

In front of a corrupt and lovess Society, anything good can be awaited of whom leave it to govern the public goods. Only a minority pledged their faith and work hardly to make possible healthy acquaintanceship.

Brazil is the barn of the world due the peaceful nature of his people, while for much less, in European countries and own America, the people challenge the rulers spilling of blood as has happened up to now.

Endevour to save whom deserve and awake those consciences that still can be changed.The other people have made their choices and fell to ignominy and they have to wash their tunics with caustic waters of another Orbe.

We can´t help them, whereas, they don`t want to avoid the illusions already crystallized in their minds. We can just fall to praying, begging to Providence awake them and soon return to the Father`s House.

Yesterday, like them, we were living in darkness, thence we shall have compassion and don´t judge them severely; who doesn´t have sins throws the first stone, Jesus said.

Let us work more and more for Christ and with Christ. Only fall to him take the pains of the world. Save Jesus.

Hercílio Maes, 08/04/06

It begins the Beast`s Kingdom

Clairvoyance: After my meditation, I saw a wall calendar, making public date 06/06/06. I felt strong presence of Count Rochester`s presence, I left my body and saw much blood, as a bomb had exploded somewhere in the Planet hurting many people. Firemen made the rescue, transporting the inert bodies on own shoulders.

Maybe that scene happened at physical plan, when later I saw wolves devouring astral bodies of disembodied spirits in that explosion. The scene was so terrible that I returned to my body quickly.

Afterwards, I left my body again and with Count Rochester, we crossed by several continents and all they had much blood. At some moments, my mental screen, showed scenes of black magic rituals, involving spilling of blood.

After the clairvoyances, I asked to my Instrutor:

Q: Brother what does mean that date in that calendar?

A: It is when starts the "Beast`s" Kingdom. A black wind blow over the Planet and few nations are free from outbreak of madness.

Soon I saw human appearance beings, tails, red horns and awful fire eyes.

Q: Should we help them? Why do show us that reality?

A: Nothing can be done against a such manifestation. It is really the time of revealing so that the people choose which side want.

What should be done by whom already chose Christ`s right, is keep at working, explaining to those faithless and infantile minds attached to material illusions.

Only time will show. It needs to run fastly to reveal the occult.

Brothers, love each other!

Love the neighbor as were yourselves is the best lesson divulged and practiced.

Alert, as you´d like be alerted, if you were deceived, sad or dived in ignorance.

Everything else is secondary on that hour.

Ramatis commands. Jesus guide us.

We are with you. Save the Earth.

Rochester, Instructor Spiritual of GESJ, 09/12/05


Still about 06/06/06

Brothers, fraternal greetings!

All the world is mobilized around a symbolic number, according to John´s Apocalypse represents the Beast, increasing and placing fear for faithless hearts.

By chance, didn`t you have enough time to build up a fortress of faith at your hearts, practicing the Loving Jesus` lessons?

People declined and decadent, if had behaved like this, you weren´t fell under the Beast dominance.

The Beast is a creature declined, as most of us, and much intelligence, knew how handle the low energies of this decadent people.

Its influence increases fastly at hearts and minds of faithless people who withstand Jesus` Evangelical Lessons.

The symbolic number represents urgent start-up for cleaning of Planet Earth, as possibility to vile creatures who despise the Light while strengthen the Darkness.

That Beast also must fall under cleaning of karmical Law and shall succumb in the face of God and the world.

Brothers, untie the black knots between you and involutive force, unless you want also be exiled to Planet inferior than Planet Earth to chisel your rebellion.

Don´t fear, who practices the Good work and follows Divine Laws.

Save Jesus.

Count Rochester, 06/06/06

Attention! Alert! Danger!

Light gushes from High continually.

Dear Father who lovingly welcomes, forgives and offers new chances to his children, he waits the right moment to awake each one of you.

Many of you have already understood how is important to help the brother, not only with words, and yes, practicing sincerely good attitudes daily, everywhere.

He who falls to love, charity and help the other people even with simple attitudes, he receives from Almighty, the necessary subsidies for constant spiritual support and thus go on his fraternal and solidary walk, so necessary at the present time.

Hereafter, the large door becomes narrow and the mundane pleasures full of harmful and negative load, that so much facinates the materialists, they are benefit to capture neglectul and faithless people by orders of Beast.

Brothers: Attention! Alert! Danger! Those are the opportune and real indicators for this hard moment.

Briefly, we could say that now, the materialists, selfish, greedy, cruel and inhuman creatures run the risk of take a transport to unknown destiny and no more return, thus stating the influence and dominance of that Apocalyptic Beast.

Accordingly to Divine Wisdom, our best wishes of discernment and faith on Jesus Christ.

Luiz Sergio, GESH, 30/06/06


Earth Time runs over

Brothers, Peace of Jesus.

The humanity live madness collective, because of inversion of moral values already reached that condemns a poor fellow who kills a bird to satiate his hunger and leave free many starving wolves stealing millions from Public Economy.

The End of the Time draws on while brings a procession of insane beasts and also scientists mixing horror and vanity, poweship and death.

Hereafter, men shall endeavour no more for increasing their territorynor natural wealth of precious stones, but search for precious resource: water.

The scientis kill his brother in name of insane science, vanity and powership. The mankind has lost moral reference and fell under Anti-Christ people. Divine Laws are out of date such is human immoral conduct. Religion doesn`t calm the spirits, usually incite them vanity and powership.

The cities of inferior astral, described by your spiritualistic literature are materialized like ghettos and slums whose inhabitants endeavour to survive in alleys. Nothing else interests the men than money and material goods to uphold his future "at peace", even that his upset and in debt souls stand hopelessly lost.

Few of them refuse to execute the orders of Beasts, at once. Few still fulfil the promise follow Christ`s principles. For the latter ones we say: Go ahead with Jesus driving your steps.

Have faith and hope, because this world is about to suffer radical transformation and all you may join with Jesus Christ, favored for living in a world better, a peaceful world! Keep on faith and at work and thus give your contribution for new world where you may inhabit in the future.

As regard whom tread dark road by own choise, may still dive more in darkness, in another orbe, until learn how to behave before Supreme Father of Love, Kindness and Mercy.

Peace of Jesus.

Shama Hare, 17/03/06


Violence cells begin to connect: Occult is revealed.

I saw the map of the world open straight ahead me, putting in relief dark clowds over India and Ireland. First went up a cloud from India and stopped at certain height; and the same happened with cloud over Ireland stopping at same height of that one.

I noticed that amid dark density there was also a white smoke aside of the black one but showed beside it in the map of that country and the same event happended in the map of England.

While happened that scene, a second vision was placed upon the first one, thence I noticed a fine veil over India, behind which furious beasts were caged and fighted to go away. Incredible paradox was that fine veil containing beasts. Soon the veil lifted up. The free beasts stopped to take a look around as were chasing their preys and afterwards as crazy ones threw over the people over there.

Over Ireland, there was men planning some perverse action and would blame Christ as criminal and thence his followers should be destroyed at once.

Over England, I saw Satanic Sects practicing macabre rituals with spilling of blood. Afterwards arrived the following message:

Violence cells begin to connect forming a necrosis of insane people fell to pains and suffering.

The connection of sick tissues of your humanity is developed by Sidereal Engineers together with Evolved Spirits monitoring the planetary health.

Among of collectivities gangrened, Extraterrestrials together with honest workers at astral plan form collective breeze and check their "Dharma of Karma" at exact proportion to the merit to those people.

After concluded the work, that group is ready to begin collective redeem.

The closing of collective cosmical cells is the beginning of preparation for facing the difficulties and rescue that people.

The closing of all karmical cells with subsequent union in the midst of collective karma shall determine the redeem of the planetary collectivity.

When a work such that is concluded, it means that person, group or Planet is ready to begin the hard collective redeem for cleaning of breeze saturated of the Planet, group or person.

Thus at microcosm and macrocosm, the process repeats by means of high technology specific to clean out harmful energies individual or collective.

The clean energy has positive aspect or energy dharmica often present, however it shows at smaller proportions to retrograde creatures.

The White Energy or Dharmica are useful for anchorage of humanitarian actions happened in that period. There, the good thoughts and actions are usually nourished and also able to change the negative force by positive one, darkness by light, evil by good and so on.

Who live in adversity, alone or into groups, if they conceive the Light of Dharma, they feel strenghtened and prepared for facing their troubles. By other hand, those faithless and ignorant people dived in mud of ignominy only vibrate with harmful energies at that important moment in this Planet.

The both energies are present along of the Planetary Transition. Which one do you choose?

Ramp, 26/05/06

Flying over the Planet Earth

I left my physical body and soon I met an intraterrestrial, who invited me to enter in his ship. Sat down, I glimpesed a beautiful landscape over the sea.The "glass" of the window seemed to filter the sludges from air and the colors were strong and intense. How wonderfulafternoon!

While the ship moved upwards more and more the continent was smaller and the people there down seemed ants.

We flew over Sao Paulo state as showed by instrument panel. Surrounding the astral of that city, I noticed a string of black energy that, at distance seemed bloody and dark cell in the Planet´s body.The stink seemed a mixture of sulfur and burned meat that reached the interior of the ship.

The outside of that black string had a string of light hindering the negative energy spred to other Brazilian areas. The astral of Parana state is at the beginning of contamination with harmful energies.

The ship went downwards a little more and penetrated into dark clouds giving signal of storm due the dense negative load in those stops.

We arrived at a prison. A man who lived there have been showed by instrument panel. The Intraterrestrial adjusted the sound and I heard the man planning attacks, giving orders and so on. He was angry and planned revenge for everybody.

By behind him was there is a generator of that negative load. It is a Reptilian that feeds on hate the prisoner, handling his chakras and introducing the poison of hate directly over his splenius chakra.

The prisoner`s breeze becomes red and seems to burn like a flame spreading sparkles like electric discharges over whom approach him.

Instructors, located at dimensional subplan spill strong blue sparkes so that neutralize the intruding force of hate, without be noticed.

We stopped over that prison.

We were in Araraquara, where the fear subdues the inhabitants. The Intraterrestrial show us that deformed spirits, shaped up as beasts leave the prision and invade the residences surroundings every night.

Some houses are protected with signal of Lamb spreading blue color that move the "beasts" far from their houses.

They are vampires searching for blood and fresh meat. They arrest many careless spirits linked to embodied inhabitants of that place. At dawn, they return to prisons arresting their victms. Terrible screams feel on my ear.

The embodied ones when wake up recall horrendous nightmares and suppose them originated from daily stress.They don`t understand that need to strengthen the spiritual defenses.

The Evolved Spiritituality in charge of "karmical transport " of that collectivity endeavour to elucidate and strengthen the Spiritual Guides that work and follow the daily routine of embodied people there. Neverthless, they find few space to land in the terrestrial surface.

I captured the message from one Instructor:


We would like to help the embodied people, as we have done up to now, but due the disorder and spiritual indiscipline we haven´t make success. The moment is crucial and finds careless and infantile minds unable to confront with Darkness´Army and in additional to ignorance and the fear raise difficulties to our work.

We begged God that those places bound for helping the terrestrial man to spiritual journay could elevates their vibrations in search for partnership with Invisible Forces at service in Sao Paulo. Thence we can materialize help those people in touch, daily, with negative energies spreading over that area.

We ask you, independently of religions, get in touch with Elevated Forces, so that receive loads of our fraternal energies.

Research, study, work and understand the crucial moment in which you live now. Life means dynamism and you can´t acommodate as simple followers.

It is much work and efforts now. The Beast throw over you and little we can do, if you don´t make your personnel effort.

Orcadim, 08/07/06

Intraterrestril of Okay, Plateau of Diamantina/BA

Fishermen of Souls I will make you

Planet Earth is surrounded with thousands and thousands of low vibration spirits from several areas of inferior astral together with embodied people forming black and dense net that presses and suffocates the Planet.

The cleaning of astral plans and sub-plans happens, at meantime the inhabitants are redeemed from there. The last negative layer to be removed is that black and dense net so that liberate the Earth from oppression, moving it to new dimension.

The army of Christ dispersed by all the plans, work full time for recovering the largest number of brothers from claws of Darkness.

"Fishermen of souls I will make you" Jesus has said.

Here we are humble workers, fishermen of souls. Let´s be happy whereas, we are working and reducing our debts with Creator and his masterpiece: Planet Earth.

Chico, 03/03/06

The Intruding Planet or Cleaner Star

During the first meditation I saw Zambi approaching. He was tall and strong, and had big lion with him that jumped as a happy puppy over Margarida, licking her face. Zambi lovingly kissed Margarida´s hands. He smiled and went away with his lion. After his departure, came several cats and a dog called Noise. More surprised I was after the meeting, when Margarida said that , some time ago, she had a dog also called Noise, that had been buried in the back yard at home. He had also several cats which she loved so much.

During the secon meditation I left my body and I was thrown upwards in the space. I was floating closer the Intruding Planet. I heard its strange snore when passed by me at high-speed and I captured the following words:

Intruding Planet travels at high-speed, following its route until reach its objective. Its strong primitive and negative force attracts creatures and beasts vibrating with it.

Its negative force is already felt in the Earth, removing from abysses to surface, large number of human beings adhered, incrusted and enslaved since millennia in those profundities built by perverse human minds, faithless people.

Its large breeze is felt even previous to its physical presence that provokes strong unbalance geophysical in Planets, where the ill-nature still subdue the mankind.

The Intruding Planet travels for cleaning out other Planets that already have can reach new sidereal graduation.

And also it, the Intruding Planet that follow High and Unalterable Laws, walks for evolution. There in, inhabit cave men that badly left animal condition and receives spirits of elevated graduation, but declined morally to penetrate into "Jaco´s road" in conditions similar to that Planet, purifying and chiseling their spirits and at the same time, providing the natural planetary evolution and of human being too.

Everything in the Universe is dynamic and progress. The closer is the Earth, larger effervescence happens at hearts in touch with it and also larger is the suffering, violence and pain.

The Intruding Planet is the last resource for transformation of the Earth. Its snore into space announces its passage and only is feared by beings of low spiritual vibration.

Its snore echoes across your Solar system and wakes up the creatures so that fall under its "furious song" or choose new attitudes for themselves and to the neighbor.

Terraqueous, be sure that its snore already echoes beside you. Hurry up and renew yourself so that don´t get in touch with harmful energies.

Jesus guides you today and always.

Onyx of Orion, 24/06/06

Faith is not negotiable merchandise

Gentlemen and Ladies, Peace and Happiness from my heart involve all you.

We are many "Workers" longing for Planet full of Light. With us are Angelical Hosts and foreign brothers sharing with a single ideal: Love among of all the creatures.

Actually, we are few workers for this retrograde humanity that think only about themselves and never over the other people.

Among of human societies stand out huge narcissism from which Life can´t blossom or give fruits either.

To leave Faith driving your lives, it is the narrow door of the road, to which invites you to tread the Planetary Christ, through his son Jesus.

Jesus, generous and Pure had pointed out to humanity that above all interest and material desire, should prevail the spiritual wisdom as mirror of God´s Will.

At the present world, who allow God to drive his life?

Radicalism, prejudice, excess and fanaticism are some denominations to those, trainees, candidats to purification, detachment and devotion to Providence.

Men, daily, fall under foolish behavior and not to appeals of faith.

They apologize their conduct, inwardly with arguments rationalized and a world hostage of materialism, polluted and fell under fast pleasures and empty thoughts that only interest themselves and never the other people.

Thus under obscurity of a world dominated by inferior energies, the people go on anesthetizing their minds and adapting their attitudes to their own convenience, until the pain wakes up and invite them to see the real world: transitory matter, through which the human being can make progress and overcome their primitive instincts.

Faith is not negotiable merchandise: or it exists and is submitted to human will or it isn´t enough strong to light the creatures` road.

To the first situation, if it exists, let it behave you, always submitting it to analysis of reason and desire at heart.

If it doesn`t exist or isn´t strong yet, endeavour to strengthen it, whereas, you only will be completely free and happy when driven by faith under God.

Save all of the Nations! Save Brazilian Homeland!

Brother Francis of Assis, 13/06/06

Planet Earth no more sings

Fraternal greetings for you terraqueous, and our best wishes of Peace for all of the planetary quadrants and also inner your hearts!

Planet Earth no more sings when move.

From its wounded body, the sounds produced more resemble cry of whom suffers terminal cancer and no more recovers the planetary health, as when was given to your humanity as precious gift, so that you could make progress and cleand your own corporal morphology through the fluidical salutary emanations, free of terrestrial body. However, you hurt deadly your source of redemption and renewal.

It is arrived the hour when your cry and of whole humanity will echo throughout the space recording in your souls, wherever you go, whereas, the Divine Plan was diverted by useless attitudes and infractions withstanding the Largest Law.

This Planet no more recover its health due too much destruction; only after cleaned out the last negative element, starts new stage of existence.

When is cleaned and ready, Planet Earth crosses by "dimensional portal", no more accessed by primitive and retrogade minds. Only thechildren after submitted to deep cleaning, again develop the highest qualities of souls, through this planetary cradle, beginning a new song of Peace and Fraternity among inhabitants of New Land.

While doesn`t arrive the happy hour, we urge those consciences lost to seek their own renewal, while there is time, and understand that material life is transitory. Several spirits from space are attracked by painful sounds emitted by your Planet, they work full time for necessary transformation.

No calling of alert or preparation proved useless because are thrown on hearts and minds of whom need fruitiful renewal, even at distant future, as example of Father`s Kindness and Plan of Creation.

We greet you in name of the Light, thankful by reception of your minds, and we hope that energies offered by Planetary Christ allow the fast progress at this time of hard learning

Commander Ashtar Sheram, 28/03/06

It is a funeral song

Planet Earth is a barn of love.

It was overflowing of love that Christ`s Mind joined creative elements so that was born the Planet Sham.

The physical-ethereal morphology was composed of high notes of Celestial Song intoned by Creator. As if it were musical instrument, the Earth intones sublime song by means of evolutions, when moving around of itself and the Sun.

However, hurt deeply in its interior morphology, its song no more is of love. Now, it is a painful song echoing at long distance, touching the extraterrestrial hearts of fraternal creatures.

It is a funeral song. Wound, suffers diseases and dies.

Died at 3rd dimension, reborns at new dimensional body, cleaned by stertors from last existence.

New cycle reborns and other humanity equally renewed inhabits the New Land.

Mother and children longing for restarting, after had suffered too much in the past and return at unison to celestial song, praising the Creation and blowing by wind that, Life after defeating the death, once again restarts as other new existence.

Commander Ashtar Sheram

Star that more shines in the sky and guides you, 28/03/06

Spiritualistic Medium: How beautiful message, Commander. The words are poetry elevating our souls above everything else in the matter.

AS: Thus is Life at space infinite, full and free of attachments. The human beings are infantile while attaching anxious for material goods. They lose and stand back of superior experience full and happy of belonging to creation and Universe.

Everything is transitory. Only Christ´s words remain, as well as, memories of all events and all preparation last forever in souls lived that time.

Then brothers, publish Christ´s words, seeds picked in fertile field and thrown them over minds and hearts. Sooner or later, they blossom. It is important each one receive his instruction quota, resource that uphold them, now or in the future, sure that Divine Plan helps and drives all of the creatures.

Save Master Jesus` Sublime Love and may Peace reigns at their hearts.

Commander Ashtar Sheram


Peacetime shall used as supplying of all hearts, because the floodgates of abysses are open and accelerate the Planetary Transition.

The Beast uttered by John`s apocalypse walks thirsty among of people; the bile spills over the creatures while the Beast crawls from its millenarian tomb until face the last confrontation in that cycle. It will be pulled up from profundities of mire, thence Planet Earth is free of dangerous disease sucking its energies.

Mother Earth suffers and the nature is angry due human negligence.

Thence, suffering, pain and tears spread throughout Brazil and other Continents and no more can stop the Beast´s progress nor planetary unbalance, whereas, the people had alredy made their own choices.

They gave the backs to Master Jesus, who landed here and offered unconditional love to all of the creatures, who didn´t recognized nor loved him once again.

Sister, your work contributes so much for awakening of consciences fallen asleep since long time. That was the moment expected by Tutors and Guides to awake those people and point them out new road they shall travel and spread our messages, the largest objective of your work. Your minds, usually attached with us receive our thoughts by insights. Your extra-corporal sensor capture our thoughts and desires materialized as work.

We hope that New Year be bound for popularization of words brought from Higher Spheres of Extra and Intraterrestrial brothers that inhabit the Planet and knew the transition process.

That your steps are addressed for that work as you sister has draw up your programme. We know about the difficulties raised at physical plan. Otherwise, the negative overload at astral plan impels those workers to sacrificial action, so that the words blown by wind reach those people who need to listen them and evoid ignorance, at once.

Who speaks here is you your Master who unfolded this spiritualistic medium the best way so that the communication happened legible.

Each one of you, worker, have a load of energy necessary for performing your task. Don´t raise difficulties nor postpone attitudes and actions able hinder this work in process. Thus you move a step ahead, a quantum jump, that approach you a little more of whom who love and above all, want your progress.

Thus physical pains, material collisions and the other difficulties raised daily are surpassed easily, if you want.

Be sure and grounding to follow that Light guiding you. Only by sacrificial work you can reach the plans wanted and, at the same time involve those creatures even unknown surrounding now pointing them out some to new directions.

This is the main incarnation, as you know.

Peace of God for you.

Ramatis, 03/01/06, Salvador/BA

You are children created for love...

He who wants to disturb the road of my little children will feel the force of My Blessed Love.

Don´t dark the road of my little ones, besides of their own mistakes. I have landed here so that many of you could know my Father`s Love and thence could change your attitudes and actions in the world.

Children created for love, when fall under sufferings become lost and I address them to my Father´s house and again feel his Light and happiness of being loved and for Him created as flash of his own conscience.

Inexplicable events connect with Breast. Inexplicable because in your minds, still remains the sense of high knowledge allowing the understanding about the Perfection.

For this time being, know that you are dear children. Nobody go to the Father without love developed at high graduation.

Nobody go to the Father without personifying in himself the sparke of life, making it shine by much work to the neighbor.

Nobody go to Father except through Me, your brother, son of God, Spirit of Light that above all, drives the destiny of your Planet Earth.

Humanity, follow the Hosts of Light, avoid Darkness and work to God´s kingdom so that you can inhabit in it later on.

I beg you on behalf of the Father.

Sananda Jesus, 07/07/06

We are always divulging, through the available ways we have, more explanations regarding our Evolved Brothers of other planets and interior of the Land. These information are of public domain, which can be copied, in the whole or partly without previous authorization, for free distribution since the sense is not altered. It is also authorized its translation for any language, for what we just request to send us a copy for our files and subsequent popularization. It is prohibited the commercialization of these information.

This translation was made by a willingness sister, who put her basic knowledge at our disposal, so that we could divulge about the Planetary Transition that has already began. Then we apologize for any found mistake and ask you let we know them for due corretions.

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