Divulgation 43


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For dear readers, friends and Christian brothers, our best wishes of health, serenity, faith and courage so that you face the troubles raised daily.

Anything of blasphemies, revolts nor sadness, when the misfortune reaches us, once, there is no divine injustice. There is karmic burning according with Hindus, or crop of bad sowing in this or past existences.

According with Jesus:

The sowing is free, the crop is obligatory!" and "To each one, according with his merit!"

This divulgation brings the Helena Blavatsky´s messages (she creates the Theosophy) received since October of 2006 up to now.

Madam Blavatsky, as she is known throughout the world, she is spirit of elevated graduation. As the readers can see, her words are legible, correct and contusing too. Then, nobody needs of eyes of neither seeing nor spiritual affinity to feel and understand them. They are diamonds already lapidated.

Thank you, Helena, dear Christian sister for your brave testimony about the Spirits Doctrine at end of cycle in which we live.

That your effort and faith on Jesus that is also our Mister, and courage in using a spiritualistic medium, in order to say that must be said in the current turbulent days, be rewarded, including a great number of undecided people, touching them for urgent renewal at end of Apocalyptic Time!

Honestly, I never could imagine such famous person contrary to the communication with spirits in the contemporanean world, one day she would be present in our humble GESH, through the psycho phonic and psychographic. That event is larger than we deserve actually. In additional to the Madam Blavatsky´s gift gift, we received a beautiful message of Alice Bayle, also Theosophist. Read it at end of first part of this divulgation.

I am not sure if these messages are fruits of ours efforts, dedication, seriousness concerning our work, or calling of alert to the Theosophists, or the both objectives. Never mind! Believe or not, we execute our task in publishing them.

Soon afterwards, we present the other messages received during our last trip in Rio de Janeiro, in October of 2006, bound for edition of the book: Supplicant Hands - in the Visible and Invisible Back stages of Prisons.

Viva Divine Master Jesus, Road, Truth and Life that lead us to the FATHER.

Please correct my works.

While hearing many screams, I wonder how I could ignore his presence for so much time!

What roads did I tread impeded my mind, expression of the Creator, of following the right route?

Just Pride, brothers!

I thought that the mind would be enough to elucidate the enigmas about the life. I forgot that, encouraging the physical brain and sparkles of cerebral activities, there was a soul, relative to the immaterial plans, connecting the physical body by ties of the life.

There is a purpose when the spirit seeks the matter, because the perfect plans of God do not happen at random. As regard my objective, besides that one executed poorly, should be help the sufferer brothers.

In the spiritual world, only Love can appease the hard suffering. I own, besides of not practice such love, I had disseminated wrongly that there was no exchange between the material and spiritual worlds.

Please, correct my works, although too late, because now, I just want to scream to the world about my mistake, affirming that without the blessed medium ship, we are insatiate pilgrims always wandering alone and confronting our mistakes.

Only the Creators Sublime Mind could conceive the perfect connection that stands, helps and corrects the wandering walkers in the astral plan.

Thanks Jesus this blessed opportunity.

Thanks, the sister’s hands that welcome me and translate my thought.

Thanks Jesus the late lessons that reach me, before the end of cycle.

Helena Blavatsky, 10/27/06

My unconscious rebelliousness

Thus, it is difficult to me understand so much love, therefore, had spoken too much and I have done too little to the Masters.

Forgiving my unconscious rebelliousness, they offered me their fraternal hands again, which brought me here.

I am thankful to Master Kuthumi this blessed chance and I will do my best now.

When I lived here, the knowledge was just beginning the search for mysteries in the world and those devoted to that duty; they faced many obstacles and sarcasm of faithless people.

By accommodation to the little knowledge existent in that time, the terrestrial inhabitants ignored about the other worlds. I own was one of them.

Up to now, living in the comfortable but narrow century XX, the human beings refuse the Spirits Doctrine announcing new lessons, as promise of knowledge about the century XXI.

Hereafter, no more I will be silent. I will join with Servants of Jesus Servants, evoking the interior forces of each human soul so that keep on faith.

Study and understand about the events near to you. In the astral plan, as a strange ballet, dense and white clouds move, either increasing or reducing the size, by collision of forces visibly at work.

I want to be the front of the army of Masters that have fascinating lessons. However, after so many years of insipidities and mistakes, more than fascinated, I want to work, explain and love, as Jesus desired me.

There is only gratitude in my heart, for everything I have been learning and still can do hereafter.

For those people who still doubt on existence of Extra and Intraterrestrial beings, and all things existent between the Heaven and the Earth, pay urgent attention, because the unpleasant surprises on death, they do not obey our limited reason.

If we want Peace, firstly, we must build it in our hearts so that the world lives peacefully.

Helena Blavatsky, 10/28/06

I must pay the bill

Brothers and friends, I greet you on behalf of Jesus Christ.

I am thankful to you that granted me opportunity of communication tonight.

Christs Calvary represents that sacrificial portion, with which each one of us may be granted by Divine Mercy.

He came to exemplify the Christian procedure that all of us should execute lovingly. Usually, we escape from sacrifice, renouncement and pain, as if they were the end, death or extermination.

Badly we know, being limited spirits that the fire of Sacred Heart, the sacrifice, pain, suffering and renouncement are just the beginning so that any people gets free of wild matter.

Unhappily, I let my duties slip. Firstly, I had disappointed my own conscience, once I knew about the debits and task. Today, the knowledge necessary appears to me. The plans of God present a sequence! All of the actions taking part of continuous line, whose purpose is to drive each person to the world of progress and ascension. Then, if we refused to face the difficulties, which demanded us sacrifice and renouncement, how can execute the Law of Progress?

While escaping of our tasks, withstanding the Divine Laws, we are leaving the itinerary drawn and going to find energies of unbalance and disturbance that nothing contributes for happiness.

To retake that road drawn by High means to come back to the point interrupted., it does not matter either when or where.

Each spirit shall behave like this, independently of his evolutive apprenticeship. Once he had avoided the planning, he must restart where he interrupted the salutary learning. This is the only tool able to put the creatures above the little and fragile vibrations provoked by dense matter.

My brothers, after long pilgrimage, I am here thankful to the House that allows me retake the work abandoned.

I take my sacrificial portion exemplified by Great Master, doing my best where is me possible, until the last drop of energy that should have been used for sufferer brothers.

Nothing deserves special words or merit; I came just to pay the bill since of long time ago, because of ignorance and pride of my soul. Taking advantage of such opportunity granted me by Father, and already making use of prerogative of spirit declined, I ask you to analyze your consciences and pay urgent attention if you are connected to the Plans of God, in agreement with spiritual preparation received for this present existence on earth.

That the suffering lived by those people deceived can help the other brothers in the road of redemption, alerting them for spiritual responsibility before the neighbor, especially now, when all humanity suffer and needs of fraternal words, comfort and explanation.

In agreement with advices received by workers here, I am ready to answer the questions necessary.

Margarida: Are you Sister Helena Blavatsky?

A: Simply Helena, your servant.

M: You are very kind to say that.

A: I need to restart my task and I expect to do it well.

M: You have all our support, affection and understanding necessary.

A: I ask humbly to spiritualistic mediums here that let me come and work. I own had refused many spirits. Now I need have embodied spiritualistic mediums so that I render concrete the Plans of God and return to the progressive line that I neglected voluntarily.

M: Sister, as you know, our GESJ (Spiritualistic Group Servants of Jesus) since 36 years ago for helping the embodied or disembodied spirits. Then, we are not doing more than our obligation welcome you here. Otherwise, we know your works, although we did not read them yet, but by means of yours followers. They are very serious and beautiful works with revelations similar those ones of Allan Kardec.

Please, feel at home. Draw your plan in agreement with Master Kuthumi, our dear Master Ramatis, and good luck!

A: Not just knowledge I may bring, but mainly technical work of development for medium ship of those brothers that allow and welcome me.

I expect to help them, cleaning the communication channels and fields, establishing fluidic connections for legible communications, sight and audition.

Please, let me work, because I work with Jesus and I came to help you, yes, however executing the task neglected, I am the largest beneficiary.

M: When your second visit here, I had an insight that sooner you would be a spiritualistic medium acting between Master Ramatis and our Group. Does it make sense?

A: You are right. I can do it too.

M: We need it; usually the physichosphere is so dense hindering manifestation of Superior Brothers like Master Ramatis and even Master Shama Hare, among others.

A: If they allow me frankness, however they understand about the mediumship, many spiritualistic mediums still resist to the task, mainly the faithless ones. Since long time ago, I have been observing and getting ready for performance near to that Group. During you trip, it was granted me the favorable moment to manifestation; however, I have been living with you for long time.

I have been studying all spiritualistic mediums that work here, either more graduate or beginners, and much doubts and mental resistances hinder the communication.

The more devoted and confident are the workers, larger the results. Thus, we will work in favor of whole group of workers in this House on behalf of God.

Many other brothers present here could communicate; though, while approaches of some workers, they face strong barrier, created by own spiritualistic mediums mind. Thence, some techniques are necessary to help them execute the tasks well. They need of balanced minds to face naturally the urgent exchange required now.

The terrestrial humanity must understand about the spiritualistic reality. What for a Working House like this receptive and free of any prejudice, having spiritualistic mediums avoiding brothers and friends of elevated spiritual graduation? Each worker shall incorporate not just spirits, as well as, the sincere devotion and acceptance of posture demanded by Leader of the House.

That Peace of Jesus always involves ours walk.

M: That God helps you destroying the mental barriers of our spiritualistic mediums so that make fast progress and bring good results for spiritualistic growth.

A: He, who works sincerely, he will be ready for his evolutionary jump.

Jesus walks with us. Who could be against us?

Force of Light forever! Viva Divine Jesus!

Helena Blavatsky, 11/08/06

Tasks of responsibility and love

The spiritualistic mediums think wrong that depends on Spiritual Team improve them the mediumistic talent. The spiritualistic medium must study the Spirits Doctrine and change spiritual and morally by himself and, gradually, develop the medium ship through their own efforts daily.

The Spiritualistic Team may stop the medium under superior permission, in order to avoid falls because of misuse of medium ship for strange purposes or self-benefit.

The spiritualistic mediums must endeavor not only in order to get knowledge, but, mainly, modifying themselves moral and spiritually.

There are many spiritualistic summaries, but it is always advisable begin the study by Basic Works of Allan Kardec, which bring deep lessons understood universally. They open the spiritual mediums mind and let any person more and more accessible to the spiritual world. When a person studies and understands the lesson, he modifies himself; works well in the places of Light, increase and improve his mediumistic talent.

It is not enough to be excellent spiritualistic medium having doubtful moral. The moral performance is necessary so that become spiritualistic medium, Servant of Jesus.

In that House of Initiatory Work, the lessons are legible and only do not learn them, who still brings inwardly the human misunderstandings impeding the sincere desire of improvement.

Under aegis of Master Kuthumi (Ramatis) and protection of Jesus, only who wants stagnation, has it. However, the human being is incredibly dubious and when, finally, he discovers the road of progress, he usually chooses the less noble feelings and, the wrong road again.

The spiritualistic mediums must devote to his study and transformation so that reach new steps through the redeeming work.

Equally, he, who indoctrinates must endeavor for his interior and moral change.

The vibrations emitted by thoughts and words interfere either positive or negatively on the communicating and sufferer brother.

The words must bring noble and sincere feelings so that reach the sufferer one.

All without exception that work at Spiritualistic House, spiritualistic medium or no, they also answer for communicant spirits. Each worker must face his task well and loving.

To work just in order to "unload energy" is wrong.

He must welcome the sufferer brother longing for progress or cure for suffering and affliction.

The Spiritualistic Exchange is a soft and pleased redemption road always demanding sacrifice and renouncement, however, it throws sincere worker for new evolutive landings.

Brothers, believe that working with Jesus for getting free the consciences lost into the shady areas, it is one of the softest medicines for blamed conscience.

Peace for you. Let’s follow Jesus forever.

Helena Blavastsky, 11/24/06

Law of Progress

The Universal Laws equally govern all creatures.

The Laws that govern the planetary life are the same at any planet.

The Law of Progress is the same for all humanity.

Each one travels and reaches the Law of Progress by different ways.

Surely, he must reach it; on the contrary, it will reach him, independent of his choice.

The Law of Progress has reached the Planet Earth with respective inhabitants independently of human will. No more, it is postponed, because there is a limit. When the human beings do not reach the necessary progress, the Law imposes it as it happens now.

The Law of Progress will impel the Planet and inhabitants, of course who has merit, to the High Spheres through the inevitable ascension.

When the Law of Progress reaches compulsorily the creatures that still have the "deepest bottoms of conscience" with low feelings like fear, unbalance, bad habits and cruelty, they are exiled to planet of similar density. There, they may face one more planetary cycle for rectification, until be cleaned completely the "deepest bottoms" of theirs souls.

There is neither fear nor protests. The Law is fair and magnanimous, always presenting new opportunities to the in debit spirit; though, there is limit of tolerance to the rebels and when is reached such limit, the free will is temporarily interrupted until he deserves it again.

The person only looses his free will when the Law of Progress exhausted all tolerance. Then, he suffers compulsory correction, without interference in the process and during necessary time to his correction before the Law.

It would him better to follow the Sublime and Unalterable Laws of the Progress. Peace of Jesus for you.

Helena Blavatsky, 11/25/06

There is not limit between the physical and spiritual plan

The spiritualistic movement is motionless.

The great mind of Allan Kardec still had much knowledge to offer to the humanity, he knew much more, but he could not make it public, because of negative impact that would cause on prejudiced society in that time which he lived in.

By means of his remarks and implied sense, there are different translations about the same subject, not studied deeply yet, because the society took long time to accept and understand his messages.

After more than a hundred years, the current spiritualists retreated; they do not understand the implied sense nor accept the other Masters that should complement the studies of Kardec.

Unhappily, I was among those people that had harmed the beautiful and important work bound for saving the humanity of prejudice about the heaven and hell.

I do my best, within of my possibilities and acceptance of the humanity, working with Jesus through the exchange with deep mediumship uttered by Kardec.

Even having neglected the immortal spirit, after the great misunderstanding, I am here confessing my error against the Spiritualistic Life.

There is no limit between the matter and spiritual plan. All dived into the Universal Ether are connected forever.

An extraordinary force pulses at the deepest bottoms of each creature impelling them to the evolution.

The spiritualists kill the spirit through the Letter, taking it wrongly, usually altering its meaning even with a graphic mistake. They act with the Spiritualistic Doctrine equivalent that Catholics have done with the Bible.

Brothers, the simplicity of the reality not always is enough to the false-scientists that only accept the truths after have done complex mathematical equations.

The truth is simple. The spirit is immortal and has eternal life in the dimension in which he lives.

The matter is transitory, being just a vehicle used by spirit, presented by Mercy of God for fast progress of all creatures.

Suffering is consequence of ours own actions. The pain threw on the neighbor, it reaches us centupled. Then, who suffers it, he knows it well.

"God has many Houses", we are not alone in the Universe; it would be injustice divine, so much space, so many planets and galaxies depopulated.

Each creature answers for own progress and thus, God offers us the free will.

The free will is divine resource for inferior beings reach the superior plans.

There is neither heaven nor hell. There are appropriate dimensions to each one, according to his merit. Pleasant places for honest people and suffering places for bad ones.

There is no divine injustice; there are deep human misunderstandings.

Allan Kardec, the great Master, thoroughly described an itinerary to spiritualists looking for own progress; but lacks to the man humility at this apocalyptic so that he becomes better spiritually.

Jesus is our Guide, today and always.

Helena Blavatsky, 12/15/06

Practice the Lessons of Jesus

Do not worry in accepting my words arrived by unusual way of medium ship.

That Helena of yesterday is different today, looking for simple and legible language, once the complex and scientific words eclipses the knowledge and become obscure the message.

Even by little contact with you, I realize that the incredulity does not affect you and that let me happy.

Let’s go ahead with Jesus. To him, our sincere love and obedience. Master Kuthumi continues guiding us and we are thankful to him for our awakening.

Spiritualistic! Get you free, while your society is still stand up, because when the whole structure of "conventional society" falls through the geological transformations, you will discover that is too late.

The past cannot be changed, but the future depends on your present attitudes.

Change the hate for love, the selfishness for altruism, the violence for peace so hat you build up a better world in the near future, just helping the neighbor.

Practice the lessons of Jesus.

Peace for you.

Helena Blavatsky, 12/15/06

Planet Earth crosses by dark night

The spiritualistic phenomenology, materialization, direct voice and speaking tables were impacted resources used by Superior Spirituality at the beginning of Spirits Doctrine. They were the psychic detonators cornerstones so that Allan Kardec codified the Comforting Doctrine.

At the present time, the man no more demands such resources, because his mind already quite developed understands well the Spiritualistic Doctrine. However, there is still a resource impelling the creatures towards the Spiritualism, independently of phenomenology and of his little will: the pain and unbalances provoked by uncontrolled medium ship.

This humanity, because of rebelliousness, delays the own evolution, because if had followed strictly the Superior Programming, the Spiritualism would be worldly religion today. Unhappily, only few people bent to the Larger Dictates and Lessons of Jesus.

Few human beings will take part at New Era of Aquarius, where the harmony and peace may reign among of the men.

Today, we have the materialistic man, antagonistic to the spiritualized man, programmed for this apprenticeship on earth.

The Planet Earth will cross by dark night! Let’s wait a new day, always working with Jesus.

Intense negative waves surround you.

The sacrifices accomplished by Jesus Christ are necessary to who serves him lovingly.

Jesus, dear Master is always with us.

Let’s always serve him too.

Helena Blavastsky, 12/22/06

Facing new tasks

I greet you on behalf of God, begging to Jesus blessings of courage and fearlessness for terrestrial people face the strong pain present in the matter.

My sisters, so happy, we began a work in this House, but never could we imagine the magnificence of task accomplished here. Great was my surprise when I saw the terrestrial people fraternizing with beings that never I had gotten in touch: the extra and intraterrestrial brothers, despite of knowing about them.

Now, voluntarily, I join with you, in order to face the enemy in the battlefields and help the sufferer ones too. As far as I know, I will stay at rearguard as student and begin a new work tonight, because we must face the vile creatures ready to dominate the Earth.

Happy, I will be with you, not in the front line, because I was not ready yet, but in the platoon as servant of Jesus.

Margarida: Thanks God, one more worker in our House. Who are you?

A: Sister Helena.

M: How nice! Right now, I was reading your message.

H: Gradually, we have been adapting to the communication channels so that we fight tonight.

M: Is it the first battle the sister will face?

H: Yes, I am anxious, but faith and courageously we will face the storms, cleaning the land for its freedom.

M: so will be, my sister.

H: I greet you on behalf of Jesus and in his presence, I say goodbye happy to be with you in that work.

M: We also greet you on behalf of Jesus, Great Universal White Fraternity and dear Master Kuthumi. That the sister stays with us in this blessed task of popularization about the Times Arrived. That Jesus blesses you so that you face the new task, not easy, but with Divine Help, surely we will win it, because the Good always wins the Evil and the final victory belongs to the Father.

H: As humble servant of Jesus, good-bye.

Helena Blavatsky, 12/29/06

Developed Medium ship demands double Attention.

It is comprehensible to the embodied one forgets his delinquent past and planning constituted for such existence, the person insist on making mistakes. Otherwise, when he awakes his conscience, devoting to the Christian labor sincerely so that he makes progress, those "mistakes" before inoffensive to his existence, they become a great obstacle to his progress now.

The medium ship is pacific when worked well, but attract difficulties, when misused.

In the mediumistic development, the neophytes, concomitantly to the studies of Kardec, they must keep the emotions controlled, to analyze the own feelings and attitudes, looking for knowledge and his own renewal.

While the mediumistic phenomenon is stimulated for correct and salutary usage, it also increases the potential. If the neophyte does not endeavor to modify the lapses of his soul still in formation, the same medium ship as vehicle of progress presented by Father, can incite his fall.

Neophytes of Spiritualistic Field, spiritualistic mediums and instructors, it is not enough be evangelized purely with knowledge nor keep by heart the basic subjects of the Kardec´s books. The main purpose is not the knowledge and yes the creatures renewal.

Even the ignorant that practices the Laws of Love, he is less vulnerable to the evil than the scientist handling the knowledge for destructing the neighbor.

Neophytes, pay urgent attention not only in the words, but also in the sense of them, applying them firstly for you.

Developed medium ship demands double attention.

The Darkness, sub-repetitiously, know well how involve the embodied spirits and the Spiritualistic field where work with invisible forces, attention and self-vigilance should come firstly. Pray and watch, thus has alerted us Master Jesus.

Mediumship is increment of Mercy of God for payment of debts to the neighbor in a faster and effective way and thence save the unhappy brothers from the darkness.

Jesus is always our Master and our Guide.

Helena Blavatsky, 01/05/07

The animism versus Medium ship

The medium ship is a trivial fact historically. Even if the uttered history had been completely distorted and the religions throughout the world had hidden the facts that do not get or dont want interpret them, the mediumistic manifestation stay up to now, not only at Spiritualistic Houses. It happens also by occult ways in most of religions in the world, because when any information is given by extra-physic way, the mediumistic fact is over there. Never mind, if the man describes it as Spiritualistic revelation or of God.

Actually, the primary spirit of an embodied man and so many others that populate the plans near to the matter, they hinder the human progress, acting sub-repetitiously from visible or invisible plan, handling the people for incredulity about the natural manifestation within the world history.

The Spiritism is pursued intensely by Darkness finding in sectarian hearts the favorable atmosphere to act. At the present days, it so high the negative pressure of inferior invisible forces on human ones that the Holy Office or the Crusades no more happen, because of actions of the good avoiding retreat for this humanity.

Therefore, spiritualistic brothers, active and devoted workers, sincere neophytes, correct your own "Self", improve your studies and strengthen your votes serving to Jesus Christ and practice the lessons codified by Allan Kardec.

The newer spiritualistic mediums have a shadow over them: the animism.

As well as any profession demands much practice to reach the ideal experience, also in the field of mediumship, the mediumistic work must be exercised so that the spiritualistic mediums make progress.

The animism, usually, incites the trainee to give up the task that would open him the doors for evolution, through the anonymous work to his neighbor. Any candidate to the mediumistic development shall face the animism. Thence, the Leadership of mediumistic works shall stimulate the exercise of mediumship with criterion and wisdom so that do not increase too much the Ego nor provoke premature abandon of beginners in that task.

Overcoming the first times of mediumistic exercise according with norms of discipline and obedience, the own spiritualistic medium will be able to discern the animism of his own character from that communicant spirit.

As well as in the other professions, by persistence reaches the ideal performance, the mediumistic exercise prepares the honest, sincere and good spiritualistic medium for working with Jesus.

The study, interior renewal, moral performance, discipline, humility and love are cornerstones for construction of spiritualistic mediums, servants of Jesus.

The Evolution doesnt give jumps".

Helena Blavatsky, 01/12/07

The controversy is created

Thousands of terrestrial people have mediumistic senses not developed and thence, they stay unbalanced.

The mediumistic senses not developed because of many reasons let the person exposed under mental unbalance and extremely vulnerable to the intense force of evil involving the Earth at end of cycle.

Those people that have mediumistic sensibility not developed but even thus, they attend a religion where suitable Leaders drive the followers towards the superior thoughts and actions, they run less risk than those ones that, despite of attending a religion, they do not practice it well.

There are still many people deceived by false prophets absorbing them the energy and become those slaves and victims of darkness.

He, who has medium ship must practice in favor of the neighbor and for own balance and evolution. Nothing is offered to any creature without a purpose nor does Divine Providence donate nothing without collect its correct use later.

The mediumistic ability is donation by increment of Mercy of God for in debit creatures with the neighbor and that, much regretted, they beg new chance so that pay the debts and relieve their consciences as soon as possible.

Thousands of souls receive the pardon through the reincarnation with mediumistic ability for profitable usage. Unhappily, the great majority constituted of very rebellious spirits and still plenty of mistakes, they succumb before the trials and go on by wrong roads acquiring more debit to the own karmic or arrested by darkness as slaves. Such attitude always brings serious consequences to whom gives up the task.

Therefore, that spiritualistic medium that finds a Spiritualistic Temple so that can develop his mediumistic ability freely, following the Kardec´ Lessons, he should kneel down on stones and be thankful to the Father such opportunity, not forgetting to do his best to learn, transform and practice the Law of Love and Charity.

Brothers, a perfect physical body brings much responsibilities to the spirit that incarnates, but, if besides of healthy body, he still has the mediumistic ability, the responsibilities will be larger and more serious will be the consequences, in case there is the bankruptcy of Divine Plans for which he had been designated.

Change yourself and serve more Christ with humility and love. This is the road of redemption.

Helena Blavatsky, 01/26/07

As it was already foreseen, the controversy was created about my exchange with spiritualistic mediums at Spiritualistic Group.

Those that do not feel me by words, certainly ignore the value of my soul already transformed. Let’s go on with Jesus, today and always.

Helena Blavatsky, 01/26/07

Close the door of Evil!

Close the door of Evil!

That the Light, Love and Power establish the Plan of God on earth.

The human being frightened looks for answers that keep him arrested in the meat.

Not finding answers for such suffering and affliction, he attacks the neighbor, in the vain attempt of being happy.

He does not look to him inwardly, afraid of discovering there, the darkness that he fears so much.

He still attacks more the atmosphere in which live in, in the vain attempt of being happy.

He lives superficially and asks to God explain the reasons of his troubles.

He comes frustrated, because he knows that Providence will undress him and in himself is the origin of all his suffering.

He escapes and again attacks the neighbor and the atmosphere in which he lives.

Finally, nude before himself and the Creator, he notices the misunderstanding of his escapement. Then, he dives in the mud of ignoble areas for painful expurgation of his insane actions.

God, all Kindness, once again grants him the last chance in the material life so that he discovers by himself the own mistakes and pay the debts to the neighbor and the atmosphere in which he lives so that inhabit the New Land.

If he escapes again, he will be exiled.

It is the last chance so that each creature closes the door to the evil and perpetuates Peace, Love and Power of God on earth.

Peace on Jesus Christ.

Alice Bayle, 10/28/06

As little dragonflies

Peace, my sisters! I am happy communicating with you.

We are united fraternally and this deep connection always keeps us in touch.

The manifestation becomes more difficult for us, because we also work in the other spheres at advanced process of "planetary transition", but we are always following up your steps.

Congratulations for your hard work performed successfully, bringing to this humanity, revelations never brought before, because of same incredulous humanity yesterday and today.

Negative layer of energies of abysmal areas formed since millennia involves the Planet Earth. They increase hard, mainly in the dark places, where dark nuclei directly linked to the Beast build up castles, cities and plants. Those points like bombs ready to explode; they bring danger to the humanity. We having been insisting on upkeep of normal course of life, programmed by Superior Spirituality for this humanitys redemption.

That no action of Darkness surpasses the Program of Light. Moreover, you, as little dragonflies, give your contribution so that the minds do not suffer hard the strong impact of horrors after the three blackout days.

This little Group means the Alive Fire of Christs Love, lighting up the roads of many people longing for awakening.

The Darkness attack hardly, throwing polluting bombs that detonate surroundings and the little particles moving among you, awaiting just a little lapse so that penetrate into your astral plan and minds, provoking discord and affliction, in order to stop your solid work built hardly.

To the spiritualistic mediums, we ask prudence in acting, thinking and speaking; therefore, they are the most vulnerable ones always in contact with the two plans. They can notice and absorb energies of atmospheres faster than the others ones without chakras opened to the medium ship.

Avoid politeness and doubts, and feelings able to provoke disturbances and unbalances on work of yours.

Here, in the city where you are, the work of cleaning in the prisons was accomplished, the Aid Centers already existent were strengthened and other ones built, receiving and redeeming mad spirits of bestial areas and "Castles of Horrors".

Your great contribution was the detonating psychic, while made public the vileness of "stupid creatures". It made easy and allowed the solid and deep cleaning surroundings of this area, programmed by High Spheres since long time ago.

Your nuptial garments (astral body) loose a part of crust adhered there, recovering the bright and superior vibration, also reducing your negative karma through the work on behalf of Jesus Christ.

Congratulations! Your victory is ours too; it is Christs victory, Light defeating the Darkness.

We are at your disposal for questions necessary.

Margarida: firstly, we wonder bout the repercussion of our work yesterday in the astral of Sao Paulo. In the physical plan, we could see very happy people, but we do not know what happened in the "other side."

Secondly, we wonder about our third book still stopped, while the messages do not arrive for such task. If there are our mistakes, we shall correct them at once.

Shama Hare: there is work where you go. As regard that new meeting in the physical plan, there were souls not seen since millennia. Many had been embodied together in the Ancient Egypt.

In the astral plan, a happy appointment of brothers has happened. All, within the merit of each one, they were collected so that could be helped before giving new direction to their existences.

The work was accomplished as it had been programmed by High and reached the goals.

There was huge interference in the little Group that we bring at heart, as little flower that grows and needs of protection so that the bad weather dont destroy it prematurely. You are under the bad weather and the moment demands protection and alert of thoughts so that you restart the activities.

Each one should act as if he were before the dear Master who knows deeply all things, seeking his own mistakes that could be useful to the Darkness. Await and trust. Surely, we are going to restart the activities sooner.

You are fragile embodied creatures; each one bringing feelings and characteristics improved life after life. We know that can surpass easily your negative marks, since you stay at disposal to the superior vibrations, avoiding inferior feelings useless. Act freely through the renouncement, detachment, strong discipline and obedience, once the rules must be obeyed strictly.

You know that you compose a Specialized Group, thus you should act in agreement with Laws of Beginners. You know that you fight with intelligent and loveless beasts that only intend to destroy you. Being united, you become stronger, while individually, you are fragile human creatures that can tumble easily. Therefore, sisters, stay united at work.

Master Ramatis drives you and we are with you until the end, when the Intruding Planet may provoke physical and geological disturbances in the Earth that no more there will be any creature there. Thence, new planetary directions may appear in the horizon and a new humanity will be born, free of ties of hate, envy, selfishness, corruption and any inferior feelings responsible for humanitys fall.

Finally, free, my sisters, you can choose new directions based on the Christ’s Love and you will break the barriers of "painful reincarnations" up to now. Pray, watch and work hard, because usually you are chased by Beast.

Note: we could omit the second question and respective answer; however, I believe that the whole team working for the good usually suffers many attacks of Darkness. Then, here it is as lesson for so many people.

(...) Our hands, hearts and minds continue united forever.

That God blesses all you and Jesus involves you lovingly.

I greet you on behalf of the Light. Viva Jesus.

Shama Hare, Rio de Janeiro, 10/13/06.

The presence of ex-prisoners´ spirits

I saw in the astral plan, a ward of hospital in our Spiritualistic Cologne Servants of Jesus, bound for receiving ex-prisoners´ spirits. The patients moved in healthy agitation. (Read the book: Hands supplicant for help: in the Visible and Invisible Back stages of Prisons). The psychologists that work with dear Joanna of Angelis made interviews for selecting the patients able to travel to Rio de Janeiro to attend the publishing of that book mentioned above.

I saw the living room in the Spiritualistic Fraternity Eternal Truth (IEVE) quite decorated within of festive and happy atmosphere. The brothers spirits that attended in prisons arrived and sat down there. They all received a perfumed and beautiful rose that let them surprised and happy. They looked at the roses and smiled timidly. It was visible that, since a long time no more received similar lovingly. They were so happy, as if they did not deserve so much affection. One of them communicated after the lecture.

Clairvoyance, Rio de Janeiro, 10/14/06.

The death does not determine the end

Master and Friend Jesus, savior of yours humanity, he has submitted to the vibratory descent on earth with firm purpose of exemplifying for all you, terrestrial creatures, the Universal Law of Love.

Other people had been here before and after him, not with same credentials, but guided by same Father, they had reincarnated among you, to exemplify the Pardon, Peace and fraternal work.

Many of you, contemporanean of the Messengers of Light, insisted on making mistakes and now are struggling against them.

Unhappy, time is up for new terrestrial incarnations.

After the end of "planetary cycle" foreseen by Sidereal Engineers, the Planet Earth may give its evolutionary jump, changing from Planet of Trials and Atonements for Planet of Regeneration. Thence, no more any pain and suffering, atonements of in debt souls will correct the own deficiencies.

Solidarity and Fraternity must go on guiding the human relationships in the New Land. Only those spirits qualified by vibration of love and peace, fraternity and solidarity will be able to reincarnate on earth. After the storms, they leave the protecting shelters where were collected during the final events and go back to the original planet.

The other human beings will not be alone, but collected to planets proportional to their vibration. These are sterile planets at third dimension, copies of Planet Earth, cleaner planets, planets more developed, planet-prisons, planet-schools and so many other categories appropriate for each spirit.

Dear brothers, Life foes ahead, therefore, death does not determine the end. Wherever you are suffering, pray sincere and humbly to God so that the angels visit you.

The objective of our presence here is telling you about the Rescue already in course.

Save your souls, assisting to the Christs calling: "Love God above all things and to the neighbor as if he were you."

The Mister from Heaven guides us lovingly.

Setum Shenar, IEVE, Rio de Janeiro, 10/14/06.


Love takes several different forms when interpreted by material brain.

They are illusions believing on manifestation of love only by meat brain.

Love must appear as wonderful energy and be felt inwardly, actually.

Thus, we shall love God, always working to improve the spirit, elevating him in direction to the Creator.

To love the neighbor means recognize him as son of God, creature with the best power in his own soul.

We have already had children, friends, brothers, nephews and grandparents. Where are they that we either died or killed them?

We have abandoned many of them, while we cannot recognize them shaped up by new plastic surgery done by material genetics and not love them neither.

Love, simple word of sense ignored by most of the people!

Do your best to understand wisely the spirit and the deepest meaning of Love that governs the Universe, and joins us as only one spiritualistic family.

I leave you on the Peace of Jesus.

Nefertiti and Akenaton, IEVE, Rio de Janeiro, 10/14/06.


Just as conclusion, here it is a beautiful message of Master Jesus.

Dear children!

It is late!

The hour runs fast and there is still so much work!

Help your brothers!

Listen to the appeals and screams of help!

Help the weakest ones with Light of understanding you have already reached!

There is still much work! Bear in mind: While you work, we look after you!

We are brothers and God is our Father!


Jesus, 01/30/07

Note: We beg pardon to the Transcendental Group Dr. Goldenberg, printing wrongly your name in the Divulgation nr. 42.

Note: We will be always publishing, through the available ways within our reach, more explanations regarding our Intra and Extraterrestrial Brothers. This information is of public domain and can be copied by, either in the whole or partly without previous authorization, for free distribution, since the sense is not altered. It is also authorized translation for any language, for what we just request send us a copy for our files and subsequent popularization. It is prohibited the commercialization of these information.

A willingness sister, who put her basic knowledge at our disposal, so that we could divulge this work, made the translation. Then we apologize for any found mistake and please let we know them for due change.

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