Divulgation 44


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Fraternal Readers, Christian brothers, our best wishes of health, happiness, peace and love to you.

Here it is one more Popularization in your hands. We expect you may pass it along on behalf of Jesus.

The End of the Times has already arrived since long time ago. We shall do our best, because the more people we awake spiritually speaking, less spirits will be exiled to inferior worlds.

This popularization includes as follows:

1 - The Wesak´s Festival;

2 - Brazil - The Promised Land;

3 - Incoming Mail;

4 - The Beast’s threats;

5 - Addendum on Helena Blavatsky;

6 - Petals of Light.

1 - The Wesak´s Festival

Since long time ago, we have accomplishing the Wesak´s Festival, in our own way either on the beach or on the mountain. This year, because of so much violence, we made our prayers and meditations outdoors completely walled in order to receive directly the moonlight.

See below, some of the incoming mails. We will publish the other ones in the next publication.

Several troubles are about to come

Clairvoyance: by the outside, many dark creatures tried to enter in that place while we prayed the mantra; however, the Force of the Light arrested them.

A ray light goes down bringing Holy Mary of Nazareth smoothly, sliding on it with her sweet glance on us.

I could understand the following words:

Dear daughters, keep lit the fire of hope in your hearts.

I mean Hope for a happy future that, necessarily, it will happen on earth now.

I have been visiting many villages arrested for misfortune and I calm down those Spirit’s sufferer hearts, whispering to them that the hard suffering is necessary, but it will go away.

Keep on Faith and on Hope.

The same innocent Jesus Christ who spilled his blood on earth, he spills his Love on the sufferer hearts so that they redeem the faults of theirs.

The merciless torments today are the other side of the coin, because of yours stupid actions against the other people.

You, do not rebel due to such mistakes; you should kneel down and beg for courage in order to go ahead.

Your tears turned into resignation and faith will become healing for your wounds that you own opened into your spirits.

Keep on Faith and on Patience mine brothers that suffer stupid injustices. The New Day is about to come and the Sun will shine by everywhere, heating up the jubilant hearts able to face they own and the Darkness.

You would better practice the Jesus Sublime Lessons so that you deserve live in the New Land.

You will still hear and face several and hard troubles. Even thus, go ahead sure that Jesus awaits you.

Sisters, believe in God. The New Days comes.

Mary, GESH, 05/02/07.

Stop to complain about troubles.

Clairvoyance: Siddhartha Gautama or Buddha visits us. He appears on a thousand petals flower or the lotus flower. His glance is serious and silent. While he moved and stopped with us, I captured his following words:

Many times the road has many sharp stones hurting the people’s feet and sucks them the vital energies.

Nevertheless, despite of such troubles, that means actually the safe road for renovation of theirs.

Not always, the road free from obstacles means the safe one.

Each creature should tread the road according to his task and merit.

To change the difficult road to that one free from obstacles will throw the creature into the darkness.

Stop to complain about troubles.

Do not waste your time looking only at beautiful things along of the road. Look for the right able to save you.

Being you free from those scenes able to distract the walker, you will reach the world of the spiritual ascension.

Buddha, GESH, 05/02/07.

Redouble your inmost vigilance

Even being you in the Light, do not think the dark creatures will forgive you.

They have paid high costs and likewise they will want you.

Their terrible revenge chases you, however, without success while you are with Jesus Christ.

The pride of subduing the planet darkens them the reason, thence, they do their best to destroy the servants of Jesus.

Brothers, redouble your inmost vigilance.

Keep at practicing the good actions and pardon of offenses.

Fulfill your daily tasks according to the Jesus Moral Code, because cold and wild eyes chase you very carefully. Either a mistake or vibratory fall may become you more vulnerable under those insane attacks.

Pray and watch. Christ takes care of you.

Rama Schaim, GESH, 05/02/07

Time is over and the planet keeps out of order

Clairvoyance: I see us dressed in special clean tunics with drawings at high relief, in the Sacred Mountain, among Monks. Everything spreads Respect and Harmony over there. Then, I received the following words:

Sisters, it is so serious the planetary moment.

The insane demons attack the innocent creatures that no longer can recognize the Master. Enslaved through the matter, they love it more than spiritual talents.

They only want gold to keep them on Happiness and on Faith.

Deceived, they dirt their own garments and minds, penetrating into the quicksand of the medieval castles of the inferior astral.

The supreme Spheres light up the entire planet, however the dense creatures are unable to absorb it, actually.

We expect the Supreme Light may strengthen the people’s Faith and Courage.

It is a very serious moment and the planet is out of order.

Brothers, pray in order to strengthen your spirits for the near future.

Rama Schaim, GESH, 05/02/07

Chico Xavier’s wise words

Clairvoyance: among the unfolded and sleeping embodied people, I see Chico Xavier addressing an audience, as follows:

Brothers, I am here to alert all of you.

You should endeavor to stop the arising skepticism into your hearts and minds regarding the current facts that no longer can be occult.

The Spiritualistic Houses that, par excellence, they prepare spiritualistic mediums working by the entire planet, at times, they have prejudice and erroneous ideas. Thence, they refuse the other brothers enslaved in the olden times coming as old black or Indians, because they lived, as immortal spirit, in the villages and in the very green forests formerly. Those brothers have been excluded of the spiritualistic works.

We alert you that such anti- Christian attitude does not take part of the Kardec´s principles and does not favor them at all, because it approaches more and more the hard turbulence of the Judgment Day. Then, those brothers of other Galaxies dock on earth; they work shoulder to shoulder with the terrestrial people helping in the name of the entire planet.

Moreover, our brothers inhabiting the underground, they long for the planetary cleanness at the "End of the Times". If the spiritualist workers close them the door because they come as old blacks, surely, you may increase the barriers against the intra and extraterrestrial brothers.

In the past time, not so far, you welcomed me. Now, I am here as free spirit and you at least imagine on the New World that is about to appear to Servants of Jesus. Brothers, receive kindly all of those spirits arrived at your Spiritualistic Houses and do your best to gain knowledge enough to welcome our extra and intraterrestrial brothers that voluntarily help us at this "End of the times."

Master Kardec had granted us his extraordinary Spiritualistic Doctrine, however only being you open-minded and free from untruths and prejudice, you will give your contribution in order to rescue the sufferer souls from ignorance

Jesus is our Master and our Guardian.

Attach your minds to the infinite love source and offer your hands to the brothers longing for redeeming this careless humanity.

Nothing impedes the spirit of ascending and makes progress; however, he usually prefers the mistake and ignorance of the dark creatures.

That Jesus may bless all. Sincerely Yours

Chico, GESH, 05/02/07

The sky also awaits you

Clairvoyance: I see the Sacred Mountain, the monks and much energy wrapping us. Everything is magic.

Master Shama leads us to have a panoramic view of the Mountain. Some black people try to penetrate in the place; of course, they go back sure they would be burned at short distance. Then Shama Hare speaks:

Master Jesus´ sublime energy floods the entire planet, opening glades among of the clouds.

Foolish are those creatures that still need to worship the saints, therefore their insane minds do not allow them to understand them as the God’s children, they will someday reach the angelical spheres.

Their minds still need to worship the saints able to disturb them more and more, because they believe in those noble beings will inhabit in the celestial spheres.

Brothers, pay much attention. God did not choose anyone; you all can reach the angelical spheres, since you have good will.

Your unbalanced minds only will appease when you make sure that there is no eternal hell for criminals and you can redeem you before the neighbor and before God.

Stop the ignorance and look for Light at once, because the God’s Purposes are high above your ideas. Recognize you as tiny creatures in search of spiritual renovation.

Brothers, do not disturb you more with envy of the elected people. Begin at once to build up your future, acting, suffering and looking for Light as Jesus did.

Master Jesus said that you also are gods.

Keep on Faith, because the sky also awaits you, being enough to want and to act.

I leave you on the Peace.

Shama Hare, GESH, 05/02/07.

I am the eternal Fire of Love

Clairvoyance: At the end of the mantra, Holy Mary, mother of Jesus, through the light rays takes us as far as the Sacred Mountain to take part in the beautiful Festival of Wesak.

Each of us was at the step compatible to the vibration of that beautiful landscape.

Soon afterwards, I captured the sublime words:

Brothers, I speak to your hearts.

Listen to the bottom of your heart where I have been up to now, even when you judge being lost in the darkness.

I am the Fire of Love always lighting up your steps, even you judging perennial the darkness.

The curses devastating the current humanity did not originate from the Father’s heart that loves you very much.

You had provoked all of the storms through the insane attitudes and loveless in your colds hearts. Thence, you cannot stop the arising suffering.

Poor children of God, look at the sky, kneel down and redeem your faults so that you stay on earth.

Do not go on making mistakes, because more difficult you will feel me.

Since I am with you, who will be against you?

Sananda, GESH, 05/02/07

2 - Brazil, the Promised Land

Master Ramatis, the same Kuthumi answers a reader friend´s question as follows:

"How should be Brazil the Promised Land before the current situation?"

Seeds of the New Era

It has been historically the case of the human trajectory. The highest spheres have brought many revelations about the "End of the Time"; however, men did not give them ears and thence stagnated on moral and spiritual progress. Only at this century, after the confirmation of the ancient prophecies, the fear has supplanting the disregard against such important warnings.

To know the truthfulness of the facts now, without the necessary will for inmost change will not contribute for Peacetime.

The planetary transition comes, and just now, you interest on the subject. Unhappily; we cannot stop the occurrences that already take places at the End of Times."

Each of you ought to know the truthfulness of the facts in search of self-renovation; unless you want, the external unbalanced force stops you.

Brazil is the Heart of the World and the Homeland of the Evangel inhabited by the peaceful nature, faithful, fraternal and loving people. The Brazilian Land shelters the majority of the intraterrestrial cities to welcome the people rescued with merit to live over there.

Brazil has the Earth’s cardiac chakra and if it dies, the body dies too. Nevertheless, the human seeds designed to the New Era will brought here. Brazil is a young country, still less free from much human desire of power, ambition and dominance over the other people than the oldest Nations.

The "extraterrestrial ships" will collect the other part of terrestrial people in order to populate the New Land. By the other hand, the smallest ships may drive the rescued ones to the mother ship prepared to either receive or shelter the terrestrial brothers, or based on the previous selection to shelter them provisory in the other planets, because, they go back on earth later on.

The intergalactic ships will also take the terrestrial brothers to their native planets. It will be a reduced number, because most of the people rescued with merit to inhabit in the New Land have not conditions to go back to origin planet yet.

Brothers, for everything said above, Brazil means actually the Promised Land.

Brazil will have a large portion of its current territory preserved and more the other portion arising in order to replace that one submerged by the last cataclysms.

If Brazil is total polluted by corruption now, by the other hand, it did not affect the Brazilian peaceful nature that still have superior pattern able to become the Brazilian Territory into the Promised Land with only one people, Nation, race, language and God.

As the Brazilian people, each of them ought to endeavor to deserve live in the future land.

Men, through the free will, they can detonate a nuclear war, however, the Forces of the Good will not allow a dangerous catastrophe to the human mind.

Brothers, keep at spreading the Good by everywhere in order to stop the Power of the Evil. Let go out the love from the bottom of yours heart so that the truth clean your darken eyes because of selfish feelings consuming the material life.

Wake up! The greatest sunlight shines strongly over you. Do your best to get it. It is Master Jesus! Look for him who always takes care of you.

Ramatis, GESH, 03/16/07.

3 – Incoming Mail

Among of the countless incoming mails, we selected this one "of ours own free will", without the authors knowledge.

It refers to the "Supplicant Hands", a controversial book due to its "fantastic revelations". In fact, it is not surprising where Count Rochester is, deeper knowledge has in the "inferior astral world".

It is not for lack of material, because there are excess of messages. We enclosed it in this Popularization due the force and conviction of its own content.

The author is a young doctor pediatrician married with a beautiful and sensitive woman and father of a beautiful girl.

"He, who has eyes of seeing, sees."


"(...) November 05, 2006

Dear Mrs. Margarida,

It is with great affection and consideration, I am writing you. I have not done it before due my short talent as writer.

It was with great expectation and happiness we received the last and wonderful book "Supplicant hands for help" from GESH´s team. The revelations contained in it, some of them fantastic, however, under our point of view, not absurd. They only reinforce to the workers of the Light the serious moment in which we live now. Since long time ago, we have felt this work "infiltrated" by Power of the Evil. It is enough bear in mind the current Brazilian corruption, the disastrous dominance by the Media trying to impose their amoral or immoral concepts and, thence, trying to drag the negligent adolescents or no through the subtle strategy applied for such purpose. Thus, it reduces more and more the human beings vibratory level in a very difficult moment.

All those resources feed the "great power" that "everything" controls under the materials aspects and thus hinder us either to think or get in touch with salutary energies able to drive us to the God Almighty. Moreover, the king of the abyss and followers grant the "great power" in order to keep at practicing their insane plans to the entire planet.

Mrs. Margarida, I had felt that as a "deja-vu", in the hallucinating day by day like energy I had already known it causing tension, dense air and pressure now. I had commented on it to my wife that feelings meant actually the next moments of great and drastic change, or even a catastrophe coming.

After your revelation of 06/06/06, I have no doubt the called times arrived comes. We, as servants self-convoked servants by Ashtar´s Command, we shall strengthen us more and more on the faith serving to the Divine Laws.

That explanatory book is very important so that all of the people prepare for the great and last battle, when the Light will defeat the Darkness.

Mrs. Margarida, I would like to receive 5 or 6 copies of the book, by mail order so that I could distribute them to some of the brothers that tread that road and struggle daily in order to keep on faith and on courage on such difficult times.

For sure, I wrote too much. That is all for today. My best wishes to you from me and mine, sure that we are humble soldiers at service of the Great Governor, when we receive his call.

Sincerely yours (…)

4 - The Beast’s threats

We detached this subject due its unusual aspect.

During the public sessions on Tuesdays, we ask to three spiritualistic mediums to concentrate deeply in order to communicate with our brothers of elevated spiritual graduation or other Beings desirous to bring us messages. It was exactly at that moment the "thing" has happened, by chance or not, because we had already received some messages from the Beast or Dragon. On that Tuesday, we commented on the Chapter 15, "The Beast of the Apocalypse" mentioned in the book "The declined people and their terrestrial trajectory", when a bestial creature authorized by Guardian of GESJ, he penetrated into the auditorium and one of the spiritualistic mediums read the Beasts letter brought by its messenger.

First, let us know the clairvoyance, as follows:

I see a Messenger of the Darkness arriving. He talks to doorkeeper of ours Spiritualistic House that, by its turn talks with someone inside of GESJ´s room.

A few minutes later, Dr. Cruz who answers for GESH´s Medical Team, he arrives with a small suitcase and two guardians that made a complete asepsis in the Messenger’s body with substance unknown to me. Then, they wrapped him in a transparent bubble so that he could penetrate into the Spiritualistic House.

After a complete asepsis, "he" goes up to the second floor, he enters in the auditorium; he stands up on the publics right side, always surrounded by very attentive guardians. In that meantime, I see myself beginning the concentration and helped by Instructors of the House.

The Beasts Messenger opens and reads his paper, which we called it "The authentic bestial message".

"I do nothing against you.

Those people that intend to withstand the General Government on Earth, they talk against me and spread terror by everywhere.

It has been historically the Law that the weak and strong ones compose the humanity and the latter ones subdue the former ones.

They speak about me, but I only give flow to the human beings wild instinct, according to their own will. None of you is obliged serving me. They only agree with us, because surely, they will be happy while acting in agreement with their own instincts.

If they follow me, they recognize me as Master. I wonder why they intervene on me, if they have fair Law.

Nevertheless, the rebellious children of the Lamb insist on face me. I planted followers throughout the world and before mine signal, the negative forces will spread despair, pain and sadness by the entire earth.

Blood spilled feed the Darkness Army. It is not wrong, because all animal needs food; and the human beings as animals too, they would not be an exception.

Through the messenger, I present myself. Since they dare spreading untruths of me, they granted me the right of refuting the foolish words they try to deceive the people.

As I have said, the weak and the strong people compose the humanity. He, who does not want see his blood did not spill nor to suffer my followers attack, he should become stronger and join me according to mine my dictates easier than those uttered by Lamb (he refers to Jesus).

If they do not make like this, they will be easily subdued by our strong warlike.

The animal force that commands you all, it is superior and we always act with it.

The Beast, Boss of the Darkness, future terrestrial Leader, 05/01/07.

Note: That audacity did not surprise us, once we have been receiving many threats and attacks since long time ago. Even thus, our GESH´s team stays stand up at the point to inconvenience the Beast and respective followers. It means, "The largest force always ceases the smallest one". Jesus is Force and Light driving us.

Prayer of a powerful sorcerer

Clairvoyance: I saw forming a storm in the dark sky just above the main gate of our Spiritualistic House. A strong black ray thrown earthwards formed a black magicians picture. He stared me challenging and debauching. Later, he greeted me with a sickly smile.

Followed very closely by an Instructor, I tried to understand better such event. The Instructor asked me to pay attention at the creature’s words. It was not easy to hear those sounds as follows:

Oh! Forces of the evil!

I order you to act at once. We must destroy that hole of witches redeemed. (The hole is GESJ and we are the witches) so that no more they destroy our people.

Great Beast idolized, remove the wild animals from abysmal areas to surface to join us against the Forces of the Light.

Let us work right ahead the "portal of the Evil" of many that pursue us. Let us rescue our poor brothers from those "submissive claws".

Attack hard. Keep on Force and on Courage in order we defeat them at once.

Darkness! Join and exterminate the Light!

Defeat the Lamb and settle down the emblem of the pain at his home.

Clairvoyance: In that meantime, the bestial creature began uttering a foreign language with magic gestures and handling the "Forces of the Nature". Then, I asked to my Instructor the following questions:

Q: Is it a Black Magician?

A: It is the double of the (...). He tries to know who disturbed his plans. He made a deal with bestial creatures and joined them in order to attack and to destroy the Spiritualistic House Servants of Jesus - GESJ.

We returned to the initial scene where the Magician was. At the end of the ritual, terrible beings appear flying into black and fetid clouds attacking our workers by the outside. Nevertheless, the well-trained sentries raised their swords quickly and defeated those flying monsters at once.

The alarm sounds and the workers bringing the rescued spirits enter in the spiritualistic House quickly, while the dark creatures try to take the unhappy ones rescued from the abysmal areas.

Now, instead of that strange human picture, I see black portal arising those flying monsters. Probably, he turned into that "portal black", located about 328, 08 ft of our House’s hall.

Again, I see Master Ramatis image with his turban and ribbons spreading power against everything touching him.

GESH, 12/09/07.

Note: We omitted the characters name, because he is an embodied spirit practicing openly black magic with Power of the Evil.

That attack had occurred, because of people about to commit suicide and the other ones submitted to the exorcism work in GESJ.

Today, on December 20, 2006 while I am reading this text, we have already faced two great battles against those dark creatures and thanks to Master Jesus, we are all right


The Negative Portals

The invisible world has Negative Portals, however well kept by Forces of the Light.

Through of those Portals, the dense energy penetrates into the physical plan that, for its time, the embodied people operate such energy likewise, it happens with Positive Portals.

The Black or Negative Portals are not permanent, because they work where there is excess of dense energy in the astral and physical plan.

Many of the Negative Portals started working at this "End of Planetary Cycle", because of dense energies around the planet providing the activation of many others spread out by the planet.

The major number of them fed on dense magnetic load of abysmal areas at Middle East, in Asia, where the Occult Government of the Evil still lives.

The discharges negative arising from abysmal areas added to the primitive energies of the Intruding Planet, to the pestilential discharges of embodied ones altogether allow the longer opening of that important Portal of the Darkness arising forces of the evil over the terrestrial surface.

The insane creatures spread by the planet in touch with embodied and disembodied spirits deeply rooted with them in the several sections of the civil and military societies, leading the great crowds towards the conflicts and wars.

The angry "beasts" free from the abysmal areas reach the surface through the dark Portals.

Several hard battles take place between the Light and the Darkness in search of the largest number of insane beings commanded by bestial creatures.

The Army of the Light struggles in the invisible world with a view to reduce the negative energies thrown on the people likewise the dramatic and fateful consequences in the matter.

Moreover, through the black or negative portals, the Servants of Jesus look for beings enslaved and kept arrested since millennia at inaccessible areas of helping them.

Brothers, there are many other fights, much work and little cooperation of this humanity.

The evolved spirits planed everything taking place at this end of the planetary cycle, and those brothers suffering now because of misuse of their free will for millennia.

The courageous warriors of the Light work too much so that the entire planet gets free from the darkness. When it comes to smash naturally the new barriers, the automatism will reach all creatures whenever they are and take them to similar dimensions, and they will suffer vibratory shocks in that compulsory transfer to the exile. That is not the desire of the Servants of Christ or of brothers of elevated graduation to the Planet Earth.

The events will become stronger, dynamic, simultaneous, and unable to the human short-minded limited understand them indeed.

Brothers, work hard in order to touch and get free such ignorant minds.

I greet you on behalf of the Planetary Christ. .

Setum Shenar, 03/03/07.

A victorious victim

I worked spontaneously with the Darkness for long time.

I extorted, I humiliated, and I pursued many people. To practice the evil calmed me down the pain that more and more invited me to know its origin, but feeding my excessive pride, I refused to make it public.

Along of that insane road, no longer I agreed to act as mere executor of orders.

I needed much more.

Thence, I conquered higher positions at such "Hierarchy of the Evil"; the more I improved the torture and obsession methods".

Intoxicated by power, I had neglected all the forces of the Universe, making to sound to the ears of the "Followers of the Lamb", as provocation, my superior power. Maybe, for that reason, I felt, suddenly, at a challenger condition, and forced to face them by means of battle, whose victory I had already as sure.

However, being me own reached lethally by stranger arms that later, I knew it was the "blessed sword" and I surrendered unconditionally.

After that was a blessed defeat, I made sure who I was and about so much pains I had incited and the future suffering awaiting me.

By the other hand, I knew that, by medium ship, of which you mentioned tonight, I shall receive sublime orientations by this "work of love" able to reduce my future suffering.

My presence here tonight only possible by means of these collaborators help, it has the main purpose to test me able to express a humble gesture and, at the same time, to ask for your prayers in the name of a victorious victim.

A Brother still under treatment

5 – Addendum on Helena Blavatsky

How identify a mediumistic call?

Jesus Evangel is the only moral code to guide the embodied and disembodied spirits.

Many times, the medium ship raise daily troubles, mainly when the spiritualistic medium does not accept it, or sometimes it provokes negative pressure on those trustworthy men, the rightists of Christ.

When occurs a mediumistic call, it should be answered at once, because being a work of high responsibility, it emerges in the exact moment necessary, when the person is well-prepared psychologically speaking to assume it indeed.

By the other hand, the disobedient and rebellious human being usually refuses such important phenomenon knocking at t his door. Many times, because of his habitual obtuse religion that denies him the medium ship and the reincarnation, he feels unable to give the first step in order to free from the prejudice and to thread the new and blessed road opened to him fulfill such mission.

Surely, the medium ship means actually a fatal disease or even source of multiple physical and mental unbalances to the person who refuses it.

The medium ship is not disease or fatidic load; it is the solution to pay off the accumulated debts with the neighbor.

Brothers, accept the medium ship not as punishment, but as salutary medicine for sufferer soul. Investigate about the unbalances which seem you a disease; however, it means actually a calling of alert for inevitable medium ship.

The safe itinerary, in case you want follow it, it is the Jesus Evangel, not that commented by confuse Bible, but that one addressed and supervised by Providence pointing out to you the best road to thread.

If you work, weekly, helping the disembodied spirits, surely, you will get free from diseases that you fear them very much.

Medium ship that cures explains guides and blesses the ignorant souls.

That Jesus may guide you on the regenerative road, through the medium ship,

Praised is Divine Jesus.

Note: We will go on practicing the mediumistic work fulfilling our work as servants of Jesus in your Spiritualistic House in order to gain knowledge, because we still have to learn very much.

Helena Blavatsky, GESH, 02/09/07.

How to bring about the Child’s Medium ship?

The force of the mediumistic phenomenon and its appearance differs to each creature.

Many spiritualistic mediums, since the childhood face the mediumistic phenomenon, usually with the presence of the spirits daily.

Some of them from childhood to adolescence, they feel upset and unable to describe or dominate it. Others being already at adult age, the mediumistic phenomenon occurs either abruptly or in a soft way.

It depends on each of spiritualistic medium, apart from intensity of the mediumistic phenomenon, except the children, to look for a Spiritualistic House in order to discipline and expand his own medium ship.

Many people ignore such force and flee frightened and rebellious. A few ones look for the spiritualistic House in order to discipline it and practice it, actually. Even among of spiritualistic mediums, there are the undisciplined and negligent ones as regard the studies and, usually they stop in a "basic" strip" and do not allow them to operate well in the several areas of the mediumistic works.

When they do not obey the rules necessary for a good mediumistic performance, surely they let escape a great opportunity of making fast progress and inconvenience the spiritualistic leaders.

It depends on spiritualistic leaders to stimulate and drive the new spiritualistic mediums for that purpose.

As the child’s medium ship, it depends on his parents to educate them according to the Jesus Evangel so that those innocent minds face the phenomenon naturally, without "the horror of the ghosts". The Evangelic Cult at home likewise to practice the Jesus Lessons will contribute very much so that at ideal age, that person looks for a Spiritualistic Youths Group with a view to gain knowledge and to develop that salutary mediumistic phenomenon.

It will only depend on each spiritualistic medium to endeavor to fulfill his task. A premature appearance of such phenomenon does not mean divine punishment, but many debits with the neighbor and great responsibility to execute the medium ship.

That Jesus may drive us forever.

Helena Blavatsky, GESH, 02/16/07.

Farewell signs

I greet you in the name of the Light driving us on earth.

Blessed it is the Jesus name, Adored Master who allows us to redeem our mistakes practiced against his Divine Laws.

Dear Sister, the mediumistic work exercised at this House is very good compared with researches I have been doing even here in Brazil, because it helps a great number of unbalanced, completely lost, sick, and insane spirits docked here. I mean that the mediumistic work at this House always receives lovingly the sufferer spirits, it does not matter who they are, and stimulate them to change or even to accept the help offered them lovingly by servants of Jesus.

The reduced number of workers also reduces the work; even thus, the work quality is extraordinary. The voluntary workers here, they help lovingly the sufferer spirits likewise the other spiritualistic workers in the invisible world.

We will stay learning a little more at this Charity House, before my life takes a new direction.

M: Would not like you, brother or sister to identify?

HB: Here is your sister Helena speaking.

M: How nice Helena Blavatsky! Why are you leaving us?

HB: Lowly, I have been staying here, even anonymously, taking part in all of the mediumistic activities of your Spiritualistic House either as teacher or as student. I usually have been learning and changed myself through that blessed labor. I will still stay here working and learning on behalf the Jesus so much I had lost in the past.

I am thankful to you, to the Adored Master Ramatis and Master Jesus this blessed opportunity.

M: Does the sister intend to reincarnate?

HB: Of course, I do.

M: Sister, have you been long time in the astral?

HB: Yes, for long time.

M: I expect to meet you in other incarnation.

HB: I will stay in Brazil, the Promised Land, however, I must embody sooner with a view to fulfill an obligation left back, before it takes place the Great Transformation. However, I will still stay a little more in this Homelike House, where I could strengthen physical psychic, moral and spiritual in order to face the future battles.

M: Your lessons taught us about the medium ship constituted a "little guide" either for new or experienced spiritualistic mediums to fulfill the labor of love. Surely, it has touched many others spiritualistic mediums in search of the right road to thread.

That Jesus may reward all your efforts with enough force to go ahead.

HB: I would like very much to fulfill many other tasks before my departure. I will stay a little more engaged with this working team.

Again, we would like to thank very much for your humble and very important work at this Charity House.

M: The time the sister stayed with us brought us surprise, however, so much happiness and wisdom, fruit of yours own experience as a disembodied spirit. Surely, the ties of deep friendship were made again or, who knows, redone!... We affirm that in the plan physical, embodied or not, count on all the humble workers of GESJ´s team.

HB: Surely, many of ours old followers, even those current readers, they ignore our presence in this Charity House. It does not matter to me, my sister, because my main purpose aims at redeeming I own before the Forces of Master Jesus and of Great Master Ramatis (Kuthumi) who entrusted me much responsibility, and unhappily I had fallen drastically. For such reason, I keep at working anonymously with Jesus.

Blessed it is the Divine Master Jesus Force driving us.

Helena Blavatsky, GESJ, 05/14/07.

The ancient times join us.

Brothers, we wish the Forces of the Good may protect and drive all you on earth.

I am here to explain to you about my future life.

The mistakes went on in the past against the Master of Lyon and mainly against Master Ramatis, either for rebelliousness, pride or even negligence avoiding and even censuring the aspect that should be the great pulse for my indebt soul. If I had rendered concrete the plans for that existence of mine, practicing the Spirit’s Doctrine and the Theosophy, surely, we would reach better opening in the human minds.

That mine mistake let me prisoner in the space for fault and for remorse, when made sure of it. As I already explained, many barriers hindered me to fulfill several tasks such as this one allowed me kindly at this Spiritualistic House.

Nevertheless, the planetary cycle is about to finish and I have little free time to readjust me conveniently before the Master Jesus, Ramatis and my own conscience.

Margarida, you have an extraordinary power of looking ahead. First, I will reincarnate in a world similar to the Planet Earth, and submitted to larger sacrifices in order to deserve inhabit the New Land.

According with the terrestrial time, I will stay until the Christmas Day on earth, when I may reincarnate.

We have settled down sincere affections and redone others at this House

Let us go on with Christ forever.

Helena Blavatsky, GESJ, 05/26/07

6 - Petals of Light

They are messages of several Extra, Intra and Terrestrial brothers able to impel us to think deeply about the current and chaotic situation in which the world lives. I mean wars, hunger, Luxury, frauds, corruption, violence, catastrophes and natural accidents provoked by human beings.

All those occurrences would make sense if we were still living at the Barbarian or Medieval Times. Nevertheless, it makes no sense, when we think about two thousand years already passed by, since the Master Jesus lived among us teaching us to "love the other people as they were ourselves."

By chance, do the people act in such way?

It is not surprise that two thirds of the terrestrial spirits in the physical and astral worlds may be exiled.

There is no explanation for so many insane attitudes.

Time is over to stop the Planet’s death.

Clairvoyance: One of the Guardians of the Light & Love City Shines takes me to Amazonian Forest, a very sad landscape too much destroyed. The place seems a great hematoma settled down on the planetary surface. It is a very sad and weak forest.

Then, we visit a place with millenarian trees of big size trunks, crystalline water. I do not know if it is the surface or the planetary underground.

Soon afterwards, she spoke:

Brothers, I greet you on behalf of the Planetary Christ.

The dense clouds involve the Planet Earth and impede it of breathing.

The channels by where the life lymph feed the planet, they are completely polluted with garbage and human contamination.

The excess of human negligence allowed the expansion of Power of the Evil that everything destroys in search of vital sap.

The forests so beautiful formerly, they die because of bloody battles in search of reverting the Forces of the Nature, even the human live into personal property.

There is an immeasurable loss of human and animal life due to the human fury polluting the rivers leaving visible their beds dried up and rotten animals.

The Planet Earth dies and screams in order to touch deeply the entire humanity.

Time is over to stop the planetary death, likewise Phoenix, it shall reborn for Peacetime.

Servants of Jesus, please spread light over the Planet Earth in order to cure it indeed.

Do not forget that you all are the Planet’s children that ought to love it actually.

The dark tentacles only want to destroy it; however, the perennial Light will shine strong at the down of the New Land, surprising many of those imprudent spirits thinking they have already subdued the Planet at their convenience.

Sarramarrarani (Intra of Light & Love City), Amazonian, 11/05/2007

We are here again on behalf of Christ.

The long time lived at the material life is immortalized in our eternal soul.

To think about the ancient Golgotha Tragedy hurts our sensitive soul in recognizing us so ignorant formerly. Our innocent souls hindered us to see the diabolical plot culminated into the murder of the God’s Divine Son.

Now, less ignorant and aware of that event went on in the past, we sorry so much sacrifice of the Master was not enough to transform the people.

The majority of those people still ignore that Faith and Love may ascend the creatures to superior conditions.

We get in touch again with the human beings, even in the astral world helping the Master touching the human consciences; as "fishermen of souls" now, graduated by own Life that either teaches or hurts, however, always impels the soul towards the progressive life.

The ingenuous feelings no more hinder us to see clearly the tortuous roads built by means of human mistakes. They are dangerous, dark and dirt roads to imperfect human souls settling down their painful future.

Again, we are working in this dear Planet on behalf of Christ in order to "fish" the sufferer souls and already prepared for new walk watered by Christian Love.

Just a minor number of brothers can receive and absorb the superior Light for their own regenerative benefit. Jesus Christ! There is still a faithless crowd completely arrested in the webs of the addictions and suffering too much. They do not wait to see the Light, because they ignore even the time they are parked in the abysmal areas.

Jesus, on your name, we look for them, our little brothers in order to get them free from the abysmal areas and take them to planets in order to meet the Light again.

Mister, we are here again to follow you forever.

Master Jesus, please save your servants so that they may help the other sufferer souls and to clean the planet for the Regeneration.

Praised is the Divine Pastor.

Great Thiago, GESH, 02/16/07.

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