Divulgation 45


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Dear readers and brothers on behalf of Jesus.

Here it is one more bulletin to you; bringing news from the astral world, because about the daily events, we know them very well.

While I still live as embodied spirit plan, for sure this simple contribution in favor of the Planetary Transition will be present every three months.

The Honorable Rabi of Galilee may grant us power enough to face the obstacles raised on the road, as true spiritualistic athletes looking for patience, courage, renouncement, resignation, love, tolerance and "other many virtues", to the soul.

This number includes:

1 - The remaining messages on Festival of Wesak.

2 - The incoming messages: the other side of the coin.

3 - The laborious and devoted GESH´s Medical team.

4 - Our brothers of the Stars;

5 - On behalf of Christ, we are here again as his apostles.

1 - The remaining messages on Festival of Wesak;

We are already only one people

Clairvoyance: during the mantra time, a beautiful woman approached bringing with her a basket full of rose petals perfumed. They are gifts materialized by fraternal workers.

She circulates around our group, praying the mantra with us. Her voice is so tender; her mantra seems a different song, and her movements seem a dance following the song rhythm, as her entire body was singing.

While she is going singing and dancing, she throws over us, the rose petals that are absorbed when they touch our bodies emitting a flash of light. Afterwards, I received the following message:

Our best greetings to you, terrestrial sisters!

The Army of the Light sends us fluids of peace and harmony, very happy for this new encounter reaffirming our work on behalf of Christ.

We already compose of only one people, only one Nation, free from terrestrial or extraterrestrial borderlines governed by only one God, while his son Jesus Christ takes care of our souls.

Blessed is the Light! Blessed is the Festival of Wesak!

Eliadne (Venus), 05/02/07

The present high walls.

Fraternal greetings!

The high walls still protect you, but sooner, they cannot avoid the bestial attacks on you all.

It needs to build up in the invisible plan, the magnetic protecting walls able to stop the insane bestial fury. To cultivate a fraternal and fair heart impeding that low vibrations inhabit in it, it is to create the "power plant" able to settle down the invisible protecting walls, spiritually speaking. Only helping the other people will gain such performance.

Sisters, endeavor for elevating your vibratory pattern, because the bestial creatures hidden in the nurseries of the madness become more and more violence.

Ranieri, 05/02/2007

Spiritualistic Medium: Mentally, I asked if he was Ranieri Matias who communicated with us, and he answered negatively. Then, I concluded he was that Ranieri, author of "The Abyss", "Sex besides of the Death" and others. He understood my thoughts and answered as follows:

I am that Ranieri who had received aid and orientation from High Spheres and drove many consciences in order to meditate on imponderable realities of life.

Q: Why are you here?

A: By invitation of Count Rochester, an old friend of mine and new friend of Ranieri Matias that is absent now, because he is investigating on very important subjects.

Q: Does that invitation mean a specific work for us or was just a cordial visit?

A: In the invisible world, we take advantage of the cordiality to create work links, because we have already understood that, only through the work, we may ascend to the evolutionary world.

Ranieri, 05/02/07

Note: I would like to continue the dialogue, but by mental order, it was stopped.

Now, we celebrate the Festival of Wesak in outdoors, however completely walled, in order to avoid attacks at the small hours. Thence, here is the message: "The present high walls."

Destroying a malign laboratory in the inferior astral.

Clairvoyance: as soon as I left my physical body, I saw us wrapped by the Army of the Light taking us straight into the rice-flooded fields. The soldiers dressing in uniforms, they carry equipments and speak dialect language among them. They remind me of the oriental people, maybe the Chinese people.

Everything happens fast, as if that place were very dangerous. I think they protect us from heavy vibration there.

At long distance, I can see the Sacred Mountain, as if it linked to the sky, from where peaceful energy comes in our direction and follow us.

The field is wide and seems to have anything else around it. I try to imagine where we are, looking for some reference, but without success.

Each of those soldiers accompanies us, individually very closely.

We reached the margin of dry land forming a circle surrounding the field. The circle is huge and I cannot see if there is somebody in the opposite side.

Afterwards, I feel the presence of someone of GESJ, maybe Count Rochester.

I am sure that we are at certain artificial underground of the negative stronghold. It is not allowed us to know where the place is.

The Sacred Mountain is just a projection at long distance so that we could absorb energy enough to execute the work.

It seems that we will attack by surprise, a negative stronghold profiting from energy in the Festival of Wesak.

At that meantime, I am not sure if that action is real or not, and someone answers my question:

"Now, preparation with the inferior mental body. The action occurs while you sleep."

Q: Who are you?

A: Your brother and friend Count Rochester commanding the operation.

Army of the Light to identify the "Black City" at long distance did that line seen.

The forerunners ships will be on duty in that place, because we do not know if there is an opening given on surface in case of emergency. To positive case, they will go straight to Commanders of that place in order to be surprised, defeated and arrested by magnetic field of the ships.

Q: And us?

A: We will enter in.

Q: What will we find there?

A: We shall disarticulate that Place of Command, to defeat the enemies, to arrest the bosses and to get free the prisoners.

If there are injured people, a nuclear medicine team will make the selection and take them straight to Hospital either in the Cologne or to Hospital Ships placed strategically next the Sacred Mountain.

Q: Brother of mine, we will stay until the small hours in the Festival of Wesak.

A: You can do it as usual; your time differs of ours. After that, you would better stay at home resting your mental body.

Rochester, 05/02/07

It is sure the victory of the Light

Clairvoyance: We cross by a rice field; we go down as far as a gap in the dry land surrounding the field. There are many spiders and short snakes moving very fast on the ground. We do not step on the ground, only hung up by strings.

The place has no entrance or windows, but we see a glass dome there inside, where has movement, however completely silent. By the other hand, it seems to have tension in the air.

Some of well-know spirits, maybe medical doctors, they put together our "silver ties" and later, they prepare us in some way that I cannot explain it. From the upper side, by an invisible thread, left blue light reaching our strings as if they were only one. That energy touches each one of us in a different way, but equally stronger.

Our bodies seem more alive and stronger in the plan where we are now.

We feel less the external negative pressure, while the tension turns into force.

There is an army permanent and ships surrounding the city. No worker touches on the ground; most of them flutter in the air. I think they compose the GESH´s medical team; and maybe, some of them are intraterrestrial doctors helping in the work in our bodies and silver strings.

Now, the workers seem wrapping up the city with a fine gold net, while some of them hold on the net in the air.

The concentration of them is strong. There is not "sentry of darkness" there. I think that those spiders and snakes are the guards in that place, because nobody took notice the huge movement surrounding the city.

Count Rochester approaches informing that, when the trumpet sounded, we should attack that stronghold. He explains:

The ships will spill strong light, which will not injure us, but it will break the safety system of the city. The sentries are form-thoughts and larval that may be powdered. The fine net with double of gold will keep in the battlefield who try to run away in order to concentrate the battle in only place.

Having been destroyed the walls with strong magnetism from the ships; they all will be defeated, collected and put away.

As well as the noxious bacteria to the planetary health, the dark laboratories mean actually a cancer on the terrestrial surface spreading putrid energies. The embodied and disembodied spirits will feed on such energies and polluting the air with larva and putrid odors that only increase the violent hate, attacks and convulsions on the terrestrial surface.

As well as an cancer able to infect the whole body in which it was born, also those "laboratories" spreading out negative energies, they can break up on the surface, inciting more and more war and pain, violence and panic.

Our fair and wise Father allowed until the last moment that those beings could wake up by means of much love and magnetic waves, however all his efforts proved useless for touching those negligent creatures. Now it urges to help the prisoners and the other ones in search of self-renovation.

It is the time to remove that cancer draining it completely, and cauterizing the place.

Forward, warlike! Our Father asks for our service!

Jesus guides us! It is sure the victory of the Light!

Rochester, 05/02/07

Look for Peace, equality of rights and duties for all creatures

Clairvoyance: I saw a cross or iron moving in the air. Suddenly, it burns out and the iron began to twist. Laughters were heard there. Then an eagle brings water in its beak and extinguishes the fire. Thence, instead of the cross, the iron twisted shapes up a big heart.

Clairvoyance: I saw elephants, probably Indian ones, according to richly ornamentation of theirs. They went up the mountain following some Hindu people. They looked me so familiar. A younger man who also looked familiar, he approaches bringing the following message:


You will not gain Peace as you imagine it. Even so, you should keep at transmitting and receiving it.

Only by means of compassion, understanding the other people, never judging nor condemn them, you will inhabit in those Planets plenty of Peace.

While you live in the earth, look for peace in favor of equality of rights and duties for all the creatures, without exception.

Endeavour to reduce the deep abysses you have created.

To reach the Peacetime, we must look for it.

Gandhi, 05/02/07

Only the pain can redeem the hardened hearts.

Brothers, Buddha of the Compassion spills his merciful Light on us. The Mister of the Worlds sorry for that people supplying them forces enough in that hard hour.

You should spread out the power of the light received free and, as gratitude action, spread it free too.

Most of the people are in great need of help now, and everybody present here must have opened hearts to receive additional energy load to share for your friends and relatives.

Only the love can redeem the declined people.

Only the pain can redeem the hardened hearts.

Work more and more.

John Baptist, 05/02/07

Mary’s Caravan

Clairvoyance: I see Master Jesus beautiful projection whose energy wraps us.

I see Mary in her bright carriage accompanied by workers, members of her caravan. The carriage flies over a Brazilian city. They landed at prisons, attracted by suicidal thoughts. They collect some of those suffered-embodied spirits in order to calm them down. Those suffered spirits can see them, whose presence enable the unfolding of the physical body for those disembodied spirits still very impressed on their own death.

The carriage leaves that place taking many spirits collected in the prisons. Soon afterwards, we received the following message:

We left the Valley of the Suicides for sending our efforts to those ones gathered inside of many cells infecting one another with larva of discouragement and of panic.

Jesus has granted us such a grace of providing some comfort and light to the afflicted ones living as if they were animals confined at prisons.

Sooner, everything will finish and, while the time does not come, we keep at calming down those suffered people.

Peace on Jesus!

Mary’s caravan guide, 05/02/07

The Sacred Mountain

Embodied and disembodied pilgrims coming from the entire world, they go in direction the Sacred Mountain. They are volunteer pilgrims at service of the spiritual redemption.

The other curious people attracted for huge activity also receive aid.

Now, we cannot see only monks or hermits there. From the entire world come spirits of different religions in search of Light and fresh air.

They are either Leaders or disciples of several religions devoted to the most important creeds throughout the world.

Afterwards, I heard the following words:

Sisters, greetings on behalf of Christ.

Each one at his own evolutionary apprenticeship approaches of the Mountain in search of answers for hard daily life. All, without exception, bringing salutary feelings into the hearts, they will get salutary energies to share to their followers.

This Festival, more than before, it celebrates faith still imperceptible to the religious members, however, it will be recorded into their minds, enabling them to understand that is the time to give the hands and stop either the prejudice or rivalry.

Even too late, they will understand how tinny is the difference separating them before the strong pain that may join them soon.

Blessed is the Divine Plan spreading out the light of success over all the people.

Ramp, 05/02/07

2 - The incoming messages: the other side of a coin

Through the Popularization 44, we transcribed a letter of an assiduous reader, without identify him. Surely, it was written by a mind "well harmonized to the life."

Today, we transcribe an e-mail emerged from the bottoms of "an unbalanced mind."

I had never read or seen so much foolishness. It means actually a "Festival" of foolish things that make no sense. I think the author is a soul completely disturbed, because of pride, rebelliousness, selfishness, envy and other negative things crying for help.

Unhappily, that kind of creature constitutes the most of present people. Thence, it urges the renewal of the Planetary Transition. The weed spreads out quickly, suffocating and killing the smaller plants. The Divine Mercy does not kill the weeds; simply spread them carefully again to appropriate places in order to grow up.

Read it and have your own conclusion.


I do not know what happens, I do not know if you have already taken notice that Master Ramatis treat you as idiots. You ask him something, he just fools you more, and more with verbiage far from the question asked. How stupid thing! He says that you are stupid spiritualistic mediums, because you never investigate the answers given to you. If such thing happens with you, surely I would look in his face, because the answers must be legible. Those Misters say that they are bringing explanations, but I only can see dark and mediocre answers instead of legible explanations. They only give double answers. I studied the whole Philosophy and Oriental mysticism for ten years. I have read ten thousand books on hard spiritualistic investigation for many years. I stopped it, thanks to the great masters Rasul, and mainly Osho Rajneesh who helped very much and pointed me out the road in direction the freedom. I could describe here the details about the conscience (that matters actually) that those called masters cannot explain it. They only disturb the human minds. They base on the Christian words and even on one of the books historically plenty of lies, which I have studied it deeply. The Bible, of course, little or nothing says respect to Master Jesus who really had granted us the most important lessons such as Evangel of Saint Tomas, not recognized by Catholic Church. Jesus Christ has also another masterpiece "A Course of Miracles that just a few ones know it well, able to erase all lies described on the Bible. I am just alerting that you are not acting well. Surely, you have making efforts; however, you should not keep such a duality nor at least mention it, but extinguish it forever. You should be careful with the spiritualistic links and only profit from the valuable things to the human conscience performance, once those masters think them as well-known spirits. Nevertheless, those poor answers will only satiate the mediocre people, not the intelligent ones. They do not impel us to catch the truth to the simplest question: "Who am I?". Only three words that should be worked, actually. You and those masters only worry about the collectivity and instead of singular aspects very important. Moreover, the reality of the truth only is recognized, if it can answer, "Who I am". The Christian charity makes many mistakes in that sense, because the human life has other deeper aspects. The person cannot help the other one, if he own is completely disturbed, if he did not change yet, psychologically speaking. It is not true that idea of Servants of Jesus working in favor of the good. That is absurd! Even because the Good and the Evil are sides of a same coin. There is not Power of the Good or the Power of the Evil. There are just consciences in search of living everything within only one existence. It would better to teach how surpass that illusory duality, and not to struggle for untruths. That beautiful film called "Club of the Fight" says that you have to stop struggling. That film does not say to you win or lose"; "only after we have lost all things, we should seek other ones at our convenience." I own have experience enough to affirm it. It is not a theory of mine; it is simply the real life, which I have already lived it indeed. Surely, that should be one of the criteria to gain freedom and the only love joining us – to annul the opposite. Kindness is not virtue, it denials the opposite of the kindness that impels us to recognize a condition in which the opposite sides do not exist. It means to go beyond of that. Surely, there are several things in process throughout the planet, but to work the conscience should be most important aspect, not acting as if you were Saint Therese or Saint Francis. It should be worked the person’s psychology above all.

Well, I would like just alert you about those things. I really expect that you may consider them, because I have done my service; I have nothing else to do here. For ten years, I made deep researches on spiritualistic subjects and much meditation along of several incarnations.


May of 2007

3 - The laborious and devoted Medical Team of GESJ.

Even though, the Spiritualistic Group Servants of Jesus - GESH was settle down seeking "healing", since its creation, I knew that the spiritualistic doctor of medicine of pseudonym Doctor Cruz that should in GESH. Then, it has been keeping its purpose for thirty-seven years.

As soon as we had settled down our Spiritualistic House, we adapted a little room with a bed so that the sick people could rest for 10 minutes, with no embodied spirit present there. Thus, it stays up to now, with some increments so that, firstly, it is done the spiritual cleanness or exorcism, and, afterwards, according to the case, a doctor of our Medical team (there many of them now) determines the appropriate spiritual treatment.

The results have surprised us very much, even reducing the physical agony for incurable diseases.

This way the humanity goes ahead

In search of fast material accomplishments, most of creatures usually ignore the notion of limits and of evolutionary direction.

Thence, those creatures only satiate the material desires and foolish vanity. They are not bad people, once they devote to a religion based on untruths and superficial faith. When the troubles reach them, these acts, as physic detonating that, by its turn, will provoke either the organic unbalance that naturally become fatal diseases.

Those people that act this way, they cannot associate the material life and their own religious notions bound for desirable and durable transformation able to strengthen his soul for facing the inevitable troubles daily. Moreover, they had much success in the psychic and physical unbalanced, weakened, confuse and faithless people.

Thus, they must face their own vicissitudes and the daily troubles as reasonable challenges believing in the Creator and, gradually looking for self-recovery.

Unhappily, most of people taken by organic unbalance, they have the minds darkened and fear impeding them keeps at struggling. They needed to find additional energies with a view to overcome the crisis, but they cannot at least try it.

By the other hand, the Power of the Light never abandons them; however, the habitual unbalance does not allow them the access of Superior Spheres helping them.

This way, the humanity goes ahead in the middle of illusions and bankruptcy.

Doctor Lucas, 01/19/07

(Pseudonym of one of the well-known doctors of GESH´s Medical Team)

The Karmic Diseases

A large number of physical-spiritual pathologies increase throughout t the planet every day.

They are either karmic or redeeming pathologies, for instance, the cancer, acting as one of the depurative pathologies. In short, where it is known that much poisonous fluid reaches the physical body, as debts payable as you usually say. Thence, after that drainage, the spirit cleaner and lighter, he may ascend to the spiritualistic world.

The reality and agony load of some karmic diseases such as the cancer, lupus, pemphigus, arthritis, some of muscular atrophies, and others, they usually provoke strong pain. For those situations, we recommend Faith, Resignation and the salutary balms that will offer few resources like the spiritualistic treatment practiced by devoted Spiritualistic Houses on behalf of Master Jesus and his disciples.

The allopathic medicines are mere palliatives of short duration, without reach the origin of the pain. The internal change of attitudes, of thoughts and of feelings is really the only healing resource.

Many other sharp diseases, spiritually speaking, like the viral illnesses, the latent infections can be explained by the human beings not salutary alimentary habits, negligence, addictions, excess of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, animal meat, and the abusive sexuality that usually make rapid progress to serious diseases.

As result of that beautiful opportunity granted to me aid a large number of embodied spirits fallen on their material-spiritual situation, taking advantage from mine simple scientific knowledge, we could say that healthy mind generates healthy body.

The spirit aware of true values, he receives healthy physical body.

Each Beings mental screen receives images suitable to his spiritual morphology. We have seen that mental human pathology comes from insane low feelings.

Try to understand that, except the karmic diseases that mean actually as challenge bound to purify the spirit, many other diseases happen, because of psychic unbalances, insane feelings and bad actions usually practiced.

In a word, the salutary physical body has "clean mind" while the spirit looks for self-renovation all the time.

We hope that our wise Father may awake them to ascension of love, health and light. I leave you on much Peace.

Doctor Lucas, 04/24/07

Intimate Renewal

The spiritualistic medicine practiced in this case, it seeks joining millenarian knowledge of "astral physiology". The doctors and assistants of this medical team were chosen and adapted for getting in contact with their past memoirs on healing practice for several incarnations.

For many years, we have improving healing techniques according to the demand and orientation from the highest spiritual spheres providing us extraordinary exchanges with Sciences of Civilizations far above ours.

Divine Providence wanted that, even not treating of Charity House specifically bound for healing, we could install here equipment enough to afford assistance for many of the embodied and disembodied spirits.

We are very thankful the labor granted us by fraternal spiritualistic workers providing us energies necessary to do our work. We all are thankful to those spirits who believed on our invisible work and all those faithful ones who accept the treatment prescribed by our medical team.

Only the fraternal work and Faith can cure actually, as our Honorable Master taught us: "Go and do not make mistakes anymore! Your own faith has cured you".

That Masters wise words bring the best medicines that only the sick spirits can produce and prescribe as self-treatment, including internal renewal, to stop the old bad habits and keep on faith.

We are just the Creator’s tools spreading the material energy flow suitable to each of the people.

Moreover, that kind of work also enables us to redeem our old mistakes and, we pledge our word of unconditional love to the neighbor.

Peace forever! Wrapped by much love, we say good-bye to you.

Doctor Cruz’s Medical Team, 05/23/07.

You face today that pain provoke to another brother yesterday.

Clairvoyance: I have seen in another Planet, some brothers materializing the original cells bound for producing the prosthesis that should applied at hospital of the Spiritualistic Cologne Servants of Jesus. Afterwards, I received the following message.

Sister, you know that your case refers to inevitable karmic redeem, as well as you know how this Spiritualistic House bounds all available tools for your health.

From many other globes, we receive the material that we materialize for filling up the surgeries, not just of bones, but also in the other parts of the body, of visible organs like the skin, through the original astral cells.

We know that you are in great need of treatment in the physical plan; however, you would better bear in mind that Serenity is better than Anxiety.

You have been facing the highest challenges and you will still suffer hereafter. Bear in mind that the pain today is the same you caused to other people yesterday.

Despite of being a hard expiation, everything will pass by and you will gain the Peace as well as those ones who let Jesus help them.

It means a quota of redeeming so that the traveler make his choices and get free from the dark sphere.

Bear in mind, we are always beside you, even though you cannot see us.

Yours sincerely,

Orton, Ortan and Ortanine, 07/17/07

(Doctors of Orion rendering important service at GESH´s Hospital for many years)

Familiar Rescue

It is about the time to stop making mistakes. For most of the people, it means painful time, and in this sense, there are many terrestrial people crying.

As the other ones, it is the time for reconciliation, another way of facing the daily troubles.

It depends on each one the choice for awful feelings or hope, according to their convenience.

We reaffirm that the pains today comes from misunderstandings went on in the past time, which must be understood as bitter medicine for spiritualistic diseases.

Regarding to the familiar rescue, it has a convergence of factors impelling much harmful energies attacking all of the people in that situation.

It demands great Patience, Resignation and Courage.

Hit back the evil with the good. The more the adversity reaches the fragile human life; more those spirits should knell down before the Father, begging him pardon and offering their work in favor of the other people.

Offer love to the neighbor, relieving his pain.

Bear in mind Faith and Resignation. Courage and constant renewal of thoughts.

Happiness is not from this world; the sowing is free, the crop is obligatory.

Doctor Cruz, 08/14/07

4 - Our brothers of the Stars

Formerly, we trusted in humans who went back on us.

Clairvoyance: I see thousands of different ships surrounding the Planet.

Afterwards, I received the following message:

Formerly, we had fraternal relationships and technological exchange with terrestrial ones who went back on us, maybe, because of our false point of view their false friendship.

We never wanted to exploit the terrestrial people. We just offer them the technological knowledge believing that they could have success in their spiritualistic performance.

Many of us, involved and very fond of the native people, stayed here with a view to reconstruct the "Lost Land" as they define their homeland consciously forgotten.

We left the Planet Earth very shamed and sad. We could not imagine that, somehow, we would contribute for the terrestrial people’s bankruptcy. Only now, we are aware of those people’s vicissitudes, which we could not understand in that time.

Again, we are here in this beautiful planet offering our volunteer job. No more presenting us visible, as we have done. Now, governed by Superior Command, we take part of large Intergalactic, acting as Rescue Party helping the terrestrial people, as we did in the old times.

The rescued people with us, they will compose the selected ones, the rightists of Christ that means the wheat towards the regeneration.

We are not here just in favor of the declined brothers, but for the people in general.

We greet you on behalf of the Planetary Christ.

Aaron of Sirius, 03/30/07

Creation and Destruction: Opposite sides of the Divine Law.

The magnetic field forming the earthy breeze, it expands to fourth dimension.

For you whose little material comprehension hinders to understand the planetary evolution in process, we can say that the Earth already spreads flashes from "Earth Renewed" to another plan.

Its spots spread out, materializing in that dimension, the embryo of the "New Land". The more extinguishes the beautiful spark of life now, more it scintillate to another dimension.

Bear in mind the creative aspect on planetary transition above its destructive one.

Creation and destruction are opposite sides of same Divine Law, which you are submitted to strong performance. Each person’s action creates anchorage to his or her spirits in either the shady side or where the planetary breeze shines.

Lot (Extraterrestrial Brother), 04/10/07

Everything is the Creator’s masterpiece

Clairvoyance: I saw three Extraterrestrials meditating behind the table in the living room. Their cardiac chakra emanated energy as blazing spark.

They seemed donating that basic energy for our Spiritualistic House.

Soon afterwards, they transmitted the following message.


Everything is the Creator’s masterpiece, thence linked by our Fathers thoughts.

While the creatures have good success, the worlds also move towards the different plans separating the wheat from the tares, the evolved and lowbrow ones, the happy and unhappy ones and the Disciples from the Masters.

No one of you, by own will, can go to this or that vibratory degree, but only get the evolutionary jump through the renouncement and sacrifice and helping the other people. Only by fraternal work, each creature may ascend to the evolutionary world.

If you want to move forward as free spirits, connect your mental attitude to the Superior Power in order to get energy for you labor of love that is essential to your spirits have good success.

On the contrary, you will be immediately attracted by Beast of Apocalypse’s negative power. In short, the inferior spheres will arrest and suck your vital energy.

Creators mind links everything in the world, but to move from a plan to another one, it will depend on each person doing his best efforts for his own convenience.


(Extraterrestrial Brother), 04/10/07.

We have been here at the beginning of the creation

Sun that always shines! That your souls may shine too.

The Universal Love wraps up all of you brought us here to meet you, attesting that we were already as you are. We have already had good success and we shall guide you hereafter, despite the limitations we still have.

Today we celebrate very happy this meeting and the permission in introducing us to you.

We have been in this planet at its beginning of creation, and now, when the creatures that we have seen be born, they need to leave this primary plan, again, the extra-planetary forces, commanded by Ashtar Sheram convoked us to give our collaboration on their performance. Thence, we provide to "spiritualistic nuclei" the teachings necessary in order to free you from the material ties.

Blessed is the Light! Blessed is Divine Jesus!

Namur (Extraterrestrial Brother), 04/10/07

There is no obstacle for similar souls

We hope the Divine Masters Jesus Light may illuminate your terrestrial life, strengthening your spirits for facing the hard challenges at the "End of the Time".

This humanity has been withstanding very much the Universal Codes of Love and Fraternity, and the Divine Laws too. They are picking up bitter fruits, without, however, give notice how their own negative actions destroy the entire planet and, as consequence, they arrest their spirits to painful exile, in the primitive planets worse than Planet Earth.

Lack of love among the human people has been strengthening more and more the Power of the Evil with stupid actions against the embodied and disembodied spirits.

The Beast of the Apocalypse, whose power you cannot imagine, she only wants to destroy the Power of the Light and the entire planet.

The planetary atmosphere is favorable makes easy the Power of the Evil’s performance. The faithless Creatures, even having high intelligence, they have been establishing strategies to spill blood throughout the Planet.

Until Christmas, many collective deaths may happen, with excessive spill blood provoked by dark creatures.

It is not for divine determinism the brothers kill one another, but for rebelliousness of embodied people in this Planet Earth.

The terrestrial people keep at cultivating inferior feelings. They neither forget nor forgive the least mistake from his brother. They use excessive obscure tricks to gain power and wealth.

Foolish humanity ignoring the superior warnings addressed them in order to change their hostile feelings to sublime virtues able to redeem them.

The Great Beast of Apocalypse sets from her millenarian home attracted magnetically by breeze of the "Intruding Star" facilitated by inferior astral atmosphere coming from human beings. Then it arrests the helpless creatures that serve Christ in the external cult and worshipping Manon into their heart.

Bear in mind that no more you can serve equally two lords. Make your choice in serving entirely Christ or the Beast "the great representative" for Power of the Evil.

You have received several callings of alert and advice from the Forces of the Good. You have been in touch with Emissary of the Light working more than you imagine with a view to bring the Universal Wisdom Code, Sublime itinerary of Light that you should obey in order to have god success in your life. Nevertheless, you have disfigured his Lessons; you have crucified him and ignored his important messages.

Jesus sacrifice did not finish yet. He still looks after you, his children, even though you do not deserve that his sacrifice.

Jesus means actually Love that supports everything.

Each soul rescued from the mud of ignominy makes him very happy.

Then, brothers, stop those vile feelings cultivated for many terrestrial existences and try to become a Servant of Jesus in order to save the world from the Darkness and huge ignorance. Only this way, it enables you reach the New Time that already arises in the horizon.

For staying working with Christ, you must stop any inferior feeling neither against the neighbor nor against the planet.

Think deeply on your own actions; if they are not negative subterfuges, you are going to have good success in your life. Pay much attention, you can deceive yourself, never the Power of the Light able to move you away so that the Darkness take care of you.

The Power of the Evil watches you; but our Father keeps the Light into your heart so that you can activate it at any time you stop your ignorance and rebelliousness.

We expect when the tragedies at the End of the Time knock at your door, you may be strengthened on faith.

Death is not privilege to any creature, but the natural future for all the embodied spirits. To wake up, after the death, as a free spirit or not, it depends on your conduct and good will.

Jesus, our Divine friend, he looks after you.

We hope that our Father guide your self-renovation at this end of planetary transition.

I greet you on behalf of the Light.

Commander Yury, 08/18/07

Note: A few minutes before this communication, we talked of absence of messages from that well-known spirit. He came leaving the following thought:

- There is no obstacle for similar souls. Love joins us.

5 – On behalf of Christ, we are here as Jesus Apostles.

There is every type of facilitation to defeat the creatures.

I greet you in the name of the Light.

Throughout the Planet Earth, decompose the social structures while increases the violence practiced in the public Institutions against the unbalanced ones in general. Many terrible bloody battles happen among terrestrial rival gangs. The diseases multiply and the medicine cannot control them.

The entire Nature attacked mercilessly, it answers hard because of its natural cycle changed.

The creatures lament dived into the darkness of physical and moral agony, either while living in rich palaces or in big houses satiating the instincts and material desires, and ignores the suffered brother beside them.

The Christian Revelation’s light shines into all of consciences; however, they suffocate such irradiation with vile feelings and material illusions.

It is very sad the planetary picture, because of religions that, instead of provide comfort to the helpless people, they usually exploit and deceive them more and more. The lack of hope for better future time provokes fast reactions on the people, in satiating their vile desires and feelings in order to live away.

Black whirls arising from abysmal areas have been devastating the entire Planet, because of human unbalanced minds.

There is every type of means for defeating the creatures and hinder them the precious and last terrestrial incarnation.

Many beautiful posters impel the people to satiate their deepest desires, and these faithless ones, for convenience, they prefer the "wide door", the easiest one taking them o the unbalance and exile.

The planetary chaos is real and the faithless inhabitants, governed by wild instincts; they keep the planet in that primitive category.

Nevertheless, time is over to primitive cycle of material, selfish and proud in general.

That chaos means the final examination for volunteer candidates in search of self-regeneration. To keep a rightist of Christ is the hardest reparation, however, necessary for the planetary collectivity.

The inversion of moral values disturbs either the deceived and faithless people, while the declined creatures in search of pleasure and revenge subtly arrest them.

The callings of alerts given by Forces of the Good multiply and each human grouping receives additional help from loving workers for rightists of Christ.

Troops of bestial creatures circulate in the middle of the people for sucking them the vital energy and arrest most of embodied spirits declined.

The selection occurs; rightists and leftists of Christ make their choices and make very sad the Masters and Guides when see their disciples exiled again.

Jesus, the Divine Governor with his army try to help the largest number of souls, however, most of them still ignore all his callings of alert.

I leave you on the Peace.

Peter, 07/21/07/

Why were they born like this?

Every day, a large number of stupid spirits are born having the body deformed and bound to live forsaken; they do not survive longer as embodied spirit, even though, they live the time enough for drainage the most of toxins from astral body into material "blotting paper". Thence, those souls dived into the meat; they pledge the word in agreement to the reincarnating process.

Many other spirits in debts with Divine Law, they suffer hard into the puddles of inferior astral. They compose the groups organized by well-known Spirits. They are born in the meat and stay as abandoned children exploited by criminals of every order. Thence, they live short time as embodied spirits.

At the "End of the Time", any opportunity of reincarnation with a view to drain out the poisonous from the astral body to physical one, and the blessed forgetfulness of old crimes is welcome at once by regretted and desperate creatures living in the inferior astral.

There are too many unhappy embodied spirits creatures living in the astral inferior, longing for reincarnating submitted to the material forgetfulness, even by his own pain with a view to drain out some of many old mistakes against his neighbor formerly..

There are also many perverse spirits arising from abysmal areas that, because of negligence, they are taken compulsorily to physical world where will reborn at ghettos and slums since the birth until premature death, submitted to extreme violence, crimes and exploiting one another.

They are born in the middle of addictions and crimes, which they had sowed for many existences; now, they are exploited or exploit and die prematurely again.

All of the spirits dived into the inferior astral and designed by Superior Minds; they reincarnate in order to purge or reduce the toxins adhered on their astral bodies, which they own cultivated them. Most of them cannot awake their consciences for inhabiting the New Land, because, often the material life runs faster than a dream Even though confined into the physical body, impeded of sowing the pain and doing the fair crop , they will drain, incontinent, excessive poisonous load from their delinquent spirits. They will reborn throughout the globe, with no choice. The evolved spirits who wish them the best, they try to remove them from abysmal areas.

Those souls contribute to increase the criminality in the world in which they live at "The End of the Time". However, if live as embodied spirits in this "Hell of Dante", that became this world now, surely they have debts referred to other people and the Divine Law. Nevertheless, contrary to what occurs to those delinquent creatures that redeem the debts compulsorily, you are one of those people who decided to make efforts for paying the debts to the Divine Law; you will ascend in your spiritualistic life.

Many ignorant sinners still keep at making mistakes.

Just a few ones are connected to the Power of the Good acting like wheat to feed the New Land.

I greet you on behalf of Jesus.

At that moment, let us try to work with Jesus Christ in order to save the Planet and all the inhabitants from the darkness and pain.

Jesus is the Light driving us.

Bartholomew (one of Jesus disciples), 04/20/07.

I have been with you all the time.

Clairvoyance: I see our working team in Pedra Azul (blue stone hill) and Commander Ashtar Sherams ship flying over there. Afterwards, I can listen as follows:

I walk among you that cannot feel my presence!

Even now, having my memories alive in your minds, you still ignore my Lessons. (It was Palm Sunday Eve)

Brothers of mine, bear in mind that we are children of only one Father. Obey his will as tame and humble people.

Love one another as well our Father loves us.

We would like to calm down your pain, but your hesitant steps prefer the stony roads hurting them, instead of that one lit up.

Spend well the time you still have to change your thoughts and actions.

Remember of mine Presence among you and practice the Universal Love.

I have been with you all the time.

Yours sincerely brother,

Jesus, 03/31/07

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