Divulgation 46


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To our dear readers, friends and work companions in the spiritualistic mission, we our greetings in the name of our Dear Rabi of Galilee, Jesus who governs our dear Mother Earth and all of us.

Time passes by taking with it our memories of peacetime, however, we did not know.

The objective of this humble work is not to spread fear nor unbalance on the people, however, we face them everyday, but to address to the suffered hearts hopes of peace and solidarity, sure, that God Almighty involves them with his infinite love.

This number brings the following information:

1 - Our dear Brothers of the Underground Worlds: Intraterrestrials;

2 - The continuous attacks by Beast of the Apocalypse

3 – Messages of the GESJ Medical Team;

4 - On behalf of Christ, we are again here: Jesus Apostles.

1° Theme - Our dear Brothers of the Underground Worlds: Intraterrestrials.

The Intraterrestrials and the unhappy brothers rescued of the Abyss.

We are intraterrestrial beings performing a wide range of activities joined the Servants of Jesus that welcome us.

In the astral plan, the Servants of the Light, embodied and disembodied spirits work and, usually we are with them on the work, but invisible to the terrestrial ones so that do not affect us with their usual rebelliousness and ignorance.

We have assisting brothers completely disturbed, victims of long permanence in the abysmal areas. These brothers rescued, and those originated from same abysmal areas, defeated by Armies of the Light, they are our favorite patients. (The quite deformed spirits)

We endeavor to restore their astral morphology completely deformed after long permanence into fermented and acid substances. Based on each creature’s merit, we try to restore the astral shape, adapting him or her to the new physical shape, before go in painful exile.

As we said, almost all those brothers have the astral shape deformed and the spiritual morphology worn out that affects the physical constitution, even of those bravest ones.

By common consent with Brothers of elevated graduation, we offer the best of our advanced technology for helping the terrestrial people.

Orcadim (of Okay) and his intraterrestrial team, 06/23/07

The long permanence in the abyss brings hard consequences.

There are many intraterrestrial groups throughout the Orb, especially where exists war, conflicts, hate and human poverty.

We help the terrestrial people; therefore, we also inhabit this beautiful planet, which those brothers that have damaged it hardly.

Despite of hurting themselves, they extend their destructive claws by everywhere on everybody. It does not matter, they have a brother or their planetary house" beside them.

As we said, many creatures that lived long time at the poisonous abysmal areas, they had affected their fragile cellular genetic constituting of the astral morphology.

Those brothers are going to new planetary exile, therefore, after the treatment in the "rebuilding cameras" of some Colonies in the astral, they still stay in the Planet’s psycho-spherical in which will be exiled, for time equivalent that in the abysmal areas.

We help those spirits selected carefully by experienced Sidereal Technicians that answer for planetary rescue of brothers declined. We accelerate them the constitution of astral shapes in order to reduce the time of adaptation in the Planet’s psycho spherical and prepare them to inhabit the new material body compatible with New Land.

The subject is complex, sisters, but our purpose is to alert you on excessive human rebelliousness affecting their immortal spirits, besides of submitting them under painful restart.

Despite those rebel ones want destroying themselves, even so, God Almighty would not allow destruction of any Flash of his creation. These brothers will face the Eternity until retake the right way of the Evolution.

I say you God- bye in the name of the Light.

Orcadim and his team of Intraterrestrials, 06/23/07.

Intraterrestrial cities await the "End of the times"

His presence makes us very happy. (nocturnal vigil in Pedra Azul).

The intraterrestrial cities work hard and await the event of "End of the Times". They finished successfully the arrangements and trainings for reception and assistance of the terrestrial brothers rescued over there.

Now, we will meet workers of the Light asking our presence.

The divulgation through the book of yours, describing our intense presence in the earth, it has attracted some of the souls in the physical and spiritual plan in the sense of accepting us.

We make efforts so that the terrestrial people agree on our fraternal presence and sincere desire in helping them, actually.

We thank this courageous work team (GESJ) for publishing about our presence all over the world. (We also thank the intraterrestrial brothers for fraternal help).

The human ambition polluted that region in such way that the small nuclei arrived in search of extra and intraterrestrial energies; they became completely disturbed because of strong materialistic force over there. They went away those brothers interested in meet us at the beginning. They took their own road, spreading false reports of mysticism through the newspapers and TV.

We stood back of many Groups that changed the vibratory standard. Now, we go on cleaning the planet in the name of Jesus, the Great Master.

Loth (of Stelta) and Zenim (of Zimbala), 04/ 07/07.

As a reminder: Stelta is an intraterrestrial city located at the District of Domingos Martins/ES. Zimbala is a satellite city of Shambala, in Asia. Okay also intraterrestrial city placed at the Plateau of Diamantine/BA.

Almost all humanity has already tickets to planetary exile.

Clairvoyance: While we were at nocturne vigil in Pedra Azul, I have seen a very big round bright ship parked over that place. One intraterrestrial being arrived and I red his thoughts as follows:

The Planetary Transition of the" End of the Time" goes on; however, the terrestrial brothers have not taken the opportunity on their own benefit nor the neighbor.

On the contrary, once affected by pernicious vibrations of abysmal areas and of the Intruding Planet, they gave up the evangelical vigilance in order to follow the natural course of their instincts, not considering the disastrous consequences on the neighbor.

Most of this humanity has already tickets to planetary exile.

The number of creatures awaiting rescue in the intraterrestrial cities is stable.

The terrestrial people will face the consequences of own spiritual immaturity, because did not act on own benefit in other have changed the course of the events.

They leave from Stelta, an intraterrestrial city, many hard workers required to assist the Nuclei of Light that accept us as brothers. They are few ones, but faithful workers. We endeavor to strengthen those people on faith and inform them about the last events that will change the terrestrial course for all humanity.

Jus a few ones agree with us. We do not waste time with them. He, who wants meet us, he must agree on our existence, but unhappily, the human being thinks he is the only inhabitant of this beautiful planet, besides, he misuses everything offered him by Supreme Being.

We work in the name of the Creator.

Blessed is the Light with us!

Natanael (intraterrestrial of Stelta), 04/07/07

2° Theme - The continuous attacks by Beast of the Apocalypse

Just before the Beasts words.

Clairvoyance: I begin feeling myself so badly.

I see The Commander Ashtar Sheram, the Sub-commander Setum Shenar and other superior being, all of them, as were Roman soldiers. Then, they open a Portal of Light moving fastly.

The physical indisposition increases and the Beast begin speaking. Soon after the Best is silent, the Portal of Light shines stronger. The walls of ASJ - Shelter Servants of Jesus - disappear and the strong light burns the negative energies remained of that insane, proud and revengeful bestial mind.

The Beast or the Dragon stands threatening GESJ

The interference on my plans goes too far. Do not think that such weak protection imagined will set you free from my claws. I can go everywhere. I have unlimited power. I can destroy this one lending me the voice.

Stand back of my area and stop interfering on my plans or the death will reach you and yours.

I have absolute power. Men love me. The world is mine and I will cauterize the wounds proliferating on mine body.

M: Brother, who are you?

D: I command everything.

M: What is your name?

D: I have no name.

M: What do mean by that?

D: I represent the Force of the Evil present by everywhere.

M: Why do not have you a name? Jesus has name and he represents all the Forces of the Good. He governs the Planet Earth and you too.

D: Do you call me as "Beast"? Then, I am the Beast.

M: I could not distinguish if you were the Beast or the boss of the Reptilians.

D: I have followers by everywhere. I am leaving, but the Forces of the Evil will watch your steps.

M: We know, my brother. However you disagree, we are brothers. The God Almighty created all of us present here. I have one more question.

M: How have you arrived here?

D: I can go everywhere. I am not here as you imagine, but only my thought uttered, therefore, my presence would destroy everything here.

M: It does not mean the Brother would not like to stay here, but you cannot. You continue inhabiting the Abyss, you want or not.

H: Do you stand threatening me?

M: It is not that. We just say you that we are not afraid of the Evil, because we follow the Power of Good. I have always heard that he, who believes in God, nothing frightens him.

To die is the inevitable end for all of creatures. Even the plants and animals die too. Such is the life. We have no fear; on the contrary, I had not created our Spiritualistic House GESJ. Is not true, my brother?

D: When the suffering reaches your bodies, my hand will be over there.

M: Nobody is free of suffering. Jesus, even our Lord Jesus suffered and died crucified. We are too little creatures before him. The only thing that frightens us is the conscience. Being with safe conscience, everything else runs all right. Soon after we have left the physical body, we will begin working in another world.

D: I am leaving now.

M: All right, but you could stay longer here. Who knows, we will meet again? Probably, the Brother was that one I dreamed at the seventeen’s, however, I had no fear of you and I still calmed down the people over there. I do not know if the brother has such memories, if were just for me take notice of that event. (See Divulgation nr. 27)

D: Never I forget who served me one day!

M: What do mean by that?

D: I was the boss, when you were in the darkness.

M: I imagined that, but I returned to the light. I had no other choice. The Superior Brothers said that I lived long time at the abysmal areas, but that endless suffering impelled me in the direction of the Light. Is not it true?

D: If you do not return to me, you will be lost!

M: Forget it! I will go all the way. I am sorry that the Brother still prefers the Darkness instead the Light, because there is not other choice. Despite take millions of years in the darkness practicing the evil, one day, the Divine Laws will show you the right road. To be humble servants of Light is the objective for our evolutionary existence. Looks for perfection, said Jesus. Brother, you are intelligent and experienced creature despite the idea you bear in mind to subdue the entire planet. Then, probably you do not know about the Battle of Armageddon, when the Power of the Good defeats the Evil. It means actually that the brother and his will inhabit a Planet completely sterile. Is not it?

D: These are deliriums of the Lamb!

M: I think the delirium is yours; the Lamb, our Lord Jesus created the Planet Earth.

D: It was in my possession.

M: It will not last long. Millions of years for the Eternity mean just seconds.

D: You neglect the reality. The human beings kill one another in search of blood to strengthen them for eternal life.

M: Exiled in the sterile planet, want or not, you will drain negative energies nourished for millions of years, until you kneel down before that Jesus despised now, asking him for compassion and mercy. For sure, Jesus will open his arms for his rebel children and we will be there helping you on the new road, since you have given up feeling of pride, lust, cold heart and cruelty forever.

D: Never, I will surrender!

M: Do not take it so hard, my brother. It depends on you change your thoughts and remember of us redeemed, mainly as for me that had been your disciple. When you need some help, we will help you as well as others fiends helped us

Now, let us ask Jesus to save you. Please, accept this prayer as a sincere gift we offer to you. If I meet you at the final battle, I will not hate you, despite of all, but I would like see you defeated on prepotency and pride, lust and cruelty, but not destroyed in his essence so that take the road in direction to the Supreme Being, our Lord Jesus.

We wish you a lot of happiness.

Dialogue between Margarida and the Dragon (01/09/07)

Soon after that communication, we received an extraordinary message of the distinguished Commander Setum Shenar, vice of the Command Ashtar. By the way, in 1999, we heart for the first time, this Extraterrestrial speak clearly of several categories of the Power of the Evil inhabiting the Planet Earth for infinite time.

Here it is his message:

I greet you in the name of the Light and of our Lord Jesus.

You are actually good at spiritual reality of the Inferior Astral Inferior inhabited by perverse creatures threatening the human minds.

Those perverse creatures multiply in the invisible plan surrounding the embodied human ones, due to the negative energies arising from abysmal areas crossing through the "opening of the portals" in the cleaning for the "End of the times."

The Beast or Big boss gradually reaches the terrestrial surface spreading perverse influence more and more over there.

Then, he orders his followers to destroy the electric power center and take possession of the head offices, looking for such energy capable of strengthening at most. Nevertheless, they are illusions of the brother thinking he would get to subdue the planet.

Those ones that do their duties in common consent with the Planetary Christ; they mean actually anonymous voices, in the invisible plan, while neutralizing the force of the evil. In the physical plan, they help to appeal to the creatures conscious strongly rooted on ignorance, mistakes and other deviations to the soul. They are Servants of Jesus going in the direction of redeeming themselves.

They are creatures like you that attack merciless. They want destroy you and get all subtle powerful energy able to materialize them in the physical plan.

You had contact with the least of his thought, so that he knew that the Forces of the Lamb watch his steps and, the superior forces, invisible, could stop any of his actions at once. Moreover, the God Almighty allows such creature still staying on earth.

Then, Sisters, go on with the arduous work that you have been accomplishing, therefore, you are victorious and protected against the multiples negative attacks addressed you, like spotlights on the earth.

I am the Sub-commander Setum Shenar speaking here.

M: You are always welcome, my Brother. Your presence makes us very happy. For sure, we have already met each other from long ago. Is not it true?

Setum Shenar: One never knows.

M: It means a positive answer to me.

Setum Shenar: It is true that our hearts recognize one another. If the sister, as immortal spirit has already seen that creature known as "The Beast" today, you also had been a disciple of the Master Ramatis, Master Shama Hare and many other Beings of the Light, members of the Great Universal White Fraternity that answer for the Planet Earth. Then, you can master the daily difficulties in the physical and in the invisible plan. You are courageous warrior woman on the right way to get you free from painful incarnations.

M: It is enough of painful incarnations!

Setum Shenar: Unhappily, most of human beings refuse the Plans of the Light that could get them free from suffering life by common consent with bestial creatures. Many of those faithless ones, but voluntarily, they surrender to the vile Beast, satisfying their occult pleasures of luxury that are deviations of their perverse souls. This way, manipulated, they continue suffering painful incarnations in another planet until the Law of God impose them choose the road to proceed.

This Humanity does not understand the large sacrifice of our Lord Jesus for avoiding them suffering.

Every day, they disfigure his loving words of wisdom with their negative actions, thoughts and words.

Nevertheless, we go on working in favor of this planet and all humanity, until the feeling of Fraternity and of the Love settle down on earth forever.

Sister, make your question.

M: Brother, you know that I would like face the final battle. As you know, I have my physical body weakened more and more. Could you tell me some thing?

Setum Shenar: You have the vital energy renewed daily and you are under spiritual treatment receiving additional energy so that you live better in the matter. The body is tired and spirit desirous of getting free, but due to the overwork, while the Forces of the Good could maintain your spirit purified in this tired body, so it is.

M: I understood, Brother. Thank you very much.

Setum Shenar: - The fights are very hard, therefore are cruel the opponents.

During your liberation in the sleep, your guardians lead you on the work, but, between your home and the work in the spiritual plan, you have suffered attacks that provide suffering, several times, your return to the matter with disturbing symptoms, vague memories and disturbed emotions. Lift up thought to Christ that looks after you.

The largest light from the Planetary Christ towards the earth involve you. Nothing should fear you, besides your own feelings; therefore, you are part of the grandiose Planet Earth.

I greet you in the name of the Light and I leave you on the Peace of Our Lord Jesus.

M: We also knelt down before you, direct representative of our Lord Jesus thankful for words of wisdom, of comfort and of love, which has always helped us along our walk. That it is like this.

Setum Shenar: Be careful! Reptilian try to reach you. Pray and watch.

Sub-commander Setum Shenar, 09/01/07

You live the horrors of "End of Times"

Loved disciples, you are tender plants of Jesus Garden.

Your roots are deep and never the negative gale will pick you up.

The Gardener’s hands will pick you up lovingly at the proper time. I Go ahead fearless, because you live the horrors of "End of Times."

With love, yours Master

Ramatis, 09/01/07

Note: The message above undid completely the terrible sensation left by Beast. We were not afraid, because those threats have been happening all along, but the difference between a Being of Light and the Boss of the Darkness is incommensurable.

Cleaning and purifying the invisible plan

Loved disciples, I greet you on behalf of Jesus and I involve you with my love.

On the entire planet, the Masters of GFBU (Great Universal White Fraternity) try to join their pupils, committed on the Great terrestrial Plan for sanitation of the igneous and shady areas of the Earth, unfathomable and unimaginable for the human mind.

Such disciples engaged on the work of "End of Times", they bring knowledge and training of several existences, since the time they worked, as beginners in several "sects and brotherhoods", not always in common consent with Forces of Good. Therefore, they acquired knowledge and techniques of the underworlds, before of converting themselves to the Lamb definitively.

Those brothers will hard work on the earth paying the debits acquired along the last incarnations due to the careless, inability, and negligence of their souls. The ones that still hesitate to take the right way, they did not put into action the multiple tasks offered them; many gave up the work or at least begun it.

Those disciples, whose Instructors act toward the future land, they promised to gather and train other followers for hard battles at the "End of Times", against the bestial creatures leaving from abysmal areas to terrestrial surface.

A few ones that accomplished the task by request of the Supreme Being, they train warriors for planetary defense. They are few ones, whereas, those that gave up the task, they provoked discrepancy in the contingent of warriors. Once they gave up the training of many creatures in search of words of wisdom and courage. Other disciples rescued to substitute them, regimenting overwork for formation of a special Army that acts on behalf of the Planetary Christ, in the igneous spheres of the abysmal world.

The rebel disciples proceed in new planetary cycle, however in planet compatible with their nature, what make sad the Instructors.

Those that decided to conclude their tasks; they will have the balm of the spiritual ascension.

The daily fights in the invisible plan with dense negative mass, of high destruction power, they have been exhausting the disciples and faithful followers devoted on the work of cleanness and sanitation of the invisible plan.

Once detonated the events announcing the planetary transition, they cannot be reverted and will spread rapidly, indifferent to the humanitys despair, providing the opportunities of getting better spiritually for facing the hard trials offered them by God Almighty that looks lovingly after his children.

The rebelliousness subdues them and, lamentably, they tumble irascible on moral collisions of this last hour.

He, who reaches the end of the planetary cycle with credit, he will reach a sidereal graduation. The large number of reproved people will succumb in new exile.

All of the God´s children have multiple warnings and opportunities, and we will rescue all those in search of change.

The superlative pains of the end announce that the opportunities finished.

The withdrawal of the Dragons of the Darkness by Forces of the Light could be done without participation of human creatures, deprived of light shinning, but already awake and activated the intimate dynamo that expands the light based on their good actions. But, the human beings forged the Darkness, whereas, all of the inhabitants of the planet Earth, in the physical and astral plans, in some phase of existence, contributed or still contribute to the creation and maintenance of the dark strongholds in the abysmal areas and nourishing the creatures that inhabit over there.

Then will depend on those same beings, as rightists of Christ now, the sanitation of the planet and through the battles to destroy the power of the darkness that one day served as followers.

God sees everything happening in this entire planet.

Jesus and his Evangel renounced by materialistic creatures, they are the way for liberation.

The Superior Forces command everything for accelerating the liberation of the planet and of rebel humanity.

God Almighty blesses you in the sacrifices and renouncement necessary for your liberation. Jesus goes ahead involving you with his infinite love.

Yours Master

Ramatis, 09/14/07

3° Theme - Our Medical Team

It is unnecessary any question. They act in common consent with our karma.

Sisters, we hope the Act of God strengths you in the matter.

The intense fights in the spiritual plan for facing high commanders of the Darkness, contributes for your spirits ascension that are refined at each victory, increasing the superior standards and the sublime vibrations. In this process, the physical organism suffers, because the negative discharges absorbed by the spirit go to matter and the spirit free finds strange to couple in a "polluted clothes."

All you have the physical organism tired, even wrapped with strong regenerating force. The physical body weakened and tired suffers harder, therefore the cells no more has elasticity the youths restoring energy (he refers the Leader of 83 years old).

The sister had several surgical interventions with implants in the head for make possible and bearable continue y of life" on the matter.

Once again, tonight you will undergo an implant surgery in the sick organ.

We will use the habitual pieces of another planet brought for an implant.

Avoid abrupt movements with the arm. Surely, we will be victorious in the reduction of your physical suffering, and they have been up to now.

For consolidation of the implanted pieces, we suggest to the sister, undergo the spiritual Treatment as follows: three weeks of treatment, interval of one week. Again, three weeks of treatment, interval of one week and more three weeks of treatment.

The warrior sister did not conclude her duties on the matter yet. It is indispensable to be like this, until it is no more possible.

We leave you with Jesus.

Orthom, Ortham, Orthanine (Beings of Orion), 02/17/07.

Take care of the spirit

Dear friends and work companions,

Again, we meet you, bringing our impressions of events on this side of life.

Firstly, we have to inform that your material bodies, as you know, they are monitored and all of you present here are in good health, as each one deserves.

The mental state denotes constant oscillations, however inside of expected normality for embodied human beings.

The recommendation is the habitual of check up, make use of the best medicine that is the prayer and to study the Universal Laws of life, prescribed there are millennia by Supreme Beings, the best of all doctors.

Take care of your minds so that the body follows the mental health. Our eyes, attentive a loving to everything, we go on serving as Jesus taught us.

We are with you, even before the physical evil attacks you; we assist you, since our Lord Jesus allows us. Therefore, take care of your Spirits and everything else comes by mercy increment. (Our work team is in a good health)

Dr. Cruz (Head medical team of GESJ), 08/01/05

It is time for action

Brothers, it is the hour doe action. Make efforts to provide help and explanations to the helpless spirits.

The astral of the Earth is completely congested and all the help possible is still little.

You, that are assisted spiritually, supplied of basic needs that allow living without sacrifices one more incarnation, look for those that dont have the same desert help them, without asking to whom at your side

The screams are crazy, deafening and they do not stop increasing.

Laments from the entire Orb join to the morbid pain symphony. Only the sincere love will appease the fury of so much suffering. Brothers, think about that do the most you can.

We are the torturers yesterday, destroyers of the peace, and kidnappers of the happiness. It is working that we receive the grace of the regeneration that appeases our guilty consciences. Let us return some peace and happiness to the suffered people.

Respectfully I address you through these words captured by spiritualistic medium. I speak of health, not just of your physical body, but recognizing in this brave Group, a healthy cell of the "planetary body". I invite you to spill health to the sick ones.

Dr. Cruz, 08/01/05

Little you can see yet

Jesus peace involves all of us to all, guiding our steps in the evolutionary existence either in the astral or in the physical plan.

All work opportunity is blessed in the direction of the Good, because the work redeems the creatures, it renews hopes and revives them, putting mind and body in contact with Superior Energies. The workers should receive the work as blessings and, driven, not for waking in the creatures less worthy feelings, as we see among embodied human beings.

The human creature cannot see yet, the spiritual truth in the events that reach her, in the several plans of the existence.

Blessed is that whose eyes unmasked by Light, can see besides his infantile mind.

We are with you on the work of explanation to the terrestrial humanity and aiding you the most we can.

We still knew little of the advanced technologies brought by extra and intraterrestrial brothers. Many are the surprises we have, and equally intense and grandiose is the learning that we have been acquiring through such fraternal aid. We thank our God Almighty for wonderful opportunity granted us of intellectual, sensitive and operative improvement of our medical abilities, because has been adding us the contact with professionals of other globes and their equipments.

This afternoon you had your bodies prepared in continuation to the work already began in the sense of master next difficulties. Not just as the battles, but mainly, the adaptation of your bodies, which morphology is altered due to the permanence in the inferior astral of the planet Earth. The more subtle turns your corporal morphology, larger the infection risks, because you still live in the dense matter and some of your unfolded bodies dip the ignominious mud, in search of those dived over there.

The work this afternoon consists in cleaning your energetic field with elimination of debris and astral microorganisms. Specialized equipment worked full time removing larva and other microorganisms. The same equipment evaluated the energy of bacteria existent in the astral plan, but identified them as potentially beneficial to stay in your energy field, carrying out a similar service than your Guardian ones, impeding that microscopic beings reach the atmosphere cleaned by Superior Spirituality. Their vital activity goes until the extermination of all negative form to penetrate your energetic field.

Keep through force of the mind and of fraternal attitudes the vibratory strength that will feed of forces the little creatures under apprenticeship still primitive of development, but active.

For the moment, recognizing the complexity of the subject that I bring you, we are at your disposal, for explanations necessary and within our reach for answer them.

Q: you spoke about miasmas and microorganisms adhered to our astral body. Is it the reason of that sensation, many times, of bugs walking in our entire body?

Dr. Lucas: it is right, daughter that you notice through the sensibility more than the other ones. It was after the work accomplished with imported equipment of another globe that made an enough cleaning and the preparation of little beings for maintenance of hygiene of your bodies and energy fields.

Q: What is wrong with my head, my brother? Is it consequence of the helmet on my head for next fight?

Dr. Lucas: Not just that apparel, but mainly the connection among other implants already existent in your body.

Q: The right side of my neck aches. I know that is not a stiff neck. Is it also consequence of implants?

Dr. Lucas: As you know, the apparels implanted in your body produce reactions. Do not be afraid! The reactions are below the expected, quite acceptable, considering the innovation of the material applied.

That is the reason we began another cleaning stage in your energetic fields. Each stage is quite linked to the other, not having progress while the previous does not operate successfully.

Soon, we begin monitoring and registering the reactions in your bodies for adjustments necessary and let yow know of them, respecting your free will.

P: I have not sleeping well. What does it means?

Dr. Lucas: they are not just physical reactions of that equipment in your minds, but also emotional reaction. Every command of your organism is in the mind, where we implanted the apparel. Moreover, multiple are the reactions able to affect dreams, thoughts, feelings, sight and even the mediumship service. It is just a temporary adjustment phase. Soon after the adaptation, the symptoms disappear and you will get better again

They are little troubles considering the results of such intervention. Little you can see yet, in a short time, you will understand everything. Meanwhile, we hope that the faith guides you and the love to the neighbor turns into pulse of your souls.

I hope our Lord Jesus will watch our steps and clearing our minds.

Dr. Lucas, 10/22/05.

There are not Diseases, but sick people

Diseases and sick people multiply every day.

Diseases only exist when find susceptible organisms. Then, we say that diseases do not exist, but sick people.

We have observed that due the large negativity of the terrestrial Orb, arising from dense fluids involving it, the pathologies proliferate more and more, in an unusual way, with unknown characteristics and indefinite peculiarities.

The microorganisms find favorable fields to the reproduction and proliferation, what turns unknown the clinical picture for the doctor on earth.

The miasmas and the unhealthy fluids when materialized, they affect the weakened organs producing the diseases classified by medical science.

We agree "a sound mind in a strong body".

Actually, many people act this way, sure that good thoughts turned into charity in favor of those brothers that have already given up feelings like envy, misunderstanding, revenge, offenses and pride, will put them in a good health. This, by is turn, includes self-command, harmony among the chakras, calm mind and cheerful heart, despite the daily troubles.

Lately, to speak of viral illnesses is common sense. The viruses multiply and appear or new species unknown. Then, the Medicine often diagnosis any discomfort or organic unbalance as viral illness, when mean actually psyche unbalanced and reduction of defenses that allow the microorganisms invading the material body with harmful and unknown characteristics.

Except the karmic diseases programmed by the Sidereal Medicine, which need drain on the physical body, in general, the diseases mean actually the human psyche affecting the physical body.

As the children due their oversensitivity, they have the function of" filters and lightning rod" absorbing the family’s vibrations that get them sick.

I greet you taking this blessed opportunity to ask you to feed your souls with good thoughts. Look for happiness at most. Your liver will thank you.

I leave you on the Peace and infinite love of Jesus.

Respectfully yours,

Dr. Lucas, 08/08/06.


Dear brothers,

I greet you in a blessed land that I took as my home, after loving reception and blessed opportunity offered to me with noble brothers providing me progress, learning and light.

When I still was embodied spirit, much bothered me some improper attempts so that I authorized the donation of my brain for researches and studies.

First, I was not any well-known scientist, If I were, probably should understand accept put myself between Science and Humanity, as mission of explaining and helping the humanity.

Secondly, I felt my physical body, as were my clothes, which would not dress any other brother.

I thought that the God Almighty would not give a wrong garment to any of his children. Then, if any of the human bodies operated wrong, had atrophies, agenesis, or had predisposition to certain pathologies, diseases or inadequacy of an organ, for sure, that had been programmed as karmic reparation.

For instance, no one would be born with a renal inadequacy, if in a previous previously had not harmed such per spiritual organ.

Nevertheless, it is a controversial matter, individualized; we must respect the patient and the family’s free will as an opportunity of extending silver vital thread.

The other question should be to allow the patient transplanted to attest his patience, faith and resignation, considering the possible suffered rejection and the side effects of the drugs soon after the transplant.

Who knows, in that meantime the patient should understand the need of intimate renewal?

The transplants originated from studies performed by terrestrial human Science, where depend on each one in donating or not their organs.

Peace in your hearts!

Faithfully yours,

Chico Xavier and Dr. Lucas, 08/29/06.

Note: Message dictated by Francisco Candido Xavier and Dr. Lucas in a public lecture about the Transplant and donation of human organs.

By everywhere someone need our help.

Dear Brothers,

I wish the Peace of Jesus in your hearts.

Once that I live at the astral plan as walker trainee of the good, I can see clearly the physical and spiritual diseases in progress more and more, however had said that exist sick people, not diseases.

The diseases affect the embodied human beings due to their unbalanced psyche, whereas, the mind is source of physical-spiritual balance and, when affected by the daily troubles, produces unhealthy and noxious energies translated as sadness, depression, embitters and lack of moral courage. Then the terrestrial medical doctors, taken by materialistic vision, they write prescriptions of sedatives, drugs good against depression and anxiety that just anesthetize the patient’s sick mind. Soon after ends pharmacological effect, the same distressing feelings restart.

Beyond doubt, the embodied human illness means sick mind for which, we recommend FAITH as medicine for all of you. It is conquered, felt and cultivated.

Brothers, the Spiritualistic Doctrine recommends a "triad" Faith that strengthens, Reincarnation that explains and Resignation that allows the understanding and progress through the ratiocinating faith that strengthen your SELF and the sadness goes out.

Look for intimate renewal, believe in Jesus and continue helping at most the other suffered people, therefore there will always someone needing you help.

I leave you on the Peace and on the Light of Jesus.

Dr. Cruz, 11/07/06.

On the way to regeneration

He, who wishes follow Jesus Christ, he must take his cross and follow him.

You all with safe conscience do not wait miracles to save you, only infantile minds avoid the merit of supplanting the proofs addressed themselves.

It is the moment to attest the real value of the faith in the God Almighty and of practicing the wide range of knowledge acquired for several existences in the matter.

The reparation addressed you is the final examination so that must attest have overcame the portal of the renouncement and finished the rebelliousness.

The hard suffering in the matter mean your spirits still brutalized needing such suffering proportional that impinged on the neighbor.

The rebelliousness against the Laws of God put you in the current situation: final of planetary cycle plenty of suffering.

Jesus is the Light that guides us full time.

Let us follow him on the way to regeneration.

Dr. Lucas, 03/06/07.

Note of the spiritualistic medium: I was surprised for receiving a message of Dr. Lucas, but confirmed his presence to me.

4° Theme – We are here again as Jesus Apostles

Love one another without any prejudice of race, religion or Nation.

Brothers, the inhabitants of this Orb lost completely the feeling of humanity. By chance, the noble feelings of formerly are the same ones today? Love, benevolence and many other virtues no more exist on earth. Those people that lived long time at abysmal areas, they have feelings deep rooted and subdued by wild instincts. They have intelligence, but worship the matter, forgetting the spirit that encourages the physical matter that allowed them multiples existences, however, they lost the opportunity for spiritual elevation.

It is the "End of the Times"; however most all creatures still disagree.

It is time the whole humanity to attest their good actions and the mistakes in the course of this planetary cycle.

Those selfish unscrupulous ones deep rooted by materialistic pleasures, they do not deserve continue in this planet.

The avaricious and cynic ones have not vibrations compatible to inhabit the New Land.

The corrupt and the violent ones do not deserve live in a civilized planet.

The youths tortured by drugs and addictions, dominated by wild instincts, they will not stay in the same school.

Finally, most all creatures on the earth are unprepared to follow the planet to new dimension.

The incentives and rude sensations are very strong; however, just the lessons of salvation are eternal and of common ground.

Love one another deprived of any prejudice of race, religion or Nation. We all are terrestrial brothers, actually.

Love each other, as The God Almighty and Jesus loves all of us.

André (Peter’s brother), 07/07/07.

"Infinite Love" guides us

Wild animals devoured many creatures taken to the Roman arenas.

In general, taken as victims for have defended the ideals planted by the Divine Gardener.

They died on behalf of Christ, however, they refused the death, but as detractors of the sovereign will, we forced them to the martyrdom. Now, we have other opportunities for working with the Gardener, serving and collaborating for materialization of his Superior Ideals.

Go ahead, servants of the last hour!

The celestial spheres celebrate the hopes germinating in our hearts.

Bear always in mind that involved with sublime vibrations of love irradiated by Command of the Light, we will be safe and victorious.

The infinite love guides us! Blessed is Light!

Paulo of Tarso, 09/15/07.

Help one another

Clairvoyance: I feel strong presence of Jesus shinning the atmosphere. There in, the Master Ramatis energy spreads as were one spotlight. I heard the following words:

I am the Road, Truth and Life. No one goes to the Father, except through me.

Those that are lost, tired, suffering and needing help, look at the light of the love I offer you. Calm yourself and direct your life through the Evangel that provides comfort, help and words of wisdom to the latecomers.

My yoke is as soft as God’s Mercy giving us proofs infinitely smaller than we deserved indeed.

Brothers, it is right that you made many mistakes, but the Supreme Being addresses to the regretted heart and to the renewed spirit, new opportunities of readjustment.

Why do you prefer the burning road, instead my fraternal lap?

Help each other; all of you are brothers!

Take care of one another, because all of you are in the same situation.

Listen to our words inviting you to the redemption and, love one another, as I love all of you aware of the true life.

I leave my Light and blessings for you.

Sananda, 06/19/07.

New Year comes!

We address our dear readers and friends of the visible or invisible plan, our best wishes of happiness, "Happy New Year" and "Marry Christmas!"

We will always be publishing, through the available ways we have, more explanations regarding our experienced brothers of other planets and of the underground too. This information is of public domain and can be copied in the whole or partly without previous authorization, for free distribution, since its meaning is not altered. It is also authorized its translation for any language, for what we just request to send us a copy for our files and subsequent divulgation. It is prohibited the commercialization of these information. By the way, this information has been possible, whereas, a good willing friend put her elementary knowledge of the English Language at our service. We beg your pardon for any of the mistakes and, please, let we know them for due correction.

Our works already published: "Petals of Light"; "The Extraterrestrials and Us" - Vols. II and I; "Intraterrestrial cities – awakening the Humanity’ attached to the second edition about the "Intraterrestrials of Stelta and Extraterrestrial Underwater Mission"; "The declined ones and their terrestrial journey", Vol. I, II; "Supplicant hands for Help - in the visible and invisible back stages of the prisons".

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