Divulgation 61


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Dear readers and friends,

Be in peace with Jesus!

Excuse us for sending too late the divulgation nr. 60 that should be posted in April. We often are quite busy; then, we are addressing together, Divulgations 60 and 61.

Our dear Spiritual Mentor Shama Hare warned us that everybody of GESH should be present at the Monthly Board Meeting on May 7, 2011.

On that occasion, our Evolved Brothers sent us important messages, which we decided immediately divulge them. It is the reason for the delay.

Read them carefully and draw your conclusion.

May our Father infinitely good, fair and merciful bless, provide you courage and patience to face the storms at the "End of Planetary Cycle."

Bear in mind unshaken faith and trust in the Divine Purposes, therefore, "to each one in accordance to his own merit."

We are facing difficult days; but surely, time of peace, love and harmony come.

"After a storm come calm" for everybody who practice the Gospel of the Lord Jesus.

Jesus is with us!


1. Again, you will be exiled

Beloved children of My Father! He, God brought you to this planet to evolve.

Spiritual Instructors provided you various redeeming plans for your not primary souls that remained rebellious against the Creators Divine Laws.

For you, I offered my love to renewal your souls, from the Abyss to spiritual ascension.

Even thus, brothers, the cycle of opportunities on Planet is finishing, and you are unchanged as before, with ideas and actions contrary to the Universal Laws that provide progress and freedom.

My children, again, you will be exiled in worlds inferior than Planet Earth.

They are Sterile Planets, where life is huge in the "microscopic universes", but lifeless in the abundant matter.

You have chosen Planets where the Divine Creation is still under transformation.

You have my love whenever you call me. I will lead you to My Fathers House.

To Group GESH:

Loved daughters, next full moon in May, our brothers of darkness will arrive.

After that, huge transformation triggered by the cleaning in the Abyss will take place on Earth bringing new work stages for the Lamb’s children.

Be in Peace, my brothers!

Jesus Sananda, 05/07/2011

Margarida: Lord Jesus, we stand here humbled and grateful for these sublime moments of Peace and Love.


2. Love and Forgive

Beloved children of My Father,

You built, over existences, ties linking each other, and since you came exiled here, you have inhabited all over the world amidst of all cultures and races.

Some ethnic groups rooted to prejudice before arriving here, they still refuse interracial contact with other people and remain too late in evolution.

Others, even having known all races and credos, they remain ignorant and parked in low evolution.

Others that refuse the Laws of God, they are under descendent vibratory fall toward the inferior regions. Like you, they also reincarnated on Earth formerly with a healthy human body. Nevertheless, their insane practices deformed them the souls, turning them dense and abnormal, incompatible with the Divine Creation. Even thus, they are children of God as we are.

Children of mine, after thousands of years, the Planet Earth has fulfilled its Plan in this world of atonements and trials, and after trigged the divine devices of transformation, the Planet tries eagerly abandon the dimension in which suffers.

The Planet Earth, as a loving mother, it does not want to mistreat the humanity, since it always welcomed you. It just wants to get rid of suffering, pain and aggression that consciously or not, you are pouring over the Planet where you inhabit.

The Creators Laws fulfill His Creation, without preference for this or that people, because all are children of God, in all Kingdoms and dimensions.

The Earth agonizes while the humanity fulfills their karmic cycle.

I am near you to relieve your bale and heal your wounds.

No longer, I can stay with you in the physical plane, but I invite you to join me, no matter in which dimension you are.

Renew your purposes to evolve. It is enough you practice the Teachings I taught you.

I am Jesus. Love and Forgive.

Be you tame and humble beings.

‘Love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself.,

Yours Brother

Jesus, 05/07/2011

3. The Great Battle of Armageddon approaches

We greet you in name of the Light.

We have been following our Lord Jesus since formerly, as well, all of you, Servants of Jesus.

We would not like see again so many fallen brothers. The messages received today afternoon invite you to have faith and union of purposes.

Humans, you must evolve in order to inhabit again your Planet, which is in the threshold of New Age of Peace and Fraternity.

It is about to come true the highest stage of Planetary Transition and our materialization. Pray and watch those remained in this stage of huge and uninterrupted battles of "ends of times."

Under the Command of Jesus Sananda, we have been struggling for the victorious Light.

The great Battle of Armageddon is approaching so that the Earth banishes definitively the leftists of Christ Jesus.

Keep you strengthened in faith and love.

We wish be gathered again with minds and hearts full of peace and love. Servants of Jesus, let us go ahead in both planes of life defeating the Darkness.

May the Power and Love of Jesus be with you on that difficult time!

Glories to the Highest!

Astra-Órion Command, 05/07/2011

4. Do not wait the suffering reaches you

Blessed be the Light of Lord Jesus!

Our best wishes to the humans working with us in the Kingdom of Christ.

People who believe in a New Age of Peace, Love and Harmony with Hosts of Light, bear in mind, the worst phase of the Planetary Transition is approaching.

Sooner, everybody will face difficult time of pain, chaos and imbalances devastating stronger the whole Planet Shan or Planet Earth.

The critical moment is approaching. We are almost concluding the Great Plan on Earth facing the end of Doomsday.

We are many brothers looking after you and Planet Shan. We come from all parts of the Universe bringing our contribution to avoid the human foolishness destroying the Planet Earth.

Difficulties of every type come stronger to impel your union, because, on those hard moments, no more there will find peacetime, love and faith nowhere. The backward moral, catastrophes, hate and revenge are destroying the old Planet Earth.

For everything above mentioned, you must choose spiritual fraternity over material goods and "attachments" to the consanguineous ties or not. Through the material poverty, you gradually can evolve spiritually under Divine Creation, exalting and flooding your loving hearts.

Difficulties are stronger for those faithful to the commitments assumed with the Group (GESJ). Stand firm in your purposes and faith. Whatever happens, do not abandon the reconstruction of the Mother Earth.

Brothers, everything is transitory. Practice the Gospel of Jesus so that our spaceships rescue you.

Let the Light govern you; hear our voice speaking to all hearts in favor of the whole Planet. Do not refuse our presence as your evolved brothers did.

Sooner our spaceships will materialize in the physical plane helping the great planetary cleaning. We guide you to evolve and return to God’s House.

Brothers, come to us, again. Lots of you left your houses, when denied the Divine Laws.

We had among us, an Angelic Being of the purest and supreme spiritual beauty, spreading the sublime message, "love one another, as the Father loves you".

Do not be rebel again. You all must meditate on everything happening with you, in this main incarnation. We are ready to welcome you sooner.

Change you at once, because all humanity can reach our spaceships, since we notice the moral and spiritual renewal.

Brothers! When will you give up the illusion in which you are immersed? Would you rather cry in the exile than share the New Age with us?

The exile will be more painful and sadder, because the Master of the Masters, Jesus, by increment of mercy gave you extra time to believe in our revelations and in the purest reality spiritual around you.

By request of Lord Jesus, here we are begging for your renewal of thoughts, words and actions. We have visited different groups all over the world encouraging our brothers, fallen angels. Until the last moment, we will be fighting to awaken your souls.

We will not abandon our daily work or retreat because of dark forces.

The Light may shine the whole Planet Shan and new time will receive the rightists of Jesus.

You do not expect the suffering reaching you, for finally see the obvious. Do not wait until the neighbor believes, so that you believe too.

Be aware of the future events here announced and meditate about the guidelines by Evolved Brothers guiding you to happy days.

May the Peace reign in all planetary sides!

I greet you in the name of the Light.

Setun Shenar Commander, 05/07/2011

5. I also suffered as other mothers suffer today

Loved children, I am here among you, as if I still were in the matter.

I have been on earth to receive in my womb my beloved son, without knowing of His angelic nature, unaware of the plan drawn to me before my incarnation.

I also suffered as other mothers suffer today the loss of an innocent child. I cried so much for not accepting such pain, but with safe conscience, for having fulfilled my duties as zealous mother who assisted the material needs of the "group gathered" by consanguineous ties.

As I was always devoted to the faith, I sought acting in accordance with the Laws of that time, loving God above all things and the neighbor as myself, within my reach.

Later, I also abandoned the Earth, as it is natural for all embodied spirits. In the spiritual plane, where I am, I continue working; now aware of the whole history of my beloved son Jesus and with Him sharing the desire of assisting the humanity.

Little you know about tasks performed in the invisible plane by brothers aware of such reality helping others on behalf of Jesus. Little you know of everything happening under the invisible veil.

Formerly, I introduced myself for three children, in a way they could recognize me as Mother of Jesus. First, I told them about the Divine Plan drawn for humanity in a language as legible as possible they could retain in their physic and spiritual mind.

Then, I told them about so many evolved brothers in the Kingdom of God helping the little ones, including the terrestrial brothers toward the renewal.

Here, I spoke of evolved brothers in spaceships would come during the planetary disturbances to assist the terrestrial brothers to supplant the dramatic moments of Doomsday.

After that, I also revealed them about Life existent in interior of Earth and the physical plane as transitory passage so that the souls evolve. I told them about the souls of different evolutionary levels inhabiting the same planet, on surface and interior. Later, I said, we compose a great universal family, children of one Creative uncreated Father.

Those innocent souls accepted my words naturally within their reach and transmitted faithfully what I said.

Unhappily, humans deprived of knowledge and high feelings, by betraying themselves and the Plan drawn for humanity, they disfigured and turned my words into "tyrannical mysteries" to subdue or seduce peoples.

Finally, I revealed them; the transitory material world would experience huge chaos of Doomsday. Various prophets, since long time announced the future reality so that people on earth could prepare their children, and these also alert others about the current rapid transformations on earth that suffocated by human aggressions, it reacts to change its dimension and humanity also evolve.

As formerly, people ignorant and deceived remain massacring one another, disfiguring the Gospel of Jesus, spreading violence, wars and horror.

I am here, my children, in the name of God begging each of you to put into practice the Teachings of Love taught by the Divine Master and say yes to Law of Progress.

You can minimize your mistakes, since you face the hard proofs of the Apocalypse on earth nowadays.

Love and forgive one another around you.

Spread the Good New about the New World.

Do not judge the others, but tell them about opportunity of renewal. Those who remain in wrongdoing will answer for their actions in accordance with Divine Laws in other Orbs for new opportunity of renewal.

Each one should remains as rightist of Christ.

Love and forgive one another.

This is the message I bring you on this beautiful afternoon today.

Each of you must meditate on own mistakes and turn them into virtues.

Fathers and mothers, you must guide your children about imbalance and backward moral destroying the Planet Earth. Shine their hearts with the Fire of the Truth impelling them to take the right path.

Deformations of the soul turned into material banquet by human actions devastate the Earth. My brothers, I expect, each of one here present may choose love and fraternity over madness.

Love, forgive and work on behalf of the Divine Lord Jesus who guides us with love!

I leave you with Him. He is the Way, Truth and Life.

Mary of Nazareth (Mother of Jesus), 05/07/2011

6. The material patterns do not elevate the soul.

Loved children, we send blessings of you peace and love to you.

Divine Mercy wanted that all the sparks followed equally the path of evolution in various Kingdoms of Nature, so that could evolve through the Divine Laws.

After reached the "consciousness level", the evolution takes place by the creatures own merit and "free will" offered by Law of Progress governing Life.

Your current evolutionary stage allows you discern between good and evil, right and wrong, light and darkness. Why then, my children, do you remain far from evolution and attached to the dark areas of suffering?

I have never seen so much freedom as at this "end of planetary cycle", when people have everything they need, and, the more freedom have, more immersed in pain, darkness and spiritual delay they are.

Unfortunately, mothers, parents and others responsible for innocent minds to the spiritual growth are failing with the highest purposes of spiritual ascension, moral values and are not struggling for own evolution.

The visible libertinism at random drags creatures devoid of faith to remain as leftists of Christ.

Dear brothers, you continue serving Manon for not recognizing the "Doomsday" near you, as vital moment for your souls.

The beloved Son’s Lessons assure you liberation, since you practice them, and then you will escape from the Planets of Atonements and Trials.

We hear lot of clamors coming from the Earth, but while listening to the hearts shouting for us, we can see them saddened and longing for miracles.

We cannot interrupt the suffering you have created. Only you can.

Face the pain peacefully so that the liberating fullness reaches you.

Elevate your moral and spiritual patterns through the love and pardon taught by Jesus so that you inhabit a better world.

Material patterns do not elevate the soul. The matter in itself is transitory and perishable, only the Spirit is immortal.

Elevate the spiritual patterns through the Lessons of Love taught by Jesus so that you can get to Higher Planes, where we will compose the great Universal Family.

May the Peace be with you!

Mary, Mother of Jesus - 05/07/2011.

7. Nothing will stop the Light and the High Purposes.

Clairvoyance: I have seen Atafom penetrating a dark cave in the Abyss. He returned bringing ferocious, deformed beings, the Bestial High Command to spaceships. Right there they had the poison neutralized so that could manifest.

I could see each group of negative beings brought, while Atafom remained in the Abyss, maybe he tried to reach the Beast. After the clairvoyance, I received the following message:

May the Peace be in your hearts, sisters!

The indoctrination from this small group for the Commanders of Darkness requires experienced Instructors for not fall prey of traps inserted in words addressed, at mental level to the beginners.

To each brother brought for dialogue, deeper was the place they came from and larger the danger and number of followers of their Armies.

We are going to the inhospitable Abysmal Areas, where the Great Bosses inhabit. We look for the great Command composed of a small group near the Beast’s habitat.

In view of the much poison adhered to those beings, before of incorporating, there is a meticulous treatment to remove the poison, which, if released would harm the atmosphere, mediums and Instructors.

Fewer groups are prepared to deal with these beings. In the whole planet, only twelve groups, so-called crack regiment, received the special armor destined to the Warriors of Light to fulfill that work.

The High Spiritual Hierarchy assured the Group GESH could receive more than two beings, as it is happening. Then, the Masters Ramatis and Shama Hare accepted in supplying GESH with energy and workers for the dangerous task.

When the Lord Jesus gives us a work, we must do it. We cannot interrupt or postpone it, in case one worker gives up his task.

It brings overwork for other workers, but comes true the Masters words: "To whom much is given, much will be charged."

Nothing stops the Light or High Purposes.

Atafom, 05/07/2011

8. Now, we need of laborious hands

On behalf of Jesus, we greet our brothers summoned by Master Shama Hare.

Everyday, lots of you compose the Army of Light with the purpose of minimizing the overwork fulfilled by the ones aware of the spiritual growth, which opportunity only comes through the effective work with Jesus.

Do not waste your time, looking for "end of time."

The end is only the conclusion of a long learning accumulated in each life.

Now, we need of laborious hands.

Brothers, acting this way, better and easier you can face the future challenges.

Be in Peace!

John the Baptist, 05/07/2011

9. Time does not wait for hesitant beings

Clairvoyance: I saw illuminated the whole GESJ, and then, a light coming from "Colonia Servos de Jesus." At the meeting, various brothers communicated with the Group and had their messages inserted in our books. In a higher place, we could see the Masters Ramatis and Shama Hare, whose messages were simultaneously transmitted to intraterrestrial cities, Colonies and other intra-marine cities.

After that, I saw Methuselah, whose crook when in touch with the ground loosened a strong energy. He said," Love one another," pointing out a log glass with little sand inside.

Finally the message came:

Over incarnations, people has evolved and prepared themselves for this last cycle of trials and atonements on Earth.

You can see and translate the urgent signs inviting you to choose between wolves or sheep.

Time does not wait for hesitant beings between material and spiritual life. No matter how little knowledge you have, you are not cattle to follow the group without questioning what comes.

I tell you, with the authority granted me by the Great Master, love one another, while you can follow the Light.

Do not waste the short time you still have.

As brave warriors, you must defend your territory toward the Light.

Methuselah, 07/05/2011

10. The Celestial Hierarchy looks after you

Blessed be the Peace and harmony here!

Brothers of Earth do not lose hope, when the last hours approach.

The Celestial Hierarchy looks after you and all the little beings composing the several stages of life on Earth.

You will follow a planning drawn earlier to life on Earth. Nothing that happens is besides the programmed by Beloved Jesus. He planned each stage of events that are about to finish; as well as the divulgation on extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial brothers assisting the Planetary Transition, on behalf of Jesus.

Keep strengthened your hearts and minds in faith. Time has come when" all are called, but few are chosen."

All over he world echoes the Lord Jesus Teachings, as wishes the Creator so that large number of embodied and disembodied ones take part in the Final Wedding Banquet.

May the Peace be in your hearts!

Master Maytreia, 05/07/2011

11. We are good Servants

We are agreeable servants recognizing so much love in the Creator.

Our work to rescue embodied and disembodied brothers is accelerated.

All the cities bound to welcome terrestrial brothers; they work hard and fast so that we act ahead the events on Earth that unhappily, will surprise the unprepared ones.

We hope the candidates, as Servants of Jesus are hardworking, instead desperate ones amidst the furious crowd.

As we ask our Father’s help, you also as humble being ought to recognize own mistakes and look for freedom, which every spirit deserve.

We address light to your hearts and Peace to the beloved Planet.

Orcadim, 05/07/2011

12. The importance of working with Jesus

Blessed be the Love!

Sister Margarida, here today, we can see how clearly you already unveil the future and meaning of the work often offered you.

We can see the tiny pieces of a big puzzle completed and revealed the beauty of the High Purpose in minds and hearts that accepted the work.

Any question, sister? Here we are to answer you, within our reach.

Margarida: I understood the reason for the call, I do not know if everyone did.

Here is speaking Ysh-Wan, an old friend yours. For long time, we have been together and you know that each pupil with different vibrational level cannot, in the same way, absorb the energies, retain the lessons and revelations clearly. Even thus, everyone here will retain the minimum understanding, as instrument to act properly, whenever is necessary.

Moreover, the work continues overnight and while sleeping, they will be invited to be here again to understand in another vibratory level about the planetary moment and importance of working with Jesus now. The divulgation continues. Other beings hearing and accepting our messages will be also invited to be here in astral body.

M: As far as I understood, the "End of Times" is closer than we think. Each of us must be ready for those moments of pain and suffering together with our family or not. Moreover, the studies and messages received seek preparing us for the last stage in our civilization. Is not it, my brother?

YW: Surely, the Humanity faces the critical phase; and as you can see, once triggered the Forces of Nature, hardly are controlled. It is from Divine Law, this critical phase taking place with various unstable factors, when the psyche around the planet is so dense able to materialize the humanity’s hate.

The Intruding Star presence strongly interacts with Forces of Nature. The imbalances triggered in d physical plane, through the Nature also reached their critical stage. All of these factors sound as alarm, because at any moment, the excessive negativity can trigger the planetary process able to prevent the balance we are performing up to now.

Once trigged the destructive energy, we cannot put it in order again, once the Divine Law determines the chaos and disorder, and we must respect it. Only those connected with the creative forces, will overcome, unhurt, not materially, but spiritually speaking, the difficulties. A body can be destroyed in the matter, but the spirit prepared and connected with the High escapes from the impact of destruction, without deviating from the "path of light."

Thus, we work so that the largest number of beings survives spiritually balanced, in peace and harmony with the true love.

May God as light guide us forever! Even unable to break the disorder amidst the chaos, here, we remain protecting everybody connected with us.

M: We have no doubt. Where is our sister Mahyr?

YW: Here, she is happy addressing the purest energies of sincere friendship.

M: We all send a kiss to your hearts.

YW: All of us gathered today afternoon, we address to you, embodied beings, the purest vibrations of love and courage for facing next trials. After the torments, again together, we will celebrate the victory with Jesus.

M: In our daily prayers, I remember of our dear extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial brothers and thankful to the Merciful Father for this fraternal exchange.

YW: I leave you with Jesus.

Ysh-Wan, 05/07/2011

13. Death is not the end. Pain is medicine to poor in spirit

May the Peace of Jesus be with us!

At times of pain, do not expect miracles. Accept humbly the death and pain. Try to relieve the brothers suffering and comfort the afflicted ones. Do not rebel, because the death is not the end. Pain means the last medicine for poor in spirit. Bear always in mind the truth, which will be very useful when the suffering reaches you.

Lots of people may perish, and those who do not perish, they will feel themselves confused and lost, as unbelievers of God, blaspheming and exorcising His Presence; screaming in all directions that God had abandoned them.

Loved brothers, disciples of the Master, on those moments, do not refuse helping the afflicted ones. Tell them that only the Creator reigns on Earth, despite the humanity is suffering.

You ought to remind them, "the sowing is free, but the crop is law of God". Then, if the suffering comes, so it must be. It is not the Fathers Will, but fulfillment of the Law. Nevertheless, when appeal to a person’s conscience; first, you must be with a safe conscience, discernment in faith and truth. While you have time, you should renew yourself, because the call to hard work will demand so much strength.

Many people believe the call comes true while participating of the redeeming work in this House of Charity. They are wrong; the whole time of preparation, study and work received was just the first step so that later, after the trials, you could fulfill the duty of divulging the presence of God among unbelievers, spreading faith and hope over despair and fear. The call comes true by the anonymous service, in favor of the poor in spirit. While the evolved spirits prepared you, they kept negligent, enjoying the terrestrial pleasures and the perishable matter.

Do not judge them; just offer them your unconditional love.

So it will be, as our Father wishes.

May the Peace of Jesus be with us!

Akhenaton, 05/07/2011

14. The Truth has suffered distortions.

Here we are as Disciples of Christ serving the Light and the Sweet Rabbi of Galilee.

We follow Him, since He offered Himself as example of pure love on Earth.

Here are together Disciples that followed Him. We are at this House of Charity to continue divulging His Teachings, which we have done since His presence on earth.

Historically, the Truth has suffered distortions, since men as imperfect ones, they took possession of fragments idolizing themselves, losing the essence of worshipping His Sublime Presence inserted in "truths", and thus, the messages left by our evolved brothers suffered distortions too.

Lots of information about the extra-planetary life and evolved consciences inhabiting other globes were refused and kept far from the humanity by backward minds. Even thus, the Law of God is great and while persevering in the work with Jesus, at once, emerge the extra-planetary consciences, our intraterrestrial brothers and Spirits of Light bringing for the humanity, teachings denied formerly. Wherever God wants the presence of light, so it will be, no matter how long the light will shine everybody on earth.

It does not matter the desertion of the first summoned ones, attacks against the Servants of Jesus, powerful negative forces trying to disseminate the evil. The Power of Light will always reign, because everything begins in the Creator who is pure love. We remain with our spiritual family until the end.

Fishermen of souls! Disciples of Jesus! May the Peace of Jesus be with you!

I am Brother Francis speaking. Formerly, I was John, Disciple of Jesus.

Francis, 05/07/2011

15. You must strengthen in faith

We must strengthen in faith. If everything fails, have Faith as support to put charity into practice.

Do not think the sad events just reach other beings.

If, by chance, the misfortune reaches you, refuse sadness as your counselor, do not let discouragement blow in your ears, and do not retain rebel words in your heart. Have patience and understanding, because the Purposes of God are for everyone, as well come from "High Spheres", knowledge, strength and vital energy for all creatures.

There is no preference in the Kingdom of God that is for all creatures. You create differences when do not accept the Teachings transmitted by the Masters.

Brothers, welcome lovingly the teachings received as lighthouse on those difficult moments that each of you ought to face in accordance to own merit. Have firm purpose on the good for not hurt your inner balance.

You must apply severely to yourselves, the lessons repeatedly heard in this House of Charity. Before the daily difficulties, bear in mind moments of joy and work experienced collectively; elevate the thought to the healthy atmosphere on the work with Jesus.

Remember that all evil is transitory, but necessary to reaffirm your faith in the Creator. Beloved children, never you should emit thoughts, words or actions against the Creator. The blasphemy on that hour will be very harmful for you.

You would better face humbly the events, in accepting that formerly you contributed for the current situation of the planet and humanity. Even if you have forgotten the past, it exists, indeed. If you incarnated at this time, surely you begged for it, as opportunity of readjustment with the Planet.

You have forgotten the material understanding achieved formerly, while another world was gradually inhabited your mind, through the spiritual work fulfilled in this House of Charity. In this new world, you have to look for support, when fail the pillars of the material world, because from them, you ought to build a new planetary home.

Ruins may arrest the unprepared ones, whose minds will be deprived of a solid foundation, hope in New Land. Nevertheless, those that believed and offered themselves to work and study, they know that only will be destroyed everything predicted by the Law of Destruction, so that new humanity inhabits the New Land.

Dear brothers, we hope, you are strong and courageous beings as the strength joining you.

Believe in your guardians looking after you. Each of you begged to take part in this Group. If you have not better conditions yet, even thus thank the Father for having met the Truth as opportunity of redeeming work, for the great joy of having met old dear ones and adversaries composing a new harmonic spiritual family now.

You ought to face turbulences, before reaching the radiant dawn of new time, new humanity and new world where only one God guides everybody toward the infinite.

May the fullness of God’s Love be with you!

As humble Servants of Jesus, we remain with you until our Father wishes.

Be in peace and may Jesus bless us!

Here is Master Ramatis speaking. He, who is so called Kuthumi in the Universe.

Master Ramatis, 05/07/2011

16. Do not let despair and anger inhabit your heart

Do not let pain hurt you.

Do not let despair and anger inhabit your heart.

Do not let death stop your spiritual growth.

On those moments of suffering and anguish, remember of today afternoon when many brothers comforted and strengthened your spirits for next critical phase.

While immersing in the physical body, you forget about your past incarnations: what you were and what failed to do. Now, aware of the duties with the High, it is very important and urgent all effort in favor of the common good.

This current main incarnation no more allows mistakes committed by those who really retain knowledge. We say it, because we do not want our children’s bankruptcy.

Day will come when you will offer your laborious hands for those deprived of Light.

Since long time ago, we are with you, and time has come to you reaffirm the work in which we take part.

You ought to provide them, charity, faith and hope. You ought to divulge among the poor in spirit, the Fathers presence full of love and goodness, and offer yourselves to build a new world of Peace, Love and Fraternity.

As parts of the whole, let us love and forgive one another.

May the Peace of the Lord Jesus guide you to a New Age!

Blessed be the Power of Light!

Blessed be the Love of Jesus!

John the Baptist, 05/07/2011

17. Be you meek, humble and peacemakers

Beloved children and Disciples,

Prepare your souls for the suffering of "end of times."

Face courageously the challenges yours. Through the development of faith is easier to face the challenges, without madness or suicide, as many others have done amidst the chaos.

Let your minds and hearts free of doubt or sorrow, because inferior vibration can turn into fall or larger pain, unnecessary.

Renew your souls to the Light of Jesus Gospel. Work harder not forgetting of prudence in acting, speaking and thinking, therefore, any inferior or superior energy loosened from you, after reaching the goal, it returns to the generating source.

Do not act like the disturbed crowd of backward moral patterns.

Act as faithful representatives of Light in the physical plane.

Be tame, humble and peacemakers.

Act as simply Servants of Jesus.

He, who loves you,

Mater Shama Hare, 05/07/2011

18. We are side by side with you

We greet our terrestrial brothers.

Here we are reaffirming our commitment with the Great Plane on Earth.

We are part of the Alpha-Omega Command serving our greatest brother, Jesus whom we owe obedience and follow, as predicted for this decadent humanity.

We are part of a Committee directly responsible for the rescue work on Earth. We have our spaceships ready, just waiting the right moment to materialize ourselves and begin the evacuation.

Brothers, do not loose faith amidst the madness that temporarily will settle on your Orb.

You take part of the Great Army of Light and authors of own progress on the Renewed Earth.

Once again, we invite you to the work for your spiritual redemption. So many brothers did not understand yet, how important is today afternoon, where the most experienced Spirits share with you, purposes of Light, Love and Fraternity for the Planet and part of the people.

Join one another, because no more you will have such opportunities. Get ready, because few ones will reach our spaceships or interior of the Earth.

You need of sincere love and faith to overcome the fear, putting Master Jesus Teachings into practice to achieve strength, courage and hope.

The moral and physical chaos may reach strongly you, once the so announced "Three Days of Darkness" approaches.

Unity of purposes is the prerequisite to face the daily troubles.

Work, discipline, obedience, vigilance and prudence are also necessary to strength your spirit.

Nowadays, we are, side by side, helping and conducting you to our spaceships, as part of the Planetary Evacuation Project.

May the Peace, Love and Light of Jesus involve all of you!

Alpha-Omega Command, 05/07/2011

19. We must protect the young people against danger of drugs

Blessed be Peace in Jesus, the Lord of Light!

May is the Mothers month!

Mother is a sweet, tender, magic name.

Mother, who comforts, protects and loves unconditionally.

Lots of disembodied mothers, grandparents and aunts are greeting their dear ones present today afternoon. They take the occasion to give an advice:

Parents, mothers, stepmothers, stepfathers and others ought to warn their children and young people about the danger of drugs!

The first contact or first dose can be disastrous or fatal.

There are countless important phalanges controlling so many bosses and owners of "drug traffic", enslaving and condemning the embodied young people for an unknown destiny.

Here is our appeal to prevent the young people from drugs, by introducing them in the indoctrination, beginning by Indoctrination School, Gospel Cult at Home, and then participating in public lectures, where much light will protect them against the vampires or phalanges of evil.

Young people without religion and Gospel of Jesus are subject to such attacks.

Take this warning, not as yellow light, but as red one, when so many families of embodied workers must stop to avoid pain and suffering.

Fathers, mothers and relatives must love, protect, hear and guide religiously the young people, otherwise, the darkness will arrest them.

We expect the mothers present here may receive from Mother Mary so much light, peace, balance, courage and love to look after their children and young people.

Our best wishes of love and faith to you!

With love,

Sister Dulce, 05/07/2011

20. Put Faith and Love into practice

Clairvoyance: After the mantra at 3 pm, I saw strong light, as well the Masters Jesus, Shama Hare, Ramatis, and other Spirit of Light with a turban as the Arabs use. Someone told me, he was Master Serapis Bey. After that, I received the following message:

Terrestrial brothers, you must renew your feelings.

The amalgam of life is the purest love, without stain.

You are wrong in thinking and acting full of hate, pride, prepotency and vanity.

Everything you feel and express in words, thoughts or actions will reach the atmosphere around you with energies attracting similar ones. Energies of low vibration full of negative feelings circulate abundantly around the Planet and humanity.

People’s low vibration affects all living beings of inferior regions.

As a vicious circle, humans and other living beings absorb waves of dense energy and throw them back more saturated negatively.

Your actions differ from Lessons of Love and Pardon taught by Jesus.

Where are you going with such rebelliousness against the Divine Laws that govern life on earth?

Change the vibration of your feelings from negative to positive ones, and let be free the spark pressing in your heart!

From the High, we send to the Planet Earth, vibrations of Light able to neutralize the negativity loosened from you. Nevertheless, our energies of love cannot reach you that are too late in understanding on Universal Truths and attached to the material plane, if it were the only one.

Brothers, through the perseverance in the Good, you can give up the rebelliousness and soften your faults.

The cycle of atonements and trials is finishing, but larger pain may reach you, as the Divine Master said, "No one can leave this prison until the last cent of their debt has been paid."

Put faith and love into practice, you that are under the selection of the "Doomsday."

We send peace to you that really need it.

We send you so much love so that you overcome the darkness and ignorance.

Serapis Bey, Master of GUWF, 05/07/2011.

21. The dark days approach

Beloved brothers,

The revelations you throw to the World, brought by Evolved Spirits seeking to awaken the humanity, they have touched and impelled the prepared minds and hearts to Christ’s Great Army that works hard in the "Planetary Transition."

The intraterrestrial world reveals itself to the terrestrial world, where most of people did not awaken yet and then refuse it. However, for the believers, the intraterrestrial reality means rescue and hope amidst the chaos.

The extra planetary beings present on earth since its formation, they are still ignored by the terrestrial people. However, despite the human credulity, they continue assisting and loving everyone, as our Father wishes.

Brothers, we hope, each Servant of Jesus renews itself in faith and work to own renewal and the poor ones in both plans of life.

The dark days approach bringing larger pain and gnashing of teeth.

Get ready brothers, under the protection of the Divine Sun, Beloved Jesus who guides you so that the chaos can impel you to the Renewed Earth.

Be in Peace,

From your sister,

Nefertiti, 05/07/2011

22. The Earth is dying

The Planet Patrol is wandering in your Solar system.

The approach of the Intruding Star requires vigilance, which influence of primitive energy is stronger over planets of low evolution, where the Law of Free still governs the humanity. If careless people, subdued by the "Power of Evil" active in those Planets, they judge themselves "saviors" of the humanity, by exploding nuclear workmanships, it can affect the Laws of Balance on earth.

From the High, in time different from your limited understanding, we monitor thoughts and feelings. If we detect the least possibility of destruction, at once, we act impeding such action or putting into practice the "Emergency Plan" to keep balanced the Solar system and Universe under the Creators Laws.

No human being is ignorant enough to think itself responsible for the planetary defense or balance. However, the incoherence of thoughts and ideas inhabiting the backward Planets is so high that really, that remote possibility exists, and while existing, we are here struggling for life in the Universe.

The Earth is dying, while men ignoring its agony, they continue tuned in with "Power of Evil", while they ignore the short time and opportunities to spiritual progress they still have.

The Planet Earth is dying. The humanity is selected. The exile happens, and the end of "Doomsday" is coming.

From the Planet Patrol, we guide those tuned in with the High Planes of Sublime Mansions of Love. Wherever you are, we will rescue you to the Regeneration.

May the Peace and Love loosened from our hearts involve you all!

From your Brother,

Commander Yury, 05/07/2011

23. To blemish the Homeland of the Gospel is corrupting the mind itself


May the Hope and Peace throw so much love and joy into your hearts!

Our reincarnation in Brazil was a great joy. Aware of our duties with the Higher Plane, we offered to that rising "Brazilian Nation" our lessons learned along the terrestrial journeys.

We intended to insert to the cities administration, concerns and apprehension of our spirits concerning the future, in designating as official documents, life guidelines in consonance with the Laws of God, as life in harmony with Laws of Nature.

Immersed in the physical garment (physical body) we could no understand clearly our Brazilian soul.

Today, due to the depreciation in the country, we must warn the politicians, they receive temporary mandates responsible for countless humans and other ways of life.

Life is a work of God who entrusted you to take care of His Creation, and you cannot disappoint Him.

Spirits deeply committed with Divine Laws, full of hope, they offered themselves to keep steady the rudder conducting the Brazilian Homeland to where the Compass of Jesus Love shows.

The direction sought is no place located in your World. The path of progress for the Brazilian Nation means "exemplification of fraternity" that other nations chosen before failed to achieve.

For that reason, the mixed Brazilian people were lovingly joined, and after that, the essence of each foreign people turned into sublime virtues of the soul.

It was successful the Divine Project of creating in the physical world an atmosphere suitable for the greatest task of multiplying ideals of fraternity turned into humble, tame, fraternal and cheerful people.

Although imbued with the highest hopes, the reincarnating ones bound to compose the Brazilian people, they have their free will. It means, after entering in the physical body, they can give up such duty or take the wrong path.

Bound to be Heart of the World Heart, Homeland of the Gospel, Jesus, fair and kindly granted to the Brazilian Society, the presence of faithful spirits for consolidating the Spirit Doctrine on earth. Thence, various renowned Brazilian workers were born for that purpose.

As a lighthouse indicating the dangers along the journey, the evangelical guidelines guide the sailors on the rocks, which could easily induce to shipwrecks.

Nation in the hands of politicians that ignores God’s Laws, it can be lost amidst of greed and corruption. Rulers surrendered to such practices, they commit serious crimes, accumulating on their shoulders, bales of cries, pain and anguish, violence, despair and appeals for help.

Under their responsibility are undone dreams, murdered hope, and so much disappointment.

It means each commitment not fulfilled able to deviate the route of the Brazilian, it becomes heavy bale for the ones that failed before the public life; and hardly will be charged.

He, who hurts the country, chosen by God, as future Heart of the World, is bleeding own heart.

To blemish the Homeland of the Gospel is corrupting own mind.

As Brazilian citizen, I call to the lucidity and rightness of character, everyone who accomplish elective mandates lending their thoughts, voices and actions to conduct the Brazilian Nation. Retake the direction of the country, because the risk of imminent shipwreck will astonish you about to reach the Abyss.

Brazilian man and woman that sincerely love their Homeland, address your thoughts, words and actions to readjust the guidelines drawn for you, and believe in the purposes of God, because Superior Forces command everything on earth.

First, pray in favor of the "Public Life’s sanitation" from where disastrous, selfish and unbalanced decisions come.

Then, pray in favor of the Education, so that people have knowledge enough to motivate them again acquire good conditions in teaching and learning.

After that, address sincere prayers toward Health, so that good conditions of healthy life favor the indebted spirits.

Later, pray for those responsible to look after the poor ones, in providing them opportunity to own renewal, as well the reincarnation provides you renewal and spiritual growth.

Finally, pray so that everybody fulfills God’s Laws, especially, "Love God above all things and the neighbor as themselves."

Everything runs all right, since we respect the guidelines drawn by Jesus.

I say good-bye, wishing to each of you, the transition from the mistakes committed to that path defined by the High takes place in a peaceful way.

May the Peace be with you!

José Bonifácio, 06/02/2011

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