Divulgation 64


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Readers, friends, much peace in Jesus!

Let us believe more and more in God with His Purposes.

We beg our Merciful Father to strengthen us in patience, humility and courage to face, without blasphemy, revolt and hate, the absurd physical-moral-spiritual suffered by the Planet Earth and its inhabitants.

Rather they speak, the world will not finish.

Evolved Spirits have affirmed through simple, legible messages, the present time with its moral and spiritual decadent civilization is about to finish. Then, what to do?

The answer is: practice daily the teachings of the Beloved Rabi of Galilee.

Acting this way, we are "rescued" in physical or spiritual body, even before the "alignment of the planetary axel." By the way, many embodied beings have been rescued since the last century. These people are among the "disappeared ones" after important catastrophes.

"After the storm, comes the calm." The Planet will appear renewed and more beautiful without borderlines, with one people, one language, one government and one God

As the scientist Lavoisier said: "in nature, nothing is created, nothing is lost, and everything is transformed."

Since the Lord Jesus allows, I will incarnate again, to work in the reconstruction of the Planet.

Save the Earth!

Save Lord Jesus!


Note: The messages of this number were received by the mediums Edilza, Gisele and Penny.

01. The cleaning of the Astral Plan is accelerated

Save the Power of Light! Save the Divine Governor of the Earth.

After unchained the events about the "Doomsday", the overpowering forces of planetary changes in course reaches the human collectivities that ignore such imponderable reality around them.

Believe or not, the "selection between living and dead" is already happening.

Collective deaths, wars and natural catastrophes are more than evidences of planetary chaos.

Rise in temperature, ozone layer undone, cold caps of the Poles melting, waters flooding islands and continents are signs of deep changes occurring in a global level.

Even thus, the deceived beings still believe in "illusory heaven" or "burning hell."

In the invisible plane, the changes are more pronounced, therefore, in lower regions, the "astral geography" modifies, in the measure, the disturbed creatures are transferred.

The cleaning of the astral plane is advanced to the Advent of the New Age.

There is intense migration of "backward spirits" from Abyss to surface, opening glades, where per millennia, only had darkness.

Instead, in places close to human collectivities, there is larger concentration of harmful energy emanated from embodied beings and others emigrated from inferior astral by a force contrary to their will. It is direct action of magnetic force from Hercolubus.

That force of Hercolubus has changed the planetary vibration, attracting to surface large number of spirits who lived for long time in regions of lower vibration. They rise at the confluence of primitive energies of Hercolubus.

In the astral plane in turmoil of changes, battles do not occur between Darkness and Light, because not all humans from Earth act peacefully.

They are expelled by force of weapons, once their rebelliousness against the Divine Laws makes them think, as if they were exceptional beings.

Fights more and more occur throughout the world to expand light on Darkness.

He, who wishes save himself to inhabit the Renewed Earth, at once, he must understand, the abrupt changes do not become him able to achieve the higher vibrations of the New Earth.

You must practice the Gospel of Jesus, so that change the sick cells of your souls into healthy ones of the "clean tunic" necessary to take a subtle physical body similar that of regenerated inhabitants.

We assure, since you wishes this way, you must begin at once the renewal, so that you be free.

Humans unaware of the Planet’s changes and of last opportunity of inhabiting the Renewed Earth, they only seek "material goods" and nothing on spiritual, moral growth.

As child, they still discuss on "possibility of intelligent life beyond Earth" ignoring our real presence as old brothers helping them on Earth. If it were different and the Divine Mercy did not allow that the most advanced in moral and technological evolution helped the less developed planets and backward people, you would have already destroyed the Planet built by Beloved God, so that the divine sparkle could inhabit and evolve.

Nothing you know of birth and death of the Worlds; but are destroying your planetary home with bad actions and unhealthy feelings.

We are present neutralizing the excessive harmful discharges that, in an irresponsible way, you have thrown into the psichosphere.

We are your Guardians.

We are your Brothers that neither want dominate nor destroy you. These are your intentions toward us.

Brothers, we alert you, "the planetary cycle" comes to an end! Inevitably, we will meet one another in the physical or astral plane, because for you cross through the Sidereal Space toward the "exile" you will not go wandering through space.

So that your deformed souls or not, to leave the Earth to a new home, they should be transported in our spaceships.

Spirits of Light that answer for the future of the Earth, as well as those that drive the Human Collectivities on Earth, they know us. Do not you want to know us?

Here we are to tell you that there is only one road able to free you and avoid exile. It is practicing the Gospel of Jesus.

Save the Force of Love! Save Peace! Save Jesus!

May Jesus bless you!

Eliadne (Being of Venus), 11/04/11

02. Warnings come ahead of time

Blessed is God, our Creator.

Blessed is Jesus, our Sublime Governor.

Brothers, the Planet Earth enters in its "final cycle" foreseen for this humanity.

The words dictated in the last meeting by Masters of the Great Universal White Fraternity, others Evolved Beings and Lord Jesus with His Divine Hosts will be transmitted to its inhabitants.

We will gradually inform, so that human beings know of the subject of that meeting, to feel in their hearts, the urgent need of renewal in the mental level and human behavior.

From Space, very sad, we see the Earth suffering and asking mercy for her children that mistreat her for own domain and pleasure.

The Planet Earth penetrates the last portal toward the world of regeneration.

Forthcoming are drastic geological, politic and social changes to affect the weakened minds of the ones far from the Laws of Love and Pardon.

Their weakened spirits will not endure the negative vibrational load on their physical bodies resulted from despair and pain, triggering suicides and deaths never seen in societies historically established.

Warnings come ahead of time to prepare the humanity, however, few ones believe as that example of Noah’s ark.

Nothing we can do; only tell them, the free will that provides free action, it also impel them to exile, when misuse such freedom.

Peace and light to you!

Paulo of Tarsi, 11/05/11

03. Your world sinks into mud

We, inhabits of the Universe stand here today with you, inhabitants of the Planet Earth, on behalf of Mercy and Compassion to activate in your extra physical memory about the countless worlds that preceded the Earth bound to shelter your divine sparkles.

From mineral to vegetable kingdom, you evolved absorbing energies in other planets.

From vegetable to animal kingdom, you made progress leaving marked, worlds in process.

From animal to Elemental kingdom, you evolved bringing the instincts to prepare the hominal manifestation.

You have mobilized, moved and improved natural forces favoring the development of orbs you inhabited.

As humans, you were in primitive worlds constituting peoples deprived of high knowledge and mental skills in important actions.

You made progress; became civilized and became lost in the afflicted delay of conquering wars. Finally you became lost in vain suicide disputes.

After deported, your minds remained partially developed, blunt. You inhabited other planet until were allowed to incarnate again in this dimension.

You have forgotten the millenarian path of progress you have lived, because you were strongly attached to dense matter, where you run the risk to fail again.

Ambition, pride and selfishness have destroyed the balanced connections hindering the spiritual growth. New transformation of energy may occur again to elevate the Earth to the rank of world, and its humanity will be impeded of inhabiting it, if does not accompany the Planet’s evolutionary jump.

Longer will be the stage between human and angel, to everyone unconscious guided by their inferior instincts, until are exposed to new experiences compatible with their "new homes" aware of the progress granted and chosen by the free will to continue spiritual ascension.

Q: Any question, sister?

A: Yes, I have.

Q: Since I was a child, I have been thinking about after death. Right now, I know the Doctrine, and I wonder what comes after so many incarnations. So, where do we go? What comes later? To think about all these let me disturbed.

A: It is natural the mind with little spiritual knowledge wanders when trying to reach what cannot yet. Mediumship is open door to the invisible world, but should only be triggered by strict criteria and higher purposes.

Q: Since I was a child, even not knowing the mediumship, I thought about it.

A: You did not become medium after knowing the Spiritist Doctrine. You were already born as medium committed with the work that emerged in proper time. During you childish dreams, you already looked for us, nostalgic and desirous of healthy and pure contact our world could provide you.

Q: Could you tell us, from which world, do you speak?

A: It is part of your Solar system. We inhabit the Pleiades.

Q: It is true! I would like to go back somewhere, but I do not know where it is; to cross through the space and know other worlds; to study ways of living in other worlds and finally know the beauty of the Creation.

A: Such desires come from the scientist that made research, but you failed in continue progressing, and then were exiled.

And like you, many brothers left their friends, work and families far from Earth, and from this Planetary System.

They return to live at time of changes that can facilitate the return or exile; to guarantee the stay on Earth already renewed or drive them to another orb similar to Earth today; to awaken you from numbness resulted of rebelliousness.

Those that used to feed themselves on energies of others, for experiment contrary to the Laws of God, at their convenience may be isolated in sterile worlds amid struggles and fights until they disperse any energy not belonging them, returning to that globe from where had stolen.

Laws that govern the worlds are unalterable and perfect, as the One who created them.

The sooner you understand such reality, closer will be the happiness; therefore, only in His Omnipresence will find the meaning of existence.

Your world sinks into mud. In reaction, the fire will burn the impurities removed from abysmal regions by tireless workers. Finally, waters will wash the Globe, putting in new places, the inhabitable areas for a new humanity that aided by old friends will colonize and inhabit as humans in regeneration, a new world.

It lacks you faith!

Work to build it and everything else will be granted you.

Tuella (extraterrestrial friend), 10/28/11.

04. Within our reach, from the High, we look after you


Peace and Fraternity among men!

Not even the manifestation of different religions in the world helped in your angelic ascension you should accomplish.

Devoted to fantastic rituals, the Religious Cults have spread among different countries inciting peoples to observe the principles and immaterial values. Even hypnotized by the matter, you were deviated from the route drawn originally, often surrendering to the fanaticism or merchandizing of faith, transforming the paths of progress drawn in accordance to your psychic condition, into muddy puddles arresting the souls over there .

Despite the countless lessons dictated by various Evolved Spirits sent by mercy, Lord Jesus represents the link between the time before and after His passage through the Earth. His Gospel is the foundation that should begin in each creature.

Many people widely proclaim the need to value the religious freedom and we corroborated with such ideas. Nevertheless, we should never abandon the sublime Lessons taught by the Lord of the Masters, of following His Commandments: Love God above all things, and the neighbor as yourself. In these two commandments is all wisdom and Law of God.

We hope compassion and mercy involve your people at this time, because having everything, anything is enough, and receiving the profound knowledge produced in the universe, in anything they believe.

We address our words for those who welcome the lessons. Be you strong in faith, because the turmoil in the world at this hour put you at test. Only those strengthened in working with Jesus may survive amid the storms approaching.

Around the Earth, many they send love and light to you. Those that protect their pupils on the Earth’s surface, they try to grant you infinite opportunities of renewal and return to path of light.

Be you brave warriors facing your more powerful enemy that inhabit in your intimate for thousands of years, attached to old, noxious habits, which toxins contaminate your souls.

You should immediately dedicate yourselves to clean up the physical body, where your spirit inhabits; turning healthy the body that is still your gear in the world and thus assisting in the operation and clearing the mind.

Finally, beloved brothers, do your best to change the old into new, because the old Earth dies and with it everything that is old will perish or transferred from place.

Renew your inner core and endeavor to deserve inhabit the new Earth, where no more will be allowed to neglect the Divine Laws governing the Universe.

From the High, within our reach, we look after you.

May the Blessed Light guide you!

May the Peace be among us!

Lao Tse, 10/21/11.

05. The last steps as a man

I have trodden on Earth, in ancient India, the last steps as a man. Blind, I sought in fortune and poverty, in abundance and suffering, the answers to satiate the thirsty of progress that tormented my soul.

After long time wasted among repeated incarnating lessons, I ended up creating the emptiness that, in that existence, impelled me to incessant search for answers.

I have wandered through different paths; I found different brothers, and in anything or anybody was the solution for the existential problem that consumed me the inner forces.

Then, when I was worn out and tired after many failed attempts, I just gave myself to the sublime, but still with weak notion of God I had. At that moment, His Light illuminated me the monad clean from debris that I had already taken during my pilgrimage, and His Presence filled the endless emptiness that consumed me.

Full of strength supplied by the purest energies have joined the channels to the chakras and expanded consciousness in illuminated explosions that elevated my being to dimensions unknown to me.

At that moment, involuntarily, I accessed pure sources of knowledge and love, nurturing the imperfect soul with the highest vibrational level.

I lingered in absorption of invigorating energies, definitely sure I wanted to inhabit that known as House of God.

When finally, after that experience, I returned to the body, no longer was me, but God who revealed himself to me, and I became simple servant of His Will, which payment for the rendered services is the constant replenishment of invigorating energies that sustain us.

At each stage, a labor. In each labor, lesson learned. I each lesson learned, new stage and more work.

I did not separate yet of the Planet Friend, exuberant scenery of the enlightened path achieved. To it, I am thankful for receiving me in its body and transformed me in new man.

Until comes true the "cycle of changes", I continue working, so that the Earth also transcends the material aspect of life and be permanent place of regeneration.

To all inhabitants of Earth, we address our best wishes of progress and peace on that hour of transition.

Buddha, 10/08/11.

06. You ignore our existence

Clairvoyance: I was taken to the sun. I penetrated it that did not burn me. Rather, I felt very well. Then, I received the following message:

Sisters, we warm up the Earth maintaining your lives.

From distant place, we are in this little planet, to join Planets, making possible the development and balance of life in all realms since its embryonic stage.

Our energy replete of living heat brings to you the invisible sap to keep you alive, according to the Creators Will.

You ignore our existence, because you judge the Sun, uninhabitable star, however, we tell you, we are living forces of evolved minds united to lead you to ascension.

Our presence gives life to your souls and keep cohesive and active, your cells.

We work with our Energy in all dimensions that encompass your Planet. We also evolve, as everything in Universe and our strength changed through the work and effort undertaken in this System will allow us the transfer to other Systems, and others will replace us, so that life follow its course as it was idealized by the Creative Mind.

We are the Sun that shines your day and keep life in the System, you inhabit.

Do not fear our energy, because you receive the quota required; however, in the planetary unbalance you created with bad actions, our energy reaches you with altered force. Do not refuse us; because our energy is pure, and the deformations reach you due to dirt around you modifying the path, we follow to reach you.

In your spiritual blindness, you destroy everything you touch, however, you cannot alter the Creative Laws of Life that little you know and do not strive to accept.

Save the Power of Love that unites us!

Solar ², 10/07/11.

Note ²: He is an Extraterrestrial inhabitant of the Sun that illuminates our Solar system = Planetary System.

07. The bitter cup of pain is absorbed by all

Save the Peace of Christ Jesus!

Brothers, you all have already faced "times arrived" and were exiled, as it is characteristic of inhabitants in "Planets of Atonements and Trials" have printed in their spiritual minds every pain and afflictions that led them to abandon their "homeland" and dear ones that remained in distant worlds.

No one at this turbulent time is above the good to prevents them to be tested in the purification of their spirits; and nor below the evil to dispense the Father’s help, or fraternal help to provide them a new direction in life they live.

The bitter cup of pain will be absorbed by all, and more suffered will be its effect according to the degree of values and knowledge acquired by each one during the terrestrial journey.

Even going into exile, yet the penny will be paid, not because suffering is essential, however, is through the loss, we learn how to value, and through the pardon we learn to love.

Countless opportunities are offered to the spirits in "atonement and trials" to relieve their suffering and make lighter the bale. Rather, they prefer claim than take attitudes that even not solving the trouble, would motivate them to cross the storms from time to time.

Help has been always offered by the Sublime Mentors leading the Earth, likewise the Laws brought by Moses that limited the negative actions of people who received them impelling the moral progress.

Before the Laws of Love brought by Lord Jesus that would bend the belligerent spirit and the hardened heart, besides the Laws of Moral Laws codified and brought by Kardec to make man think about the goal of life. Brothers, there is no way to avoid the pain, but understand and experience them transforming the spirit.

May the Peace be in your hearts!

Solomon, 11/18/2011.

08. Light always accompanies the believer

Save God Sun.

Brothers, after millennia, we still see human beings vulnerable to the "foreign worship" so that their childish minds are safe in battles and attacks that their physical senses can perceive.

They forget that before this life, their experienced spirits through several incarnations have seen, felt and lived what occurs today. Today, they suffer, because, successively, they forgot of the Divine Sparkle inhabiting in their inner core.

Brothers, there is not better time to reach a place of peace and harmony as the Renewed Earth than this the Earth lives. For those who welcome these words, bear in mind, the Hosts of Light are continually to help, alert and rescue those struggling in the mud seen in this beloved Planet.

We do not look for our dear embodied ones, but wanted Jesus kind heart that amid the darkness involving the Earth, we could receive comfort in the fraternal encounter. In this House of Love and Charity, I am very happy to meet again former pupils of that time at the Temple of Amon-Ra following with unshakable Lord Jesus.

Many of them have lost their way, but I can see them fighting bravely for not answering the call of those that strayed from the "path of light" choosing the sad side of hate and pain.

Beloved pupils, be you stronger to face other challenges until next degree." Abandon the bale hindering you walking; undo the ties that held you in delay; and believe in Great Light, so that you face the seven headed Dragon, and each one representing the weaknesses of the World, you will have to cut and stick their eyes.

It will not be easy. Sacrifice and courage will be required, but you are not alone, the Light always accompanies the believer.

May the Light of Ra be in their hearts!

Priest at the Temple of Amon-Ra, 12/02/12/2011

09. We seek to improve our spiritual skills in Brazil

Clairvoyance: After received the message of Fonseca Deodoro Marshall, beside him, I saw a man, whose name I reminded as Machiavelli that said as follows:

Sister, faith and trust!

Yes, you are not wrong. I am in "Colonia Servos de Jesus", but I don´t live here.

Lord Jesus prepared in the astral world, groups of workers to reduce somewhat the noxious action from dark beings on the earthly people, mainly the poorest ones.

Each Spiritual Cologne linked to a Nation has chosen a person to coordinate the assistance in that area of larger activities, when he/she was still embodied working with Masters and Spiritual Governors of that country.

We seek to improve our spiritual skills in Brazil; not because politics and other areas are above the "good or evil", but spiritual strength of that people encourages apply it in our countries, where we would find only barriers.

We proceed with Christ counting on those that welcome the "callings of alert." We must always bear in mind, the human being does not park, but us "said famous ones", we park since the incarnation that made us "famous beings."

Some of them already incarnate other times, as ordinary people, in the obscurity and could grow as spirits free from some passions.

May the Peace reigns in their hearts toward the Light!

10. "Lighthouse" for desperate ones!

Save the Light of this day!

Save the Love guiding us!

This House of Love is a lighthouse in the rough se of passion, hate and revolt devastating the "Caesars world."

You are "lighthouse Harbor" for desperate ones who seek encouragement, pardon and comfort, so that one day, could share peace of the happy ones that have already crossed the storms of the spirit.

Oh! It is hospital for patients and weakened beings in battles between Good and Evil. When they arrived tired and wounded, they found fraternal hands and comfort of the effective medicine.

Victory of Light brought the sunrise in the darkness where before was darkness.

We are happy here, recognized as simple and ignorant of the greatness of God. We recognize ourselves as His children thankful for everything learned with Lord Jesus: loving and serving others that ask prayer and charity, food to satiate the spirit.

Thank you Master Ramatis for bringing us here giving the testimony we are eternal spirits, and, if before, nothing we did as ignorant embodied spirit, today we are aware of our duty as "free spirit."

Save the Light!

Save this House of Work and Love!

Camoens, 12//21/10.

11. Responsibility belongs to everyone

Clairvoyance: I have seen in the astral plane, two Beings of Light floating above the Earth. Next to me was an Instructor of GESJ who told me, they were Ishmael and Seraphim Angels. Angel Ishmael seemed sad while looking at Brazil.

Below is part of the dialogue I have gotten.

Save the Great Light guiding us!

Brave Ishmael, we can see love and sadness in your eyes looking at the Nation you adopted in your heart.

When beloved Jesus gave you this land, so that under your protection could make progress, you knew about the great mission began at that moment.

Today, we see wolves, (humans), that ferocious find place to satiate their lower instincts. On the other hand, we see sheep with faith and courage to keep the scarce "Points of Light" amid the darkness. So, it was written in "golden books" that contains the plan for humanity: "time will come, so that Light defeat Darkness, and then, men and women led by free may choose Light or Darkness."

Right now, the Brother of Light speaks to Brazilian People.

Beloved Ishmael,

Beloved brothers on Earth of the Cruise!

It is huge responsibility on the shoulders of those that by free choice incarnate in the Promised Land; because, united would be the strength to guide the other Nations in the days of horror after the "dark days."

You ought to bear in mind that to be on Earth of the Cruise is blessed opportunity for those intending to break the sequence of pain and falls that have accumulated.

Brothers, it is responsibility of everyone!

So it must act those already feel in the hearts, their role in the transformation of a Planet of Atonements and Trials for Regeneration.

May the Peace and Fraternity involve your hearts!

Angel Seraphim, 08/27/11

Note ³: Angel Ishmael is the Spiritual Governor of Brazil

12. I am servant of Jesus Vineyard

May the Glory of God Father be among us!

Brothers and Sisters, the matter close our eyes for a world as active and intense as the one I am living now, which I learned again to call spiritual world.

This new life where I work now has its most intense colors, dramas, stories and real emotion to the surface.

It is very difficult, especially to me from active catholic family to abandon the prejudice and recognize that we are spirits survivors of the matter with all skills and defects still influencing our behavior.

At the beginning, I rejected the existence of another world having its own life.

As catholic woman, I sought Heaven, Saints and Kingdom of elect ones; however, I realized the "fable" taught us, Catholic People makes no sense.

Once, I was used to assist children, I sought means to continue working with them, and along this short time, as disembodied spirit, I asked my spiritual guides to make public my words as follows:

Spirit is not Catholic, spiritualist, evangelical or other designation! It is universal and free to accept or reject what is offered. I chose to be free and work, instead lamenting and saying that my faith was wrong. Now I can say, I am not any religion, I am Servant of Jesus.

Believing in me or not, I continue working where and when is allowed me.

Be in Peace!

Zilda Arns (*), GESH – 10/08/111 – Vigil in Vila Velha/ES – Brazil.

Note: Zilda Arns died in Haiti’s disaster.

13. Nothing is static in the Universe

Sisters, I ask you permission to address some words to our "brothers of Umbanda."

Friends, the study is the basis of knowledge and only tool able to open your eyes to realize what is right and wrong.

How can you question a job, or an advice given by a worker of our group, without studying?

Where do you anchor your choice?

People of Umbanda got lost in the path that could lead them to spiritual ascension, once they were seduced by the magic phenomenon, and accommodated in searching of solution for their material problems, through endless importunate begging.

Not only people who attend Umbanda stagnate, also our disincarnate brothers go there to satisfy their pleasures that no more can enjoy without the material body. This way creating future ties (mediums and spirits).

We, Spiritual Guides, extra-intraterrestrial beings sought help them in the best possible way and to drive some of them that do not impose barriers to advance spiritually, and then free them from the fascination the ritual has on them.

Nothing is static in the Universe, much less the spirits.

Be you in Peace and Light!

Cabocla Jurema, (Sister Emerenciana) - GESH – 10/07/11 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

14. Selection of souls is reality

Blessed be Jesus! Blessed be the Supreme Forces guiding us!

From the dynamic Universe, always in process, were born Planets by the Unalterable Laws of the Creator.

In distant Universes, planets die after the last transformation.

In infinite Universe, planets and constellations change and evolve in a growing spiral.

In areas of lower evolution, in stages where the evolved sparks still face wild instinct, the creature takes long time to recognize the evolutionary dynamic of the Creator in many living systems, because they still face physical and moral suffering in accordance with their evolutionary level. However, they reach the spiritual fullness after have learned the first commandment of God: Love.

When truly learn to love, the person can trigger the inner devices that unchain the necessary renewal of soul to higher vibration.

So, without love and detachment, the person can escape from the planets of karmic cycles.

Uselessly, our earthly brothers confuse spiritual evolution with "social status", since the terrestrial glories do not magnify the spirit.

The spiritual renewal happens when the creature, in fact, "loves the neighbor as were himself" and "God above all things" fulfilling His Laws with humility and love.

May Jesus bless you all!


Medium: It is a great joy your presence in this little, simple Group.

Fenelon: before closing the "expiatory cycle on Earth", again, we ask our earthly brothers to put into practice the Lessons taught by Jesus Christ that is the Way, Truth and Life; nobody is going to the Father without Him.

Wake up brothers!

The accelerated time of planetary changes requires renewal of souls.

No instinctive, violent creature overcomes the barriers of the New Age.

The inferior spirits are exiled in inferior planets or similar the Earth.

In droves, backward spirits leave from Earth to fulfill duties in other worlds, starting new expiatory cycle below, equal or above it.

Brothers, wake up! The selection of souls is reality!

May Jesus bless you!

Fenelon, GESH - 11/11/11 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

15. Evolution is the goal of all of us

May the Peace be among you, brothers!

May Jesus bless us in order to serve and love!

As advertised, "Doomsday" has arrived bringing violence and moral imbalance.

Hallucination and perversity took possession of minds and hearts of careless and rebellious brothers that over the millennia did not accept the Purposes of God, by rebelling against His Immutable Laws.

By chance, those who do not believe in apocalyptical reality, do they judge the chaos and perversity are natural order of life? No way, my brothers!

Evolution is the goal of all of us, and the shorter or longer path of suffering and rebelliousness is and individual choice.

Connection with Hosts of Good for fear of facing the reality or avoid the necessary renewal is equally to deceive them.

Each one should live, as if each day were the last one, in loving, forgiving, changing, following the Divine Masters Teachings, "loving the neighbor as himself, and love God above all things."

Do let fear, doubt and rebelliousness break your steps to own transformation.

Each one receives in according to his/her actions.

May the Peace be with you!

Monteiro Lobato, GESH – 08/24/10 - Public Meeting – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

16. Nobody will be saved

As Elementals of Fire, Water and Earth, we represent the "Forces of Nature."

We are invisible to the human eyes. Is it the reason for them neither believe in us nor in anything beyond the matter where inhabit, however, sometimes they believe, other times do no believe.

They do not see oxygen, but need it to breathe; they do no see germens causing diseases, but believe in them, when feel such effects in their own body.

How foolish only believe in what can see!

Do they believe in God? Maybe not! Why do they destroy everything around to satiate their "senses"?

All we have are our lives and everything around us. We follow God’s Laws, because we believe in Him who created and granted us everything to live. Even so, those who inhabit the material world, they destroy everything around them, whose destructive actions reach deeply us!

We do not control our emotions, simply feel them. When something bad reaches us, naturally we react in search of balance.

Long ago, our stability is lost, them there were "meetings" of various to decide what to do to bring back the balance granted us by the Creator to keep active His Laws.

Thence, it was decided a "rebellion of Elementals" against humans.

We represent the Forces of Nature, and human beings that destroyed our territories may fell stronger the effects of our dissatisfaction.

Earth, Water, Fire and Air together may bring back Peace and Harmony to their Kingdoms.

Hurricanes, earthquakes, seaquakes, floods, incandescent lavas, fire, storms, gales, tornados, and others may feel our dissatisfaction by the imbalance brought us.

We do not wish harm to anyone! We want bring back the balance and peace to our rivers, seas, forests, volcanoes and mountains. In the whole Planet, we are struggling for Peace and Harmony.

I am Lyon, an Elemental of Earth.

Rays and thunders may scratch the earthy sky; water may flood the dry lands; lava from the bottoms of the land will burn the evil; fire will destroy the human ambition to bring back balance.

We are invisible to the human eyes, but strong enough to destroy the chaos created by humans.

Without us, the Planet dies and everything becomes better without you!

It was said, some humans are good. Since we not know them, no one will be saved!

We want bring back Peace, balance and harmony on Earth.

Lyon, Elemental of Earth - GESH - 09/09/11 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

17. Non-acceptance of mediumistic service brings suffering

May the Peace be with you, Sisters!

The more the mediumship is seen as obstacle to material life, and not as divine gift that frees the soul, larger difficulties the medium may face; more vulnerable will be to the influence of "beings of darkness," personal enemies and every luck of backward spirits.

Disturbances of every order: physical, psychological and mental will torment the rebellious medium in his/her mediumship.

Non-acceptance of mediumship or practice it without responsibility of study and moral renewal bring larger unbalances and tears to medium.

It is not the mediumship in itself that brings suffering, but non acceptance it.

Pain is the label this humanity may leave registered in their last sufferers, therefore, medium or not does not escape from its transforming presence.

Performance with mediumistic service is the liberating tool of guilty spirit.

Spiritualists, you ought to instruct and renew yourselves and work with love.

Among the tasks you have been accomplishing along these years, two of them stand out for the priceless value to humans. They are: Social welfare work to needy disembodied spirits, and Divulgation of messages sent by the High Entities, and by extra-intraterrestrial beings.

The first one helps the afflicted souls ignored by the past and present humanity. The disembodied spirits of the invisible plane torment the embodied ones.

They are disembodied spirits that remain in spiritual delay, cultivating vile feelings, excessive attachments and passion.

When you help spirits of the inferior astral, you contribute to reduce the harmful load on the humanity.

Unhappily, few "Spiritist Groups" know how to make good use of mediumship with Jesus to anonymous assistance to the imbalanced disembodied spirits. It is not due to lack of knowledge, simply misunderstanding to interpret texts of the Spiritist Code.

More and more the humanity sees itself tormented by imbalanced disembodied spirits that stimulating the bad tendencies, they materialize the chaos of "End of Times", planned for this time.

The legible spiritualistic texts of the Codified Work should encourage the Spiritist Centers for mediumistic practice of helping the sufferers of the invisible world, which would significantly reduce your sufferings in the matter.

Mediums badly conducted in their mediumistic development, they become people contrary to assist the disembodied sufferers, and are obsessed by those of the invisible plane to whom had denied aid.

Brothers, spiritualistic citizens, you have no more opportunity to quit your debits in this Planet, if you neglect the mediumistic service in favor of needy brothers of the spiritual plane.

When you misuse the mediumistic service, you lose an opportunity of progress.

When you divulge the messages sent by Sublime Apostles, and by extra-intraterrestrial brothers, you intensify the awakening of those, whose souls are already predisposed to change. Brothers aware of the revelations divulged, they may have triggered inner devices that accelerate the spiritual ascension providing their awakening.

The accelerated events at "End of Times" will not be interrupted, because of cessation by the workers of the Divine Vineyard.

He, who has eyes, let him see.

Spiritualists, you must instruct and renewal yourselves.

The purifying reincarnating process is accelerated, because already occurs the large "selection between living beings and dead."

Sooner, you will know, no more is possible, not believe in the Apocalypse.

May Jesus bless us and His Calvary, an example for us facing the pain, without complaint, the darkness without fear and ascend to the Superior Light.

Spiritualists, you must instruct and love one another.

Your Group (GESJ) stands out for fulfilling the guidelines of the work and faith you demonstrate in everything you accomplish.

Your imperfections do not impede you of walking and made progress dedicating your time and energies in favor of the humanity.

You are welcome.

May the Planetary Christ guide you and Jesus as Rampart of love sustain you!

Allan Kardec, 09/23/11.

18. In route to chaos

Save the Power of Light of Lord Jesus!

Sisters, strong force shakes the earthly interior generated by disarray of energies emitted by embodied and disembodied beings.

The consequences are seen and felt by the frightened unprepared humanity to face the geographical phenomena already coming.

Sisters and especially Margarida, after the Great Battle and defeating the "Beast", the Planet Earth enters in route to chaos never seen historically. It will reach everyone rich, poor, early and late countries within the classification made by terrestrial Leaders.

After defeated and exiled the "Beast", its followers of inferior hierarchy may begin an intransigent dispute seeking power involving the earthly people in such battles.

In droves, crowds of the Abyss may emerge, by believing that when subduing the largest possible number of beings, they will occupy the "Beasts place."

This period will be of intense choice for embodied ones, because after this episode, the Planet Earth will not resist the dense energy involving it.

It is hold by a thin thread, and little time remains to culminate these events.

Bear it in mind, because hardly everyone will be tested in Faith and knowledge.

Peace in your hearts!

19. Christs Mark shines on you

Daughter of my heart,

I am smaller than workers here. Even so, Spirits of Light brought me to you’re your hearts, some words of encouragement.

After long years of combat, from your turbulent birth until self-control of your Self, your strong soul was already prepared for what you lived and lives at final phase in the matter.

During your planning of life, you did not ask for betrayal, because God does not create traitors, but even so, they come. You did not attract hate, but it manifests in your life.

So, it will be, therefore Christs Mark shines on you. After battles, lighter will be your bale, deserving when returning to Spiritual Homeland, meet the happy ones that expect a fraternal hug of sincere friendship, no longer under pain and suffering, but with a great joy, as participant in rebuilding the home of the regenerated brothers.

Until it happens, I am with you.

Isabel, GESH - 11/11/11 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

Note: Isabel Maria Conceição was Margaridas adoptive mother. She died in Vitoria/ES on September 8, 1970, when she was 84 years old.

20. They will destroy our people and culture

Pray for us, Margarida!

The powerful white hands are smashing our people, as if they were insects.

Pray for us, because without help of sincere hearts, we will not survive, they will destroy us.

They will destroy us, people and culture without leaving trace that one day, our people were among you.

Help us, Sister Margarida. Here is an old indigenous woman asking you and your people to avoid our extermination.

Te-Korendê, old indigenous woman - GESH – 01/13/12 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil

Note: Due to this profound appeal, the Spiritual Leader of GESJ asked us to pray in that sense at all meetings in our Group.

I ask you to pray too.

"Union is strength."


21. Lot of lives destroyed in the name of God


The Benedictine Abbeys have occulted experiences, which divulgation would unveil the appearance of purity and spiritual superiority of the Roman Catholic Church.

We lived sad days among the protecting walls of convents and facades of decency created by foolish faith of naive believers.

Only those like me who experienced horrors of siege and dominance of human inferiority, know what really happened in convents.

In name of God, lots of lives were destroyed, dreams and innocence undone. In name of faith, the silence buried the victims screams given to the most violent villainy.

Priests, nuns, bishops, cardinals together formed a black network of connivance and agreement with effective imbalance in holy places seeking money and advantageous business that made men of God serves the Evil.

The perfidious plots of temporal power made men and women blind that should quit their debts, as spiritual leaders.

They committed the establishment of peace with their dirty hands in filthy mud and bloodshed. They spread seeds of rebellion, hate, despair, betrayal, deception and others to guarantee their material goods.

Men and women of God offered themselves to spread darkness and, today, they reap the bitter fruits of their free will.

The same young women once left by their relatives in convents, subjected to the domination of those who should be their tutors, today, they reincarnated amid the poverty and submit their daughters - executioners in the past to the prison by force of despotic violence.

Mysticism and eroticism are today, in burning their karma that cannot be avoided, despite of all science, culture and knowledge existent on Earth, therefore God’s Law is above everything and invariably comes true, we want or not.

Mercy is born in those hearts that sorry for painful situations is a sign of renewal taking place, but pity is still too little in the current world.

Amid of many commitments, you should devote much time and effort for not perpetuating pain, because if the karmic law is imperative, not having injustice of God, there is no divine determinism to condemn creatures to suffering.

While your world is built on fragile foundations, it composes the perverse cultural broth favoring weeds and thorns to suffocate the good seeds thrown into human hearts.

Brothers, you change your way of acting, and your society becomes better.

Put into practice God’s love, Jesus pardon and peace left by His Presence, and never more you will see countless sad situations of abuse, deviation, violence, dominance and subjugation among men.

In many religious organizations still persists the same atrocious formula dictating in name of God, the vilest actions to others.

They are cultivating the future suffering. Give up the ignorance, hypocrisy; and open the wide gates of disguised prisons so that the prisoners retake the path of understanding and pardon.

They surrendered to God, but found demons of lust, greed and ambition. May they interrupt their torments!

Camilo Castelo Branco, GESH – 01/14/12 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

Note ¹: "The Abbey of the Benedictine" refers to the book written by Count Rochester. It is simply spectacular.

Note ²: Read the book by Camilo Castelo Branco: "The Nun of the Underground and Love of Perdition"

22. "Without act of relaxing, there is no standing"

Sisters, peace and joy in your hearts!

We know of importance of callings of alert and warnings that will be worth gold at time of chaos, although they awaken some people now, the panic that is son of unprepared ones, and in others, prudence, daughter of wisdom.

Forgive me dear friend Margarida; but, we also need tell our readers the"Colonia Espiritual Servos de Jesus" is not only composed of serious men. Here have laughter, songs, music and dances; moments of leisure and very tempered lectures, as those of the sister.

When a "musical talent" arrives here, we receive it with joy, classes argued, everything with respect and order.

That is what I would like tell you. We work yes, but also enjoying happy moments, as the sister says, "without act of relaxing, there is no standing", because in the spiritual world, the sad scenes arrive us without the barrier of the matter; therefore, our beloved Master Ramatis allows us the happiness amid pain.

Be in Peace.

Noel Rosa

Medium: During the psychography, I thought on Noels life, when the continued his message, as follows:

Sister, although my life has been a little confused, the happiness the music brought and the good friends I had, made me restored. Today, in a simple and discreet way, I work as a small Servant of Jesus.

Noel Rosa, 09/30/12

23. Vigil among Indians

Clairvoyance: We have finished the mantra, when I saw an explosion of light at distance. After stopping the glare provoked by the explosion, I saw a man dressing on white tunic tied in the waist and dressing sandals. He walked to us surrounded by indigenous children. The children jumped and laughed. Some held his hands; others, his garments. I thought he was Francis of Assisi.

The joy was in the air. As the group approaching us, I noticed the simple man was Jesus. His natural human way in walking and smiling touched me deeply.

Then, stronger than me, He brought the following message:

Beloved daughters,

In my name, you raised the "sword of light" in favor of the little ones. Important battles still come for those who answered the call and lined up next to Christs Commands.

While the Earth shouts for help, many deserters give up their positions in the middle of battle.

Thank you, for dedication, faith and courage to the work, anchoring in this Planet, vibrations of Love we addressed to your people still deprived of moral progress that should have reached along the millennia. Divine Mercy reserves to everyone committed with his/her past, new opportunities in "other homes."

In my name, battles increase. So it will be, therefore, the Power of Light resist, spilling vibrations of kindness and of hope to larger number of brothers.

This way, in agreement with our Fathers will, we continue working, serving and loving, sure about the victory.

Lord Jesus: Margarida, did you understand the request addressed to you?

Margarida: Yes, you talked about the changes and attacks against the Shelter.

Jesus: Do not doubt the roads you have trodden, as well as the right measures you are taking. The "siege of darkness" results from intense negative activity of human minds deprived of elevated moral sense. These are the reasons that deflagrate the difficulties in the way of the Servants of Light.

Have faith, determination and courage. We know about the difficulties of all you in the Nuclei of Light. We have tried to provide the necessary strength so that they resist, persist and win on behalf of God.

May the peace of the Almighty be with us!

Yours faithful brother,

Jesus, 02/11/12


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