Divulgation 65


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Gentle Jesus addresses His blessings of Love and Peace to GESJ´s readers.

The first part of this number brings messages of the Festival of Wesak, which we have been participating for years, in May, first day of full moon.

The second part brings messages useful for the Spirit’s vicissitudes of life.


Note: Edilza, Gisele and Penny, mediums of GESJ that received the messages.

Festival of Wesak´s Messages

01. Wolves versus sheep

Brothers, we wish peace to you.

Sun rises for everyone, as radiant light vivifying the Earth. However, brothers, sooner, heavy clouds may hide the Sun, "for short time," which may seem too long to you. You will be dived in complete darkness, just remaining for the ones that already developed the sublime vibrations of love and detachment, the light loosened from their hearts to illuminate the darkness around. Those remained in sorrow, heavy addictions, hate, wrongdoing or inferior feelings, nothing will see and, crazy will struggle for light.

But, dear brothers, when, finally, Light again shines on earth, those who survive will find a new society, deprived of social values that before dominated them.

Countries borders nothing may represent, therefore, if were not destroyed by fraternity; will be by intense negative magnetism of catastrophic areas befallen on you.

Dead bodies will be dispersed along the way. The general disorder around the atmosphere may touch the unprepared ones for urgent need of accepting themselves as tiny backward beings deprived of light.

They will have new chance to meet the Creator, since they change their negativities into awakening to the inevitable progress.

However, remain in darkness, He, who faces his probation with rebelliousness.

You live a difficult time improvement of your souls; new time for evolution and spiritual ascension with merit to inhabit a renewed planet free of disorder; or remain in regions of spiritual delay, sending your unhappy spirits to the exile.

Children, we sorry for your wrong choices in stagnation, but everything in the Creation evolve. Spend the great opportunity to free you from late dimension destined to all souls in their evolutionary journey, but some insist in building perfidious homes and constructions, as bestial ones molding their souls amidst the corrosive acid of perdition, hate and moral deviation.

Wolves and sheep are confronted!

Do not be afraid, since you seek self-renewal, therefore, you are in the ideal atmosphere to fulfill probations.

Many Evolved Spirits are on earth looking after you, earthly people. Those who bring Light in the soul, even quickly, reach the evolutionary level above darkness.

We are your Guides, Instructors, parents, mothers, brothers, and children of God like you. After trodden by the narrow path and overcame the backward, we achieved renewal and, today, we serve the Creator and for Him, we are here.

Remain in Light, Peace and love.

We greet you in name of the Peace.

Here is Master Kuthumi speaking.

Master Kuthumi, 05/05/12

02. Armageddon is the last battle

Sisters, Peace in your hearts!

All Extraterrestrials engaged with Project Earth fraternize with their Masters.

We join efforts to the earthly workers engaged with the Planetary Transition, in the physical- spiritual plane, fulfilling duties in the name of progress, love and peace.

Tonight, you receive extra energy to restore your physical-extra-physical bodies. As a chain, the energy pours from one to other, until reaching the unfolded body active in abysmal regions.

Warriors, struggle bravely against the bestial beings daring to subdue the Planet.

Armageddon is the final fight, which does not mean, more important that other fights you have faced, because be able to fight for the last time in the name of love for banishing the Darkness from a suffering Planet, you should have faced all previous fights, strengthening your souls and experienced the equipments, so that your swords could penetrate the black bestial heart.

Save the Earth, Planet friend that for many generations and evolutionary cycles received the sparkles to evolve.

Good bye,

Ashtar Sheran, 05/05/12

03. Weapons with special shield

Earthly brothers, may the Light, Peace and Love involve the Earth!

Brave sisters, from this Festival of Wesak, your weapons receive a special shield only given to the warriors that overcame the probation destined to "Beginners fulfilling work of high level."

After have acquired a new degree in the evolutionary journey on Earth, more difficult tasks are designated to you in the astral plane. Thence, the need to protect the weapons with material of each one’s planet to fit faster to your bodies, due to spiritual memory traced.

It is worth remembering the sisters, as warrior I am protecting Nirvana City’s gates; seventh degree with skills to get in touch with our earthly sisters.

Margarida, as Leader in ascension, was allowed penetrate my City to learn with the Master, Guide Shama Hare the guidelines established for humanity since creation of the Planet Earth.

From everything seen, your astral memory will retain some valuable information for GESJ, when the spiritual world definitively becomes your house. Thence, you will be allowed guide, correct, and transmit superior orders to the new Leader, how rule the Spiritist House.

Be in Peace, sisters! From today on, I take part of the "Colonia Espiritual Servos de Jesus."

Eloim of Syrians, 05/05/12

04. Loving touch by the Masters

Clairvoyance: I see Chico Xavier leading Mr. Divaldo Pereira Franco as far as the mountain where the Festival of Wesak occurs. Chico says: Divaldo, how beautiful it is! Why not our spiritualistic fellows are here? Feel you the Masters peace!

Then, the message came.

Save the Father! Save the Light!

Brothers, we carry out the labor for Jesus, humbly singing Hosanna of gratitude to the Masters with us at this time.

In fact, only from the "spiritual world," we understand what means the Festival of Wesak for the Earth and human beings.

The incarnate people walks blind and insensitive to the touch of love from the Masters guiding the Earth and humanity.

Unhappily, our spiritualistic fellows remain attached to word; for fear the knowledge brings responsibility, they deny such event, judging it exotic and esoteric.

They are wrong and lose the beautiful and harmony abundantly flowing on earth. To absorb fully the energy emitted, they must abandon established dogmas and social delaying the candidates to fulfill the "doctrine" able to free thoughts and spirits.

We greet Jesus and Master Ramatis!

Chico Xavier, 05/05/12

05. The monad wishes to evolve

My children and brothers,

I am Serapis Bey only known by few ones. Together with brothers of high spiritual level that one day you may acquire, we follow our little brothers on Earth, at this turbulent time of Planetary Transition seeking separate the wheat from the tares.

We have visited Hercolubus, Planet friend that receives earthly brothers, likewise a mother who offers her dear son to a zealous Guardian. There, we leave many of you dear children, because Divine Mercy does not abandon his creation, but provides new opportunities in other homes, not as calm as Earth now. New planets with no human life, but full of wild life; planets with abundant mineral and vegetable life, but without animal life yet; planets already developed, whose humanity did no achieve intellectual-moral- physical progress. Brothers, there are so many delayed worlds to receive you who did not decide yet for progress, but stay in delay and deformed soul.

We cannot simply move your souls from darkness to light in "superior spheres." You would not stand an abrupt change to another dimension, without abandoning the rude garments you created on your bodies.

The monad desires to evolve, but you, as leftists, tares, or wolves have been hindering its development. For that reason, you may inhabit worlds inferior to Earth. Even thus, you are our dear ones, and other brothers like us already evolved may guide you in a new home for awakening.

Brothers, you should take the occasion to face courageously the future challenges to modify your actions; so that, sooner we will meet again here, once for Eternity everything is possible.

To you, we address love and peace of developed worlds, so that you expect for a happier.

May God bless us at this difficult moment!

I greet you in the name of Love.

Serapis Bey,

GESH - 05/05/12 –Festival of Wesak – Vitoria/ES - Brazil

06. We all are God’s children

Clairvoyance: I can the plateau on the Holy Mountain, we were. It was at medium height, where happened homage to the Group GESJ that acquired one more step, due to divulgation and publication of new booklets.

We all received a type of "label" in the astral body identifying us as Servants of Light. That homage touched us deeply that were not waiting for such gift.

There was a respectful deep silence in the audience, when Master Shama Hare checked the "label." Then we received the following message:

We all are children of God!

There is no distinction placing us in this or that privilege before the Father.

It is the spiritual level that distinguishes one and other human being, proportional his dedication in study and work and knowledge to minimize the imperfections brought in the spirit.

In such cases, one stands out, not for privilege, but for merit conquered by effort in complying with the Laws and observing the Divine lessons that impel him/her to higher levels in the vibratory stage of which is bearer.

New responsibilities may assume the more balanced candidate to become angel. This shall exercise the spirit to absorb higher energies, enlarging his/her performance, channeling such forces via more work, study, orientation and fraternal aid.

It is the Law, "It is giving that we receive."

After penetrating "regenerating gates," the disciple automatically acquires the immutable universal energies. He is adjusted to divine energy flow, or pushed out of the natural current.

Energies received are not for personal use, but must be immediately sent for the ones who need them.

The more the aspirant helps others; more energy receives. As the energies flow, it is created a vacuum attracting the arrival of new flow through the cosmos.

Brothers, Law of life is God’s Law. So adjusted, you can see flow naturally your existences; on the contrary, you will you go stumbling.

Even the suffering for an imbalance person is received and processed by the mind, as residue destined to put pardon and mercy into practice.

Receiving blessings for the fulfilled work, increases the reception of energies for your bodies and for your Group, being distributed among the disciples, part of energies that before was just anchored by the Leader; and then, increases, equally, the responsibility of all for stability throughout the Group GESJ.

You deserve the homage, which increases your commitment with the High.

Make good use of your vibratory load, for not increase the debts with the spiritual accounting.

Ramp, 05/05/12

07. Blessed Love guiding us!

May the Peace be among you, Sisters!

Earthly brothers, because of your unbelief, little can receive in your souls, the energies of Love we send to you.

As Emissaries of Christ, here we are with you to give up all ignorance and illusion. Wake up, my children, to renew the soul free from the "expiatory cycles."

The suffering Earth accelerates its movement to be born in a dimension above this you inhabit. We cannot impede its development determined by the Creative Laws of Life: progress and evolution for all creatures.

We have been struggling to awaken you that still neglect God’s Laws.

Where are you going with so much ignorance, children?

Retake the attitude as children of God! Get you free from the bale of hate and pride to let shine the inner light so that you know the Path of Light right against you.

You are dived in areas of suffering created with your inferior energies. Activate the dynamo of love to free you.

Let our Love comfort your soul!

Blessed Love guiding us!

Mister Maytreia

GESH - 05/05/12 - Festival of Wesak - Vitoria/ES - Brazil

08. We send our love feelings

Brothers, let us rejoice in love!

We all who look after you, as you now, we also inhabited a physical body, we felt pain and fear, and failed a lot of times, without stop struggling, we awakened ourselves to evolve.

Many of you embodied human beings or not are dear children of the past time that we sought rescue from darkness to light.

We send you, our love feelings to free your souls from the inertia.

Forward, Brothers! Christ urges you to rule your destiny, changing the torn garment into new ones suitable to you, God’s children.

Lights from the High involve you wherever you are. Enjoy them as last breath of life in this delayed dimension. Elevate the thought to the High, so that we reach you.

Love vibrates on Earth.

I am Mrs. Nada. I love you, brothers.

Nada, 05/05/12

09. Undress your soul from what weighs and deforms

Brothers, through simple actions, you can find the Creator.

In the expression of love for all creatures, you can feel His Presence of Light.

While helping the neighbor, you mean vehicle of God’s Love for us.

I walked among you aware the difficulties you to change the material values into spiritual ones. Brothers, the transitory matter hinders the soul’s progress.

Give up the Maya World so that you see the illuminated path of progress.

Do not refuse the suffering, because, if you have hurt also will be hurt not beyond the other’s suffering by your actions.

Your worn tunic denounces your spiritual condition still delayed.

Give up inferior feelings that weigh and deform, and reach the higher planes.

Much suffering and gnashing of teeth you may face along the "Planetary Transition" you live; however, after the spiritual victory above the matter, you get rid of the Worlds of Atonement and Trials.

I greet you in the name of the Light, so that with courage and faith you fulfill the final of the Planetary Cycle.

Confucius, 05/05/12

10. I could not say what I had seen

Beloved brothers, may the Peace be among you!

I begged our Heavenly Father and allowed by the High Hierarchy, I am here with you to celebrate this sublime moment among superior souls and earthly beings looking for progress.

I am no longer prisoner of Peters House. My suffering ceased after life, when I was free from restriction of the word.

I was impeded of saying what our Holy Mother told us in a legible, logical way, certainly no comprehensible for us, pure children; as very important revelations for humanity’s moral, spiritual development.

This Humanity’s evolution was deeply affected due to mistakes committed by the Church of Rome. However, if the Heavenly Father allowed it, surely the humanity did not deserve larger efforts to revert all corruption exercised by the Roman Clergy about our Mothers revelation.

It was not for fear; I became silent, but the Convent’s nude, frozen walls, the Priests hypocrisy and the Pontifical prepotency.

I do not blame them preventing me of fulfilling what was minutely programmed by "Superior Minds."

To me and other children, important facts were revealed for mankind and nothing on Roman Clergy or Popes.

Those revelations referred the future of the Planet and its humanity, about "end of times" and about our extra-intraterrestrial brothers.

Now, I realize how little I was on that time to face powerful Darkness that only sought abort the Light Project. Lord Jesus was crucified, why not a humble servant ready to reincarnate with mission of divulging extra-material revelations to our earthly brothers.

Unhappily, time is up, because the work of "Planetary Transition" - Project Earth reaches its end. But I am very happy to meet sisters with courage and faith to fulfill the task of divulging what I could not.

May God and dear Mother Mary bless you!

Lucy (Fatima’s Revelation), 05/05/12

11. Act in common interests

Sisters of this beautiful, dear Planet Earth!

You had the bodies prepared for this moment, when the Masters congregate pure energies, so that the planet, in its last breath of third dimension could stand a little more the hard battles coming to your direction.

If men were detached of the intense material life, better would absorb the energy from Festival of Wesak. However, nothing that comes from the High is lost, in a purer way, animals, vegetables and minerals absorb and share in a loving attempt of balancing the kingdom where they live.

It is by Divine mercy, at this time on full moon irradiating its restoring rays to Sister Earth, we, Masters can be closer our disciples join efforts so that our lost brother retakes the interrupted path of evolution, or to awaken the lost disciple dived in illusion like maze arresting the incautious ones, deceiving them with false rewards, so that later weigh on their shoulders, when returning to the Spiritual House.

Those who accept the messages, they will absorb the energies for them emanated, being printed in their implied sense, circulating wherever are been read, sustaining the faithful disciple in the turbulent path culminating in "days of darkness."

Brothers, be faithful the Father!

Be thankful to His Masters!

Act in common interests, so that you see the brilliant sun on the horizon, after the storms necessary to the karmic adjustment of end of times.

Peace of the Great Universal White Fraternity.

Master Maitreya, 05/05/12

12. Refusing to generate life is closing the doors to balance on Earth

Women who spread God’s Love throughout the world!

On earth, your steps represent anchorage for sublime power of renouncement, dedication, courage, resignation and love.

Your body brings in itself, gift of life from Father to you, bearer of hope.

Devote the physical garment for experiences of loving through the pardon and renewal of other brothers. As bearer of sensitivity able to generate life, you change the motherhood into gift of healing for suffering souls dived in darkness of ignorance.

Do no deny the womb to a child reincarnate, but to fulfill the Father’s Will: Grow and multiply.

Women, when you accept a child who needs be born, you conduct astral energies to earth and how lightning conductor, minimize the astral density; break in the physical plane, negative ions generated by conflicts produced by your antichristian stance in the past.

He, who polluted the Earth, he has new change to clean up the astral plane in accordance with the Law of Progress.

Refusing motherhood is close the doors for the planetary balance; which irresponsibility will undoubtedly be charged to each one deviated from his/her spiritual program.

Instead, women will be adjusted with the Law, since they understand the motherhood as great gift offering the bodies to descent of energies accumulated in the immaterial planes.

Mary, Mother of Jesus,

GESH - 05/05/12 - Festival of Wesak – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

13. No superiority among creatures


When suffering is paralyzing your inner fibers, think on those moments of love we were renewing you in courage, determination and persevering on behalf the Light.

Pain is necessary to break the hard shell acquired to disguise the imperfections indicating your real spiritual condition.

Face the moments to come attesting that finally you learned the lesson taught by Lord Jesus abandoning himself, exemplified to the humanity the path to eternal life.

His voice silenced before the injustice of arbitrary condemnation.

His body humbly received the lash hurting him, demonstrating that resignation purifies the spirit.

Crucified among thieves, He demonstrated humility of the "Great Ones" that striving to achieve high levels prostrate themselves as equals beside His brothers, confirming no superiority among creatures.

We expect his examples dignify the hard moments to come to become you as victorious as He was.

Setum Shenar, 05/05/12

14. Defending our homes

Sisters, save the Light of Lord Jesus!

After the closing of the Festival in the physical part for workers of "Grupo Servos de Jesus," go away the warriors selected for protecting their houses expecting the harmony of the meeting remain with them in their return.

Likewise they were favored with energies of the Masters; the felines also received energies to restore their bodies during the vigil to protect their dear beings from inevitable attacks.

Warriors that protect their houses; they offered themselves voluntarily and selected by affinity criterion, aware their dear ones were not engaged to the work you fulfill. They just wanted donate their time and energy.

Save the Power of Light sustaining us!

Blessed is Lord Jesus!

Zambi, 05/05/12

Messages by various spirits

15. Progress and work are inseparable brothers!

Brothers, may the Peace of Jesus involve our hearts!

We walked on the Earth with various garments granted us by our Heavenly Father, as opportunities of spiritual renewal and learning.

It was not an easy walk, even after firm decision in persevering in goodness, we often fall stumbling over corporal-astral deformations so long we cultivated.

Each fall shows us an obstacle or stain to be removed in the spiritual garment demanding cleanness and purification.

Extirpating moral deficiencies, carefully traced for centuries is often painful task that only his /her owner must accomplish.

On the wrong path, we have traced terrible deformations on own spiritual condition; besides have stolen the other’s peace, diverting them from the right path inciting them hate.

The perfection of Laws that move the world and karmic cycle put us at the appointed time before those that our renewal commitment requires to help them.

When we start the job of serving and loving, aware of our mission before the eternal nature of life, we have peaceful heart and mind. It is time to let Love flow in our inner fibers, adjusting them to the universal harmony.

It was thus, according to the Law of Progress, I reincarnate to meet brothers I had seriously hurt for ambition and lack of love.

I only fulfilled God’s Purposes after long denial and escape, when finally readjusted with His Laws; I found peace to retake the path of progress so wanted.

As you know, progress and work are inseparable brothers. So, my hands mean strength in my soul for this Love Group.

I went regularly to Catholic Church considered as key for my spiritual growth. From arrogant "Inquisitor Cardinal" to humble "Sister of Charity" my spirit required long time and various opportunities to me recognize Lord Jesus, as Emissary of the Great Truth and Light.

The humble and sufferers I helped in physical life were those that my ignorant soul had directly let to suffering, convicted in the Courts of the Inquisition, or dear ones: men, women, children, young and old people, whose family separation threw them into abandonment, prostitution and every form of poverty.

Offering hands to the needy brothers just represented my return among those I had hurt, demonstrating them my regret and asking them pardon, thus recognizing before God, the sincere desire of my soul to evolve.

In any religion, we can make mistakes and correct them, since we understand a religion does not make man; rather then, men in observance on God’s Laws make religions or destroy them the meaning renewal, spiritual growth.

I am no longer Catholic, nor saint.

My religion is commitment with the Great Truth. Holiness imputed to me just means obedient spirit to the Creators Will. Both are accessible condition to any soul be free and evolve.

Happy, we elevated the thoughts to God in gratitude for granting us so much love we cannot translate, but we leave to you as "presence" wishing to serve others with dedication and love.

Sister Teresa of Calcutta, 04/21/12

16. Sufferers multiply after life

Save, Jesus! Save the Light of His unconditional Love for us!

Brothers, after life multiply the suffering ones that see death as torment, because the embodied ones unaware of death phenomenon is only undress the dense garment and the spirit returns to the family place.

Nowadays, we see in very often collective deaths, our brothers who had an existence ruled by Christ’s Laws, they arrive in the invisible plane, desperate and afflicted hindering the help offered by Good Spirits on behalf of Jesus.

Massively, disembodied ones ask the High Spirituality to help them, but hinder the help because of wrong ideas regarding the spirit in the spiritual plane.

Earthly brothers, you must believe in Jesus looking after us. Listen to His appeal and practice His Lessons. When you have souls free from fear and ignorance, you help yourself.

Do not hinder more your evolution process, parking in unnecessary suffering.

May Jesus bless your awakening!

Chico Xavier, 04/14/12

17. Nudity fatally attracts sexual crimes

Beloved daughters,

Let all women know, time has come to renounce the frivolities of the matter and anchor Forces of Life anchor in the soul’s evolutionary impulse.

Nudity attracts greed, vileness, sensuality and inevitably sexual crimes.

Changing motherhood into mundane pleasures is squandering the gift of life, renounce God, and sow atrocious suffering.

Gold blinds the souls for not see the Sun of life.

Love and forgive to evolve.

May Jesus bless you!

Mary of Nazareth, GESH – 01/28/12 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

18. We are children of One Father

Clairvoyance: we were singing the mantra, when I saw various Indians of different places penetrating GESJ. They made a circle dancing and singing. Out of the Group, I have seen a tall Indian on a horseback. He accompanied our mantra, repeating the sound in a horn, which sound echoed throughout several villages in the astral plane.

Then I received the following message:

Save Tupian´s Light.

Instead men celebrate the Indian Day; better would celebrate Brothers Day. We would be in union, if the strongest did not dominated weakest ones incarnated with the task of unifying.

Indian is as Earths´s son as other peoples are.

Indian is Tupian’s son likewise the immortal spirit.

When men understand material life as thousandth part of second, but for rebelliousness one looses so long in remorse, they would not celebrate Indian, Negro Day and others to finally understand we are brothers and children of one Father.

Let us join races; sure we are one people, one race.

Be in Peace!

Orlando Villas Boas, GESH – 04/14/12 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

19. Do not be afraid of us

Earthly brothers, we greet you in the name of the Light!

We stand here to ask your for not be afraid of us!

We often have rescued you from natural catastrophes amidst the ruins. We were designated to help you just for love.

We are intraterrestrial beings sharing the same Orb with you.

Like you, we know and love the Divine Governor of the Earth, Lord Jesus who often visits and touches us deeply with His Love, when speaking on His earthly brothers and efforts to awaken them. He invited us to help you with the best we have.

We have our intraterrestrial cities prepared to shelter you for the time required by the Sidereal Engineers.

Our appearance differs from yours, and very often we try to modify it the best we can, for not getting you scared. However, brothers, at catastrophic situations, when we rescue you amidst of ruins, we cannot modify us a lot, and instead of welcome us as rescuers, you dive into despair, as if we were awful creatures, what we are not.

We are at service of mankind at this difficult time of "Planetary Transition."

Brothers, we can see modified the Orb, and time will come; you will not get stay at home, because of intense cataclysms that will shake simultaneously the Earth.

But, before it happens, we have prepared housings, lodgings equipped in agreement with your needs, including food to nourish your physical or astral bodies while staying with us.

We are friends, brothers, children of God, as you are.

Margarida: Thank you very much, brothers!

We are joining messages to publish one more booklet, and messages of other intraterrestrial brothers are welcome.

Nooriam: The Divine Program establishes that, very often, we come to tell you about the accelerated events of this humanitys rescue.

All over the world, creatures are rescued for intraterrestrial cities, spaceships and other Orbs long ago prepared to receive earthly brothers.

As you know, long ago, everything was meticulously planned for this time of planetary transition. Only earthly beings did not get properly ready, forgetting to cultivate in the soul, good feelings to elevate it above pain dimensions. They attached too much to the material plane with negative emotions, illusory ownership, and now, when the Earth says goodbye to painful dimension, humans failed in following it.

Massively, Prison Ships leave from Earth to exile overcrowded with failed souls. We sorry, but is part of the persons evolutionary journey and free will in their lifetimes.

We are with you since the first human on Earth, and so we remain under Superior Minds, offering our hands, as friends and brothers we are.

Save the Light guiding us!

Blessed be Divine Lord Jesus!

M: Where is the brother from?

N: I am Noorian of Okay.

M: How is our brother Orcadim?

N: He is happy with you sisters, whose vibratory field differs a lot of other souls we have helped and others who say believe in Planetary Transition.

May God bless all you, sisters!

Blessed be Lord Jesus!

M: Let our Brother Orcadim, and all of Okay know of our love and gratitude.

N: So be it!

Nooriam (Intraterrestrial of Okay), 11/05/12.

Note: Okay is an intraterrestrial city placed in Chapada Diamantina, Bahia/Brazil.

20. Moral decadence reaches its climax in disrespect

Peace and Love to you.

Brothers, we have never seen so much shamelessness as at this "end of times." Nude women, corrupt men, youths addicted, separated families and empty hearts wandering among disaffection.

The moral decadence reaches its climax of disrespect. It is the critical moment of human collectivities; detonator of important disasters and climatic imbalance among Kingdoms of Nature.

The harmful energies of embodied and disembodied beings trigger larger poverty, barbaric crimes, iniquities, pain among human beings.

This is the painful worldly picture at "end of times": failed souls leaving from Earth to exile.

Where is God? You could ask.

God is in us. Once you made bad choices against His Laws, you neither see nor hear him; however, He never abandons his children, even when we were rude unconscious sparks traveling among several Kingdoms of Creation.

God is in us.

Joanna of Angelis, GESH – 05/25/12 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

21. The Darkness already involve the Earth

Beloved daughters, the peace is with you!

Gathered today around the activities addressed by the Higher Planes, you are faithfully accomplishing the tasks given to free your souls.

The battle started and continues tonight, however your spirits strengthened with superior energy will be liberated to go follow the routine, keeping moderately thoughts, words and actions, because the fight continues ferocious in the invisible plane.

At down, you will still facing the enemies of Peace.

Few are the disciples to comply with our request, but we assure them protection and constant presence, until their souls are completely free.

Let us proceed with Christ encouraging us to work and liberate the ignorant souls arrested in the plots by evil.

Master Ramatis is here right against you, happy for your presences detached from family troubles and engage in beneficent activities.

Margarida: I beg your pardon, Brother, for talking and laughing a lot when we were together. If that hinders our spiritual activities, the Brother can speak, and we will make an effort to be silent.

Ramatis: the joy of the encounter strengthens the ties of friendship favoring new disciples still beginners, and definitely settles your souls in the liberating path.

There is not wrong! You are just yourselves what makes us happy.

M: We have not time to visit each other, and our embodied spirits take the occasion to celebrate the encounter.

R: Enjoy these moments of joy and peace; the Earth is about to dive in darkness.

The materialization of "three days of darkness" means the Planet leaving the expiatory dimension.

Darkness are already flooding the invisible plane, celebrated by bestial creatures for finding perfect atmosphere to materialize their fateful, terrible and cruel ideals against their disaffections embodied ones or not.

Darkness already invades hearts and minds contrary to Christs Love.

Darkness already materialize the claws of evil in terrible events; brother against brother, independently of relationship degree or commitment with others, they give flow to the bestial instincts incited by the perverse and cruel Beast.

In fact, the Darkness already involves the Earth.

You should apply the time you still have to improve the spirits in eternal virtues, supplied by Divine Lords Jesus immortal lessons. He is the Way, Truth and Life guiding everyone at final events of Planetary Transition.

May Jesus bless you, beloved daughters!

Ramatis, 04/05/12.

22. We are intraterrestrial brothers and friends.

Save the Force! Save the Light! Blessed be the Lord Jesus!

Sisters, it is a great joy to meet you in our territory!

The intraterrestrial cities spend lot of energy to keep healthy vibrations on Earth.

Large amount of superior energy have been addressed to Earth, once the "sick planetary body" shouts for accelerating its movements to heal itself.

The "planetary transition" is advanced. The Superior Hierarchies do not wish the end of events without superior permission, nor end of mankind without have fulfilled their karmic opportunities.

However, ignoring the evolution in itself, earthly beings continue destroying, contaminating and devastating the place where inhabit. In the physical or invisible plane, emanations of feelings deprived of love, charity and pardon contaminate the psychosphere approximating them with beings of low evolution and consequently, moving them away from those that in the name of God protect them.

Huge planetary instability triggers a process of cataclysms all over the world.

The intraterrestrial cities already have terrestrial ones inhabiting there.

Shelters are already full of terrestrial brothers in physical or spiritual body; however, the majority remains unconscious, asleep.

The few ones conscious feel as were in City or Cologne of the astral plane, not in the intraterrestrial city.

They are happy worshipping the Creator, but not interacting with us yet, because our human form differs from yours.

The intraterrestrial ones take their best human shape to receive the visitors. Few are those that aware of our existence, they accept us!

Among multiple tasks, we compose the Rescue Parties with our terrestrial, intra-extraterrestrial brothers to rescue humans.

Everything happens simultaneously finishing the planetary sanitation.

We are with you in battlefields helping, explaining, rescuing and directing the fallen brothers to ships-prison or exile.

We also act in Houses of charity linked or not to religious cults in the physical plane, where their Spiritual Leaders lovingly accept us, as in your Group. We work in various activities developed by your House of Charity, and we are thankful for you divulging our presence among terrestrial people.

We are intraterrestrial brothers and friends.

Blessed be the Light guiding us!

Blessed be the Lord Jesus!

Elsim, Intraterrestrial of Stelta

Medium: Brother, it is a great joy to meet you. How is going the Cacique Pena Verde, today Fênix Joarã?

He is here, my sister!

We greet you on behalf of Jesus!

The rescue multiply, because at each new catastrophe with collective deaths, we send a larger number of earthly beings to intraterrestrial cities, which shelters are gradually busy with embodied and disembodied spirits.

We work hard helping our terrestrial brothers; however, we never forgot where we came from and who we are. Every day, we ask the Creator to bless all you, our friends of GESJ.

We expect, before the end, meet you again.

Save the Light! Blessed be the Lord Jesus!

Phoenix Joarã, GESH – 02/25/12 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

23. Time is up for "Power of Evil"

Clairvoyance: I saw the Beast emitting awful screams to her followers:

"Kill! Destroy! Bloodshed of the Lamb’s children! "

Then, the bestial ones from different places appeared with their sharp teeth attacking mercilessly causing abundant human bloodshed.

Suddenly, a strong Light appeared; a voice echoed in the air putting the negative beings at slow motion, until stop them.

"Were not they created for this purpose? Stop such insanity and madness! "

Then, they fell down.

Again, the Beast looked upwards, when an explosion of Light appeared right against her. She stared the strong Light being immediately paralyzed.

I felt a strong force involving me, when he spoke:

Beloved brothers, children of My Father!

You were summoned to face the "Beasts" not created by the Creator of all things. They were forged by actions, contrary to Good and Love that took bestial dimensions not created by Divine Mind.

Nevertheless, they are our brothers that must be removed from the Planet, before the alignment of the Planetary Axis.

At the present time, there are lots of Forces converging for the end of Expiatory Cycle. These rebel brothers, when confronted by the sword, they must surrender to the Power of God, before abandoning the Earth.

We ask you, our brave warriors to let love flows from your souls, so that "darkness" is definitively flooded by the Light of My Love.

Forward warriors! Struggle in My Name!

Dear daughters, time is up for Power of Evil on earth. Until it happens, lot of awful scenario may appear on earth; despite your larger your efforts in touching the hardened hearts, we cannot avoid the horror and tragedies of the "Doomsday."

I am the Planetary Christ protecting you!

Forward warriors! May the Light shine in my name! I am always with you.

Planetary Christ, GESH - 04/05/12 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

24. False Prophets

May the Peace and love involve your souls!

"False prophets" are among human collectivities! Rooted in illusory power, which they believe come from immaterial force. They say to be God, spreading fanaticism and separation among people.

They say to follow the Christ; however, their words are contrary to His Gospel.

If they could see those who speak through their minds, they would hate themselves.

If they could see the painful path prepared for their souls, they would immediately stop their fall.

Nevertheless, they continue confirming that: "at end of times, False Prophets would be strong enough to conquer crowds." It is happens now.

Even Spiritualistic brothers enlightened by the Codified Gospel, blind, they follow the karmic events, doubting the Spirits´ words, massacring the mediums of little faith, turning limited the unlimited knowledge.

By chance, did not the Spirits bring the truth on immortality of soul, and about the various mansions existent in the Fathers House?

Why do they doubt and refuse the evolution?

Poor ignorant souls!

I am the One who voluntarily accepted the task of compiling the Gospel through the Spirits messages. In different places on Earth, I could communicate with creatures and Spirits guided by Jesus, the Spirit of Truth that sent me wise words.

I worked arduously to turn those messages the clearest possible. They have liberating power; however, the spiritualists little divulge them.

Is it different to be Spiritualist today? Each one decides to stop or evolve.

The planetary events denounce transformation and change. The World of Atonements and Trials reaches its end, for then, begins a New Age of peace.

Wrongly, our dear brothers think the peace will reign instantly.

Instruct you, spiritualists, with messages addressed for everyone.

Evolved Spirits must work hard to free you from doubt, fear and ignorance.

Give up the earthly frivolities and elevate the spirits above darkness, where Light and Love reign in the hearts.

We greet you in the name of the Light and Planetary Christ looking after us.

Allan Kardec, GESH - 04/05/12 – Psychophony – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

25. Planetary Christ looks after you

May the Peace be in the entire planet and in your hearts!

Brave sisters, not only in this incarnation, you accepted the invitation of Jesus Army to be trained for fights of "end of times."

Sisters, since previous existences, your soul already awakened have being prepared for the "Doomsday", because if it was not this way, the warriors of this incarnation would be able to face the Power of Evil that insists on dominating the Earth.

The Beast arrested in the Abyss, and about to be kicked out from the Earth, she built her empire, not in a single "incarnation"; but for millennia has been building and rooting itself in the Planet bowels.

In the same way, he, who offered himself to serve the Beloved Lord Jesus, to become warrior potentially prepared to face the Beast, he is has been prepared for various incarnations.

Now, you are fighting in battlefields prepared to minimize the negative impacts on your physical bodies, because the loosened pestilential emanations are lethal. It they are not filtered can accelerate the Warrior’s death in the physical plane.

Extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial spaceships stay around the battlefields, spilling superior energy to contain the overpowering fight, for not flood the entire Planet and polluting more and more the inhabitants of the little Planet Shan.

Unhappily, not all Warriors previously prepared, they get to remain in activity at this time of Planetary Transition. They will answer for such cessation, crying before the larger suffering and torments, which may face in other planets according with their evolutionary graduation. They will be moved away from dear beings, conquered in that existence and others like us, of other planets designed to look after them seeking their renewal and the balance of happy souls. We sorry to say they will remain late.

Forward warriors! The fight already began and the battlefield is swarming.

Your unfolded bodies work actively. It was requested the withdrawal together, because, gathered, your forces are easily loosened easily and you fight using the whole knowledge acquired in trainings.

Planetary Christ looks after you!

Blessed be Lord Jesus! May the Peace involve your hearts!

Commander Ashtar Sheran, 04/05/12.

26. Mercy and love move our actions

Beloved sisters!

It is a great joy to meet you here!

I am Judas, the one who did not stand his inferior condition, and historically had defamed his image.

After restored the strength lost by misunderstanding of the past, we retook the path, and with our beloved Lord Jesus and His Apostles, we are working arduously as "fishermen of souls."

Thanks for your friendly words, kindness and sincere affection to me.

No more I suffer because of human incomprehension. They did not learn the lessons of love and pardon the Divine Master left us.

They did not understand about the transitory material life, and are still lost, disappointed and ignorant on "end of planetary cycle."

We continue the rescue of souls on earth, because the sacrifice of the Divine Lord continues. Until the Earth becomes a Superior World, He remains pouring His Love over the Planet and all creatures.

Our presence among human beings seeks to soften the pain and awakening of consciences to renew their souls, before leaving from Earth to "new expiatory cycle" or until be humble before the Creators Power of Light.

May God bless you, sisters, for so much love, kindness and renouncement on behalf of Jesus!

Margarida: I myself disagree when the Catholic Church judges our brothers for this or that sin, defaming their image throughout the world.

After life, I hope to research this subject.

Jesus did not need to be pointed among His disciples or sold for a few coins, because He did not hide from anyone.

Jesus always preached openly and did not need anybody to receive money to say who the Rabbi was. Thence, I have never accepted that story.

It is a great joy, particularly to me have you, dear brother with us, working, helping the need ones.

May Jesus strength us more and more to fulfill this task!

Judas: Thank you! The true story will let you know how the Priests involved me in that diabolical plot, incited by infernal minds culminating to my fall. If I took part of that cruel plot, surely my soul was not ready to follow the Master until the end.

Today, after the storm, renewed in strength and love, I realize how foolish I was for judging able to face the "power of evil" to defend the Lord Jesus, without join ourselves to the group we represented at that time.

Alone, we are nothing, my brothers; together, we can evolve.

The ignorant brothers you have defeated at battlefields, they still emanate so much evil and cannot yet understand the reason they reached such deformity.

Mercy and Love move our actions.

Blessed be Love and Light of the Lord Jesus!

Judas Iscariots, GESH - 04/05/12 – Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

27 - Joy and peace to everyone

Medium: we all addressed a prayer to Chico Anysio, when Mrs. Margarida asked us to meditate. Then, Mazzaropi gave his message.

Dear sisters! As our dear sister Margarida said, nothing is sadder than the end of laughter, when the actor leaves the physical plane.

But, sisters, nothing is better than returning to the spiritual plane to feel affection and realize that our joy and work left lighter and happier our Brazilian people.

Joy is a seed when planted and gives fruits, nourishes the soul, and for some moments, makes us forget the pain, loneliness and sadness.

Before we have planted cry, pain, we received as mission of rescue offered by hands friends, to sow honest and pure laughter, as a child does.

Like everyone, we sorry to leave momentary sadness in the hearts friends, but at the same time, very happy in returning victorious after the accomplished duty.

Joy and peace to all.

Mazzaropi, GESH – 03/24/12 – Vigil in Aracruz/ES – Brazil.

28. I am Love

Dear children of My Father!

When you worshipped gods in the matter, you forgotten the Lessons brought you by Emissaries of My Love.

For them, you spent most of your time, strength and attention.

You relegated to less important position, the cult to the Great Truth, of your real spiritual condition.

With bricks of pride and selfishness, you built barriers among brothers.

When you favored the increment of violent weapons to defend territories and ideas, you forgot the poor spirit constantly attacked by invaders of peace and goodness.

Only free from the illusory framework provided you by the physical world, you will retake the spiritual vision and identify the real condition you are and be able to face it, making appropriate choices to your reality.

Our beloved, fair Father never punishes His children. If today you pick pain, surely, you planted seeds of pain for various incarnations granted you to evolve.

You reincarnate in this Planet to be humble and evolve, even amidst of cry and screeching of teeth, in accepting and advancing via fraternal actions to the position looked for in God’s Kingdom.

We walk among you emitting high vibrations, so that you find favorable atmosphere, and make choices seeking progress and freedom to your spirit.

We act in accordance to our Fathers Will.

I am Love.

Medium: Beloved Lord is here again, yet we cannot serve him as he deserves.

Jesus: Do not worry! Just work and everything more will be granted you; it is our Fathers Will.

Bear in mind, although rescued by Master Ramatis (Kuthumi) on that moment of prayer, you called me as Representative of the Great Truth. Even making progress, are not yet your virtues that attract my eternal Spirit. Love the humanity is our duty here. We use the mediumistic faculty granted us by the Workers of Jesus to spread Light, as imperative of fraternity for everyone evolve.

Do not close the doors of communication, as the only part that fits you.

Brothers and sisters, great responsibility carries the spirit who begs for mediumistic faculty. Do not loose this opportunity for spiritual redemption.

Prepare and leave free the mind to irradiate our thoughts to all creatures.

Medium: But great majority would not believe in Lord Jesus transmitting His thoughts through an ordinary person, like me.

Jesus: Then, these poor fellows lose the opportunity offered by God to understand and evolve.

Let us proceed happy, because is the Fathers Will to welcome and change your temporary inferiority into progress.

I am Love. I am the Way, Truth and Life. Nobody goes to the Father, except through me.

Jesus Sananda, GESH – 04/13/12 – Vitória/ES – Brazil.


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