Divulgation 66


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Dear readers and friends,

Peace in your hearts!

Despite the daily troubles, here we are transmitting messages that by increment of love and kindness of Evolved Brothers have been addressing us for years.

Surely, we do not deserve so much; but we should divulge the revelations at this "end of times."

Few "Groups" accepted the task, but GESJ did not refuse the extraordinary spiritual work coming from Heaven!

Believing or not in the wise words transmitted by Messengers of Light, we fulfill our duty. We must divulge them that are not ours.

Blessed is the sublime Bother, Lord Jesus guiding us!


01. "Doomsday" is accelerated to its end

Sisters, after millennia on Earth, the humanity did not yield to the Divine Laws.

The humanity was submitted to profound teachings brought by various Spirits of Light, as Guardians of human collectivities, and by Jesus, Enlightened Being that personally taught profound lessons to reestablish the balance and peace in the human hearts, but no divine effort was enough to avoid the advancement of human rebellion.

But, my brothers, if some people contrary the Christianization proceeds guideless toward the exile, there is a small number of humans that, finally reached the discernment of liberating truths. To these, we say, have faith!

The whirlwind of events unchained by the Doomsday advances rapidly on human collectivities, and we cannot prevent the fulfillment of karma to reduce your debts with the Creator.

Yes, you suffer humanity, because so you have chosen!

People said as Christians; followers of Jesus deny with actions deprived of reason and moral what they imagine to be.

Religious groups, as leaders and responsible for leading the Souls to the balance and inner peace, they act against Christs precepts and Laws that govern moral and spiritually the creatures.

Using they power over the crowds, they ridicule the Divine Laws; and by the free will granted by God, they use their followers for obscene pleasures; exploit the innocent and unprotected little ones; act against the Sovereign Laws of human development, preaching the libertinism and sexual deviations, as if they were "golden rules of balance."

Groups of "wild" politicians through the temporary power and perverted moral practice, they submit people under despotic laws and submission. Contradicted in their insane desire of governing, they use gun to annihilate the opponents, reaching the whole population, without exception.

The religious wars still annihilate many souls at full atomic century.

Successive actions of corruption stains the politicians conduct of various countries inverting the high moral concepts.

The crescent violence spreads among people, due to the addiction disseminated among young people easily manipulated by important leaders of crime and traffic.

Sowers of discord, violence, cruelty and dislike richly dispersed among human collectivities show the horror among people without faith dominated by fear and park their minds in horror of current barbaric crimes staying prisoners at home, which fragile locks do not prevent burglary by marginal ones.

The perplex world sees the "greatest economical countries" turned into "unreliable" provoking bankruptcy of the World Bank Institutions.

The devastated Environment, polluted rivers, poor people involved by hunger and addictions.

The abandoned children murdered, disrespected, exploited.

Natural catastrophes become current throughout the Planet provoking collective deaths.

. We should not forget about the undone homes, depreciation of family and crescent "new family institutions" with two parents or two mothers, and abandoned children.

Who lives in the countryside flees for the city, due to aridity of the soil; and those in the city share growing in promiscuity, due to lack of space.

This, my brothers, is the fateful picture of "Doomsday" in the planet you live.

We cannot blame the Creator. It is the materialization of prophecies!

You fled from "moral ties" imposed by the Law of Evolution and Progress. You avoided practicing the lessons of Sacred Books dictated by Enlightened Beings. Now, you ought to face with courage, the end of a "cycle of atonements and trials."

We warn you the difficult moment you live, so that, aware of the planetary changes in course, you awaken and right now, look for inner renewal that will a lot reduce your pain and penalties in the future.

There is neither hell, heaven nor any other creation of your minds to house souls that ascend or fall spiritually.

Laws of Progress and Evolution exist, indeed. There are rich or poor homes for the souls, in agreement with good or misuse of free will.

"The Fathers House has many mansions" waiting for you, because the Earth no more allow you be hurt or reviled by backward souls.

The Earth renews itself physically and will only accept in its renewed breast, the souls that already reached the Christian Love pattern, "Love God above all things and the neighbor as yourself" as taught us Lord Jesus. Do not be afraid.

Have faith and renew your souls, because "Doomsday" moves forward accelerated to its end.

Prophecies, we made in the past as allegories and codes, due to threat of the priests excommunication and bonfire.

The Centuries were deciphered and the modern man knows the prophecies we made, as well as other eminent Prophets.

Now, we just certify the materialization of the reality we prophesied in the past changed into hard and cruel reality of the apocalyptic time you live.

We do not fear; we just certify the Truth and Sovereignty of Creative Laws that foresees, millennia in advance, the humanity psychological conduct in delayed planets.

May Jesus grant you courage and strength to reach the New World!

Nostradamus - GESH – 07/14/12.

02. The separation of your soul from the body is imminent

Beloved daughters,

May remain with you the Divine Light that brought you here!

May the Divine Lord Jesus, who struggles for your awakening from ignorance and evil, He gets to transpose the barriers and reach you all with His Love.

The Divine Program foresees help for this humanity, at all times; however; few Groups of Work are ready to aid, anonymously, the poor ones in the invisible.

Fulfilling of spiritual tasks, you reduce your karmic debts and accelerate the renewed cells of your souls to penetrate the high dimension together with the Planet.

As we promised, daughter, we hold your hand in this painful time you live; as the "key incarnation", when finally you will abandon the "old tunic" dragged for millennia in this Planet. At last, you will be free in the high planes above the illusion, evil and darkness! Your efforts are involved of great importance represent for you, Margarida, freedom and spiritual ascension wanted for centuries.

I have been your Guide, Master, Father and Brother for long journeys. I could see be born in your soul the desire to abandoning the darkness, and thence, committed ourselves with Jesus of directing you until you could walk alone.

The confrontations suffered on the physical and invisible plane take part of the planning for your liberation. No longer have doubts in your soul, and the scintillating faith sprouts abundant, cleaning the stains adhered to you.

The brothers here arrested in suffering and pain, enslaved by countless perverse souls, they ought to be freed. It is time to clean up the Earth from bitterness, pain and sufferings impinged by human hands.

Your actions dedicated to the work here in the Island will build the "by-pass" with the Spiritualistic House (GESJ), so that the larger number of suffering brothers is directed there; and the enemies rescued from deep caves they built.

We needed larger convergence of superior energy to this place facilitating access of enlightened workers to caves and grottos hiding the unhappy brothers.

Margarida: Brother, being here, are we cooperating with our evolved brothers?

Shama Hare: You already know a little more on "Portals", and your physical presence at certain places delivers superior energy that added to those of the physical and spiritual planes provide the opening of "Portals" aiding in cleaning the planet.

Here will be opened a "Portal" through where the Forces of Light act without wasting energy to help in cleaning the astral plane.

Margarida: Do you mean with our presence. Is not it?

Shama Hare: Yes.

Margarida: Thanks to God! We made a lot of effort to be here.

Shama Hare: You faced "bestial creatures" and "Vampires" thirsty for your vital energy, besides various dangerous battles undoing traps directed to your physical-spiritual health.

Margarida: My physical body is very tired. I am not feeling well.

Shama Hare: The natural worn-out of the physical body is kept by the Spiritual Medical Team, because the separation of your soul is imminent. At high costs, doctors get to maintain it attached to this worn-out body already shouting for definitive rest.

Margarida, despite the suffering, we intend to retain soul to this body a little more.

Margarida: For short period of time. Is not it?

Shama Hare: Yes. Not only for battles in this GESH, but also for the work in favor of the humanity.

Margarida: Do you mean divulging messages via Internet?

Shama Hare: Yes, throughout the world, the messages have been awakening and guiding consciences to retake life stages abandoned long ago.

Next step here will receive the first group of "sufferers" already selected. Some were perverse slavocrats in this region. Some of them have already lost the human form, becoming vampires fed on vital energies of embodied and disembodied ones beings.

Daughters, on behalf of Jesus, we work aiding the Earth finishing its agony.

Save Jesus! Save the Light.

Here Master Shama Hare says good-bye, leaving our love energy and of peace to supply your souls, for not giving up at the last minute to achieve the Higher Plane.

Save Jesus! Save the Light guiding you!

Master Shama Hare - GESH – 05/19/12 – Ilha Grande/RJ.

03. Potent Sunrays

Clairvoyance: Everything was dark in Ilha Grande. Gradually, the sunshine appears on the island penetrating every hiding place removing the spirits prisoners and "executioners." Some of them were shouting, screaming, and resisting the sunrays removing them from the hiding places.

The potent light also penetrates tunnels built by "beings of darkness." Those tunnels connect Ilha Grande to other smaller islands of that region. Thence, the itinerary was diverted by extraterrestrial brothers, now going into a prison ship. Many of them without realizing during the escape, they ran toward the spaceships falling into trap.

Then, an extraterrestrial being brought the following message:


Save the light of the Planetary Christ!

I am Solaris again with you here. We fought to free the Island from "Vampires" that over centuries exploited these "astral forces" for practicing their macabre purposes.

Helped by sunrays, we freed executioners and victims; we cleaned up the grottos and hiding places of the Island. W we reduced to ashes, the astral larvae and form-thoughts created by "expert vampires". Finally we banished the darkness of the place before very vulnerable, due to thirsty revenge idealized by the ones docked here.

Confident, we follow spreading the sunrays by request of the Planetary Christ.

May the Light and Peace involve you!

Solaris - Extraterrestrial of the Sun - GESH – 05/20/12 – Ilha Grande/RJ.

04. Crescent violence in the streets!

Blessed is Jesus! Save the Light guiding us!

Sisters, since long ago, we have announced would come a time of difficult coexistence among humans, when weeds spread widely in the world would suffocate the wheat.

In vain, men face one other forgotten of God. Fear and crescent violence in the streets keep people prisoners at home.

Brothers, there is no doubt; the apocalyptic time is a reality announced worldwide by various Prophets and Beings of Light.

Doubts dominate humans deprived of faith in their little worlds.

Peacetime does not come at once; it is built by human actions, since the peaceful coexistence at home and disseminated among collectivities until reach entire Nations.

We cannot see change of harmony and peace, because the growing disaffection makes tumble any individual proclaiming peace.

Gangs no longer use masks to practice vile actions, once became natural to depreciate the moral goods, normalization of nudity, and sexual abuse.

Brothers, what else do you want for finally understand the time has come to conclude the Planetary Cycle of Atonement and Trials?

Groups of human beings deprived of moral sense, understanding about life and immersed in addictions wander on the streets attacking the pedestrians, provoking unnecessary deaths and bloodshed to satiate the bestial beings.

Hercolubus (i.e. Intruding Star) is approaching at constant speed, accomplishing the determinism, planning of Superior Hierarchies.

Brothers, you live the decisive moment of Planetary Transition.

Hundreds of extraterrestrial spaceships fly among human collectivities aiding, rescuing, transporting souls far away from Earth.

The intraterrestrial brothers wait the moment that their revealed Cities receive large number of humans.

Despite the war devastating the humanity, there is distrust among Nations; pride and prepotency among deceived religions.

Here is Yury among you.

Margarida: I am speechless to thank you. I had an insight the loving Brother would come. We are very happy for having in the "spiritual plane" beloved friends as you and other Enlightened. I am speechless to thank you. We do no deserve too much!

Yury: It is our work to aid the planets in process.

We aided many worlds at time of difficult transformation, and in one of them, we met each other. Some souls travel getting our attention, attracting us with their vibrations. We have no human words to describe what happens when the similar souls meet each other, even in antagonistic vibrations in distant dimensions.

We all walk to evolve, and so sister, one day we will be under similar vibration, because the Creators Law predicts progress and evolution of sparkles.

Margarida: Surely, nothing we know about it. At times, I think, after we have reached the last development level; our "sparkle" joins to Father. The process comprises all planets, and finally, we return to Fathers house again.

Yury: We return to creation of worlds in the turmoil of infinite Divine Creations.

Earth, as living planet, it evolves and suffers in generating a lot of catastrophes in its natural changes. This way, the Earth leaves from a dense dimension to a better vibration, removing the worn-out garment provoking human pain, suffering and chaos.

Humans suffer due to own rebelliousness, consequence of their bad actions.

The Law of Cause and Effect shows itself in every moment, and you cannot blame others, but only blame yourselves.

Phalanges of "Negative Beings" wander in the "invisible plane" among humans in a perfect physical-spiritual symbiosis

The vile crimes happen without reason.

Wars explode here and there; involving your world with promiscuity, corruption, immorality, and others.

It is the characteristic picture at "End of Times" attracting with intensity the "Beast" from dark regions.

The planetary cleaning is advanced!

Sisters, you must avoid negative thoughts and inferior feelings to assure protection by the Army of Light to cross through the violent crowd, acting in accordance with the Divine Laws.

Margarida: My Brother, I have thought a lot about the possibility we accomplish mediumistic doctrine and vigil on Fridays here to direct the needy spirits taking advantage of strong energy around us.

Yury: As larger number of sufferers and backward beings are indoctrinated, more you reduce the negative pressure, which is strong around this House of Work.

Margarida: We will fight with other weapon: Love.

Yury: It sounds good idea allied to explanation and awakening.

Margarida: while is possible, maintaining our Portal lit and operating.

Thank you my Brother.

Yury: Independent of human actions, the Divine Laws follows your course.

Time will come when no more you will be far from home, due to so much violence devastating human collectivities, and the imbalanced crowds impeding free expression of fraternity and entertainment.

Margarida: Then, while we can, let us help others. We will fight different now; by offering the hands for brothers that are in darkness hindering the divine work and us.

Yury: At high speed approach great changes in human business, as well as in the worldly geography. Diseases still ignored may affect the physical bodies; births of deformed bodies not explained by the terrestrial medicine, thus impeding the incarnation of needy souls or with disastrous consequences.

Margarida: As the Brother knows, they created a law of free abortion up to three months. For some justified law, women can decide for abortion.

Yury: Thus, humans are condemned to largest suffering and unbalance. Do not be worry, my sister. Actions deprived of reason practiced by Politicians, Religious Groups and Administrative "Commands on Earth" may surprise you, once the Christian and Moral Teachings are ignored at this apocalyptic hour.

May God bless and provide you strength, courage and perseverance in the tasks you are accomplishing in the physical and spiritual worlds.

You always bear in mind the fraternal presence of brothers looking after you.

Blessed is Jesus! Blessed is the Light with us! Peace forever!

Commander Yury - GESH – 06/30/12.

05. Distant I am

Margarida, distant I am.

I have "my thought" addressed to you, on this special day, with words of gratitude for the love devoted to the Master, in elevating many creatures that, like me, had interrupted the right path.

Thank you, sister for helping me and others that needed explanation to understand the Divine Purposes.

. From where am, I continue accomplishing the Fathers Purposes thankful to the Universal Power that allowed me advancing, despite the abandonment of generous planning done by "spiritual friends."

I hope my mistakes serve as a warning for those that today face the challenges of redeeming proofs so that evolve before the discouragement, mental confusion and fear. There is still time of accomplishing their role in the terrestrial humanitys scenery.

Thank you, Margarida.

Margarida: I wonder who is speaking.

A: Helena.

M: Did the sister already returned Earth or not?

A: I am in a new planet, from where evolved brothers project my thought to you.

M: It is a great joy for us having the sister bringing us news.

H: It demands so much energy. I still need be helped by good friends, (among them our dear Brother Allan Kardec) to project my thoughts.

I leave the peace and the immense gratitude of my heart to you.

M: Let us make a prayer begging to the Masters of the Great Universal White Fraternity help this sister to strengthen quickly in the planet she is now.

Helena Blavatsky – GESH - Festival of Wesak - 05/05/2012.

Note: Incredibly, our dear brother Master Allan Kardec served as "medium" between Helena and our Group GESJ. Thank you, Kardec, for the incredible work.

06. Evangelization means give up material and mundane pleasures

Beloved children and disciples,

May Jesus bless you in the purpose to evolve!

You do not wait the world understand your efforts to fulfill your tasks. On behalf of Jesus, you continue fulfilling the tasks, that by insights, you know what to do.

Likewise in region of Praia Grande full of hateful and deformed creatures due to their human constitution; other parts of the world are also polluted for these unhappy brothers, (vampires) that chose the degradation of soul, as way of living.

The Portal of Light activated here access other points of the Earth, where the Light, in the presence of Excelsior Jesus will involve stronger the suffering ones; and the Army of Light penetrate in the darkness illuminating the Planet.

Your sacrifices were rewarded.

At the moment, you only see superficially the events we can see on this side: vast illuminated area, beasts imprisoned and slaves free.

As you say, "how good fishery!"

Margarida, your short time in the matter provokes anxiety for accomplishment of tasks in process, and other projects you still have in mind.

Exert efforts on the closest disciples, so that, without you, the work follows its natural course, and they are able to face the inevitable troubles that appear.

Each disciple will answer for tasks sustaining the basic activities operating in GESJ. Choose at once, those workers whose available time and sincere faith enable them to conduct the works already in process at this House of Charity.

We cannot determine for you the time remained for this humanity, even because serious events can accelerate or not it before the alignment of the Planetary Axis.

The intra-extraterrestrial brothers and Evolved Spirits of own Planet are working in the sense of emptying the "ghettos of suffering in the inferior astral plane" and of compulsory reincarnations in the selection for disembodied and embodied souls for the planetary exile or rescue for the Renewed Earth.

The Planet Earth is being evacuated, without the humanity realizes what is happening. However, "large number of backward spirits are reincarnating", because Jesus, in His Infinite Love determines all chances are given to souls even with minimum condition of reducing the harmful load of their souls.

There are many activities throughout the Planet, and the humanity in anything helps. People only sees the limited world at third dimension, living for domestic and social quarrels seeking to acquire more ownerships and earthly glory, not donating of itself any time for own evangelization.

They believe the Excelsior Jesus is the One who dwells at celestial plans waiting them to ascend to His Presence, without spending the least effort toward Him.

Jesus is always with you, dear brothers! You cannot see Him while you have selfishness, pride, prepotency, envy, vanity, and ignorance in your hearts.

Humanity! You will never see Him, even though He is beside you.

You should evangelize yourself through His Sublime Lessons so that you will reach the spiritual renewal and realize He had never abandoned you.

Margarida: Are there other tasks to be done?

Ramatis: Yes. As time goes, larger number of disoriented and lost sufferers arrives at the spiritual plane provoking anxiety and concern to "Rescue Parties" for not reaching their minds and hearts. They come so deprived of faith and knowledge about afterlife that keep them in the strips of madness.

The obsession work you carry out in bringing the lost, unbalanced and sick souls to let them know of their condition of disembodied spirits, so much has helped the Rescue Parties. When you indoctrinate a spirit, others of various groups also receive the same information and emotions, while you tell them about pardon, love to the neighbor and detachment from earthly goods.

Unhappily, fewer are the Spiritualistic Groups that carry out tasks of explanation to wandering spirits, as designated by Allan Kardec. In the entire world, outside Brazil, this number is smaller, because it was not disseminates to other countries, the simplicity of the Spiritist Code. By other hand, each little group that accomplishes tasks with love and detachment, it acts in accordance with the program that explains and frees spirits that afterlife do not find what illusorily imagined to exist in the invisible plane.

Humans should have already supplanted the foolish theory on "hell, purgatory and heaven". They remain attached to infantile dogmas simply for own convenience, because Evangelization means give up worldly pleasures that few ones wish this way.

Margarida: My Brother, of everything that has been happening in the Group referred to well doing, what deeply touched me the soul was our Brother Allan Kardec´s presence bringing us messages. To have among us, the humble Codifier of the Spiritist Doctrine, which we study and seeks everyday to practice touch deeply us.

Ramatis: Sisters, likewise Allan Kardec, also the Divine Lord Jesus and other Greatest Spirits arrive where "groups of people" are together for salutary exchange of doctrinaire and mediumistic practice. Even so, many spiritual mediums and leaders disagree that spirits so evolved could manifest among smaller Groups. I add; since they voluntarily fulfill their spiritual duties.

Whatever the reason, they present those Evolved Spirits translate their loving presences into words. Few ones as your Group accept and announce clearly the friendly presence of Workers of Light leading the destination of the Earth. They are those who receive the messages and turn them into codes that few ones get to access the content given by Evolved Brothers.

Margarida: it is why we insist a lot on that purpose. Sometimes, it is said the messages were not sent by Beings of Light. It does not matter; however, we changed the words little known for synonyms able to be either understood by a person who just has the elementary school or intellectual level.

Ramatis: It is the fulfillment of this task that still maintains your physical body.

To change the messages into limpid waters that any creature willing can understand translate them.

That each worker of "Grupo Espirita Servos de Jesus" takes for itself the responsibility of maintaining active the House of Love until the Fathers Will sweeps from Earth, this decadent human signs.

May God bless all of you, beloved disciples!

God-bye, Margarida. Praise to be God!

Master Ramatis, GESH – 05/20/12 - Ilha Grande/RJ – Brazil.

07. To each end, a restarting

Brothers, if on one side, you see the bitterness at time, bear in mind for each negative being from the abysmal areas to surface, one Being of Light sends to Earth thousands of thoughts as strength for you support the painful living at this time.

For to share mentally with Negative Forces spread on the earthly surface or to access the messages of love and comfort sent by Spirits of elevated graduation is the choice you should render concrete through the procedures adopted in your life. Not with words, but with actions, we shall confirm the vibratory frequency with which you want to conclude the experience of life in the matter at this end of planetary cycle.

Listen to the trumpets announcing the end, with the attention of those able to understand that to each end, a restarting settles. Elevate the head, not in sign of pride, but of hope for a "new time". Go ahead confident, offering hands and praying for the separation between the tares from the wheat coming sooner.

May Lord Jesus Peace involve this humanity!

Buddha - GESH: Festival of Wesak - 05/05/12.

08. Life is beautiful

I hear the wind whispering in my ear: Life is beautiful!

I hear the sea waves crashing on the beach yelling: Life is beautiful!

I hear rustling from trees leaves saying in a glorious coral: Life is beautiful!

I hear soft rain falling hitting the roof, as it was singing: Life is beautiful!

In the melodious sound of the bird: Life is beautiful!

In strong barking sheepdog: Life is beautiful!

In the buzzing of bees: Life is beautiful!

In the kiss of a hummingbird: Life is beautiful.

In a childs innocent smile or in a fathers raised brow.

In the warm maternal hug or in the grandfathers funny stories.

In the grandmother’s good smell of coffee or simply in the sunshine.

In the brilliant blue mantle of stars or in the full moon without dragons.

I can feel how Life is beautiful!

Mainly, I can feel here feelings and hearts sharing and expanding full of love for the Master who taught us, Life is not only beautiful, but simple to be experienced.

A kiss in your heart.

Ami (intraterrestrial child) - GESH – 10/08/2000.

09. Answering about the cremation

The Divine Blow encourages the "spark" toward the various Realms of Creation until reaches the intellect development.

After the spark is developed in the Hominal Realm, it leaves from automatism of the "Ascending Law" to be governed by "free will". And through own choices, finally it finds to evolve.

In each Realm of Nature, the "divine spark" receives the respective body and evolutionary stage, and so on, until the simple bodies reach their complex constitution.

All the bodies covering the "divine spark" have characteristics of the planet in which inhabits; and each planet in the turmoil of the Universe has in its physical ethereal constitution, elements enough to "generate" bodies for the sparks sent in different evolutionary stages.

The constituent chemical elements of each physical body afterlife in all Realms of Creation, they return to planet not interfering in its decomposition. Nature always has elements enough to retain the living organisms generated in the physical plane.

There is neither waste nor new creations, but transformation and reuse of elements created by the Architect of Creation.

The physical body is decomposed in several ways being extinguishing at the end of the vital energy keeping it in the natural exhaustion of forces; because as the body is weakened from vital energy keeping it alive, it also liberates elements of its constitution even before to die.

Cells are weakened reducing the energy of various organs due to loss of essential elements to stop the cellular aging.

Cremation, mummification, or decomposition in the earth, no matter how the physical bodies disappear in various Realms; their elements are reused in the automatism of the bodily life of the worlds.

The same constituent elements of several bodies in the physical plane, they modify and evolve as planets and peoples more reach moral and physical progress.

However, the constituent elements of bodies increase in amount for modeling the various bodies necessary for the spark inhabit in the various Realms of Creation.

Each world has necessary and appropriate elements for construction of bodies at various dimensions in which the "spark vibrates."

Evolution is transformation and systematic loss of dense elements absorbing from the soul that ascends the most subtle elements of the planetary constitution.

Cells have modified their astral ethereal constitution for the modeling the inhabitants bodies of several realms in the physical plane of the New Earth.

They already modify the bodies of rightists without noticing.

Save the Light, Peace and Love!

Shama Hare, GESH – 06/16/12.

10. Take up your cross with resignation and courage

Beloved brothers,

Life on earth is purgatory of pain, but not resulted from God.

Bear always in mind, the terrestrial suffering only elapses from pain that your ignorance on Divine Laws imposed your brothers.

In God’s Realm have no favorite children, because this way, His Love would not be fair and merciful.

Then, take up your cross with resignation and courage; meditate on doing the good you refused along the evolutionary journey. Starting from suffering and reflection, you understand the pain is correcting the imperfect souls to become future angels.

May God’s Love bless all of you!

João Deus* GESH – 02/28/12.

Note*: This Spirit was protected by a nurse. He/she was very different but remembered so much Pope John Paul II.

11. One more Intraterrestrial city welcoming rescued beings

Dear Friends,

We bring you the most cheerful vibrations.

May peace and kindness always involve you!

Our happy hearts celebrate the day when for the first time, we met them, and a new world opened so that we had another point of view about life.

Countless lessons we obtained in contact with different teachers, instructors as you call them that very patient taught us about the different mansions existent on Earth.

Those wise words enlarged for us, the horizon about the Universe, and we could then understand the greatness of God we already knew, but now, we love much more.

Our scientists were allowed and prepared to cross through the space in our spaceships. For the ones that remained in Lemur, they brought the best teachings.

In the extraterrestrial eyes, we could see expressed the brilliant stars, as God’s Love illuminating our souls!

We also send to you, our "new friends" and knowledge especially about the plants that resulted into "Natural Drugstore" at clinics and hospitals of the Spiritualist Cologne delivering to the astral plane of Espírito Santo State, where GESJ is settled.

The work increased due to the exchange of knowledge of both parts that motivated new activities.

We implanted networks systems with our Brothers of Stars and also of Group GESJ. Today, we are in touch with all work teams engaged in the Planetary Transition. We got to exchange information quickly including our City Lemur, in the Salvationist Script foreseen by the Great Spirituality.

It represented great evolution for our people, because the preparation impelled us to work with Jesus, and "studying high knowledge."

At the beginning, we came here to gain knowledge and strength. Today, the Superior Energies come directly to us through the channels we built.

Of course, we continue visiting our terrestrial friends as the starting point for the important changes our people achieved, and we are eternally thankful to them.

We are prepared to receive them with their families. We do not know about the number of people to be helped, but surely, many of them come to Lemur where we will receive them in a loving way.

With a great joy in our hearts, we say good-bye, asking the Father, peace and blessings for you.

Now we are part of only one people of God and of Renewed Earth.

Iz-to-rel, Priest of Lemur City, Serra Caparao/ES -11/18/11.

12. Imminent changes may abate your pride.

Beloved children of My Father!

I came to fulfill the Law, and I brought the necessary instruments, so that with own actions you use them to penetrate the Kingdom of God.

However, you transformed the gold into useless stone. Equally your precious lives, eternal gifts, you deprived of real value, annihilating one another, as if you were "Creators of life."

Nothing you are, my children! You cannot guarantee eternal life in the matter.

The transitory moment you live in the material plane is a blessed opportunity to correct the mistakes, to look for peace and harmony among brothers and reach the Laws of Progress and Evolution.

Again, you are going to the exile!

Your lessons deprived of love and moral sense direct your spirit to one more "expiatory cycle."

The ones said connected with Power and Realm of God, they guide the crowds toward foolish ways of living, planting in their hearts prejudice and discrimination; if today you are rich and powerful ones, yesterday you dragged a body immersed in wounds through the dark alleys of opulent cities.

The transitory life you live does not assure eternal glory!

Renew your faith, brothers! The accelerated time of changes on earth does await your late decisions.

Imminent transformation may abate your pride and superlative pain will penetrated your house.

The "cycle of screeching of teeth" began on earth.

You cannot see my constant presence among you, because your thoughts are far from the sublime vibrations of love, peace and fraternity I send you.

The Planet Earth and other planets belong to the Creator; and the automatism of His Laws drags the humanity in the evolutionary cycle.

If you chose hate, far you are to deserve the ascension the Earth reaches.

Come brothers to me, before the dawn of New Age.

I am your Brother Jesus shouting for peace!

I say good-bye, but I am always among you!

Margarida: I myself with other companions and Brothers of the spiritual plane are knelt down thankful for your constant affection and protection to the humanity.

Beloved Master, we are doing our best efforts so that more people become aware and believe in Your Words and then evolve.

Thank you Lord Jesus! Bless us and the entire humanity!

Jesus: I try to manifest among my brothers that very often reject My Presence.

Even among the suffering ones, they cannot feel my presence, because their hearts full of hate hinder the Light of My love.

I bless you sisters, with My Love.

Lord Jesus - GESH – 06/29/12.

13. We crossed through the Valley of Shadows

Sisters! Blessed is the Divine Lord Jesus!

We crossed through the "Valley of Shadows", where, amidst of pain and suffering, the Masters Light touches the suffering and tired ones asking for another opportunity of purging the wounds hurting them the soul.

Blessed balm is the forgetfulness through the reincarnation!

However, those that scream and implore, they are offenders that due to their rebellion and hate were directed again to the sad places of the Valley of Shadows.

The embodied ones today, they experienced those hours of despair when were rescued by friends and sisters and then sent for the current reincarnation.

So, take care of own life, as if it were a rare flower, where a storm could destroy it; and perishing, will not give the fruits for which was programmed.

So it is Life: rare as gift of God; wonderful while receiving in itself opportunities to correct mistakes, repair sorrows, slander and making enemies into brothers or friends.

Brother, in a lifetime of work and dedication, the past cannot be a weight, but road for a new future. Help and love every minute thankful for being here.

Many are already being exiled without condition of reincarnating. If the Gather granted you such opportunity, He knows, in the little time remained to this humanity, so much can be done in favor of the Planet and all creatures.

May the Peace involve you all!

Sister Teresa of Calcutta - GESH – 06/29/12.

14. Today, John the Baptist; yesterday, Moses

Blessed is Jesus! Blessed is the Love involving us!

Sisters, we knew each other since long time ago.

While my spirit wandered over incarnations, already awakened and working in favor of the humanity to waken the souls dived in the materialism and in puerile faith, your spirit crawled in the first transforming teachings.

You were helped by Master Ramatis who invited us to be with you in the spiritual plane supplying the knowledge acquired over millennia to strengthen and prepare you for the main incarnation you live now.

Now, I am your Guide, Instructor and Friend, John the Baptist aiding you to transpose the "Doomsday", so that no more you get lost in the darkness, and your victorious spirits reach the High Plane, where Masters and Guides await you.

You have faced lot of fights and battles, and as you know, so it will until the end for you to conquer the enemies through words of love word and fraternity, or through the sword, because many of them are not prepared, by own choice, to accept the help we send them. Thus they need the sword penetrating in their hardened hearts to awaken them for their human condition of children of God, our Father.

The Spiritualistic Group you created in the "material plane" continues in the spiritual world with intense activities of helping the need ones throughout the world. "Abrigo Servos de Jesus" despite the intense attack that receives due to the "Portal" there existent, it also continues accomplishing the Divine Plan on Earth and in Heaven.

You have your souls changed, as you advance in fulfilling your duties.

Sisters, we are with you fulfilling the Divine Purposes, until the New Beautiful Earth shows itself in the physical plane.

Blessed is Lord Jesus! Blessed is the Light guiding us!

Margarida: May I ask a question?

John the Baptist: Yes, you can my daughter.

Margarida: I wonder if we know each other, since you were Moses from that time of the Mernephtah Pharaoh of the Ancient Egypt.

John the Baptist: You were embodied in that time, when they called me Moses.

Blessed is Lord Jesus!

John the Baptist - GESH – 07/14/12.

15. Light and Darkness confronted in this Orb

Love presses in the Spheres of Light and from peoples hearts overflows feelings of peace and harmony.

From the High pour continuous superior energies to minimize the chaos on Earth and the negative impacts emanated by the Beast.

Light and Darkness are confronted in this Orb, while the Planetary Transition reaches its end.

In the Spheres of Light of this Solar system inhabit disembodied beings providing life and balance to planets.

The planets develop at dimensions, but still in the same Planetary System.

Planets of same Solar system advances in the space suffering the astrological influences on natural changes under the Law of Progress reaching each one, new evolutionary stages, while people under the Laws of Cause and Effect consequences advance toward the spiritual ascension.

Souls that do not evolve equally to the planet while ascending to other dimensions, they are dragged to another planet that magnetically vibrates in its evolutionary cycle. It abandons the Solar system for then begin new cycle of probation in other planetary system where will evolve or not.

The dense souls that insist on staying in the rebellion, they will go to planets more and more primitive until tired of struggling against the Divine Laws, they return to Fathers House. Then, again balanced will return to the abandoned Planetary System.

The Creative Laws of Life provide countless opportunities so that the souls reach the progress and they evolutionary spiral that impels the Spirit to the High.

In a same Planetary System, the spirit can achieve full ascension and evolutionary degree able to deviate it from the physical world.

Not needing more to interact with the matter, it becomes brilliant spark traveling the immeasurable Universe, serving exclusively the Creator.

Free from wild discharges of the material world, mistakes and attachments, the Spirit travels through the Space serving the Creation.

Inhabitants on Earth! This is the opportunity you have to be free, to reach limitless and perennial evolution.

Blessed is the Divine Light guiding us! Let us vibrate in Love!

Zoroaster - GESH – 07/28/12.

16. Practice Lessons of Love

The Planetary Exile is a painful reality!

Souls going to exile come from millenarian existences that have been neglected chances of progress offered by the Creator, renouncing His Magnanimous Existence, antagonistic to the Laws of Life; no longer have they had the vibratory conditions to remain in this Orb, which is modifying its vibratory pattern.

Souls that compulsorily leave from Earth are those which molecules did not reach the new vibration compatible with the "new planetary dimension".

As expert at Creators Laws, on behalf of this humanity, Jesus begged His Father so that was postponed the moment the Planet would penetrate the new dimension, once after had reached the superior dimension, the souls still immersed in rebellion would be magnetically expelled from the planet due to absolute vibratory incompatibility.

The Immutable Laws of Balance, Harmony and Evolution automatically will direct them far away from the Planet that disrespected for millennia.

Divine Laws when respected and practiced, they produce changes in the vibratory tonus of the sparks impelling them to evolve.

So, terrestrial brothers, if you struggle for the limitless cycle of progress, right now, you must begin practicing the Lessons of Love taught by Jesus, "Love God above all things and the neighbor as if he/she were yourself."

This is the key for freedom.

Zoroaster - GESH – 07/28/12.

17. Accept me as I am: just as your Brother

Beloved daughters of My Father!

I am among you, since you need My Light to penetrate the dark, stony road replete of traps at this "end of planetary cycle."

I come through you to reach those brothers without faith still blaming others, without, however, become humble ones.

I speak to those that follow and believe in me:

The Planet Earth advances to new dimension and the accelerated time reduces your chances in this dimension of probation.

My brothers, take advantage of the time you still have to forgive the enemies around you, to modify attitudes and love the neighbor.

Do not doubt of who I am!

I am your Brother Jesus!

I say good-bye, but I remain among you, beloved children of My Father.

Margarida: My Brother, we were deeply touched by your words and speechless to tell you how we feel, but we had never doubts of Your Presence among us.

Jesus: For that reason, I am often among you. Many brothers even saying that believe in me, they reject my presence for judging them too much little, or too proud.

Accept me as I am: just Your Brother.

Margarida: I know that all of us here think in the same way, and I myself always had strong and deep faith on you.

Jesus: The limited minds do not understand that I know each one, much more deeply than imagine. It does not matter where each one inhabits on Earth, I know them and equally I love them; be in abysmal regions or in Celestial Homes linked to Earth.

Blessed is the Lord of the Worlds!

Jesus - GESH – 04/27/12

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