Divulgation 67


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May feelings of Love, Happiness and Peace of Jesus involve our dear readers at Christmas, because feasts and violence walks together!

The year of 2012 is up, but was very important to our Group GESJ.

In name of the Spiritist Doctrine, we visited the prisons of "Ilha Grande" in Rio de Janeiro; "Carandiru"in Sao Paulo and Fernando de Noronha in Pernambuco, in November of 2011, May and November of 2012, respectively.

The physical plane of those places had no trace of cruelty practiced; but the "inferior astral" of Fernando Noronha, Ilha Grande and Carandiru were worse than at that time of prisons. On the beach, green parks or at hotels, we talked with countless sufferers, crazy, desperate, deformed, frightened and other backward spirits still attached to those places where were cowardly tortured and killed.

As the trips taken to Center of Brazil and Porto Seguro/BA, we recommend you read carefully the messages received over there.

For the people who do not understand, we will talk later.

May the Father" in His Infinite Kindness and Mercy bless Brazil, Barn of the World and Homeland of the Gospel!

Merry Christmas and Good New Year for all of you!

Margarida and Mediums Edilza, Gisele and Penny.


01. Brazil, Heart of the World...

Blessed is Jesus! Blessed is the Great Light with us!

Your spiritual work impels the Army of the Light to act more intensely in benefit of mankind. No matter how little you judge your actions that have been helping the suffering ones through the "Portals of Light" facilitating the anchorage of the superior energy in the dense planes of the Earth.

There is one more programmed trip that surely may bring great benefits to the mankind, mainly at difficult moments of "planetary transition."

We do not demand anything besides your strength, and about your insights, they are memories you have heard at meeting in the astral plane concerning the mankinds future, and about the regions of Earth that will remain for the New Age.

Margarida: Will that area remain intact, my Brother?

Shama Hare: Yes, daughter, that area is destined to house the new mankind.

Margarida: To me, it does not mean effort, only joy.

Shama Hare: You always have the efforts rewarded. Be sure of our presence with you in fulfilling the tasks as benefit to human collectivities at all levels and vibrational dimensions.

Margarida: Especially Brazil that welcomed us and saw us growing. I love Brazil as if it were a dear person of my family that deserves all efforts to settle down a very luminous Cruise.

Shama Hare: Brazil is the heart of the world, Homeland of the Gospel!

We expect see Brazilian People pouring the Light of Divine Love in Brazil at this difficult moment!

Blessed is Lord Jesus! Blessed is the Light and Love guiding us!

Shama Hare, 06/12/12 - Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

Note: Through this message, we knew about the future of that Brazilian Region that prepared us for a long tip from Vitoria/ES to Peixoto of Azevedo/MT and to the Indigenous Region in Xingu.

02. Laws of God refuse ignorance.

Clairvoyance: After the first mantra, I saw an Enlightened Spirit, whose strong energy transmitted respect and peace.

After the second mantra, I received the following message:

Father who abandons his children or let alone the woman to generate and create the children, he is generating for itself terrible suffering.

Laws of God refuse ignorance.

Absence of father and mother was not prophesied at homes on Earth"; however, absent man in their childrens formation and education, as maladjusted souls generate conflicts in the matter that will echo in their future lives.

Sex is creative force of responsibility for man or woman who practices it.

Abandoned by their sexual partners, women practice crimes against life such as abortion, abandonment of children to own luck generating karmas more and more compromising and complex to own backward souls.

Men, by chance, does the transitory matter always grants you masculine bodies?

We are immortal spirits. When free from the matter, we program new existence; we choose to be man or woman in agreement with the evolutionary needs of our souls.

Cycles of Atonements and Trials are finishing, and people still ignores the great compromising to each other in spreading crimes, hate and suffering.

He, who ignores the Creative Laws or still judge the matter as the largest connection with the Creator, they must abandon the Earth.

Brothers, if you still ignore God’s Laws, look for Jesus that for love came from distant celestial spheres to be sacrificed by you. He left in His Lessons, the Universal Code of Life instituted by the Creator: love the neighbor, forgive and serve God!

May Jesus bless all of you!

Jose (Jesus´father) ¹, 08/25/12 - Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

Note ¹: For the first time gave his message in our Group GESJ. We thank him, on behalf of Jesus and Mary for his loving presence among us.

03. I am for you

Do not forget me, dear brothers!

While elevating the thoughts to Me, I can lead you from darkness to Light.

By forgetting or not looking for me; you remain lost in the "inferior planes" and nothing we can do. You will be involuntarily dragged by the turmoil of events, in fulfilling the Laws of Evolution and Progress to inferior Planets, far from Me.

I am with you that only reach progress through me; I am the Way, Truth and Life.

I am your Brother


Medium: Thank you Master for visiting us! Bless us!

Jesus: I bless you, dear Sisters, dear mankind and Planet.

Jesus, 10/05/12 - Vitoria/ES – Brazil.

04. Lights and blessings in the Land of the Cruise

Clairvoyance: I see Jesus where the Cruise would be settled down in the spiritual plane. He sustains and protects the caravans ² coming to celebrate that event.

Holy Mary always simple and humble offered them water energized directly by Jesus who applied medicine that in direct contact with the person that received from Marys hands, the healing water according to the person need.

It was a great surprise to see the water molecules changed so that each person received it. Before my surprise, I heard one’s voice: "similar healing similar!

Incredible was the container from where Maria collected water. It was too small for the number of people, but did not end; likewise Jesus multiplying bread and fish!

Among the caravans were various Beings of Light of high hierarchy, but there was also sick, deformed beings struggling to there. Mary assisted with much more love.

Jesus was praying and His magnetic field and tender voice attracted the attention of all crowd. Everyone was deeply touched by His Light, Words and Presence.

While Jesus spoke, I saw lots of pink rays of different shades leaving from His chest. I had never seen so many pink colors. It was a fantastic vision like a "northern dawn" leaving from His chest smoothly involving each one in a special way.

Then, I heard Mary saying:

Dear brothers!

Thirsty, sadness, despair and affliction that disturbs lot of you, it means you can already can waken and choose new roads.

When the soul understands how is useless to struggle against God’s Laws, he/she returns home

The water you receive magnetized by Jesus is the chance to renewal you in this Earth of Atonements and Trials.

Being devoted to own renewal, you can achieve the joy of the creative pulse lovingly supplied as medicine for your souls.

Serve and trust in Divine Providence that in everything assists you.

I wrap you with infinite love asking the Father that Lord Jesus Will is fulfilled.

May the lights and blessings on Earth of the Cruise aid everyone in need!

Peace and Light to you!

Mary (Mother of Jesus), 09/06/12, MT

Note ²: Caravans of disembodied intra-extraterrestrial and earthly ones. Many of them gave us beautiful messages.

05. Blessed are the afflicted for they shall be consoled

Blessed is Holy Marys Love! Blessed is Lord Jesus Light.

Women, you do not neglect the body wrapping your spirit to evolution.

Sad is reminding how I neglected the matter, which was carefully prepared by self-denying hands for everything we need as embodied spirits. But it is equally a great joy remind my encounter with that Angel who incarnated among us and impelled my spirit for the necessary change after successive falls related to sex.

Sisters, the Master is always with us. His Presence changed into energy touches the womens soul tired of humiliation, opening their hearts for the change that His Love invites to accomplish.

I remain working for to rescue from the Abyss, sisters that, as incarnate ones cultivated the body in trade of beauty and pleasure, but neglected the spirit. Today, they are slaves of own choices arrested to the "Valley of Sex" serving men that indifferent to inner feelings arrest them to pay an eternal debt according to their conceptions.

Nevertheless, they forget that has not eternal suffering, because the son, one day returns to Fathers arms that anything asks as reward, but patiently awaits his/her son/sister comes to Him again.

We are so many "regretted Madalenas" asking to God, chance to restart. Holy Mary kind and merciful Mother follows work groups in areas of pain and suffering.

Unhappily, to each sister rescued, two other ones arrive at the Valley of Sex. Signals of times, brothers! Wherever has party to Baco (i.e. God of Pleasures in the Roman Mythology), there are crowds at disarray of pleasures, dishonoring the bodies similar to old clothes discarded into these valleys.

The work goes on, and the sisters under Marys orientation are hard-working in fulfilling such noble task.

We ask to Father protect us divulging the messages of beloved Jesus d at this end of time on earth. "Blessed are the afflicted for they shall be consoled."

Mary Magdalena, 09/06/12, MT.

06. Have compassion for backward brothers

Dear brothers,

It is up the program established by Lords of the Universe. All our brothers, the most evolved or rebel ones prisoners in the "abysmal areas" of the Earth, they were wrapped with my Love, on behalf of God.

Have compassion for the ones still late in understanding the reality of life. If the purest forms of Celestial Love are not enough to conquer your angelical dream, then, compassion is the first step to lead you in that direction.

When you face the furious crowd or dislike, bear in mind compassion.

Go you also spread energies from the Light of the Cruise.

You always bear always in mind, I am among you!

While the Beast, sister of insane rebellion spreads perversity, My Immaculate Love spreads hope for those that, amid the madness, try escaping from the bestial one.

It is enough Faith leads you to Me, and courage for self renewal to connect us.

"Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the Earth"!

In blessings of Light, I leave you!

Jesus Sananda, 09/06/12, MT.

07. Stronger is the Light of the Great Spirit

Clairvoyance: We were praying the mantra, when an Indian approached. Very nervous, he touched the soil with the hand. Then, Fênix Joarã dressed as Cacique Pena Verde approached and put the hand on his shoulder and spoke to him pointing up toward the sky. Another old Indian approached, pointed up toward the sky and, gradually, the nervous Indian was better. Then, I heard the following words:

Save Yanderú! Save Indian People! Save the Forest!

Indian thanks the "White Tribe" for visiting and proclaiming "Peace" in the Indigenous land. Ramatis, Great Cacique of white people sent Cacique Pena Verde to speak to our people.

Our shaman said the White Tribe was coming to became stronger in the sky, the "Light of the Great Spirit" protecting our people, forests, rivers and animals; and their hearts neither demonstrate cruelty nor intentions of exploit the indigenous lands.

Indigenous land also belongs to white people. Cacique Pena Verde said that Cacique Margarida commands the White Group on earth.

Peace of forests, Indigenous people and Yanderú!

Greetings from Xingu Tribe to you!

Cacique Yuruquê, 09/07/12, MT

08. Time does not stop

Thank you, Father, because, in time, we understood we must serve and work in His Name, in order to free our souls, as we rescue each brother.

We are deeply touched to see so many evolved brothers here. Surely, we did not deserved, but humbly, we received the invitation as reward by our Instructors.

Wrapped by humble feeling and light, we take the occasion to invite the undecided ones to awaken the consciences as soon as possible and responsibility for each one. They must be free from the ties brought with them to the Planet of probation.

Time is up for illusory experiences of material ascension. Time does not wait the backward ones choose the light.

Thank you, God, because while working in those "regions of pain and suffering", we gained knowledge never imagined by our limited mind.

Deeply touched by such noble vision, more we wish help the neighbor. You also embodied ones let you be touched by sublime energy involving our beautiful country.

Praised is God offering us, every day, self-renewal toward the Light!

Luis Sergio, 09/06/12, MT.

Clairvoyance: While receiving the message, I could see various humble workers of "Colonia Espiritual Servos de Jesus". The simplest ones rescued that work at Clinics of Help were allowed to be at the meeting with Masters of Great Universal White Fraternity. Deeply touched, they knelt down before the Light of Jesus.

Then, I saw Luis Sergio with an ancient appearance knelt down thanking for receiving energy under the presence of "Evolved Hierarchies".

09. Wherever you are, I will be there

Beloved sisters!

Blessed are your efforts, and wherever in My Name are from the simplest cottage to the most beautiful home, I will be there with you!

Fewer amidst the turmoil of suffering elevate the thought to Heaven begging for help, strength or orientation.

Most of humans before the pain, fruit of their crop, they despise the God’s Name, Love and Existence. Even thus, I always approach of those detached from material goods able to hear me, in thoughts, words and loving attitudes to the neighbor.

We know so many people doubt of My Presence, but I have never abandoned them. I remain closely accompanying and listening to their rooted hearts and asking to Father bless them, despite of still ignoring God’s Laws.

Even thus, on behalf of the Army of Light; before the distrust, criticism and difficulties, I thank for manifesting my thoughts so that people do not fell alone.

To whom I address our words, some of them receive them with love, faith and desire to evolve, but the deaf ones to our words, they draw their future, by listening to the "Beasts appeal", which vile power devastates entire existences, leading countless souls to Abysm, whose individual choices and falls, we cannot avoid.

Dear brothers! If "shadows" let sadden human beings, it is not by Fathers Will, but misuse of free will.

Dear brothers and sisters, enjoy the freedom granted you by the Divine Law. Choose Christs Right, Power of Good and Armies of Light as Forces allied to Me.

In same proportion of crescent pain, let the faith strengthens in your heart so that courageously you face the time coming.

May the Planetary Christ’s Peace inhabit forever in your heart.

Margarida, we ask you a little more patience and resignation, and soon, you are free for having accomplished your duty until your last moment.

The "Beast" should know the Evil never grows where Power of Good inhabits.

Peace and kindness among men!

I leave you in Peace!

Margarida: Thank you, beloved Master being here addressing us comfortable words affirming happy days for our beautiful Planet, Mother Earth.

Lord Jesus: Our hearts are linked by the Greatest Force, Love! Wherever you are, I will be there pouring Light and Peace among you, since my Father allows.

Peace on Earth!

From your Brother,

Jesus, 09/22/12, Porto Seguro/BA

10. Mark of Darkness turned into Light

We greet you in name of the Peace!

Brothers, with a great, we receive you in our city, as well as in participating of such an important event for us, terrestrial people and for the entire Indigenous Nation.

Now, we begin planting the seed of "New Land", as "mark of darkness turned into light"! Together with Enlightened Bothers, we clean up the place around the Cruise.

It is a great jump toward our spiritual walk.

Letham and Lethia (inhabitants of Letha City) - 07/09/2012, MT

11. Intraterrestrial Cities in the great event

Clairvoyance: While the brother Orcadim transmitted the message, I could see various intraterrestrial beings going toward the Cruise. Among them were various intraterrestrial brothers of Europe according to the map brought with them.

Then the message came:

Greetings, brothers!

We from Okay City and other intraterrestrial cities will compose only one light. We are gathering and donating energy to become stronger the light of the Brazilian sky.

Here present are various members of all intraterrestrial cities, including of other countries, since the Cruise shall illuminate the entire Planet.

The stronger energy will benefit even the still primitive intraterrestrial cities that need of additional energy for the last evolutionary jump at this time of transition.

Our power plants supply energy for helping our younger brothers.

Peace to all! Thank you Father for granting us so beautiful event!

Orcadim, 09/06/12, MT.

12. Jesus speaking to Leaders of different religions

Clairvoyance: In an audience were various rabbis, Pastors, bishops and many other African, Asian, European and American leaders besides the Masters of the Great Universal White Fraternity gathered around Jesus.

Here is part of Jesus words to the listeners:

Beloved brothers!

For achieving the spiritual level, firstly, you remove from heart, the belligerent armor as shield to face the world. It also hinders to see other brothers like you.

We know that each of you received high skills, which you are trying to transmit to your pupils. However, the "ancient know-how" transmitted to new generations result into wrong interpretation about the sublime messages transmitted.

In this world, we can see wars and conflicts consuming energies and resources that should be useful for the human progress.

Fraternity, daughter of tolerance, is absent among you.

The world interests mobilize the crowds to such an extent able to distort the purpose of incarnation and opportunities offered are wasted.

Then, as last appeal directly addressed the Religious Leaders on Earth that on behalf of God guiding the human beings, we recommend you retake the simplicity of the "original doctrine" and assume, under the Occult Government of the World Commander, the "Fundamental Doctrinaire Teachings" for the last proofs this humanity may face.

You must act as intermediary of God’s Laws in leading your people, unless you want be thrown into the painful abyss: "Much will be asked of he who receives much".

Over incarnations was granted the gift of redemption to souls in needy linked to them. Now, not by chance, you have them under your supervision and care. Before teaching the precious lessons, you must love the neighbor, as living example.

Most of the Civil Leaders in the world are still delayed and attached to transitory material appeals! Do not imitate them, because the hard consequences of mismanagement may fall on your millenarian souls destined to be spiritual transport.

You are under God’s Love that granted new chances to man evolve. Be you faithful to Fathers Will acting in each spiritual stage to favor your "celestial ascension."

"Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened".

You only meet the Father through me. I am the Way, Truth and Life.

No more the apartheid of discussions!

No more selfish fights seeking to make a religion prevail to other.

No more foolish interests that relegate at inferior level of importance, the spiritual orientation for humans.

No more refuse the presence of God’s Son among you, as before serving the purpose of elevating this humanity from primary condition of development to spheres of Light and Love.

Dear disciples, for you facing the Earth’s final agony, you need be free from unreasonable prejudice and to struggle for life.

May the Peace of the Lord of the Worlds wrap with Light your numbed consciences and hardened hearts!

Jesus Sananda is presiding the Intergalactic Confederation Conclave studying and leading the fate of Earth.

Clairvoyance: after the lecture, Lord Jesus shows on a big screen, sad and stunned images of catastrophes devastating the world making people cry.

Then, through the images, He points out, the wild behavior of many people attacking one another with violence and uncontrollable anger. The Master identifies the Religious Group within each one of the outstanding characters.

The respective Leaders deeply touched cried.

Lord Jesus finished the meeting with the following words:

Go and review your guidelines. Abandon everything linking you to the transitory "material world" and retake the simplicity of Divine Laws.

Serve sincerely your brothers in name of One God governing the entire world. You are brothers, children of same Father to love one another.

May the Peace be with you!

Jesus Sananda

After finished the Meeting, each Master of Great White Universal Fraternity gathers their disciples deeply touched and returned them to the terrestrial plane. Then, Jesus stares the ordinary people attracted for that place.

He continues:

Here is the Cross you have chosen as symbol of redemption for humanity.

Have it with you as source of life addressing your actions and life.

Jesus, 09/06/12, MT.

Clairvoyance: while Jesus spoke for those people, scenes of the past lives of each one were elucidating historical facts happened before and after the Masters birth. In other words, while He was speaking, each one, whose outstanding incarnation was in this or that historical time, he perfectly understood his/her participation in achieving the high purposes of the Spiritual Government of the Planet.

13. Other Encounter with Beings of Light

Clairvoyance: We were praying the mantra, when I clearly shaping the image of Master Ramatis, whose energy flooded the room and I read him speaking:

Welcome, beloved disciples!

One more encounter with Beings of Light!

Whenever you surrender to the works for us designated, we elevate you above the vibratory pattern linked to the earthly plane. Under this condition, you were brought to His sublime presence now pouring His Light as a powerful magnet.

Attracted to this place, Forces of Good surround this Planet working hard in favor of human progress on earth.

At this time, you have the bodies prepared for countless benefits such as in draining the toxins adhered to the perispirit, because of vile actions from the past. For good health, we recommend drinking pure water during whole work so that washes and expels the residues drained from your spiritual bodies by the Medical Staff.

Jesus granted us a singular opportunity to fulfill the Great Plan that determines the progress of worlds, and our hearts blossoms in gratitude to our Lord Jesus.

From everywhere, we see arriving brothers and disciples of the Great White Universal Fraternity united by the Source of Infinite Love represented by Jesus. With various colors interlace their presences and energies increasing Power of Good to each Master arriving.

It is the Master inviting to the strengthening, as answer of the advance of the "Power of Evil" upon mankind.

We are with you thankful for the invitation that echoed in our hearts, but resulted from the One as infinite Light leading us the existence.

We are ready to answer your questions.

Margarida: With joy, good will, love, we are serving, once we love this "work" and the Superior Brothers like you, commanding our Group!

Ramatis: Dear disciple and brothers, we know the dedication of your souls in fulfilling the established by the Higher Plane, as well we know about the difficulties faced in the terrestrial plane and measures adopted to adjust the work to the current needs. Large number of "unhappy beings" advances upon you seeking to destroy the work team that, despite the adversities and criticism of the world, they advance serving the Light with love, work and responsibility.

Followers of Master Ramatis must observe and fulfill God’s Laws of God, at this time of transition, in serving the neighbor, as they would like be served in their moments of affliction, blindness and pain.

We remain with you!

May the Peace of Jesus be with you!

Ramatis, 09/05/12, MT.

Clairvoyance: The Master was "bigger" whose hands wrapped us with a bubble of light and ascended us above the physical plane. From his hands gushed strong energy flooding the bubble with us.

I clearly see part of the perispirit in communication with the spirit and physical body, as never before. They were linked by thin channels like fiber optics draining intensely the harmful substances. They supplied medicines in various parts of the body, mainly in the central nervous system. Light shocks were applied to melt the nodules in our astral bodies. The generated toxins ran by thin channels toward the physical body.

14. Our people understand and trust

We are on alert!

People coming in peace!

People receiving in peace!

Others refuse peace; only want destruction. Our people were created to protect this "land" where only people authorized by Shavant Indian come in.

Margarida: What about our Shavant People?

Tupian: Some of them have already disincarnated. We work and talk, as if it the routine life, but we also prepare everything helped by intraterrestrial brothers. They speak, we hear; they teach and Indians learn.

Lots of them discuss about everything they heard, which discussions make germinate the seeds and impel us to understanding and learn evolve. We do not want imitate white men; we want understand more and more about outside and inside the earth. Indian needs to learn, however white men refuses teach us.

Margarida: It is because Indian is somehow more advanced than "white men". They like everything useless. But referred to a complex, little known subject, most of them refuse and even ridicule it. They have high technology and scientific knowledge, but not so much love in the heart able to respect God’s Laws.

Question: Indian understands and sees everything. The intraterrestrial ones took this Indian for a long trip, where Indian saw that Shavant Villages have already lost the indigenous strength, since they allowed white people change their way of thinking.

Indians have their ideas; as well as while men have theirs! Indian lives here, white men lives there! It cannot mix Indian and white man, because Indian loses. Over there, we can see lots of suffering Indians because neither respected their people nor Religion. Where you were, there are villages undone, "negative forces" and danger.

They told us the hour has come. Our people understand, trusts, and help as possible. We go there to talk with our brothers and relatives, but fewer listen to us and have little faith. The force from outside is stronger and then, sooner, new passages may appear. The intraterrestrial brothers take all the steps for protecting the "City".

Margarida: Do you know that we are "settling" a Cruise with force of Indian from an intraterrestrial city existent here and other Brothers of the Spiritual Plane?

Q: Indian understands and sees partially. The intraterrestrial ones show a Great Star pulling up everything around, but only good things. The Star is Jesus who incarnated on earth as man to teach how men should live, but they did not listen to Him.

Tell white man how lovingly our land is. We learned the Star came and spoke to white men that did not hear Him, and we could not speak due to our little strength.

Margarida: Did you know about His last days in the Earth? They said horrible things, mistreated and crucified Him.

Indian: Our people welcome new friends.

Margarida: We recognize such friendship.

Indian: Warriors remain protecting you here, until you leave.

Margarida: Thank you, friend.

Indian: Cacique is our Great Boss. Tupian commands the conversation with visitors and intraterrestrial brothers. Cacique fights; Tupian talks.

Margarida: Say good bye to new friends.

Indian: May the strength on earth and in heaven involve you!

Tupian Tiê Kitá, 09/07/12, MT.

Note: That message maintained its original form of communication.

15. My Light shines your path

My children, you should not fear the Power of Evil!

My Light shines your roads.

You are ready to face and defeat the Power of Evil. You can finally you’re your souls illuminate by Light of My Love flooding your cells with peace and harmony. You returned the condition you were created, as divine sparks to evolve.

Do not worry in waiting the backward ones to retake their forms and the right path, because, you also have trodden the path of deformities and, today you are free from the world of Atonement and Trials.

One day, the Beast will also get the "condition of Angel" full of light. This evolutionary stage is transitory, since all sparks immersed in God’s Love walk to perfection. No matter how far is the ascension; inexorably return to Realm of Light.

Go ahead confident in My Love and in My Presence with you.

Margarida: Eternity does not end. God’s Laws always give us time and opportunities to evolve.

Jesus: Infinite is also the turmoil of progress in the creation of worlds and beings, because in my Father’s House are various mansions to His children.

May God bless all you, beloved children!

Go courageously to fulfill your duties, the Realm of Light is coming.

Lord Jesus, 09/09/12, MT.

Note: We talked about the Beast retake the Power of the Good.

16. No man puts apart God’s Plan

Beloved brothers,

When Santa Cruz Land was baptized, the Brazilian Land received the symbolic message of Superior Spirits that destined in its "sidereal program" to become the Center of the Enlightened Cruise to be settled by Jesus in name of the human redemption.

Early, so many people understood the role of those lands; however, the free will allowed them changes along the time.

Nevertheless no man puts apart the Plan of God. The "initial program" retook its strength in the Presence of Jesus, which Enlightened Cross lit in the center of Brazil a "Lighthouse of Sublime strength" that should indicate to the world, the path of peace, fraternity, and humility for the spirits indebt with the Karmic Law.

Peace and joy wait those that in His presence serve the Realm of Light.

To others, new road may come to restart learning, strengthening the faith and then retake their condition as children of God.

Cabral, Pedro Alvares - 09/07/12, MT.

17. Not everyone could come

Peace among us!

Friends, we also are also Servants of Jesus working hard in His Realm, thankful for participating as guests of this great party.

Not all could come, because of incessant activities and assistance of the "Colonia Espiritual Servos Jesus". But, we were informed that everything happened here will be transmitted on a screen placed in that colony at appropriate time, so that everyone here and there enjoy the best moments of this encounter and share the wonderful experience in the presence of Enlightened Beings whose Light emanates strength sustaining and impelling us to evolve.

Glory to God in Heaven and Peace to men on Earth!

Jesiel (Leader of Old Blacks in GESJ), 09/06/12, MT.

18. You gave me the Cross

Clairvoyance: I have seen Lord Jesus coming to city we were. He seemed the same man incarnated on Earth formerly.

Among many Spirits that followed Him were workers of GESJ, Zambi and his felines going ahead.

The Master had on His shoulders a cross full of light.

Then, I began hearing as follows:

You gave me the cross. Now, full of light it returns to you know only Love frees.

Brazil, Heart of the World, Homeland of my Gospel.

Jesus, 09/05/12.

Note: Later, He was going to a certain place followed by so many people attracted by His magnetic Presence. He walked firm, but calmly.

19. With you I remain all the way

Brothers! In the simplicity lies the promise of happiness that brought to the world hope to see them converted to Fathers Love.

Our Presence among you for thousands of years seeks to fulfill the Will of the Creator Uncreated who commands everything with justice and love.

Brothers, come to us, free from the material ties delaying your spiritual progress.

Free you from inferior ties and come to "Light" welcoming all you around it.

Do not waste precious time lamenting about mistakes, falls, lessons I brought but you neglected them in the past. Just look at Divine Mercy and feeling His Presence among you, through God’s Love; free you from the past offering you to future time through the present redemption. Face courageously all suffering likewise I faced the suffering imposed to me. It is the healing for spiritual ascension.

With you I remain until render concrete the Divine Purposes.

Come to me, you all thirsty for justice and I will satiate you.

Margarida: Dear Master, at this sublime, unforgettable time for us Servants of four Spiritualists Groups, we ask you, blessings of peace and love to shine especially minds and hearts of Leaders, visitors and all terrestrial humanity!

Dear Brother, we expect everyone get a drop light of Your Love! We also expect all components of the "Spiritual Caravan" with us; they flood of peace the humanity.

We are very happy here!

Glory to God in Heaven and Peace on Earth among men!

Jesus: Children of My Love are joined by Master Ramatiss mental power and in name of that love, amalgam of our lives; I ask to Father Blessings for you all.

You are not just Servants of Jesus; but dear brothers of this One here with you, as just a Humble Servant of Lord Jesus governing the Universe in all wisdom.

May Peace, Kindness and Love always involve you on that work!

Jesus, 09/05/12, MT.

20. Count on us!

From rivers banks, sky, bottoms of forests and flames of fire, we are with you celebrating the encounter with the light.

We know Him, Jesus.

We thank Him for granting us an opportunity for recognizing all creatures as part of the "Creation" and also us, working and progressing under God’s Light and Protection. With the forces of the land, we work in favor of the Servants of Jesus.

Count always on us, despite our limited possibilities.

Nife (Guardian of Elementals working in GESJ), 09/06/12, MT

21. Around you there is only pain and suffering

Clairvoyance: We were praying the mantra, when I saw a little man, whose color reminded wood. He appeared, but while observed, he hid behind the tree.

When a Being of Light approached, he spoke as follows:

Why do you destroy our House?

Why do you put fire at home?

Why man destroys everything that nourishes his life?

We do not understand man, but we know when he invades, destroys and kills, his selfish heart wants for himself what should be for everyone.

"Our Spiritual Instructors" recommend us to protect the land, forests and rivers; and so we do, even at high costs.

To save us, we abandon the land that without life, it dies, making its "owners" cry and implore for Nature that no longer will hear the weeping from its murders and then hunger, drought and desolation settle down.

Look at around you, only pain and suffering!

We remain here for the time God Father wants.

Pay attention and listen to us, Elementals taking care of that large area, being withdrawn because many brothers cry after the destruction provoked by the enemy fire.

We are leaving, because nothing else we can do here.

Be in Peace all of you!

Torah (Earthly Elemental), 09/07/12, MT

22. Peace and Kindness among men

Clairvoyance: I have seen Lord Jesus settling down the Cross full of light in the "Nirvanic plane". Then the Masters cross formed other five crosses, one at each plane, so that all everyone could somehow access its "inner light" in the seven planes of life: physical, double ethereal, astral, inferior and superior mental, Buddhist and ethereal.

We are speechless about the light produced as waves spread in concentric circles to all the directions of each plane and sub-plane, where was present.

It was the powerful magnet force acting in the whole Planet. Then, Jesus said:

Beloved brothers,

As determined the Fathers Word, we are here to fulfill the spiritual program in those lands destining Brazil to sustain the Precepts of Light guiding the humanity.

We returned to Santa Cruz Land bringing the Power of Light that neither symbolizes martyrdom nor suffering, but "redeeming Calvary", so that you can, again, before our words, understand that only supporting with resignation and courage the suffering, you get rid of it.

By fleeing, you only prolong the presence of pain and suffering in your lives; but embracing humbly the suffering, you elevate your primary condition to the next level of the evolutionary scale.

Humans may face hard period, as the crop of own actions.

"No one can leave this prison until the last cent of their debt has been paid!" said Jesus. So it will be!

On that hour helped by brothers that voluntarily answered to our call, we will make shine in the plane above the physical one, the Message of Light as the Cross of My Suffering.

May it be in your minds, the symbol of resigned resistance to the evil!

May it be the symbol of compassion for the suffering brothers!

May it be the symbol of humility, courage and strength!

Let your hands extended to the neighbor take My Presence to the little ones ignorant still arrested and delayed on the road!

Whenever lacks you strength, the Cross shines, since you look for the inner Source of Light to strengthen you, restoring energies of those who follow Me in assisting others.

However, those adopt it to save themselves, forgetting that "it is giving that we receive", they neither find strength nor light, being in another vibratory level will be.

As a magnet, which strength only emanates from the Creator will attract to itself the souls led to safe, protected places throughout the region.

On behalf of the One who created all things and sustains the universe, I am thankful for allowing us present in the materialization of that "light" that sustain so many souls lost, late and reluctant to renewal. They are children of My Heart that I insistently call, but they refuse to meet me.

May the Fathers Blessings sustain you until to fulfill the Purposes of God in your lives!

Sisters, workers of GESH, go ahead; despite of pain and suffering, since you have already trodden most of the way and, only you can tread the missing part.

Heavy consequences come for those working with the Power of Light; they succumb before the siege of Darkness. You cannot imagine the fall and consequences.

Dear children, elevate the thought to Me, so that in agreement with your desire and free will that is "Law of Creation" I can help you in the redeeming road.

Peace and kindness among men!

Strength and Light on Earth!

Jesus, 09/07/12, MT.

23. We learned how respect the teachings of Jesus

Brothers and friends,

We share a great joy with you. We are the humblest Servants of Jesus who learned love Him and respect His Teachings, since we were collected from the bottoms of the inferior astral by the Divine Mercy.

Yesterday everything was scorn and mockery; today, veneration and devotion.

We still can little. We are those that clean and collect dejections, miasmas and garbage after the spiritual treatments performed in the "Abrigo Servos Jesus" and "Colonia Espiritual Servos Jesus under GESJ´s supervision.

They call me Jeremiah. On behalf of Jesus, I am a king of supervisor for the Devils gathered here. In name of them, "workers of last hour", I thank Him that I have never seen, but feel Him here.

Our hardened hearts made us blind; but, today, for the first time, we can feel His Presence and, maybe, to see Him.

Who, among humans would give such an honor to creatures like us immersed in mistakes for thousands of years?

Few ones would. Now we know and say that with much love, we collect the dirt and clean up our Spiritist House until it is shining, and at the same time, we are cleaning ourselves from the past mistakes.

May He bless them for allowing us a chance of getting better!

Jeremiahs (Exu Caveira under redemption), 09/06/12, MT.

Note: In GESJ, at mediumistic meetings, spirits like "Pomba Giras", female exus, mothers-of-saints", old black man, mestizos and others are welcomed for loving teachings.

With support in the words of Jesus: "help others, as if they were yourself", patience, understanding and love, we talk and hear those brother’s troubles, supplications, even in an arrogant way. We often convince them to hear us. Experienced workers of the Spiritual Plane direct them to place appropriate to their current needs.

I really enjoy the task I myself created in GESJ since 42 years ago. Now I am 89 years old.

Knelt down, I thank Jesus and Ramatis for the blessed opportunity of burning my karma resulted from the practice of "black magic", while I am assisting the brothers through the "white magic"!...


24. The intraterrestrial world in tune with the Heart of Jesus

Clairvoyance: Lord Jesus with His Cross of Light emanated so strong force that my spirit could be dragged or even powdered.

The room walls disappeared. Then, I have seen Jesus turned in the central region of Brazil. Apostles and Masters of Great Universal White Fraternity were present too.

I could see Brazil as Heart emitting waves of Light in the entire Planet.

Then the message came:

The intraterrestrial world pulses in tune with the Heart of Jesus.

By following His Lessons and Will, in harmony and obedience to the Creator, we introduce ourselves welcoming our terrestrial brothers in our intraterrestrial cities.

From Light & Love City, we deliver superior energies to minimize the suffering of the Earth.

The cycle of Atonements and Trials for the humanity is finishing at this dimension, and the Planet full of light reborn for victorious evolution.

Blessed is the Light guiding us!

Blessed is the Power of the Good!

Saradin (Intraterrestrial of Light & Love City), 09/05/12, MT.

Note: Light & Love City is an intraterrestrial city in the Amazonian Area. It is a type of plant supplying energy throughout the Planet. When we have been at that Amazonian Area, we landed more than 1 km away from the place.

25. The chosen seeds tread the path of trials

Beloved children, our Father shouts you to work.

Everywhere on Earth, we announced our presence, so that our deceived, proud brothers sought self-renewal.

We gathered good spirits in Santa Cruz Land for constructing the "Promised Land" that in a near future would house the souls renewed in faith and in light, as seeds destined to germinate in the New Age.

Like you, the seeds tread the path of trials, because for a long time practiced the evil and forgotten God.

Dear children, at this time of planetary renewal, the seeds are ready for new sowing on Earth, where peace, love, harmony and fraternity must prevail.

The Planet of Transition was projected to dwell the rebel ones from different worlds for restarting new sowing on Earth, but they failed in their purposes of evolution, in betraying themselves in the oath of progress.

Again, many souls leave for future expiatory trials, and under tremendous suffering will recognize the Creators Perennial Light and His Eternal Laws that created us.

Go dear children divulging my Good News throughout the world, so that everyone knows the "end of this generation" approaches, and New Land sustained by love will be born, where everyone inhabit and begin peace time with me.

I bless you! My Presence remains with you today and always!

Jesus, 09/06/12, MT.

26. It is trough Love we free ourselves.

The discovery of Brazil accomplished the determination of God under Jesus Leadership and miscegenation of races for formation of the Brazilian people, and absorbed from original races, the essential components to transform the Earth of the Cruise into Heart of the World.

Bear in mind humility, pardon and charity.

Despite the embodied ones negligence about the Divine Purposes, the Creators Sovereign Laws always fulfill their Purposes.

Negative interference of human decisions and misuse of free postpone the larger purposes ending up in suffering and pains in the souls forever.

Pain cannot be avoided in order to evolve.

By simplicity of acting, the person finds the Creator.

By disobedience of the Creative Laws of Life, the person finds the suffering.

By using the matter for endless pleasures, disrespecting one’s rights, the person prolongs his/her permanence in the inferior areas, where pain made home.

By conquering the attributes of true love, the person reaches a limitless growth.

It is trough Love we free ourselves

May Jesus bless us!

Ishmael, 09/06/12, MT.

27. Brazil of Brazilian People!

The Brazilian soil was spotted with actions less worthy against the Divine Laws; but could not turn off the lights that already blunt on the horizon of the Renewed Earth.

The Brazilian Homeland will accomplish the Superior Determinations of becoming the Homeland of the Gospel, once it is already the Heart of the World.

Brazil with its barns full of spiritual food will receive people backward morally, economically and geographically destroyed.

No more war consumes the planetary goods; people in perennial communion of peace and harmony will build the New Land.

However, brothers, how much pain, fights and darkness will you face before the last hour of the Earth of Atonement sounds!

Only hearts faithful to the Higher Purposes of love the neighbor, peace and kindness can forgive so many times necessary for then, reach the Lights of New Land.

For long time, we followed up your souls on earth, while planning details for new reincarnation seeking the spiritual ascension. However, always defeated by own mistakes, ignorance and rebelliousness, you immersed your souls in the turmoil of falls, despising the valuable time with actions that more and more denigrated you.

The end of the expiatory cycle has arrived and so many souls became free, but a large number of beings are still in the fetid soil of the purgatorial puddles.

Creatures already able to regret and forgive, they still have in this Orb, the last chance of renewal so that face the exile with smaller bale.

Being reluctant longer, they cannot identify the divine chances in the matter. They transform Life into chaos, crucible transformer of souls of last hour.

Brothers, blessed time devoted to the work on behalf of Jesus to free you.

Brazil belongs to Brazilian People!

Blessed is Lord Jesus!

Ishmael, 09/05/12, MT.

28. You still have a stony path ahead

He who wishes to evolve, he must take his cross and follow Jesus seeking the soul improvement and serving as intermediary for the suffering ones.

Lights explode on that hour and accelerate the planetary forces, maintaining cohesive the planetary cells to new dimension.

Everything planned and the Creative Laws follow its automatic course of God’s Love for his creatures.

We serve the Father and for Him, we are here.

Men on earth, as taught us Jesus, love one another to reach the Realm of Peace.

You still have a stony path ahead until reach the sublime homes of redemption.

You ought to involve you with faith, trust and obedience to God’s Purposes, despite the suffering along of the road.

Go ahead struggling to free you.

I am Buddha who aided Jesus in fulfilling the Divine Purposes in the Earth.

Buddha, 09/07/12, MT;

29. Only one Law applied to everyone


We hope you have the Peace of Jesus as fortress for your work!

As before, I remain with you, because the Spiritualistic Taskwork gathers sons and daughters of the Lamb in incessant work seeking peace among men.

The places you walk now, formerly were occupied by native people that suffered important changes. The devastation of the terrestrial sceneries reflects the spiritual human poverty still primitive in evolution.

The codification of the Comforting Spiritism promised by Jesus, it took part of planning for the "Occult Governments" of the world seeking to grant again to the humanity, an opportunity of understanding and gradually stop committing mistakes and then to regenerate before the Law.

Being excessively attached to the matter, the latecomers have renounced the precious knowledge, preferring to commit suicide that harms body and soul than struggling for own renewal and to spiritual growth.

Even those that consider themselves faithful to the Doctrinaire Precepts like us, they refuse to give up old attitudes, morbid habits and inferior tendencies, preferring to disfigure the "Teachings of Spirits" than be surrounded to the evidences pointing them for real renewal in their "inner world."

The more our incredulous spiritualistic brothers refuse the Gospel, more we try awakening them for the intangible reality of life.

It is time for liberation only reached by loving the neighbor, as purpose of life, and commitment with God’s Laws.

There is only One Law applied to all creatures.

Spiritism is the compass to guide indebt spirits to own Christian Duty.

Spiritualists! You must instruct yourselves and struggle for to build the New Land free of impurities, which you insistently infected it.

Only those that work in accordance with their reincarnation program will ascend to "spheres of regeneration."

Be in peace!

Allan Kardec, 09/06/12, MT.

30. Brazil! Thank you beloved Homeland!

Blessed is Lord Jesus!

Brothers, I lovingly participate today of this important event in the soil of the Homeland of my heart.

Before embodying, Spiritual Leaders said I would have an "incarnation-key" to redeem myself from the karma of falls and mistakes committed through misdeeds and power I had in attracting hate and revenge.

So, I incarnated in the Promised Land!

Under my care was the "younger Prince of Portugal, Peter" that in past lives, I dismissed the power, through betrayals and cruel plans taking him to fall.

Close to me were embodied accomplices of that time that also tried to stab me; but, confident and sure of my convictions, I kept in mind the lessons learned while I prepared myself for this incarnation.

I fulfilled my duty. Today, I humbly serve Brazil, no more as debtor, but as servant lovingly taking care of the precious jewel I have in hands.

I still have in me that despotic character; now, I am able to love through the contact with fraternal spirits.

Brazil! Thank you, dear Homeland, today, no more as Corrective School, but Renewed Earth with seed of love and fraternity.

Peace to you!

José Bonifácio, 09/05/12, MT.

31. Hope of Planetary Renewal

The High Spheres send vibrations of peace and love to the Planet of Atonement.

In the same way they did before in the "in nature" Brazilian Lands, today, Celestial Beings spread emanations of light and love.

Happy for contributing in favor of the Planet Earth, many celestial beings landed in this place transforming the great luminescent focus of Jesus Divine Presence into giant power plant spreading waves involving the whole Planet, even reaching the abysmal regions and touching deeply the one’s hearts there. Then, they will know that no longer can remain in this Orb.

Your simple work provided the materialization of the Divine Ideal of again settle down hope in the Brazilian lands.

Happy we share with you this moment full of energy, peace and love to Brazil.

Brazil, Heart of the World! Homeland of the Gospel! Hope of planetary renewal!

Campos, Humberto, in 06/09/2012, MT

Question: Are you "Brother X"?

Answer: No more I need hide behind pseudonyms, because from me only remains the dust absorbed by Mother Earth. My renewed soul no longer belongs to the consanguineous family. Today, I am citizen of the world, brother of all humanity inhabiting the infinite celestial space (*).

Campos, Umberto (former-brother X)

Note (*): It refers to a private subject between Humberto Campos and Chico Xavier’s families on copyrights of messages received by dear medium. The Court ruled in favor of Chico.

32. I bless you all for the employed effort

My children! On earth is pouring lights as additional strength for the ones connected to the Good, as wheat germinating in the Promised Land.

These will have the energies restored to resist the merciless attraction of Hercolubus (the same Intruding Star or Cleaner Star), but the "tares" go on ignoring us or using the Lord’s name to commit iniquities and crimes. The powerful magnetism of the Intruding Star will drag them from Earth toward painful exile.

I bless you all for the efforts employed for materialization of Divine Plans.

With you I was. With you I remain!

I am Brother and Friend yours,

Jesus, 09/07/12, MT.

33. Hate, cement of backward soul

Beloved children of My Father! There is no greater joy, than calm conscience for have accomplished duty.

For loving the neighbor, I also went down the "sublime areas" to take a physical body in this dimension. Like me, today, you dress appropriate tunics to go down the Abyss for helping the deformed brothers deprived of human condition created by God.

Time is up on earth to practice evil. Warnings and callings of alert recommending the consciences to give up anti-Christian actions to the Fathers Laws.

The deceived, ignorant and perverse ones attracted by unhappy practices of exploiting others, they will leave from this planetary breast to restart in another "sterile planet" existent in various mansions of the Fathers House.

Brothers, you must give up the unhappy practice!

Give up evil and choose Love, as Divine Construction that built your "sparks".

My Presence is everywhere suffering and pain exist.

Brothers, I want free you from ignorance and darkness you created.

If you cannot hear Me, then feel My Presence.

These are little children that in My Name seek to rescue you. If you still use the sword, you refuse the fraternal hand.

Empty your hearts of hate, cement of backward soul.

Come to us, as Servants of God fishing the souls from darkness to Light.

I am with you, brothers, and My Presence will never abandon you.

I am Jesus, your brother!

My words echo everywhere, because I am just intermediary of the Planetary Christ sustaining this little "System" in which you inhabit.

All are brothers, it does not matter where you inhabit or your spiritual condition. All were created for Gods sake to evolve.

The "Dynamic Evolution of Worlds" equally imposes to all creatures, progress or leaving for worlds in evolutionary stage still late.

Go, loved brothers in My Name pouring love, peace and light in the darkness.

I bless you, dear children.

Margarida: Thank you, Divine Master for blessings of Peace, Light and Love, so that courageously, we face the difficulties ahead.

Master Jesus, 05/20/12.


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