Divulgation 68


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Special edition on "Preserved bodies"


It was about twelve and twenty years ago, when some of our companions, spiritual mediums at meetings of mediumistic development and others in GER – "Grupo de Estudos Ramatis" often had seen physical bodies in big capsules of glass or crystal, and in containers also of same material, like coffins.

All bodies were beautiful and seen, as if their owners were alive and sleeping, such was the serenity and beauty presented, however, they had not spirit. The spiritual mediums could not identify the places, but surely were in underground regions in Brazil.

That phenomenon happened for several times and we were curious, because the Spiritual Instructors did not give us explanation.

The years passed, and I, particularly, kept the healthy curiosity that leads us to wisdom and allied to love, to the divine path.

Now, with the work of "Divulgation" I thought it was hour to see the backstage about it. Joining new and old messages, we set up little book to put one more piece in the huge "puzzle" of the Divine Creation.

The more we study, more extraordinary surprised we are. It is an endless and simply stunning walk!

This Presentation continues in next number.


Messages and Astral Trips:

01 - Flying in the Astral

It was on Monday of July, when I went to "Alto Paraíso/GO" a peaceful city. Some days ago, Ashtar Sheran told me, they had concluded their work on Planetary Transition.

On that night, I also saw something like a crystal city rising from the bowels of the Earth to surface flooding everything with light and spectacular energy. They took me to a rock also near to "Alto Paraiso" from where I flied towards the North. While flying over the Amazon River, I went westwards where the river source was. It was a dark day. I flew at high speed, but I did not feel myself in any spaceship.

During the flight, for a moment, I felt myself not flying over the Earth´s surface, but in some underground place.

I stopped over an open glade in the forest. It seemed daylight. In the glade, there was something like marks of a big city destroyed by the time.

Thus has ended the astral trip.

GESJ - 07/09/1990

02 - It was a copy of my body

It was on third Monday of July. That night, I was under meditation in the Spirit House, when I saw myself in a huge cave. I was right against something like a coffin of transparent blue light that floated above the ground.

I mentally asked what that was. Someone told me, it was a copy of my body. I said I had already heard other spiritual mediums of GESJ talking about that. They replied that everyone in the Spirit House had a copy. I asked the reason, and they answered it would be useful for exceptional facts.

I realized other answers would come for the time being. I looked around and I saw then, on the other side of the large subterranean grotto, an open door.

There was an excessive moonlight on the other side. I could see three mens silhouettes drawn against the light. I walked towards them that invited me to enter in the illuminated hall, where anything could see with human eyes. I went back, once I could not overcome the barrier.

GESJ – 07/16/90

03 – Extraterrestrials Ish-Wam and Mahyr

Two extraterrestrial friends that followed us for two months greeted us. Later, they introduced themselves as Ish-Wam and Mahyr, an extraterrestrial couple of the Planet Astra-Orion.

I saw, in a grotto maybe in Tibet, boxes with something like translucent crystal that emitted blue light, or involved in it. I do not know how explain. Inside it was something, as if it were human sleeping.

I was with Shama Hare, Mentor of our Group. He said those bodies were on "special missions." After the use, and sterilized returned to the box to prevent that any bacterium, mushroom and other microorganisms attacked that matter.

He also said they conserved the body under vacuum (it is above my understanding) and the light I had seen leaving from the crystal box illuminating the grotto; it was the food for the body. Although that body was not sustained by foods as we know, when "reactivated", it took some time so that the body and Being that used it "learned" how walk, maybe to speak, and so on.

I understood it would last more than a week. Maybe, it seems so much time for those that have so much to do, although should not be very common operation.

Although on that day I was not deeply concentrated reciting the mantra, at the end, I saw the living room full of light that immediately I identified as Master Ramatiss presence.

On that moment, the light irradiated a special vibration of happiness from his heart to us.

Astral trip with Shama Hare - GESJ – 10/24/1992

04 - Trip to the bottoms of the sea / Production of bodies

With astral body, I and other companions were slowly projected upwards the big spaceship. Inside, we found other beings similar the ones we had seen on the beach. We separated us into groups. A companion followed by intraterrestrial beings went toward Cordillera of Andes, while the group stood back for new activities. I was with extraterrestrial Rami and three other entities in a small spaceship going toward the North.

We made a soft flight over the sea toward a resort called "Barra Jucu". We traveled closer the surface for some kilometers. Then, I noticed we went earthwards, when the sunlight was gradually disappearing.

I could see luminous points right against us coming from the intra-oceanic city placed in Espirito Santo Coast.

Although I had already visited that place before, I felt as if it were the first time.

Inside, we crossed by several corridors until reaching a ward.

My companions led me as far as the large living room immersed in twilight. We were at deep silence. I heard sounds of a beautiful song. I also heard a soft harmony of waves on the beach and of birds.

I stayed silenced.

A rosy light appeared slowly an allowed me to see inside the hall. I realized I was in a large oval laboratory. In its center was a machine with multiple displays similar computers. Throughout the hall, on the wall was a counter made of transparent material, which emitted, from time to time, soft light of various colors. On the counter attached to the ceiling by a little thread, I observed various oval objects like cocoons. They had similar shape, but varying in size, from the smallest to the largest ones about fifty centimeters in length.

Rami took me by the hand right next to one of those strange objects. What I saw left amazed, but also quite intrigued. The cocoons were transparent and, in the interior, they developed humans, babies. There was since embryo, living beings in their first phases of intra-uterine life, until the fetus at earlier stages of gestation. Rami smiled kindly before my excitement. He led me across the room so that I could see better the creatures generated there.

When we left the laboratory, I inquired about the purpose of that work. The spatial friends said:

Sister, in those "physical bodies" will reincarnate spirits of elevated level that will bring from "Celestial Spaces" to terrestrial humanity, treasures of their Science, wisdom and love. Our Sidereal Technicians exerted efforts for elaboration of perfect physical bodies, necessary and important instruments for the development of other steps of the great work they are fulfilling on Earth in partnership with "intraterrestrial brothers" and "Superior Spirits" responsible for the humanitys destiny.

New times are approaching.

Soon, the Planet Earth will ascend in space as a world of peace, as another note of the great eternal symphony. It is necessary the Messengers of the Infinite cross through the world, in both dimensions, projecting Beauty, Science, Truth and Love awakening consciences and slavers of the matter, expanding their horizons showing that besides the beautiful sky, there is a "living dynamic luminous Universe" animated by Intelligent Beings in constant evolution.

Medium: The Beings words, generous thought and high vibrations involved my spirit longing for light and touched deeply my heart.

We returned quietly to the spaceship that would take us back to our group.

From the bigger spaceship, we slowly penetrated into space towards our physical bodies that were below us. A deep feeling of peace involved us.

We made a prayer of thanksgiving to the Father for granting us those moments with so special Beings.

We returned our homes with our souls full of happiness and joy.

Astral trip - Setiba - Vila Velha/ES – 07/13/96

05 – Addressed to the most evolved Mediums

May Peace and Love of God be everywhere!

Good evening dear sister Margarida,

To answer your question, I say in our dimension exist infinite structures of bodies, from the astral body to the simple reflex of a body wandering. Thus, the spiritual mediums have so much difficulty in understanding and explaining what they see.

Better would be whenever something without sense or explanation appeared in a clairvoyance, the mediums should ask their guides, the explanation and reason on what had seen, so that did not conducted the job completely meaningless.

I refer to the most evolved mediums. They must train the ability of dialoguing with spiritual friends for better develop the work. Please, do not be disappointed with me. I just say it, to have the tasks better performed.

Know you know that in regions of Tibet, they have some healthful bodies preserved for when they need a Master among you, can use it.

You could ask, why is not the Master materialized and then appear. Because, often, the place where needs to go, it is replete of beings unprepared for materialization; and, as you know, miracles do not exist.

Sometimes, when you see your own bodies, you already foresee the structure of the astral body of the third millennium, without interferences of diseases and wounds, both physical and moral of human beings today.

There are still bodies seen as projections of mediums’ minds around what they read or hear. It is almost animism based on those with knowledge, because under meditation, they often see the reflexes of self-projected images.

Shama Hare - GESJ – 11/25/1996

06 - The Father is the Creator, whose Creation does not perish

I am Nathan greeting you on behalf of the Father and begging the Divine Lord Jesus to protect us, increasing our faith, opening mind, and clarifying doubts.

May the Light of infinite Love illuminate your hearts, today and always!

Question: I would like to know about the purpose for preservation of bodies.

Answer: As you know, the Father is the Creator, whose creation does not perish. It changes and evolves. The preservation of bodies happens so that the souls evolve. Beings that already achieved a high level of evolution, free of the incarnating cycle; they do not need of material bodies. They begin to manifest just as pure energies. For acting closer to you, in the physical plane, they use this process. However, the purpose is to insure the souls of other worlds, in evolution, of returning to their original "House" after the payment of their debts previously contracted.

Q: Could you explain how it works?

A: When is necessary the exile or banishment of beings from other galaxies or intraterrestrial worlds to less developed worlds than the original ones, these leave their natural bodies to go down to realms able to grant them the moral, intellectual development, due to misuse of their freedom in the worlds to which belonged. They must correct their mistakes.

Q: Where are the preserved bodies?

A: They remain in special chambers under radiation of crystals to keep the vibrational energy of bodies and original characteristics for not suffering damages in their ethero-physical structure.

It is necessary to assure the integrity of the bodies so that, in due time, can involve the spirit to which belong.

Q: Have all beings on Earth a body preserved in some base station?

A: Only those that already reached a certain evolution degree, and as said before, they did from the disrespect to the Divine Laws their own Laws.

Q: Can the bodies be useful for other Beings?

A: Yes, if necessary, and with due permission, a being of high evolutionary degree, and vibration above the body mentioned can use it in Mission.

Nowadays, many bodies are used in that way in favor of the humanity. Many volunteers of worlds more developed that yours, they offer themselves for the work of cleaning, rescue and ascension of this Orb.

Q: Is there damage for the preserved body, when used in mission?

A: No, it is Love to guide the mission. Love does not bring any damage, only evolution. The preserved body receives a permanent load of positive and pure energy added to own being, because in humility and resignation, they serve as cocoon for a Servant of Light.

Q: Where are the chambers?

A: They are in intraterrestrial and oceanic cities, mainly, in some Spaceships. As I said, given the urgent situation of this Planet, it was necessary bring of other Worlds, some beings bodies incarnate in this Orb.

Q: Why does it?

A: Due not only to effort, study, dedication, and seriousness, but, mainly, responsibility with which they face this incarnation, making mind and heart to evolve, in order to help the place of which were inserted. Given the firmness on purpose and courage they face the imposed obstacles to this incarnation to quit the previous debts, they obtained from the High, permission for working using their true bodies, aiding much more in Mission on Earth. Moreover, in lending their bodies to the Beings of Light that, as we said, they go down on earth to "special mission" and require appropriate bodies to act here.

Q: Could you answer other question?

A: Yes, I can.

Q: Is it possible the embodied spirits recognize and use their preserved bodies for visiting their worlds?

A: Yes, it sometimes happens when they are sleeping. Many of you in the Orb use the preserved bodies to carry out beneficent actions as "rescue", where the material density of your loosened body could not act.

Thank you and the Lord for granting us this lecture. We hope meet you again in Mission.

May God bless you!

Intraterrestrial Nathan – 01/29/2000

07 - Everything has beginning, middle and end

When I begin meditating, I could see myself with astral body in a living room that suddenly disappeared and a spaceship appeared. A focus of light drove me to its interior, as if the spaceship were divided.

Several crystal chambers in line contained a type of liquid slightly gelatinous, with human bodies dived there.

I began then receive mental contact:

Cloning is an alteration in the genetic code with involutive characteristics and anomalies eliminated. Spirit of Light can use bodies preserved in special liquids useful for Immunization and Control of vital characteristics of cells (living bodies), in another vibratory strip or dimension.

Medium speaking: It is difficult to explain how certain communications happen. Here, I felt there was a mental dialogue between a human person and me, when not just the mind but also his entire body manifested. His presence seemed to flood the whole atmosphere. It was as if the air brought information that I also could access of the dialogue at any instant. At that time, I felt indescribable feeling of belonging to "the whole" that involves us.

I realized I had captured key words regarding the theme for study: preserved bodies. Even with little explanation, I understood as following:

The bodies we have seen in the spaceship were cloning of pre-existent ones undergone by process and techniques that altered their genetic load to improve their condition by eliminating involutive characteristics and karmic anomalies.

I also understood, once elevated the vibratory level of those bodies, only spirits already detached from material life and morally elevated could use them.

He continued:

They carried out the experiences since the early days when the Sidereal Engineers verified failures in the Project Earth.

Cloning accomplished today by humans originated in the reception magnetic intellectual fluids hovered upon your atmosphere. Unfortunately, your Scientists could not equally capture the magnetic moral fluids of Beings of Light.

What else would you like to know?

Q: What is your name?

A: I am Arimathea.

Q: Who are you?

(Here there was a mental adjustment so that he understood and answered my question).

A: I am member of the Maintenance Team of Preserved Bodies.

Q: How did it begin?

A: Everything started from human cells of embodied beings.

Q: How did they choose those beings?

Q: Earlier, when no longer was possible any correction in the route taken by humans on Earth, it was widely disseminated among the inhabitants of the planet. Some heard, and others did not.

Q: What did they publish?

A: They published about the present and future conditions of the planet.

Describing next events:

On opportunity of rescue and transition for the "fallen stars" (exiled of other Orbs).

Q: Do you mean that only the "fallen stars" hear that call. Is not it?

A: No, but most of the ones that heard are "fallen stars."

Q: Had some inhabitants from this Planet offered for that project seeking an evolutionary jump?

A: Yes, few souls of this Globe are present in the rescue program.

Q: How did the choice happen after the call?

A: They all were interviewed and selected the interested ones.

Q: How was the selection?

A: In the same way that are chosen the tests and missions, through the luminous irradiation from the heart and sacrum chakras. For one experienced interviewer, there is no failure in observing the lights irradiated from those two points, when submit a human being to certain questions.

Q: What happens after the choice?

A: When reincarnated the chosen beings voluntarily offered living cells of their bodies for the scientists work.

Q: Do you mean the construction of those bodies originated from living cells?

A: Yes, once collected, they submitted the cells under countless treatment stages.

Q: Were the chosen cells for that work, somatic or germ?

A: Some are somatic cells, other germ cells. Germ cells because bring load of vital energy still dense and stored with magnetism of the mother cell, Earth, offering some resistance for the work, although, when tame, they present a surprising result.

Q: Do you mean, the spiritual work that many of us do today, is it part of a choice since many past incarnations?

A: Yes, we already said if for several times.

Q: After we had our cells collected, did we follow working for the Light for this "Transition?"

A: No, most of you return to shadows of forgetfulness. Again, they dove in the karmic cycle that attracted them at the beginning of the fall.

Q: Is it right that some seed remained in us since then?

A: If it were different, you would not be here today.

Q: Are there many people still asleep?

A: Some remained conscious, others returned to shadows of forgetfulness. Some awoke in the way, others stayed asleep.

Q: Is the purpose of that Divulgation to awaken those companions still sleeping?

A: Yes, and at the same time to help those that nothing knows on us, other stars or suns and other inhabited systems.

Q: Is it sure that there are Beings in fullness of their consciences unable to see yet the truth of "life" inhabiting everywhere in Universe?

A: Yes, it is true.

Q: Are there planets like this in which we live?

A: Do you mean developed planets?

Q: I mean primitive and ignorant planets that still ignore existence of life in other worlds.

A: Yes, let us retake our dialogue. Once collected, the cells were immersed in a gelled mineral substance for decades, for the first cleaning, due to attraction of pure minerals employed in the process. They were directly extracted from the Cosmos at the moment of the creation and formation of this World. The attraction of opposite similar made to extract from the collected animal cells, all the primitive mineral traces of the matrix.

Q: Were the matrices reproduced or used after that subtle work?

A: You are advancing.

Q: I beg your pardon.

A: After the extraction of the primitive mineral material, this was changed by its pure similarity, being bombed the cell with pure cosmic dust original of the planets.

Q: My brother, I can feel the vibrations going away. Could we stop here?

A: Everything has beginning, middle and end. It is enough for today. Be in Peace!

Arimathea - GESH – 01/31/2000

Medium´s note: The readjustment to the physical body is difficult and uncomfortable. The contact with Beings of High Hierarchy makes our spirits glimpse an extraordinary reality inviting us to leave immediately from physical world to Light.

08 - Explanation on Preserved Bodies

My brothers, I am here tonight to give you more explanations on preserved bodies.

I am Erimedes. You can ask questions.

Q: Is there any criterion in the choice of bodies to preserve?

A: Yes, as already said, this operation seeks to facilitate the exchange of "Planet Schools" which enables the terrestrial, extraterrestrial, or intraterrestrial spirit to advance in evolution, in a way different from the original.

When Schooling ends and the spirit reaches the same level of development of his pairs, he returns to his world, retaking his body that was preserved, in order to facilitate him in adaptation.

Q: How long can preserve a body, without it suffering damage in its electromagnetic molecular structure?

A: The team in charge of this operation is perfecting more and more the technology and studies in that area. The first preserved bodies could remain for five centuries (based on your calendar). Today is able to extend it by a few thousands of years. Moreover, if it is used for one third of the period in which was preserved, this may again be preserved for a period equal to the previous one, to active the body, and its electromagnetic molecules are redone and stimulated again by the owner, his natural inhabitant. In this case, we can preserve it for learning and progress of the being, if necessary.

Q: Which is the vital work in the preservation of bodies?

A: Teams entrusted must maintain the bodies in perfect state and use, when needed. The local temperature, the electromagnetic stimulation of crystals put in the chambers and projections of colors are important factors, however the most important is the permanent sterilization local. The chambers where the bodies are preserved are literally sterile to maintain the integrity of the body there.

Q: You said the bodies could be used by other beings, since these are more developed that the body to be used. How does the choice the bodies that will serve to beings sent in mission?

A: Certainly, there are extra physical Beings that vibrate in Light. They are Beings of Light. In such situation, the Being that comes in mission, he enters in condensation energy process, as much as possible, and thence, under the measures achieved from that transfiguration, the body chosen must support the energy load. It also takes into account the development level, in other words, the electrodynamics vibration of the chosen body, for not causing damage to the Being in mission, and to the body used by him.

Q: Which is the greatest need of a preserved body?

A: A preserved body is an inanimate body, devoid of needs, except relating to its conservation. The greatest need is the spirit that undresses his real forms; it goes down in a less developed form, in order to perfect itself, correcting its character flaws, moral and spiritually speaking. Disrespect to the Divine Laws of the Universe makes beings that were part of a more advanced Community take a denser form, returning to the incarnation cycles of Atonements and Trials seeking only progress. When this being reaches the required level, or established by his race, his people retakes its original form and to where belonged.

I thank the Father for this meeting. May Peace, Light and Love guide your path, forever and ever!

Erimedes - GESH – 03/22/2000

09 – The good sewer always serves with Love

Clairvoyance: In the intraterrestrial city of Stelta, besides its inhabitants, I also have seen some extraterrestrial beings approaching "an urn able to keep a man" and inside was a body that "seemed" to be frozen. I do not know which technique they used, since the body began to move, and at once appeared an intraterrestrial being in its place.

The intraterrestrial being stand up walked towards the tunnel connected to the Abrigo Servos de Jesus". When everything was calm, he circulated by the neighborhood. Someone approached and mentally communicated, because the unknown being remained silent while the intraterrestrial spoke. The message came:

Hail sisters!

The divulgation on rescue points is happening on several fronts, whenever is possible the approach with incarnate beings.

The use of preserved bodies for this purpose happens in many intraterrestrial cities throughout the planet.

Various extraterrestrial beings also use this "resource" when are in mission in points available to shelter the rescued ones.

We are conducting a preliminary approach with some embodied beings while they sleep, and after explanation will establish the direct contact between the Spiritual Being using the preserved body and the incarnate selected to obtain this information.

Among the local population, we look for people with minds still balanced, free from addictions, independent of religion, but of decent moral behavior for the function as promoter.

Thanks to the Father, even amidst the chaos, we can find good seeds.

They intensify the work, and consequently multiply the means for us divulging the required information.

The only thought of the good sewer is always serving in a lovingly way.

Peace and Light

Extraterrestrial Ersam*(working in the intraterrestrial city of Stelta/ES) GESH – 09/11/2010

10 – There are Preserved Bodies since Atlantis and Mu

Save the Force! Save the Light! Save the Divine Lord Jesus!

Throughout the Planet, there are "preserved bodies" kept in special chambers. They are in secret places just known by few "Beginners" waiting for some Being of Light in special mission, for a limited time on earth.

Intraterrestrial Beings also developed techniques of preserving human bodies for some intraterrestrial Scientist when visiting the earthly surface and get in touch with embodied beings, without these notice them.

Sai Baba, an incarnate Master, sometimes he changes this physical body into preserved body to visit distant places of his country, in various points of the Planet.

They preserve the bodies in atmosphere full of superior energy offered by the Superior Being that uses it, besides the techniques known by ancient "Beginners". They must remain closed in an urn, out of the terrestrial atmosphere containing microorganisms able to decompose them.

It is a physical body without soul so that some Superior Being of the extra physical plane can use it to go down from the subtle plane to dense matter.

Jesus did not use a preserved body. He embodied in natural process of pregnancy; but in other occasions, before and after His arrival to the earth, as incarnate he used a "preserved body" to manifest at meetings for revelations to humans.

The intraterrestrial beings have used them, as well as the extraterrestrial ones that brought and revealed the technique to the "Beginners" of formerly; they also use them when necessary.

As they stay at secret places, far from the incredulous human action, some remain intact, even after "alignment of the Earth´s axis". The rescued people can use the preserved bodies to inhabit the New Earth, when will be in intraterrestrial cities or in Communities for the rescued ones, out of the Earth. They can also use them for visiting the terrestrial surface during studies and researches seeking the restart.

Some Masters of Great Universal White Fraternity use preserved bodies to pilgrim on surface in order to follow up how evolved are our human brothers.

Kept under ideal conditions, the preserved body can remain for millennia, sometimes used, with long or short intervals for more than a Spiritual Being, at different times.

If there is rupture of the urn that contains the body and this contaminated by atmosphere, it deteriorates losing its value, becoming dust.

Negative Beings do not get use the preserved bodies by the Beginners for use of Superior Beings. The negative beings have techniques of preservation of physical bodies that can use just once for short period, and always with blood as resource for preservation, human blood preferably to maintain the body as perfect as possible.

Their own harmful energies are enough to decompose the body they use, and, thence, the short time, they get to use preserved body in blood.

There are preserved bodies from Atlantis and Mu that Superior Beings will use for communicating with the "Future Race" that will to manifest to the new humanity.

At peacetimes that will come with the New Earth, we will reveal lots of truths today occult, due your lack of conditions to understand them.

Only one people will constitute the new human race of the Regenerated Earth governed by only God of Love, living true and full fraternity.

May Lord Jesus bless you!

El Morya (One of the Masters of the Great Universal White Fraternity) - GESH - 11/19/2010

Clairvoyance: I have seen preserved bodies in intraterrestrial cities, inside of Pyramids and in secret chambers in caves placed in Tibet and Himalaya. Before that message, I have seen us dressed with armor to fight in next full moon. I realized that some superior Being would use a preserved body to fight. Then, I saw Master Ramatis who used a preserved body of a samurai walking freely in the battlefield, without being bothered.

Later, I saw Zambi, the African warrior, dear friend of GESJ guiding his animals toward the battlefield. The animals also had astral body. It means they had already died in the physical plane in the same way Zambi died.

11 - There is still much to reveal on preserved bodies

Sister Margarida, we still have too much to reveal on Preserved Bodies, so that the population learns about it.

It is worth remembering the earthly people that at certain time of the recent history, there was an unsuccessful attempt of preserving bodies, but without the authorization of the Superior Masters.

It disappointed the Scientists that had not a correct technique on "preservation of bodies". This situation happened in the United States of America. They froze bodies for selfish purpose and obtained the techniques by "unscrupulous scientists" that failed in their projects.

Since long ago has been sending us, Scientists that lived on Earth. Some already addressed messages to you. Now, they are in our intraterrestrial city of Okay, located in Chapada Diamantina/BA for improving their studies with extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial Scientists, as important members of the new technique to put into practice in the "Renewed Earth", and in other planets that also may compose the World of Regeneration.

Given the location and opportunity, we have some preserved bodies belonged to Ancient Mayan, Inca, and Aztecs with similar biotype similar to the Brazilin people, as well as, bodies of intraterrestrial cities in Europe similar to the Nordic ones, which some of them already communicated with GESJ.

There is still much to reveal on preserved bodies already widely used by Superior Minds. Due to lack of knowledge, we will try to become the complex subject, as simple as possible.

May Peace be among you!

Orcadim - GESJ – 11/20/2010

12 - Some of you of GESJ have Preserved Bodies

May the Lord of the worlds’ Peace be among us!

I introduce myself as Priest of Atlantis.

That civilization that provoked so many moral and spiritual falls, it also renewed and rescued souls in the ascension wished by disciples touched by God.

We had other incarnations on Earth after the bankruptcy of Atlantis just for helping our companions left behind and the human collectivity.

After millennia, we still dress in this garment of Atlantis that means liberation for us.

Today, I am member of the Great Universal White Fraternity, not as Master, but disciple that still has a long path ahead before reaching ascension.

When the exiled ones landed on Earth, even before their souls taken their physiologic configuration of bodies compatible with the energies of the Planet, modifying their molecular genetic structure, one of the constituent bodies of the declined spirit stayed conserved. It was so that the exiled spirit reached the vibratory conditions to return their original world; he could use the main body to readjust his soul in the vibratory physiologic structure of their original Planet.

Many bodies exist in appearance and constitution, different from the human bodies preserved in a plane above the physical plane of those declined ones exiled to the Planet Earth.

The preserved bodies of declined spirits have the components of their original planet, different from those of the Earth. Only their owners use the preserved body for visiting their original worlds or for new adaptation in definitive return.

The worlds abandoned by criminals of formerly during the large selection happened there; they evolved as well as the physical bodies of the current inhabitants. Today, they already have less dense bodies than the "preserved bodies" the exiled may use. However, the components of the bodies are the same existent in those Planets from where were exiled because of rebelliousness and disobedience to God´s Laws.

Those that already present evolved vibratory conditions to return to their original worlds will use such bodies.

Creatures declined from other Planets to Earth and that again will be exiled to other worlds similar or inferior the Earth, they will leave their bodies on earth, due to the configuration now deformed and very different from the human physiologic constitution.

Those with bodies preserved of other planets, they have normal physiologic constitution, because they do not have deformed bodies in their genetic structure due to rebelliousness.

Some of you, workers of this Spirit House GESJ have preserved bodies from your Mother House and can use them to take trips.

The preserved bodies of the ones exiled to Earth only their owners can use them, for not running the risk of destroying it.

When returning to original planet, the spirit must abandon the physical body in its constitution and feature to take a body compatible with the planet he will inhabit. Once he already has a preserved body of that planet, easier is the construction of the future incarnations in the original planet.

Over the time, the person becomes lost in the turmoil of wrong choices, but the day will come the encounter with the progress to impel him/her for perfection.

May the Planetary Christ bless us!

Anton (Priest of Atlantis) - GESH – 11/26/2010

* Note: Around 1990s more than once, some mediums of GESJ, including me, we had seen some preserved bodies of workers of the physical plane.

At that time, we little knew on preserved bodies, however we did not know about the detail: "Living and learning."


13 - Extraterrestrial and Intraterrestrial Beings

Clairvoyance: I see Orcadim at a meeting with extra-intraterrestrial brothers. They left in a spaceship visiting and inspecting the cities bound to receive the rescued ones after "alignment of the Earth´s axis."

I see them observing and commenting on preserved bodies and how use them in rescue.

Then, I asked permission to ask a question.

He said that could not explain anything else, but I could ask questions.

Q: Do those bodies exist in all intraterrestrial cities or only in those bound to shelter the rescued ones?

A: Only in the cities where is more intense the study and preparation to receive the rescued ones.

Q: What do you mean?

A: When is said that intra-extraterrestrial beings will materialize for the final moments, actually, some of them will "use" the preserved bodies for conducting the ones sheltered in intraterrestrial cities or in spaceships. It is because not all evolved beings that act in the "Planetary Transition" can materialize. Then, they use the preserved bodies to transit among people.

This is one more resource for benefit of terrestrial humanity, so that they can see us. Later, we will let you know about it, so that there are not doubts about what is coming.

May Peace be among you!

Orcadim (Intraterrestrial of Okay City) - GESH – 07/15/2011.

14 - Extraterrestrial and Intraterrestrial Beings will use "Preserved Bodies"

Save Peace.

Sisters, as we said, we bring more information on preserved bodies in intraterrestrial cities and in spaceships at times of rescue.

The origin of some preserved bodies to be used in the final turbulence; you already know they will bring latent memories in your spiritual minds. Some of you used them in past incarnations. Now, they may act in human groupings where the memory wakened before that body, be trust, before the invitation offered by the hand offered to help.

In several parts of the Globe, bodies of human groups of other incarnations will use to awaken in people, feelings of friendship, trust and instinctive safety, accepting the hand offered them.

The intra-extraterrestrial Scientists worked hardly for elaboration and implantation of that project, foreseeing the chaos, and the need to work on with serenity, the brother who prepared and put himself in a position for the rescue.

The extra-intraterrestrial brothers that will use the bodies, they know of their origin, importance and reaction when appearing in the critical hours of "Rescue". Thence, they will behave so that there is not another panic factor besides many others already established on those moments.

Many incarnate brothers are becoming aware of this operation, mainly "leaders of groups" that will act as subtle tools in the hands of the Spirits of Light. We also prepare their minds for not surrendering to pain and suffering when they see their dear ones reached and even so able to help others.

We count on help and orientation of our Superior Brothers and the Light of Lord Jesus to guide us in this work of love and charity.

Blessed is the Light of Lord Jesus!

Orcadim - GESH – 07/22/2011

Clairvoyance: During the meditation, again, I saw the scene, in which the intraterrestrial brothers of Okay emptied an "intraterrestrial city still primitive."

Now, I understand, the intraterrestrial brothers used "primitive preserved bodies" to send those inhabitants to spaceships without resistance.

Moreover, they used "bodies" as tools, due to the vibratory difference in the place, and so that intraterrestrial beings accepted peacefully leave the city.

15 – Matter of difficult assimilation for the inhabitants of the Earth

Clairvoyance: During the mantra at 15 o´clock, I began to see a large room and an adjacent room with various glass urns containing submerged bodies in a liquid. There were also spotlights of blue light directed to the urns.

Then, I saw an extraterrestrial brother irradiating a strong light examining those bodies. He and Orcadim talked about the preserved bodies.

I observed the urns containing male and female people, whose characteristics varied according to the different races existent in our Planet.

Later, Orcadim gave his message:

Sisters, save Master Jesus light! Save the peace!

Soon after our Superior Masters allow, we will let you know about the storage and use of "preserved bodies."

It is a matter of difficult assimilation for the inhabitants of the Earth, because without previous care with the information transmitted; they can judge it as fiction or discredit.

As already explained, the "preserved bodies" that will act on Earth at difficult moments of collective rescue, they are stored between spaceships and intraterrestrial cities already prepared with technology sent by Sidereal Scientists. However, they are few qualified cities for such an event.

Okay is one of these cities. We are always in contact with Brothers of Stars seeking to improve the use and preservation of bodies.

We show one in an extraterrestrial spaceship. The room with bodies is under controlled temperature; the blue light is to maintain them sterilized; all submerged in a liquid. We cannot explain its composition for not composing the elements of the Earth.

The liquid seeks to maintain joined the bodies’ ´constituent cells, as well as, their internal organs, energy and strength of muscles.

"Brothers" that gave their bodies, were of various ethnic groups of the population on earth, so that when are used, the "carnal garment" does not provoke surprise in the brother to be rescued.

We take care of all illness such as bacilli, bacteria or virus present for not committing its operation.

Various intra-extraterrestrial brothers have already introduced themselves as candidates and made the "exams" required to use those bodies. There is, however, urgency of putting into practice the plan for the "Planetary Rescue" given the accelerated events of end of times.

During the work, we send more information.

Be in Lord Jesus Peace!


Medium: After the mantra at six o´clock, I asked the brother Orcadim the following:

Q: Brother, whom those preserved bodies belong?

A: Some are of people that lived in the Earth throughout its civilization. Others are of several planets never embodied in the Earth.

Q: Who are the brothers that will use those bodies?

A: We cannot inform yet for not compromising the work. We only can say they will use bodies, which biotype is similar to the country they will act, however have not necessarily lived there.

Let us proceed with the Light.

Orcadim - GESH – 11/16/2012

16 – Love one another as I love you!

Beloved children,

Detach you from the transitory matter.

Use your strength and energy for renewal of the soul, for indispensable self-improvement, so that you reach better worlds of high evolution.

The matter is vehicle of divine mercy for the evolution of souls.

Activate the dynamo of transformation. It is through pardon and loving others that you reach the Renewed Earth.

You delayed in mistake, however, the infinite time is limited for you in this Planet of Atonement ant Trials.

I am for you, today and always.

The impinged suffering to this humanity was choice of each cell composing it. Men chose suffering as path to evolution.

I left my Love as rudder to impel you to the evolution, and Pardon as compass guiding you to the Celestial Realm.

Love one another as I love you.

I am for you today and always.

Jesus - GESH - 02/01/2013

17 - I am the Way, Truth and Life

My brothers,

Beloved children of the Eternal Father, join you.

Join around the pardon I taught you and love I have for you.

Hard proofs wait all you, beloved brothers.

You chose pain as vehicle for your spiritual ascension.

All of you will drink the bitter medicine that cures, and there will not be means to refuse it.

In My Sacrifice, I left example of submission to my Father; in pardon of sins, as key that opens the doors of the High Plans; and in love, I feel for you, I offered with sacrifice and renouncement, the spring of Light that elevates you to Luminous Spheres of the Edenic Plane.

I am the Way, Truth and Life.

Come to Me.

I am your Brother

Jesus Sananda - GESH - 04/05/2013

18 – There is no way of escaping from the Karmic Law

It shall be this way. Those events are in harmony with God´s Laws, although your infantile souls still resist in believing the suffering represents bitter medicine that should applied on the disease that consumes the delayed souls in the evolution.

Progress comes by new adjusting and rebalances with the Forces of the Universe. Your senseless humanity unchained along the countless reincarnating experiences, endless of unbalances that return as waves of suffering upon you reincarnated at this time. Useless is escaping of it.

There is no way to get rid of the Karmic Law, as Law of God who is our Father. He is Love and Kindness determining everything we need to evolve.

Dear brothers that hugged the "loving messages" we brought you in the matter, now divulge them to the ones that abandoned the Light guiding you.

Save them from darkness and bring them to me. I am the Way, Truth and Life, because none of you goes to the Father, except through me. Work lovingly for those that believe in anything; the ignorant ones that just surrender to the satisfaction of transitory pleasures that in nothing will help them spiritually after-life.

Many of you may think that do not deserve come to me, but I tell you for not judging, as I instructed you. Just accept them.

It is a short vision you have. Bear in mind the instructions we bring you, because it is above your little understanding. From the space, we can see the adverse conditions you need the medicine we prescribe as work, aid, and love for those that did not get ready, and thus will not get strength to resist to the overpowering wave of pain and suffering that will reach equally all of you.

Do not judge them. Love them, as I taught you.

It is time to you attest the values you have developed over incarnations. Now is required the learning given you by brave Instructors.

Happy are those that listen to the call of lovingly to assist others!

Poor are those that ignoring our words, they resist to the task that fits them!

You must be Rightists or Leftists of Christ, tares or wheat.

Time is up for doubts.

May Peace of the Lord of the Worlds that is pure wisdom and kindness involve all of you!

Jesus Sananda - GESH - 02/01/2013


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