Divulgation 69


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Concluding the previous presentation:

Prior to transcribe the messages, we give quick explanation on reception of that material.

As we already said, occasionally, companions at mediumistic meetings see inanimate human bodies, carefully stored in clean, healthy atmosphere. Among them are bodies that seemed so much with people of the Group, as if they were double; though, beautiful and young.

That type of revelation happened for certain period of time, which obliged us to investigate about it.

Among us, we neither have scientific knowledge for analyses on cloning nor on spiritual genetic procedures by Sidereal Engineers. However, we no longer could expect other revelations to complement them, once the "End of Times" is already reality.

Today, remembering of the past, we clearly understand the reason for stopping that issue. The spiritual mediums that should bring the due explanation, they abandoned GESJ (Grupo Espírita Servos de Jesus). Other mediums not always could do it. The "deserters" were already born programmed for that spiritual task. It reminds us of doctors, engineers, teachers and other experts at certain area, without the technicians can substitute them satisfactorily.

The work seems not concluded; even so, we published it, because should have interested people, anxious for that little portion on that transcendental knowledge.

Peace forever!


Messages and Astral Trips:

1. "Preserved Bodies" seek the highest purposes

Brothers, may Peace be unto you!

For millennia, your souls inhabit on Earth.

Firstly, they inhabit in primitive bodies of low intellect level so that faced the aggressive atmosphere of the Planet still in process.

However, those spirits and most of grotesque beings of the first times on Earth, they had already inhabited subtler bodies in other developed planets. Souls not in line with the progress reached by their origin planet, they are exiled to Earth¹.

Many of exiled bodies stayed preserved in their original planets, so that in a remote future, just reached by High Hierarchies, Architects of Planets and Psychologists that foresee in advance, the future events. They foresaw and determined the preservation of some bodies exiled to Earth. That happened in the several planets from where left exiled to Earth.

Along the human development bodies of people that no longer are on earth, but lived in civilizations already extinguished in the Planet, they had their bodies preserved to own use, if necessary, or for other developed spirits in mission on Earth.

The "preservation of physical bodies" is under care of Brothers devoted to the study and development of subtle skills of the soul; creatures detached of the matter, even still embodied. They devoted themselves full time to study the soul and the profound knowledge acquired in "superior planes", where Experienced Masters inhabit and teach their disciples.

Monks of Tibet, Priests of Himalaya, Egypt and India became experts at "Preservation of Bodies" still kept in undergrounds of those countries.

The technique applied was developed and performed over millennia, through the studies passed from one to other, in the "secret chambers" of the initiatory cults still unknown in the world.

The Preserved Bodies seeks high objectives of evolved extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial brothers manifest in the physical plane, among incarnate ones, as if they were local inhabitants.

In Tibet, we could witness a graduate Being of Sidereal Hierarchies manifest with a body preserved in special camera, carefully kept by Abbots and studious Monks, specialists that could mentally receive the teachings and deciphered the manuscripts left by the Ancient ones.

There is no terrestrial technology on earth able to preserve a physical body for subsequent use of an Evolved Being.

The etheric energy handled by Priests, Monks and Abbots is added to own ectoplasm energy.

The extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial beings also contributed so much for the performance of "preservation of bodies".

At this end of "Planetary Transition", many "Preserved Bodies" have been used by extra-intraterrestrial brothers for direct communication with the terrestrial humanity. These bodies are in places more accessible on the terrestrial surface; but there are other bodies in inaccessible places to humans, in inhospitable areas not yet explored by humans, scientists and others.

See you later, sisters!

Blessed is Lord Jesus!

Ramp, GESH - 11/17/2012

Note ¹: It also is happening in the Earth. Many terrestrial beings are already leaving to exile. Many will inhabit primitive worlds.

2. Going to Initiatory Schools in Tibet

Save Jesus!

Sisters, by the request for explanation on Preserved Bodies, and allowed by Mentors of the House, we will gather you at interval of battles to access the Akashic Registers on "Preserved Bodies" and understanding clearer in assimilating the last lessons.

Clairvoyance: At the same instant, I saw us at Sahara Desert entering in a Pyramid toward the underground. We entered in a room where a teacher already waited for us. In another moment, I saw us in Tibet also penetrating a room to receive lessons by a "monk". Ramp was with us in all those places.

The message of Ramp continues:

They are going to Initiatory Schools in Tibet, Initiatory Temples in Egypt and other classes with experienced Masters on the subject.

While reading about the subject, they have the memoirs subtly activated. That resource seeks the explanation for GESH given the lack of subsidies to understand the lesson. "Workers" that abandoned the Vineyard should do that task.

Peace and Light for all of you.

Ramp, Vigil GESH - 11/17/2012

3. One step at a time

Sisters, once we know that Lord Jesus word has been clarifying your doubts, here we are to assure you the development of works is coherent with the will of the One who guides us.

Thus, we confidently answer to the call serving Jesus within our best spiritual condition at moment.

Brother Shama Hare is present assisting your request.

Margarida: Brother, we would like to know about an old idea of mine.

Over the years, since the eighties, from time to time, we have received news on "Preserved Bodies". I had already known, even before the mediums that arrived and received communication on that unusual subject. I had already read and learned too much through the wonderful works of Ramp, when he was still incarnate.

We joined some message, so that the large public knows through the Internet. For the ones that already know they complemented the work and others that never heard on it, even because, in the way those human beings are acting, little time we have to divulge it throughout the world.

I hope the Brother understand me.

I indeed expect, since the Father allows, expanding this knowledge the clearest possible so that even the person not believing can understands it.

Shama Hare: The Master already granted you Permission. We can transmit such knowledge; in the measure allowed.

Invited, the brother Ramp will be with you and other studious beings. Extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial workers equally will come for readings and study so that has no doubt.

Shama Hare

Margarida: After have finished on preserved bodies, I would also like divulging other topics that magazines and films already referred them as joke or Vampirism. I know they really exist, since I had read the book "History of a Queen" by Rochester. Many people do not understand and read a little bit in several authors, here and there, without success. However, if somebody has courage of joining the subject in a clear way and publish it, many people will believe and take precautions, while dealing with a very dangerous matter.

Shama Hare: The vineyard is extensive, a step at each time to reach long distance.

May Peace of the Lord of the Worlds be with us!

Shama Hare - GESJ - 11/17/12

4. God´s Love guides us

May Jesus peace is among us!

Beloved disciples, we expect you have no doubts on our words.

Here we are for explanations necessary.

Margarida: Master, we would like to know clearly about "Preserved Bodies", so that we divulge them. If we do not understand it clearly, more difficult will have our readers.

Ramatis: The idea of divulgation is real and would be very useful for humanity.

We already gave explanations to you divulge. However, we recommend you to study the subject, so that the Messengers when approaching of Group are prepared and able to minimize the distortions that may occur.

Margarida: After reading the messages, could we bring the doubts for explanation?

Ramatis: Correct. The reading, study and appearance of doubts will facilitate the explanation on complex subjects.

Margarida: Even because various mediums that received the messages, they abandoned GESJ long ago. We must divulge it, and then, we need help.

Ramatis: The understanding you achieved about life in the spiritual and in the physical world, it increased over the time by the work and study favoring now, the understanding on "complex subject" to which you refer.

The study will propitiate the minds in receiving ideas favorable for humanity. There are still many no revealed "mysteries" able to impel your "knowledge" to sublime landings, comforting the awakened hearts that even ignoring the subject, they regret for having lost the bridge among old knowledge and limited conscience in this incarnation.

Many of the "revelations" we bring you, they also comfort the "millenarian spirits" on Earth, since they access old knowledge that before the exile, they cultivated in the soul; however, the exile and distance from their ancient civilizations made them to forget of such "knowledge."

At these times of deep changes, to have access to "old knowledge" contributes to the spirit recognize itself as millenarian Spirit. Joining Supreme Wisdom that governs the Universe, the spirit recognizes itself as son of the universe detached from the matter of the planet where lives now.

You still ignore the real effect of "Divulgations" that does not only act in the human conscience. The messages wrapped with energy of "our presence" reach deep levels in the human soul awakening consciences.

Margarida: Since I got in touch with that issue "new and old" at the same time, of course new to me, but I knew it is not new, through a book of our beloved friend Ramp who works with us now. It would be useful more explanations for us to transmit to our humanity.

The brother knows that I only divulge a message, since I understand it well.

Ramatis: Prepare your minds with profound study about the subject. We have generous collaborators with us on behalf of Jesus in favor of the humanitys progress.

As the doubt regarding the trip to Carandiru/ S. Paulo, there are different "works of cleaning the astral" that open paths to access the Superior Spheres on Earth. Brothers of the Great White Universal Fraternity answer for the work in which you take part.

Even difficult to your eyes differentiate them, for organization of one and other, differentiated measures are necessary, as well as differs the energies channeled by Lord Jesus.

Margarida: I understand, the place we are going is to clean up the atmosphere, in order to eliminate a little negative energy there accumulated over the years. In Mato Grosso, Porto Seguro and other places visited, as in the Amazonian Region close to the Light and Love City at Chapada Diamantina that had different objectives, we received so much energy and "knowledge" without the dark beings disturbing us.

Ramatis: The energy potential of the Nuclei of Light you opened, it differs in itself, due, the destination to each of them equally different.

In all of them, God´s Love guides us, and Lord Jesus blesses us on all works.

We are thankful for your collaboration that in the material plane allows the execution of works under the Larger Command.

We beg to Father to renew the determination to all you so that the "divulgation" of sublime truths continue awakening the human consciences.

Peace among us, save Jesus!

Ramatis - GESH - 11/17/2012

5. Evolution does not overleaps

Sisters, the Earth´s destiny transcends the human will, once in course the free will, the actions and reactions consequently demonstrate the vibrational pattern of collectivities.

The material appeals arrive for everyone called to satiate their tendencies more or less serious. All those immersed in the dense matter, they will be tested on their purposes of progress.

Q: Master, what happens with those that do not know the Spirit Doctrine?

A: Sister, once there is also one disincarnate Spiritual Guide for each person, before to smallest opening of mind of his/her protected, the Spiritual Guide invite him to research about the immortality of soul. If a spirit has not yet realized the transitory nature of his/her physical body, it is because his/her mind did not look yet look for such knowledge, because he/she stays attached to primary instincts.

Evolution does not overleap, and we cannot induce anybody to see what his mind does not wish yet. Otherwise, many wrong interpretations would occur of that observation, as in case of myths and legends that appear when, minds still late face knowledge above their understanding and through simple or imaginative explanations, they give birth to the "folklore."

Q: Then the fantasies are not so bad, because do not deny the existence of something different.

A: Indeed, when by chance, your children ask for explanation on complex subjects above their intelligence in process, often, you try to translate such knowledge using allegorical and figurative forms, sometimes arranged into illustrative stories according with the childs understanding.

It also happens with many Spiritual Guides and Instructors. They still use those resources to transmit thoughts and complex realities to infantile minds.

Ramatis - GESH – 11/30/2012

6. Progress seeks to put order in the chaos:

More about "Preserved Bodies"

Save the force! Save love!

The prodigious nature of all things emanates from the Creator. From His infinite wisdom leaves the light flashes crossing through space until their destination.

Everything in the universe is creation, movement and balance. Now, while we communicate, the Greatest Force that you call God emits thoughts, whose sparkles result into works.

Galaxies reconfigure themselves in incessant motion. Worlds created and Planets renewed propagating to infinite, Will emitted by God Father.

His Love equally governs all humankind from the most evolved to those at beginning of the human condition, as well as all inhabitants of suns and moons, planets and rocks.

In Parallel Universes that communicate through the time-space tunnels, which portals known as black holes, life pulses lively by the Divine Blow. Everything is order and peace, because the Lord of the Worlds governs with wisdom, Kindness and Love.

Crossing through space, our spaceships travel in mission helping to the progression of the worlds.

As Representatives of the Larger Will, we fulfill the "universal duty of loving" assisting those that more need, as is the case of your people nowadays.

We can tell you that there is so much knowledge, but nor all appropriate for this humanity in the current stage they are.

As you know, historically, the High Spheres authorized to open portals of high knowledge seeking to provide you, progress in the evolutionary terrestrial School. Progress is to put order in the chaos, which in turn, is the disorganization due to that what was in order. By fulfilling its ascending and descending cycle, it is disorganized so that new creative pulse elevates it to another more advanced stage.

There is so much knowledge, however not everything suits you, and the elucidations that your avid minds for knowledge and progress ask us, not all we can present you now, due to the complexity of the theme.

About some of your questions, we can answer.

God´s Law determines how the dense bodies originate so that the spirits inhabit and evolve.

Your Science discovered the mechanisms of artificial production of the physical body, but ignored the existence of other bodies and planes of life, as vehicles for manifestation of the monad or divine sparkle.

Without the monad presence, there is no lively body. Nevertheless, the primordial atom that originates the bodies concentrating in it, their inherent characteristics, yes, can be used for production of bodies that once produced will be preserved and used by Superior beings.

The technique thus applied seeks to produce other Brothers bodies already free of reincarnating cycles, not having other dense bodies to be preserved.

Q: Then, can be preserved bodies of other beings already existed on Earth?

A: Yes, since the condition required is the existence of the essential atom, but other conditions they focus on such specialized and subtle technical labor.

Q: Could we know which conditions?

A: First, you have to know the purposes for production and use of the body that must be useful not just to one, but to many superior Brothers to manifest through it bringing benefits to collectivities in process of learning and spiritual growth.

From the study and understanding of such purposes come the authorization and meeting of the team responsible for its production, conservation and use.

That team is closely linked to the purposes of using the body, because applies its energy to shape and sculpt its characteristics.

The team that begins operating with that body remains until extinguishes the body. While exists, the group remain linked, as well will be, other beings whose vibrational affinity of vibrational allows to use it.

Q: Can different spirits use a manufactured body?

A: Yes, there are among the spirits, inherent qualities that allow their grouping, in the same way, the blue color can present varied shades always blue.

Within that spectrum of vibrational standard color, certain categories of spirits can use the manufactured bodies, when authorized for such purposes.

Q: Does the bodies wear away, when used by such spirits?

A: It depends on what plan it is used and for what purpose.

Q: How is it? Is not only in the physical plane the bodies are used?

A: No, for a body exists in the physical plane, it must have its counterparts in other planes of existence.

The subtle bodies can exist without the densest bodies; but cannot stay without the subtler counterparts that constitute their channels of irrigation of vital forces that animate and maintain them.

Q: Who are with us?

A: Here is your brother Antar, Gardener of the Universe of Alpha and Omega.

We leave you on Peace.

After the mantra, he continues:

Q: Are there bodies been preserving only as shell of physical body?

A: If it was this way, how we could keep them in conditions to inhabit them? They are this way just in appearance. He, who sees them kept in protecting chambers, he thinks that only the shell exists.

However, a detailed and meticulous glance demonstrates latent and equally inert the several bodies parked in their corresponding planes serving with their channels of irrigation of vital force that aids to maintain that energy. Aseptic liquids are also prepared to keep the least level of vital energy.

Clairvoyance: I saw myself on a very beautiful beach. The feeling was of nostalgia and longing.

Someone called me, and I answered: I am not ready yet. I am not prepared, and I do not have conditions.

Then, I saw us in another planet and the Instructor spoke to a group where we were. He said that we would be exiled to another world to conclude what we had not done in this world. He also said that our bodies would be preserved so that, when we had concluded the commitment, we could go back to see again our dear beings.

In that group, relatives and friends were sad due to our exile, and asked with so much love to accompany us.

I felt strong presence of Jesus in that audience and soon I saw our dear beings welcomed in the intraterrestrial cities.

I saw Apostles of Jesus, after his death received in intraterrestrial cities, meeting their old friends. Again, I felt a strong presence of Jesus among them.

Antar, GESH – 31/11/2012.

7. We already used preserved bodies satisfactorily

Peace of Jesus! Peace of Christ!

Sister Margarida, in fact, we use "preserved bodies" among the local population of intraterrestrial cities.

To cities without that resource, we "lend bodies", so that they work in the neighboring communities looking for men and women to help in the organization of the chaos that will settle throughout the Planet Earth.

We already use those resources satisfactorily, for instance, in catastrophes in Japan, Haiti, and Indonesia, whose people obeys the intraterrestrial ones guiding them.

The use on a large scale will be at the end.

Peace to all of you!

Orcadim, Vigil in GESJ - 12/01/2012

8. Templars and Essens knew on Preserved Bodies

The "Lord of the World" inhabits Shambala, an intraterrestrial city in Middle East. Given the terrible news on the terrestrial surface, He used a preserved body stored in Shambala and wandered among humans.

He used the body of His old Tibetan friend centuries ago.

To take a preserved body is not easy, because not all beings free from matter can take at random a preserved physical body.

No all preserved physical bodies are adjusted to all beings in conditions of "dressing them."

The preserved body is similar clothes’ shape and size. A spirit to "dress it" must feel comfortable, in order to fulfill his duties in the physical plane.

The preserved bodies existent in the World were stored at different times. Some disappeared because of maladjustments in the conservation, misused, or still deliberately destroyed for having accomplished their mission.

Many preserved bodies exist never used, therefore have specific function in the "Planetary Transition" before the Global Rescue, when Evolved Spirits will take the bodies preserved for joining human groups in certain direction, and then rescued in Spaceships or intraterrestrial cities.

Many embodied spirits offered themselves for the task of joining human groups, leading them to safe places and then for rescue. However, many of those volunteers abandoned Christs Army, and for their bad tendencies and inclinations left gaps to be filled, as well reduced the number of incarnate volunteers.

They were "Soldiers of Christ", because as the end the Transition approaches, more difficult become the ascendant proofs and tumble larger number of candidates to regeneration.

However, there is already a plan in process foreseen by Sidereal Engineers and Psychologists that activate the "preserved bodies" trained by extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial beings for acting on time determined by Spiritual Leaders of the Planet.

The beginners of Occult Sects knew about the "Preserved Bodies", and some aided in its preservation, like "Templars and Essens" that were in the presence of Jesus.

Your humanity has much to learn!

Yours Brother,

Ramp, GESH – 12/01/2012

9. Bodies created without soul

By union between a man and a woman, Jesus was born by natural conception of bodies on Earth. His example of sacrifice, humility and love is sacred model you should follow.

However, in some very special situations, there is creation of physical bodies in extra-intraterrestrial laboratories for specific objectives always seeking the humanitys good.

Bodies created without soul used for certain creatures that no more have primitive bodies, as the astral body and mental inferior.

For manifesting themselves in the causal world require special bodies that adapt their superior vibration, and can walk invisibly among the incarnate ones, or even, astral bodies, in the astral plane accomplishing important tasks.

There are bodies generated in subtler dimensions than the physical plane, so that the evolved beings manifest in inferior areas of suffering.

Their sublime emanations are enough to go down the lower regions, however, they desire much more. They wish to immerse in the "mud" of inferior planes for assisting the suffering ones, and thence are generated bodies to enable them to remain in unhealthy places longer time.

By chance, does the Angel (¹) inhabit the Abyss with developed body? No. He took a created body, resistant enough to support his high-energy load and keep him in the shade.

Q: Are you speaking of Atafon (²)?

A: Yes, he took a body built for that purpose; as well, you ought to dress special clothes to go down to the bottoms of seas and oceans.

The construction and generation of bodies is under responsibility of Superior Beings, extra-intraterrestrial beings that already reached technical and scientific knowledge far beyond your little understanding.

Only specific beings use the bodies created in laboratories to accomplish functions predetermined by the Hierarchies of Light, how, when, where need it.

May Jesus bless you!

Ramp, GESH – 12/01/2012

Note ¹: Read the book "The Abyss" by Ranieri.

Note ²: Read the book "Angel that lives in "Abyss."

10. Preserved bodies: precious "work tool"

Clairvoyance: I have seen all us of GESH going up the Himalaya Mountain having Ramp ahead. At certain moment, he stops, raises the hands, and an opening appears in the mountain. We crossed through a corridor as far as an enormous library with shelves reaching the ceiling with ancient books.

Ramp explained those books had the answers for several subjects the humanity looks for, but kept by unscrupulous hands.

In the room were also Akhenaton, Gandhi, Madame Curie, Saint Antony, Brothers Francis and Albert Einstein. I asked the reason those Scientists were there. Ramp answered they should research, study the conservation of "preserved bodies" in the aggregation of atoms keeping its operation and energy.

Ramp also explained although we would have classes on "preserved bodies" and we would know about those classes through the messages. He told us that theme only would come to public, in the "Planetary Transition" when Superior Brothers would come to act with us in the "Rescue."

I also noticed other people in the library. Ramp said they were of other planets also undergoing by Planetary Transition. They were there to transmit the humanity of their origin planets how the people of the Earth were acting.

Each group went to a classroom. We had Akhenaton as instructor.

Here is part of the class:

Sisters, save the light of knowledge the Father grants us in this labor.

The issue "preserved bodies" is neither new in your world, nor in other evolved planets. When in phase similar faced by Earth today, they used that precious "work tool."

Embodied beings already discussed, in an occult way, on this subject in the "initiatory circles" of studies. Egyptians, Syrians, Tibetans and other people of Ancient Mesopotamia, millenarian people of East as India, China and Japan have such "knowledge" that fewer retain about the technique, application and conservation of "preserved bodies".

Long before, people of Atlanta and other lost civilizations also dominated the technique and study, taking the knowledge brought by evolved beings of the stars" to intraterrestrial cities, where they exiled after the fall and destruction of their Cities.

Question: Where come from the preserved bodies for usage in the Earth?

Since its conception, those bodies had the future purpose to be preserved as garment for some being use it.

Among several origins of bodies under care of extra-intraterrestrial beings, I can say:

- Some of them come from people like you that, after exile, left their bodies for the use intended. The person that donated the body, as Brothers of this Group GESH when exiled, they knew about the destination of their preserved bodies. They knew they were not owners of those bodies, and if they did not reach the necessary understanding and spiritual graduation expected, the bodies would be adapted and prepared for others used them.

This has already happened, because many Brothers left their bodies, and deviated seriously from the path of spiritual progress expected, and no more receive it again.

- Only Brothers of elevated spiritual graduation, extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial beings will use "other groups of "preserved bodies" for such end.

They are bodies of Superior Beings, Avatars that in a distant past were here for an advanced work of moral progress for humanity.

Because of degree of purity and vibrational level, Beings low their vibrational level could use those bodies, which could commit the body, and the brothers spiritual structure that will use it.

There is a meticulous work of Chemistry, Physics and Physiology to retain the body in its atmosphere, and for not disintegrate it, due to strong negative load involving the Planet in its physical-astral plane.

There are some areas of that matter, we should preserve so that important information did not fall in the unscrupulous hands.

That subject also interests to the "dark beings." There was an old attempt of "experiences frustrated" in hands of Reptilians. They believed their scientists could permanently use those bodies, and acted in a more effective way in the physical plane.

They will not get it, because the matter of the preserved bodies rapidly decomposes few minutes after its usage, due to the users inferior nature, being soon discarded.

Latter, we will bring more information, when you have achieved the knowledge.

Be in God´s Peace!

Akhenaton, Vigil GESJ - 12/01/2012

Note: In the eighties, for the first time, we received some messages about "Preserved Bodies" brought by Superior Brothers to our Group GESJ. I remember, perfectly, that several companions had preserved bodies somewhere in our Planet.

Mediums spontaneously brought the messages, even because, we never had heard about preserved bodies.

Today, on January 24, 2013 while reading this recent message, I remembered of companions that already left GESJ and had seen and recognized their "Preserved Bodies."

From those first revelations, the need for more explanations on preserved bodies had never abandoned me. Hence, one more stage of knowledge.


11. More explanation on Preserved Bodies

Sisters, as said by Brother Orcadim, so that people do not see the issue as extraordinary, we clarify a possible doubt of readers and yours, as disciples.

How a body already formed can receive a spirit and work fully with all organs, glands, members and nerves?

Without technical details of difficult understanding for you, the Sidereal Scientists connect all threads and chakras of the spirit to the body. He who receives the body, he remains in spaceships or in intraterrestrial cities in adaptation, while preparing his body to penetrating a dense atmosphere.

Later, we bring more information.

Be in Peace and Light!

Akhenaton - Vigil GESJ - 12/01/2012

12. "There are more mysteries between Heaven and Earth than suppose your vain philosophy"

Brothers, of all forms at all times, the body’s structures are preserved; once, they all originated from the subtlest or densest matter in agreement with the plane they manifest themselves.

Only Spirit, as divine sparkle is immaterial and infinitely expansible; and only it, is out of time and space, as you know.

At any plane of life your conscience manifest itself, you will find your body. They are of free use for your spirits according to the spiritual development to which you consecrate the free will usage.

Afterlife, those bodies will be able or not remain as vehicle of manifestation for your sparkle, according to the larger plan.

Q: Which will be preserved in that case?

A: The choice of the body to be preserved depends on its condition.

Would you use old and torn clothes? In the same way, a sick physical body with worn out cells hardly would sustain the vibration of a spirit to inhabit it.

On the other hand, an old cloth, but in good condition can be again useful, since it is adjusted to someone´s size who will use it.

Do not you use new clothes to be at a party? You would not use them to go shopping or to clean up the house.

The analysis that determines the conservation of a body, it evaluates the purpose for which the body serves. It includes possibilities and conditions of the body indicated for conservation, approval of the original spirit, from whose physical heritage shaped the material body to assist its reincarnation need. Finally, the care conditions it will be submitted, therefore all preservation of bodies at any plane of existence, it suggests maintenance and care by trained teams on preservation of bodies.

As practical example, we can mention the Margarida that in some occasions manifested will of incarnating in the Renewed Earth.

If her spiritual commitments do not allow her such accomplishment, she can, under permission of High of preserving one of her bodies in this Planet.

Then, she proceeds with her planning, according to the High and, eventually can show herself in the Earth, as Margarida using one of her preserved bodies carrying out tasks, and after then, she leaves the preserved body again under care of responsible teams.

Anything will impede her to simultaneously in new planet where will inhabit, and in the Earth that she learned to love, since the Father allows.

Q: Master, would it be an unfolding of her in other planet, and would the unfolded body come to occupy a denser body here?

A: The spirit manifests itself where and when wants, without barrier of time or space. A spirit assisted by skilled sidereal technicians can manifest simultaneously in two comfortable rooms of same residence, in two places of same city or in two different globes, since it has developed mind and energies to favor such displacements without damages for the free course of God´s Laws.

The free manifestation of the spirit in time and space is not contrary to God´s Laws; the long imprisonment in the matter yes, because thence elapses your suffering, in the reincarnation cycles in inferior planets.

Ramatis - GESH – 12/07/2012

13. New Revelations will come

Clairvoyance: when I began the concentration, I saw a Japanese Scientist that maybe he worked in England.

The Instructor of mine said the Scientist worked at a pharmaceutical laboratory, studying a drug that could be useful for so many people.

The Scientist was anxious to change the formula, so that the drug could create dependence, or that was effective only with other medicines and did not bring integral healing.

In the "astral plane" of the scientists house, from a "spaceship" parked, went down a "Being of Light", whose face, I did not see. In the spiritual plane, the Scientist accompanied him as far as the spaceship. There, it was explained the situation and asked his help at the laboratory, in the use of the physical body. Then, the Scientist went back to the body.

At night, while sleeping, they put the spirit out of the physical body in a glass urn. Beings present in the spaceship injected in his/her luminous string a blue liquid that should maintain the vitality of the physical and astral bodies.

In the physical plane, the extraterrestrial brother inhabits the Scientists body for some weeks, rejecting the harmful proposals and taking the experiences ahead as they should be.

Then, Akhenaton gave the following message:

Brothers, blessed is the Father of Infinite Love.

During the classes, you will learn on "preserved bodies" and doubts may appear.

There are countless types of "preserved bodies", and due to short time, we cannot mention all them. Some of them are complex, others for lack of appropriate vocabulary, or base previously known to understand.

We had seen a Superior Being using the preserved body of embodied being. They use that technique after contact and permission of the incarnate one and the Spiritual Guide who assists in preparing the embodied creatures physical body for such task. In the embodied material body, they inject elements to make it possible "tool" not only to own daily life, but for other "Beings" that of him need for noble works.

However, they are fewer cases that put into practice this situation for larger number of people´s good. The present moment allowed it because, the creatures already deserve the disease healing, or it would not snatch lives.

Along the time, new revelations will come so that you discuss and assimilate them.

Peace and Light for you!

Akhenaton - Vigil ASJ - 01/26/2013

14 – "Preservation of Primitive Bodies"

Clairvoyance: with astral body, I was among a group that seemed students visiting a section of the Great Heart Spiritual City. We arrived in a spaceship, and from it left a transport similar to minibus that took us inside the city.

After the trip, Nicanor received us and began a class on Preserved Bodies.

In another place, the local workers received and led us to a section with "bodies" stored in a chamber.

The class begun and noted down as follows:

Resources for progress of human civilizations are of natural and divine order. They vary according to the need and quality of collective and individual karmic experiences. These are news, whenever the free will drives the spirits for situations that facilitate them return to primordial experiences.

Later I had the following Clairvoyance:

I saw a group of spirits of a certain evolutionary level getting ready to use primitive bodies, with the objective of acting among incarnating people still in the early stages of human intelligence. The aspect was of monkeys with rudimentary human features.

The class continues:

Thus, to live the experience as Leader initiating the improvement of the group to new evolutionary direction, the spirit can return to his primitive body and guide his brothers, through his mind much more evolved; far from practices stopping them longer in the initial steps of evolution.

Clairvoyance: One of those evolved spirits I had seen, it used of a primitive body and joined a group that started to lead, due to his high intelligence. From the material point of view, he became the "head of a gang."

The manifestation of intelligence in primitive bodies occurred that way, in countless flocks of simians gradually removing the animal condition, thus allowing them to penetrate the world of human thought.

As a sparkle can ignite a bonfire, the evolved thought of a leader can ignite flames of reasoning to the minds still primary of inferior brains.

Q: Brother, may we ask questions?

A: Yes, our class seeks to solve the doubts you have.

Q: In those cases, a spirit put in such work opportunity, does he make use just of a body that was yours was, or could use other bodies?

A: The same principle applies to many situations. If the spirit trainee needs, in his path of readjusting himself before the law, sowing sparkles of intelligence over primitive globes, and being already prepared, so he will act under supervision of tutors of space.

Q: Given the aspect of different types of preserved bodies, we can see some similar to us with slim bodies, big head and humanized face.

A: This section in the tows stores bodies for sowings, in early stages of human civilizations. There are places and different forms of storage for every purpose of preservation, even in spaceships, intraterrestrial cities, neighboring Planets, and cities of the astral plane.

However, the techniques of preparing and maintenance follow strict patterns, and there may be among them exchange of knowledge and experiences always seeking to improve the technique and solution of problems that, unavoidably, appear, as in case of some used body damaged during its use.

Nicanor, GESH – 01/26/2013

15. Masters of the Universe

Clairvoyance: Ramp, one of our Spiritual Instructors took us somewhere in Tibet, where there was a wide "cave" with preserved bodies.

A Superior Spirit took one of those bodies, soon after it was carefully placed in an urn. He spoke:

We took a preserved body for fulfilling certain missions directly in touch with embodied spirits.

In distant Lamaseries (derived from Mud) in Tibet, where some bodies are preserved for long time, we use them for explanation and conclusion of experiences close to eminent Scientists. Those experiments bring benefits to collectivities in transit on Earth.

The "preserved bodies" enable us contact with our more eminent and humble pupils granting them new teachings and explanations about the mysteries of the Universe.

We can travel to distant places for indispensable encounters with collectivities looking for explanation, and others at the bottoms of the world.

Afterwards, we use a "preserved body", we shall return it intact to urn.

We should remain immersed in the preserved body for short time, because it would not survive long period out of the packaging that keeps united and nourished its cells.

Our energies sustain it while we use it; even being of different vibrational constitution, we cannot keep it longer out of the "conservative cocoon."

Peace, we wish you!

Maytreia (Master of the Great White Universal Fraternity) - GESH – 04/26/2013

16 - It is not punishment. It is fulfillment of Fathers Laws

Beloved children of God Father,

Men far from simplicity became lost of themselves. Thus, they walk stunned and emptied of God´s Love.

In vain, they try to fill their unbalanced souls in mundane pleasures and sensations.

Far from Divine Laws, they attach to material values, thus becoming blind before Our Presence and Our Most sublime Messages.

"Blessed are the pure in heart that shall see God!

There is no return to the chosen path of iniquities. Only the purification through pain can readjust the deceived consciences. It is not punishment; it is fulfillment of the Fathers Laws. It is the Law of Destruction that impels the Law of Progress.

Time urges the separation of the wheat from the tares to rescue the children of God that wish to follow His Teachings, as well as renew the opportunities of evolution of the deserters untamable instincts to reestablish Peace and kindness on Earth.

I go ahead on behalf of God guiding you fulfilling His Sovereign Will.

May Peace be with you! Do not fear the pain coming, because He, who walks with me, He finds the medicine to heal every pain, food to satiates every hunger, and water to satiate every thirst.

I am the One who guides you.

Jesus Sananda, GESH – 02/26/2013 - Public Meeting - Vila Velha/ES

17. I am your Brother Jesus. Come to Me

Clairvoyance: I have seen Jesus penetrating a living room of the Spiritualistic House where we were. He dressed in a very simple tunic and blessed us. Then, I heard Him saying:

Brothers and sisters, here I am among you.

Deny my fraternal presence is again to renounce me.

Take the occasion to serve God and love the neighbor, so that you can participate in the "nuptial banquet" in the Renewed Earth.

Come to me, and I will comfort and guide you back to the Fathers House.

I am your Brother Jesus.

Come to me.

Jesus - GESH – 03/07/2013 – Meeting GESJ IV – Salvador, BA – Brasil.


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