Divulgation 70


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Dear readers,

Be you in Peace with Jesus.

Here is for you, the Divulgation 70 containing more messages about the "Preserved Bodies."

He, who carefully reads those "after-life news" without prejudice, but keeping them to interpret only after understanding the subject fully, he will attest the Divine Mercy involving us in difficult situations difficult and impossible to our eyes.

When the first revelations arrived for GESJ, at the end of last century, we had no idea that "Preserved Bodies" existed, kept under so many physical and secret care.

Finally, in the second semester of 2012, I realized the time had come for us to study deeply and divulge so important and ignored revelation!

Now, after reading for several times the messages, in order to publish them, I concluded that came on time: "The Arrived Times", we are already living. I believe that, in many difficult situations, the "Preserved Bodies" will be removed from the "urns" where are and used by their owners, or by Spiritual Beings quite developed, experts of that possibility, with the objective of helping human groups on those moments of chaos and despair during the Planetary Transition that we are already living.

There is a logical relationship between that extraordinary revelation and Planetary Transition. If a Superior Spirit needs to assist to an embodied collectivity with very difficult materialization and even impossible, why not to use a Preserved Body to accomplish the task and later to return it?

I indeed believe they are already using them more and more along of the time.

Believe in "Preserved Bodies" if you want, but I myself responsible for GESJ, I cannot stop publishing not all Revelations received by mediums of our Spiritualistic Group.

Blessed is Lord Jesus, whose Love and Light guide us!


Note: We address a hug to our readers and friends.


01. Christs Army advances

May Peace involve all planetary sides and your hearts!

Warriors of Light, since you accepted the work in Divine Vineyard, in Christs Armies, your swords stay lifted up in the salutary cleaning of the Earth.

Your bodies unfolded in the abysmal regions advance rapidly putting you in strategic positions for confrontation with the Beast.

Much work happens now in the invisible plane of the humankind. Many fraternal hands are destroying the criminal strongholds and dark phalanges, and free the suffering souls for long time enslaved in regions of the astral inferior.

You and other good spirits have rescued and restored many mutilated bodies.

Teams of terrestrial, extraterrestrial and intraterrestrial brothers monitor the inferior areas of the Astral Plane. They look for the lost souls, per millennia incrusted in fetid, rotten atmospheres, and forgotten, but not by Beloved Father that everything sees and knows where to rescue them. They go into exile in another planet to improve them and then will inhabit new homes to evolve.

Thus, my sisters, amidst fights, battles and help the suffering brothers, the Christs Army advances opening glades in the darkness, providing the necessary conditions for the Earth to renew. In a future not distant, the catastrophes more and more intense will assure the end of the Planetary Transition.

Margarida who is a great warrior, you will be able to use a preserved body to help other brothers suffering after "three days of darkness."

Margarida: Long ago, I knew of preserved body to me. Now, are you affirming it?

Ashtar Sheran: Yes, your courage, determination and faith will be very important so that the lost and unbalanced embodied ones listen to your "vibrant voice" leading them to places prepared to welcome humans, then rescued to interior of the Earth, or to spaceships.

Margarida: The interior of the Earth sounds good with spaceships and cities more developed than terrestrial surface.

Ashtar Sheran: You can use a preserved body to assist them. You will as an incarnate knowing an intraterrestrial city, even staying there only to guide part of the rescued brothers.

Margarida: Will have overwork?

Ashtar Sheran: Yes, there will be overwork for few embodied brothers that the "call of duty" to renewal and help others.

Margarida: Does it mean needy of many other workers to assist those people?

Ashtar Sheran: The swords shine in hard battles, therefore the "dark commands" unhappy because of substantial losses in their Armies, they attack the Centers of Light and Servants of Jesus. Beings of darkness celebrate each worker of light that tumbles.

Margarida: Do they think owners of the Earth!

Ashtar Sheran: Yes, the strongest ones in faith may survive strengthened by light. It must be strong light for not be defeated by fear, moral fall and corruption that reigns among humans.

Go ahead "warriors" because you still have much work before the end!

Margarida: We are always on duty while sleeping, even still incarnate; or in the astral plane.

Ashtar Sheran: We counted on you and, we always remain with you.

Blessed is Lord Jesus! Save the peace!

Ashtar Sheran - GESH – 02/15/2013

Clairvoyance: When Commander Ashtar said that Mrs. Margarida could use a "preserved body" after the "three days of darkness", I saw her dressing in "preserved body", as a strong incarnate woman at her thirty or forty years old.

I saw her in a place destroyed. People torn, dirt and disoriented wandered in the dusty streets. Mrs. Margarida arrived and called them. I did not hear what she told them. More people approached and followed her as far as a cave. She invited them to penetrate the cave, where found a soft blue light and vibrated when reached an intraterrestrial city.

02. We must divulge the messages brought us

Save Jesus! Save Peace! Save the Light!

Brothers, all action of spirits in the matter reflects the need, which translates into the blossoming of knowledge arriving to humanity.

Spirits brought to Earth with the objective to evolve; they conclude their "planetary cycle" and some return to their original planets.

It is worth remembering the lived time and opportunities received, and the return to their dear ones, for a long time forgotten, and simple memories of happy time formerly.

The preparation of those people consists of awakening them to the knowledge. In the past, they learned simple lessons still at Primary School of the World. Nevertheless, due to exile, they left back for having no moral condition to take advantage of them in favor to their own and others.

Therefore, it is necessary to divulge the knowledge brought for those that need them to awaken the memoirs and prepare them for the happy encounter with the past.

They must be ready to inhabit again their worlds, "bodies"¹, and fraternize after a long exile, for the accomplished progress. They will continue the evolutionary process from where interrupted; and remake the lessons to put them in conditions of advancing.

Brother Ish-Wam is with you here.

We assure the Sister receives the messages to divulge them to awaken the spirits of other Orbs at learning stage on Earth.

Margarida: Is the Brother saying about the messages on Preserved Bodies?

Ish-Wam: Yes, we join you. The Brother and friend Ramp, brothers and medical friends Ortham, Orthon and Orthanine and Mahyr also ready to assist you in sensing and transmitting to the mediums, the information you need to throw throughout the world.

It is time of final tests, when many "students of this Planet School" can advance to their original worlds, retaking their lives from where interrupted. They must be ready those interested on the information, aware of its truth and accepting them naturally.

Other still ignorant spirits are not in conditions of receiving as such "grandiose knowledge". They still need to evolve them morally for then reach the beauty of the "Creation."

Margarida: We understood, my Brother. We are gathering the whole messages to divulge them sooner.

Of course, I did not assimilate everything the messages reveal. It is above our human understanding; however, the issue already awakened other people for the study and research. Indeed, the complex subject will displease many people, but we cannot please this or that person. We must divulge the messages brought us by Brothers, besides the present Brother and his wife Mahyr, and so many other extraterrestrial brothers that have been working with us in GESJ.

Ish-Wam: We understand the difficulties to transmit the knowledge, because even you who study the subject, you have difficulty to understand the information we bring you. It is deep subject and the "incarnation", often limits your understanding at this time of turbulence, when the terrestrial psychosphere in anything favors as such study.

However, the "high guidelines" impel us to assist you, in the evolution process you chose, through the redeeming work. In favor of those who need to awaken the memories, we use the Divulgation keeping the simplicity and coherence of the teachings for their high purposes.

What are Preserved Bodies?

Who cares for them?

Where are they stored?

Why are preserved bodies necessary?

These are simple questions, which answers, in the current conditions, can accomplish the superior purpose as such revelations.

Margarida: Could the Brother answer them for us?

Ish-Wam: The messages you are receiving are already contains discursive form to involve the reader, without limiting the knowledge we bring you; having much more we could translate into words. Do you understand, my sister?

Margarida: I understand it more or less.

Ish-Wam: Preserved Bodies are organic structures prepared for receiving beings able to use the bodies always for high purposes.

They build and preserve the bodies in agreement with the purpose destined, with conditions in which are and possibilities of the Planet in which is the Spatial Worker in charge for its creation or preservation.

The material applied always exist on earth, often ignored in its depth, because the terrestrial science did not achieve the knowledge about the atom in its smaller parts containing properties and characteristics that give to the matter, the necessary plasticity for construction and preservation of bodies.

It is in the sub-atomic level that works the Spatial Brothers experts at conservation techniques or creation of those bodies.

Q: I have a question.

Ish-Wam: Here we are to assist and serve you.

Q: Do you mean, they can create bodies, or these belong to people of the Planet where they declined. The bodies already used were preserved.

Ish-Wam: Both situations are possible depending on need and purpose expected.

They can create of preserve bodies already existent and used by someone.

Maybe you know that our brother Ramp used a preserved body.

Margarida: It was already a second body when Ramp died.

He had the first body worn out and sick due to several tortures submitted and without conditions for the important task he should fulfill. Then, he needed another healthy body.

The second body allowed that Ramp lived for many years.

Ish-Wam: The original plan included the preservation of his natural body; however, the course of events changed the program.

Nevertheless, given the need of future use, the spirit full of achieved knowledge, in agreement with his life plan, it was necessary the study to use of another physical body to continue the work. After all, what defines the creation or preservation of a body is always the superior purpose intended to assist a large number of beings.

Everything in the evolutionary process impels the spirit to think more about others than to own benefit. Thus, the spiritual attendance and of spatial beings impels to be this way, because is the Law and Will from the High.

He, who advances in the evolutionary scale, they learn that better is living in communion with the Father, through the care with the world where live, with brothers, and with love that leads us to the reintegration with the Superior Source of Universal Love.

Margarida: My Brother, could the Sister Mahyr here tell us about the North Korea in using atomic bomb?

Ish-Wam: At the moment, Sidereal Scientists and Superior Spirits are in the matter with Preserved Bodies among "Governments" trying to calm the temper exalted, because also on the other side, the "dark Forces" incite the most excited spirits, so that the situation culminate in bloodshed.

There is force and opponent force, and the world awaiting the ending. We know the end is coming, and for short time, we can postpone the painful events. However, we must continue doing good until the free will leads the humanity to their destination.

The backward Forces seeking to subdue the Planet, through the espionage, they try to annul the War Army. Now, we are aiding in the confrontation that happens at the back stages of the world conflict. Does the sister understand?

Margarida: Yes, I believe the end is coming.

Ish-Wam: Sister, every day is inevitable the end for a decadent humanity. For the moment, you must think in a future of happiness and peace to cross through the battlefields coming.

Keep on faith, courage, determination, and love in the heart, sure that we always are with you.

May Peace of the Lord of the Worlds be with us!

Extraterrestrial Ish-Wam, GESH – 04/26/2013 – Vitoria/ES

Note¹: It refers to their bodies "preserved" in the original Planet.

Note: This message should come through Divulgation 68, but was not possible.

Note: Read the book: "The Wise person of Tibet" to understand how everything happened.

03. Amidst of debris of the past

Brothers, save the light.

There was a time, in incessant study on Beginners of Egypt, India, China and Japan they dominated the techniques on "Preservation of Bodies."

They discussed and studied about the subject with profound knowledge of Masters and students of Esoteric Communities.

Nevertheless, the intellectual corruption present there resulted in domination of acquired knowledge. Thus, the Spirituality responsible for sending instructions and techniques that could impel the humanitys progress; they decided stopping the transmission detailing the necessary norms of preparation and conservation for maintenance of bodies.

Amidst the debris of the past of those countries, in secret places, there is vast literature on "Preserved Bodies" left by Masters of Ancient Civilizations.

Nowadays, the subject returns, not more as experiment, but, so that all embodied ones know of another resource by Superior Brothers that will use the preserved bodies for helping and rescue the afflicted embodied beings after "Three Days of Darkness" until the end of the Planetary Transition.

All those of good willing that offered and prepared themselves to use the body; they already made the necessary adjustments of vibration, chakras, compatibility of vital energy and union of organs and members.

There is no more possibility for selection of new members to use "Preserved Bodies" in the physical or in the astral plane.

The ones that committed and abandoned the path, they acquired heavy debt with the "Sidereal Accounting", and with the owner of the body, if this one consciously knew of its destination.

It refers to the embodied brothers that had drawn personal plans for the New Times and knew that would be used as such technique, and willingly devoted to the study of a such project.

Those that abandoned the task for misusing the current incarnation, they are going to exile in Planets of Atonements and Trials.

The body destined for worker, it goes to a regeneration camera for new compatibility tests, if possible, to adapt in other planets.

Brothers, go ahead you that voluntarily put yourselves at service of the light and progress.

I will Peace to you all.


Medium: At a point of the message, I thought the Bother was referring to the wizards and magicians that knew about preserved bodies and practiced evil. He answered wizards and magicians had used the technique for thousands of years and returned to practice the evil. Therefore, the ones today recruited by spirituality for the task; they are the ones of the past conquering an opportunity to quit the past debts, through the rescue and helping other brothers, in name of the Light.

We wish Peace to you all!

Rochester -GESH – 05/25/2013 - Festival of Wesak

04. The Preserved Bodies exist.

Beloved brothers and sisters, the renouncement to the material goods is beneficent action by those who seek to free the soul.

Your presence gathered here seeking connection with Masters of elevated graduation means, you already have characteristics of Rightists of Christ, and His "Mark" definitively in your souls.

We are cannot materialize ourselves among you, because you are not gathered in "secret temples of the beginners" and the dense psychosphere does not allow.

You do not inhabit the limpid areas of Himalaya or Tibet that could provide materialization without large efforts for you and us.

However, keeping on faith, you feel our presence beside you guiding the last steps in the world of atonements and trials.

There are preserved bodies for spirits that already reached certain evolution degree in this Apocalyptic stage, like you, and Spiritual Instructors that work in the Spirit House with you, so that use in a pressing need, as the one approaching after the "three days of darkness."

As said by Superior Instructors, the "Preserved Bodies" are in secret cameras far from the modern Scientists, whose inconsequent actions could destroy their subtle conservation.

The preserved bodies that you or other evolved beings could use to help the humanity, they can be transported by spaceships, under supervision of extra-intraterrestrial Beings to places where superior beings used them to instruct or guide human groups lost, without faith or hope after the "three days of darkness."

Those with merit to be rescued to intraterrestrial cities or to spaceships, or even sent in physical body to another planet, they will receive direct aid of some spirit superior, embodied or using a preserved body.

This is one of the purposes to have developed the preserved bodies for millennia in this Planet.

The number of preserved bodies on Earth is reduced, but enough to assist the Divine Program.

The evolved terrestrial, extra-intraterrestrial Beings can use the preserved bodies.

The High Spiritual Hierarchy have used the preserved bodies for millennia to instruct their followers and helping collectivities in deserted places, in their moral and spiritual needs.

Unhappily, little grew morally this humanity ignoring much knowledge that could aid to overcome the painful path of "Doomsday."

The earthly brothers stayed ignorant by absolute choice, because did not lack them efforts of the Superior Beings to instruct you about the path of renewal and spiritual progress.

I bless you, my children.

From yours Master,

Ramatis - GESH – 05/25/2013 - Festival of Wesak

05. Preserved bodies of Atlantis

Clairvoyance: I saw an Atlantean Priest. He was a tall, brunet man dressed in a white tunic with a light blue layer. He had something hanging in the neck, maybe a symbol that I do not know.

He made a gesture with the hands, and I started to see Atlantis before it sank.

First, I saw children running in the clean streets, and spaceships flying lower over the city. The buildings quite high seemed mirrored.

Then, I saw Temples where the Priests gathered. Everything seemed real indeed.

After that, I saw in urns, preserved bodies maybe of Atlantean Priests when Atlantis sank.

I could also see the urns at the bottoms of the sea, and Intra-oceanic Beings removing them with the preserved bodies.

Finally, I saw Atlantis sinking and everything silent. I received the following message:

Peace and love to you, brothers.

In Atlantis, we developed techniques of preservation of bodies instructed by Beings of High Sidereal Hierarchy present at Initiatory Meetings.

The "preserved physical bodies" of Atlantean Priests dedicated to good actions remained in special cameras, after the persons death. Then they put the bodies in urns of the purest and resistant crystal dived in special liquid and hermetically closed.

In the sinking of Atlantis, the urns got lost and bodies sank.

Times later, we knew of intra-oceanic beings had rescued some preserved bodies intact and transferred them to Himalaya.

Even today, Masters of High Ascension visiting the Earth use the preserved bodies.

The survived "preserved bodies of Atlantis" are stored appropriately at Himalaya, ready for use.

We greet you on behalf of the Light.

Atlantean Priest Amon-Rá - GESH – 05/31/2013

06 - The bodies were in awful state.

Clairvoyance: During the concentration, I saw our Group GESH climbing a mountain.

When we reached its top, an intraterrestrial spaceship waited for us to penetrate the mountain.

In the spaceship, we went down at high speed by a vertical tunnel at high speed.

We landed in a city unknown to me. Indeed, I did not know where the mountain was. In that city, they sent us to a large living room with various bodies in urns of transparent material.

The Instructor telepathically said they were preserved bodies used by that people to rescue in places of difficult access or dangerous for humans.

On that moment, three intraterrestrial beings used "preserved bodies" and approached. I did not get to see their true bodies.

In an area attached to the hall was a small spaceship that transported the intraterrestrial beings.

After a time in that place, they returned with some human bodies wrapped with transparent layers and accommodated us in the same spaceship that brought us there. I do not know if they were living or dead beings.

All the time, those beings did not speak to us. I understood it was to ask neither questions to them nor the Instructor

Everything done, we boarded. I believe our Guide told me mentally, we were going to Okay City.

Our brother Orcadim and his assistants received us there. They carefully removed the bodies from the spaceship and allowed us to look at "the bodies" in awful state: mutilated, burnt and wounded. I believe they were adults, because I could not see their faces.

Orcadim asked that we did not touch the bodies, because his assistants would direct them for treatment.

Then, in another room, we could see the rescue operation of those brothers. I also observed the intraterrestrial beings without the preserved bodies and "dressed" them.

Mentally, I asked Orcadim if we could made questions and he answered positively.

Medium: Brother, where is the intraterrestrial city that we removed the bodies to Okay?

Orcadim: According to our Superior Leaders, we cannot tell you it, given the high complexity of the task fulfilled by intraterrestrial beings there. The tasks expose them in danger. Thence, to indicate the location of the city would expose them more to the negative forces.

Moreover, you have not permission to communicate with those brothers, because your minds would not get to reach them to dialogue.

Medium: On that moment, through the screen, I saw the intraterrestrial beings were tall, thin, white, without mouth, ears, and had only one eye. They only got in touch with us after "dressed" the preserved bodies. Due to that fact, I asked Orcadim the reason.

Orcadim: Due to the high evolutional level reached, they would not get to fulfill the duty close to embodied beings. The energy emitted by their bodies would pulverize you. Thence, the need of preserved bodies to retain and absorb the high vibration they spread.

Medium: Is there difference between he, who can use a body created by the Sidereal Technique and bodies that already belonged to other person?

Orcadim: A preserved body that once belonged to other person; in its morphology structure stores the genetic material of the original "owner" containing the characteristics of which was created there. For that reason, the preserved bodies of embodied ones can be requested to use, hereafter.

When dressing that body, it wraps his owner as tailor-made, thus shortening the time for adaptation.

The Sidereal Engineers created the bodies for Beings of high vibrational degree, because the bodies will not suffer shock of adaptation shock, or compatibility with superior brothers seeking the time of use and resistance for the mission expected.

Medium: Could you tell us, if the bodies used by intraterrestrial beings belong to them of last lives or created by the Sidereal Technicians?

Orcadim: Although some of them are brothers of high graduation, they could not be Masters yet. Those intraterrestrial beings used bodies that already had and brought from their origin planets for preservation in their intraterrestrial home.

They do the conservation of those bodies and of others found there.

In that task that penetrated a very dense area of high negative degree, they could not have accomplished it without using preserved bodies, or even had contact with embodied ones, for the reasons already mentioned.

Throughout the study, we expect bring more explanations for you.

Blessed is the Peace of Jesus with us!

Intraterrestrial Orcadim, Okay City/MT - GESH – 07/13/2013

07. Progress cannot stop due to abandonment of task.

Beloved sisters, it is "new" knowledge for old people.

Even as scientists in distant planets, you already controlled the technique of using the preserved bodies.

Why today, do you need to incorporate to seek such knowledge?

Because was established given the great transgression to the code of conduct, abuse of power, more seriously the infraction to the Divine Laws, in this existence, that knowledge would be prohibited for some mediums, and accessed just for research or for informative reading.

Once that such progress cannot stop by abandonment of the task, the same scientists that formerly sold the technique to powerful sanguinary beings, today, again, they only get in touch with the available theme in the cosmos, when allowed by Masters and Mentors.

Long before the current Group knew about the issue, soon after the desertion of workers that should bring the explanatory messages, we invited each of you and explained the great risk of altering or using them for less worthy ends and use the information to own benefit.

After the agreement done with the presence of Spiritual Guides and Mentors, we wait the group could retain the matter, studies in the astral plane, and, then, we began to provide the questions by small doses.

So be it until have no doubts about the subject.

Let us go in Peace of the Divine Light.

Anti-Rá (Priest of the Temple of Amon-Rá) - GESH - 02/02/2013

08. Preserved Bodies

Astral trip: I had much difficulty in reciting the mantra with the companions. For several times, I felt myself absent of the place.

When the meditation began, I saw myself in a street of some Egyptian City. I was in front of a very simple house in a calm neighborhood; I do not know the reason I should be there.

From that house left, a tall man dressed like a monk with a hood covering his face. His clothes were clean and a gold rope around his waist.

He stopped, looked at me and only made a discreet sign so that I followed him.

Soon we were at the place where the Gize Pyramid exists. Looking at the pyramid, great was the surprise of déjà vu it formerly.

We went down by a narrow stair little illuminated. Given the sensation that we were in a very deep place, I asked:

Medium: Why are we here?

Priest: We are going to see the preserved bodies and I after that, will let you know.

We are in an empty living room. Then, I added:

Medium: I am not seeing any preserved body.

Priest: Thousands of years ago, we removed the bodies here not running risk of violation. We built a tunnel, and kept them in the mountains.

Then, he transmitted the following message:

May the Light of the Universe elevate our thoughts!

The monad (i.e. soul), Divine creation is thrown in the evolution of times for growth and development. The main objective of bringing it back to the creative source is never lost. God allowed the obstacles along the path, as a process of moral, intellectual and physical development reaching its spiritual progress after dominating the absorbed knowledge in "developed worlds" like these. What is the Divine creation, the outline of the principle of what God is which the purpose of evolution for the worlds and their constituents.

In an infinitely smaller scale and simple comparison occurs the development for the creation or preservation of bodies stored and preserved in places favorable to protect them.

The human being who awakes today for such teachings, he brings in itself the old information that appears as alerts, and now seek understand the issue transmitted by you, sisters.

This is the reason we bring so much information.

Among other tasks, the technicians responsible for creation and reincarnation of bodies must follow up the development of the "body", its program and time in exile. It only happens by the owner´s permission.

Let us take the example of spirits brought here from their original worlds.

People throughout their existence seek the balance between Divine Laws and Life in the matter. However, not fully aligned to the regenerating task, at certain time of life, the candidate to the regeneration goes to exile in another Planet of Atonement and Trials. Nevertheless, even transferred, the agreement done prior to their reincarnation of conserving the body for future use, and the conservation of body occurs after its death not by catastrophe, violence, addiction or degenerative disease.

The Rescue Parties immediately put the bodies in the spaceships, stored in cooling chambers and sent to intraterrestrial cities, or extraterrestrial spaceships for cleaning and conservation.

Thus, we can understand why the body of an exiled person keeps in itself the necessary conditions to own sustentation.

The Earth, as planet laboratory brings in itself, the favorable conditions for the use of Preserved Bodies.

Although that method of rescue, conservation and use already existed long before the creation of the Earth, it is always complex introducing the theme in its beginning. However, it is necessary to emphasize its use in favor of the needy humanity.

Other brothers will bring you more information, and I leave you in the Peace of Lord Jesus.

Priest of the Temple of Amon-Rá - GESH - 02/08/2013


01. Many voices shout for us!

Dear Brothers,

Many of us working in the Christian Vineyard are sad before the events taking place throughout the Planet. We know them clear to us.

However, touch deeply our hearts, the vision about human suffering by the ones that so long remain in darkness of ignorance. As a mother that observes her children picking the suffering resulted of bad actions sowed formerly, I ask to the Father and "Beloved Son" compassion with the humanity, spilling light of understanding for abandoning the inertia promoted by darkness. We hope that deeply touched by His Love, the human beings seek inner renewal elevating them toward the Light.

Many voices shout for us; and you know that miracles do not exist. Anything we can do against the peoples will. If you seek joy and peace, you must cultivate them by daily simple actions, as Jesus taught.

Be happy, because He is renewing us hope in a happier future in the Realm of God.

With best wishes of Peace, we say good-bye, praying to God, the perfume of flowers around you!

Margarida: Who are you, sister?

Mary: They call me Mary.

Margarida: Dear Sister, thank you for spreading love among us

Mary: Thanks to God that allowed us to serve. We shall take the light to touch the hearts and minds, necessary to the human awakening. We should not save efforts to fulfill the incessant work so necessary for renewal of many brothers still lost in ignorance.

May Peace be among us!

Mary, GESH - 02/01/2013

02. Keep on faith to elevate you above the primitive level

Brothers on Earth,

We greet you in name of the light!

It is more and more frightening the conditions for humanity of this Planet.

From the High, we recognize as such condition inherent to the reincarnated peoples primitive character, but those that little or nothing sees before the current scenario and gradually loses the notions of the reality in which live.

Thence, we urge you to keep on faith, which is safe harbor of the soul to face the transitory storms in the matter.

Do not forget dear brothers, about your sidereal origin. You belong to worlds besides yours and enlarge your consciences beyond the physical plane in which you are temporarily imprisoned.

Keep on faith to elevate you to the celestial stops wished by your backward souls.

By faith, you realize there is no punishment in the bitter crop and only Love as transforming power can renew hope into joy indistinctly donating its precious seeds for subsequent crops.

Believe in the immortality of the soul and realize that even the worst suffering reaches its end, further serving as lesson for the actions of formerly, representing the lessons on which you should meditate to face and overcome the present.

Beloved brothers, may faith encourage you that we love and have compassion with you!

Yours sister,

Tuella, GESH 06/28/2013

03. Knelt down in prayer

So much water will overflow and form cracks.

The tiny and helpless human being will perish

The same pain that constrains everybody, it will be useful

It will show the path of prayer as only way to understand and to help.

Brothers that die now,

Formerly, they merciless killed many others

Do not rebel those who consecrated themselves to Christ,

Knelt down in prayer,

Each one has what deserves

From the High, good spirits have compassion,

They follow hearing and assisting the crowd

Day will come as such pain to face,

When not even "fraternal hands" will reach all

Then you will know the end has arrived.

That a new beginning will come announced by wise persons:

Jesus will return to Earth.

Nostradamus, GESH - 07/05/2013

Medium: I heard somebody saying, "Silver River"; then, I saw a crack in the concrete and many bodies floating.

04. Every imprisonment restricts love, progress and life

Spiritualist Brothers,

Free you from the constraining ties of power that do not bring "knowledge". Bear always in mind the infinite Universe producing the Sublime Lessons of God´s Love.

Meditate not just in the words I left you by Evolved Brothers, but, above all, in those words not said, because you could not understand them.

It is hour, we must see the knowledge that surrounds us and sustains our wonderful life beyond the visible world.

Understand, in the inner core that to love is to free and every imprisonment restricts love, progress and life.

Exert efforts to free you from the ties of prejudice, useless judgment or condemnation.

It is not prudence speaking in your hearts; it is fear treacherously whispering in your minds.

He, who believes in the Blessed Lessons of the Rabbi of Galilee, he is ready to go ahead and receive in the heart, the lessons written in the "Bible" destined to humanity, as chapter of profound wisdom and dedicated love of Great Masters.

Meditate you, brothers and friends; because the time urges to you attest the deep changes of abandoning, the old man in favor of the new one that already knocks on the door.

The spiritualist news arrive you as rapidly as the modern society´s bankruptcy.

For peace among men, we have been working so that through the sublime lessons, you will find the portals of light inviting you to the high levels of the universal knowledge.

We say good-bye wishing peace and joy among brothers.

Allan Kardec - GESH – 06/28/2013

05. Voices shouting

Voices shout inviting you to change.

He is Jesus who loves you

He is calling you to evolve

Listen attentive those that call you,

In everything, they tell you

How much they love you.

Those choices that, one day, we asked

Now, we feel its effects.

Nowadays, see you the perfection:

We choose to sow the future plantation.

If you seek love and joy

Listen, with love and happiness,

What your guides ask you.

They recommend prudence, cunning and wisdom

Today spread the seeds for the crop tomorrow.

Brother X - GESH – 06/28/2013

06. I dedicated my life to God

Clairvoyance: I was in a beautiful place, when I saw a big, very beautiful church, with beautiful pictures painted in soft colors on the ceiling.

Among those gathered for a lecture, I recognized Brother Francis of Assisi, whose presence flooded the place with a soft comforting energy.

I also saw other priests, bishops, Pope Francis and the clergy. Among them was Mrs. Margarida and Leaders of other Religions. They joined not for the faith professed, but in communion of love for humanity.

Words by Brother Francis of Assisi:

Beloved brothers,

I dedicated all my life to God, and in Lord Jesus footprints, I built my road. Based on His simple Life and Laws, I established the guidelines to live better.

By loving the neighbor and serving Him, I tried to understand the Lords Lesson, exemplifying His words that must reach everybody. By cultivating love in the heart and simple live, we understand that easier is serve God than preached by "Doctors of the Faith" in their luxurious temples with sumptuous banquets, while crawl in poverty and hunger the ones condemned by Law.

While material life exists, there is opportunity of renewal.

Spread throughout the world the "messages of hope" brought by our Superior Brothers to demonstrate that simple life is the key to serve the Creator and to worship His Beloved Son, Jesus.

In the simplicity of its heat, the Brother Sun cultivates life on Earth.

In the simplicity of its freshness, the Sister Water fills up of blessings the riverbeds.

In the simplicity of our Brother Wind, it blows the renewal of the telluric energy.

Life blossoms in the simplicity of our Sister Land.

Only humans that judge them above everything, they forget about fraternity and abandon simplicity.

Return to the simplicity, aware that we are brothers of the sun, water, air and land in fulfilling the duty of with them; we serve for the humanitys good.

May our Friend Jesus bless us!

Brother Francis of Assisi - GESH - 07/05/2013

07. Sooner will be born the New Earth!

Brothers, formerly, we lived among hard battles on Earth.

After our spiritual renewal, we did not forget the great debt with our generous Mother Earth that welcomed us for millennia.

The Planet Earth, cradle of splendid forests, patiently tolerated our thorns, until we reached the true renewal.

We did not abandon it, and contributed for its transformation.

On behalf of Christ, we worked in helping and in directing the suffering souls. They are our brothers that in droves wander among humans inciting them the wrongdoing, or parked in areas of suffering, as victims or executioners of others or of themselves.

We are humble Servants of Jesus seeking to imitate Him in the practice of the Good.

The announced storms before ending the Planet of Atonement and Trials also accelerate the activities in the spiritual plane, especially in helping the suffering ones.

Did you imagine the destiny of those that no more reborn in the Earth? For them, exile and accelerated removal from the Earth to distant worlds compatible with their spiritual delay.

Beloved brothers, do not you judge as fictitious news about the "planetary exile", because where would be the Justice and Goodness Divine if it were not this way?

For where would go the poor ones succumbed by bad choices, misfortune and moral bankruptcy?

Do not ignore God´s Justice, Harmony and Balance of His immutable Laws, however, salutary that offer eternity for creature to evolve.

The Planet in which you live is one cradle of opportunities to evolve. You that are aware of it, take the occasion to love, forgive, suffer and to evolve, therefore, it does not delay to be born the New Earth of Regeneration!

May Peace be in your hearts!

Ticiano (Disciple of Plato) - GESH – 05/17/2013

08. Do not judge, I beg you

Beloved children of My Father

The Planet Earth agonizes in pain.

As you know, such pain means the end of one cycle. The restart comes, but you must learn the lesson. If, for love, you did not learn the Lessons left you by God Almighty Father, for pain, you must recognize us as brothers, and when you impinge suffering to others, you suffer too.

In the universe that you live, you are still backward spirits in understanding the cosmic meaning of life. Only after the purification by pain, you will understand the greatness of Life and the Fathers Creation.

While the blindness still determines the slowness of your steps, work in My Name aiding the fallen ones, because they are today as you were yesterday. You suffer today the suffering impinged to others yesterday.

When working, remind my lessons awakening love in your souls. You slowly may see the great metamorphosis of the old man into new one. You also will see the ignorant beings darkened by bad actions changed into Being of Light transformed by Gods Love.

On those moments of pain, you should lovingly assist the poorest brothers than you, therefore, only Love is the path for redemption of souls. Love is the Greatest Truth able to modify the humanitys destiny.

Margarida: Master, may I ask a question?

Jesus: Yes, you can.

Margarida: Various thoughts come to my mind as remote memories that we already knew each other. Maybe on that time, we did not give due importance to your sublime teachings, but we could have been contemporary when you were on Earth. Am I right?

Jesus: As time passes by, and your spirit abandons the matter, you can review last events, translating in thoughts, some questions difficult to explain with words, but as truth of the events.

Many of you here and others in this House, as well as some that already left, all of you lived at that time I was on Earth. Moreover, many others, for reasons I cannot tell you now, they were with me, and I addressed the words to their hearts.

Unhappily, at that time, your souls did not take advantage of all teachings transmitted. Many modifications happened since that contact. Even slowly, many directions modified. We would like that many of you have advanced, but we understand and accept the freedom granted by God Father to each one to awaken and to evolve.

With a great joy, we join you for the progress already acquired and hopeful for the progress expected.

Margarida: Master, could you tell me, if that incarnation when I was "hermit" going down the hill, once or twice a week, to preach for a Community, did it come after your death?

Jesus: Sister, for several times, you abandoned the groups you belonged, in search of profound study and "knowledge".

That was one of your existences, however, not immediately after our encounter in the matter, but subsequent it. The incarnation after our encounter sought purification. You tried, in agreement with the plan in the astral world, to begin the purification through pain that drove you the condition you are today.

Margarida: I thank you, beloved Lord Jesus!

Jesus: Although I am present in this and other Groups, many brothers hear our words, guidelines and explanation, but still doubt, which is natural.

Have compassion with those that still ignore the Truth, because gathered for the evolutionary jump in this accelerated time, yet, many do not get to transform into sublime feelings the thoughts that appear and words transmitted.

Have compassion with those that still have doubts. Do not discourage workers, because the energy addressed to the work applies to everyone, because even not reaching the best of the planning for this key reincarnation, certainly will impel them to evolve in next existence.

May Peace of the Lord of the Worlds, Governor of our souls bless us!

Margarida: We humbly thank the Divine Kindness for bringing the Brother here, even too late in our spiritual evolution, words of love, comfort and hope in the future.

Thank you, Jesus, Master of the Masters, Divine Friend always helping us at time of troubles.

Jesus: Brothers have compassion with those around you. Do not judge them! Just God Father of All Power of All Creation fits to drive our lives.

Do not judge, I beg you!

May Peace and kindness be in your hearts!

Jesus - GESH - 04/06/2013


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